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March 31, 2010

A Big Pharma Insider Comes Clean

John Virapen, an ex-Eli-Lilly-executive and author of the book “Side Effect: Death” (published in Sweden and Germany)


Absolutely NO TESTING For Vaccine Injury! What It Means.

My Commentary:

Whether you are pro vaccine or not, EVERYONE should speak out against this absolutely ludicrous policy of NOT testing vaccines LIKE ANY OTHER DRUG for harm. The ONLY protection such a policy servers is for BIG PHARMA and medical personnel responsible from injecting your child against REASONABLE LAW SUITS. It serves NO OTHER PURPOSE!

How can the CDC have ANY ‘guidelines’ for what is or what is not a vaccine injury, if drug companies / pediatricians NEVER TEST FOR IT? Further more, how can a court rule something DOES NOT CAUSE AUTISM when drug companies refuse to test for that?

Below, a concerned parent DOES THE NORMAL THING, calls a children’s hospital AND ASKS LOGICAL QUESTIONS. Please listen to this ‘eye opening’ interview. DON’T BE AFRAID! HOLD THE MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ACCOUNTABLE! ASK QUESTIONS!

With special thanks to our friends at VACTRUTH.COM

March 30, 2010

“We try to cross the H1N1 virus and influenza H5N1de”

My Commentary:

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am assuming the French AT LEAST are tinkering with dangerous viral combinations in a ‘bio hazard level 4’ facility. I am assuming that a P4 maximum security laboratory means level 4? A level six would make much more sense. Level 4 is not the best but certainly is a better bio hazard security lab then in America where companies ADMIT the same kinds of dangerous viral experimentation are going on at college campuses!

Ex-Pfizer Worker Cites Genetically Engineered Virus In Lawsuit Over Firing

In the above article a worker suing Pfizer accuses the company of ‘recklessly’ creating GM viruses. Creating viruses potentially MUCH MORE DANGEROUS then what the French are doing in a Bio level 4 facility. I would like to note that Pfizer does NOT deny their screwing around with G.M. viruses, but their Bozo spokes person says… “No big deal, college campuses are doing it all the time.” I am sorry to have to inform you, NO, it is a ‘big deal’.

Special Thanks to Lab Virus dot com.
In Lyon we try to cross the H1N1 virus and influenza H5N1de
on 18/03/2010
by Olivier Season
In the P4, a maximum security laboratory, an experiment in progress attempts to determine the conditions for hybridization of the two viruses. The first is spreading fast but few kills, the second is not contagious but often fatal

For three weeks, the P4 Lyon stopped all other manipulations. This maximum security laboratory – there is only in France and twenty in the world – is currently focusing on experience in high-risk attempts to cross between the new virus and the H1N1 avian influenza, the H5N1. The first spread far and few kills, the second low spreads and kills many. Hybridization of the two would be disastrous.

“We try to understand, by infecting a cell with these two viruses, which are the genetic determinants that allow them to exchange genes (especially in pigs Ed)” summarizes the virologist Bruno Lina, who heads the work on influenza A for this laboratory Inserm. Three biologists of his team have been seconded to perform these tests determined and endorsed at ministerial level. Provided with special passports, they are assisted by a half-dozen technicians attached to the site. “All operations are diving and are subject to very restrictive regulations” provides Lina.

If experience is linked to the National Reference Center for influenza virus, that it manages, its purpose would, in his opinion, not lead to a vaccine, but just “cognitive”: “Why make a vaccine against a virus that does not exist? Or not. The first results will fall within two months and decide the action to the operation budget (provisional) 200 000. For now, “we made some tests, but obtained only very preliminary results,” continues the virologist. If it is too early to deduce anything about the likelihood of the emergence of such a viral monster, “today, the risk seems low,” says he. He concluded: “This is good news.”


Since posting the above link, the FDA has REMOVED ANY and ALL h1n1 flu shot insert information from their website. WHY?

If you want to know HOW EASY it is for ONE person to make a difference let me tell you a ‘true’ story…

I was talking with a business partner of mine and I told her NOT to get the H1N1 vaccine until she had read the insert that came with the vaccine. This, during the fall flu season when government and media was yelling ‘fire in the theater’ from the rooftops that we all had to get the shot or else we could all parish. Well. February rolled around and I caught back up with her and she said to me… “You know I would have never even thought to have asked for the insert, I want to thank you!” I said to her… See how they have us trained? She continued… Her, clients ALL said to her… “You’re going to get the shot aren’t you?” I told ALL of my clients to do the same, see the insert first. She said… They found out what I found out, if you want to see the insert you WILL BE DENIED.

All those people who would have gotten the shot ‘wised up’ and found out the same people yelling ‘fire in the theater’ did want ANYONE to see what information was in the insert. Not that I would trust big pharma’s inserts to begin with.

I find 8.1 very interesting when it comes to pregnant women. The insert has quite a different take then what the main stream medical complex was selling on TV, radio and print.

The corporate media is NOT your friend.

The real health reform solution:

The real health reform solution: A Health Freedom Zone in America.

Mike Adams
Natural News

(NaturalNews) Even as America has just been handed a “reformed” health care monopoly, most Americans by now realize that the drugs-and-surgery approach to health care is a failure. Keeping people sick and diseased so that you can pump more profits into the pharmaceutical corporations just doesn’t work to keep any state (or nation) healthy; and in the long run, any state or nation that traps its people in a failed system of pharma-sponsored sick-care is doomed to financial failure.

If America stays on this current path of monopolized pharmaceutical medicine while continuing to outlaw and censor natural therapies, America will be financially ruined along with its states, cities, corporations and families.

But there is another solution, and it’s one that I introduced at the recent Health Freedom Expo that just took place in Long Beach, California: The creation of a Health Freedom Zone in America.

Check out my YouTube video that explains this topic in a quick video format:…

The Health Freedom Zone
Here’s how it would work: All it takes is just one state — such as Oregon, Washington, Arizona or Hawaii — declaring itself to be the “health freedom zone” for America.

It would openly allow naturopathic physicians and “CAM” practitioners (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) to treat (and help cure) serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others. It would openly allow Chinese Medicine doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and other well-educated health practitioners to offer nutritional therapies to prevent and cure serious disease. At the same time, it would allow nutritional supplement companies to tell the truth about the truthful therapeutic effects of their products right on the product labels, so that consumers buying such products at retailers within the state could make informed decisions about how to prevent cancer with vitamin D, for example.

If just one state were to step up and much such a declaration, it would instantly transform itself into the natural health capitol of North America and patients and natural health practitioners would flock to the state from all across North America to experience natural medicine that really works.

A wealth of positive effects
The results of this would include all the following:

#1) Your state would experience a booming economy from the huge influx of new natural health businesses and customers engaged in “natural health medical tourism” from all across the country.

#2) Potentially millions of new jobs would be created in your state in the support of these businesses, including office staff, logistics, administration, marketing and much more.

#3) Your state’s population would get healthier because they would now have access to naturopathic medicine, honestly-labeled nutritional supplements (instead of the supplement censorship that is now forced upon us by the FDA), and natural therapies that are safer, more affordable and more effective than drugs and surgery.

#4) Because your state’s population is now getting healthier, your state expenditures on Medicaid would plummet. So even while your economy is booming from natural health care tourism, you’re also spending less on sickness and disease.

#5) Your workforce becomes highly productive and desirable. As your population becomes healthier and regains strong cognitive function thanks to nutrition, your workforce becomes sharper and healthier. Corporations experience higher productivity and reduced losses due to sick time of staff, and your state gains a reputation as a place where companies can hire smart, productive and healthy people who have far lower health care costs. Can you imagine the huge influx of corporations and the massive job creation that would follow?

#6) As all of this is going on, your state would also see dramatic increases in happiness and longevity among the population. And that translates into quality of life that gets your cities named as top choices for places to live in America.

Free registration is required to read the rest of this article…

World Health Organization’s Loss Of Public’s Trust An Exercise In Damage Control.

Corporate media in February 2010, tried one of the lamest attempts ever to prop up the Rockefeller created World Health Organization by publishing praises from the ‘Pharmacological Industrial Complex’s’ very own so-called ‘experts’ saying that the WHO’s raising the pandemic level to SIX was ‘needed’ for the greater good. Even though at the same time, ‘good guys’ in the EU were investigating the WHO for ‘fraudulently’ distorting facts in order to a.) insure MASSIVE vaccine sales to governments by the companies who’s very own ‘experts’ were praising the WHO in the February massive damage control campaign and b.) to use a level six pandemic to empower governments particularly in the U.S. and E.U. to have ‘authority’ to cease all kinds of control in the name of a ‘national emergency’.

In the latest attempt to exercise ‘damage control’, corporate media shifts gears and is doing an about-face-march by slapping the WHO on the wrist and crying that the WHO indeed made a mistake and now the public refuses to take big pharma’s contaminated vaccines. Of course, nowhere in the article does the world ‘criminality’ ONCE even appear.

WHO Accused Of Losing Public’s Confidence.

For those who have ANY DOUBTS about Rockefeller created World Health Organization’s ‘criminality’ in the swine flu hoax see…

… and

Swine 11! Government Sponsored Terrorism.

March 27, 2010


That long before Dr. Wakefield… (who by the way was NEVER anti-vaccine.)

One of the greatest doctors of ANY generation called vaccines… “A grotesque superstition”

That once there was a great organization called, “National Anti-Vaccination League” where the ‘Medical Industrial Complex’ had to use a famous TV show to lie about the founder’s death in order to discredit her and start and urban legend that she died from smallpox?

That many reputable doctors and scientists called out those ‘creating disinformation’ on the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccines DURING THE SAME ERA it was ‘supposed’ to have happened? That the same smallpox disinformation put out at that time is what’s taught in our modern medical textbooks as ‘gospel’ to claim vaccine’s victory over smallpox.

‘The Vaccine Controversy’ was written in 1964 and is a great book for resource material from medical professionals who stood up and took on the medical industrial complex’s holiest of grails, vaccines, in it’s earliest years.

The one thing this author and the great people in the medical profession at the time did NOT realize was, even though there is great money in vaccines and it is certainly the ‘fuel’ for which it runs on, the people in high places who insist vaccines be treated with kid gloves like no other drug HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. Vaccines are #1, about control. POPULATION CONTROL!

By Lionel Dole (1965)
The vaccination controversy

ALTHOUGH, IN THIS short history of medical protection-selling, we must confine ourselves mainly to its present and maybe future aspects, it would be ungrateful not to remember those great fighters in the past, especially the medical men, including public vaccinators of long experience, who studied the subject honestly, saw right through it and bravely told the truth about the whole repulsive racket, often at great cost to themselves, They began doing this more than a century ago.

Who can dispute the opinion that Dr. Charles Creighton was the greatest of these doctors? His History of Epidemics in Britain, in two volumes, 1891 and 1894, was justly called “the greatest medical work ever written by one man”. Having previously written for the Encycloptedia Britannica, he was asked to contribute the article on vaccination for the Ninth Edition. Its appearance, in 1888, was such a profound shock to the advocates of, and vested interests concerned in, vaccination that Creighton’s article was replaced as soon as possible by what was little more than an advertisement for glycerinated calf lymph written by one of its promoters. Creighton, perhaps the greatest medical mind of the last century, was virtually turned out of his profession.

The fact that such a disgraceful thing was ever allowed to happen appears to have been taken as a precedent, which has been religiously followed by most publishers ever since. Vaccination is big-money business; so is the publication of school text-books. No medical text-book telling the truth about the vaccine industry would ever reach the printers.

In addition to those previously mentioned, who had a lot to lose and little to gain by denouncing the fraud of vaccination, there were many others who were scandalised by it; for example, Alfred Russel Wallace wrote a lot against it and said that he considered this work the most important that he ever did, in spite of his writings on natural selection.

William White wrote a very good book, The Story of a Great Delusion, 1885, the first of the larger works exposing Jenner, but, unfortunately, he made one error in misinterpreting some of Dr. Farr’s statistics; this error is all that a medical student is required to know about the contents of this book of over 600 pages.

Creighton may have been too irritated by Jenner’s style of writing to be quite fair to his essay on the cuckoo, submitted to the Royal Society, but he expressly disclaimed being a naturalist himself; after all, the only important thing about Jenner’s cuckoo, “the bird that laid the vaccination egg”, was that it got Jenner an F.R.S. Apparently, the Royal Society failed to notice that it was the cuckoo that was the genius, and not Jenner. Where Jenner obtained his information about the cuckoo is of no importance whatever, but even the recent big book, Smallpox, by Prof. C. W. Dixon, has to seize the opportunity to justify Jenner’s paper and to dismiss Creighton as an “armchair critic”. Prof. Dixon even calls him a “syphilophobe”. The excuse for implying that he was morbidly afraid of syphilis is presumably that, in his small book, Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis, he tried to explain to doctors certain outbreaks of supposed syphilis in recently vaccinated groups of children. His theory was that the trouble had been caused by taking the lymph too late, which, in a series of arm-to-arm vaccinations, had allowed the cowpox to revert to its original virulence, the affinity of cowpox being to the great pox rather than to the smallpox.

Considering that almost nothing has been published about the real nature of cowpox, we may indeed wonder why it is that modern medical dictionaries tell us quite dogmatically that it is “a virus disease of cattle”. Is this definition really true or is it just commercially convenient? Also, what has become of the bacillus of smallpox and also that of influenza, both quite real to Prof. W. M. Crofton? Are they brushed aside as mere minor inconveniences? In short, it is wiser to be sceptical about all opinions about bacteriology in the early part of this century, when little was really known and no one could distinguish between a virus particle and the filterable form of a bacillus. Creighton was obviously a skeptic to the end of his life. Prof. William Bulloch, after Creighton’s death, said, “He was the most learned man I ever knew.” He could speak six or seven European languages fluently and could read many more. Was this all for fun? Did he go to India in a Sedan chair to study leprosy and plague?

Continued… with additional links.

March 25, 2010

Transcript Of States Lawsuit Against The United States Dept. Of Health

Good Luck!

So, You Thought McCain’s Supplement Bill Was Dead? Think Again!

The machine behind getting rid of supplements like Vitamin C in the USA has NOT gone away and McCain is trying to get the ‘pro supplement’ senators in hot water with their supports in order to pass HIS version of the ‘so-called’ compromised food safety bill.

The Latest McCain Bill Update
March 23, 2010
Alliance For Natural Health (click on links)

There is a great deal of confusion on Capitol Hill and on the internet about the status of Senator McCain’s mis-named Dietary Supplement Safety Act, the anti-supplements bill. Some of this confusion has been deliberately created by Senator McCain.

Hundreds of thousands of messages pouring into Senate offices in support of supplements have convinced Senator McCain that his bill is dead. He is backing away from it. This is your victory. All of you who sent messages to the Senate should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Democracy is working.

But why do we say that Senator McCain is backing away from his bill? Where is the evidence? First we know that Senator McCain met with Senator Hatch, a staunch defender of supplements, and said that he was giving up on his bill. Senator Hatch wrote a letter to McCain confirming this and Senator McCain posted the letter on his website. Senator Dorgan’s office (Dorgan co-sponsored the bill) also confirmed to ANH-USA that he and Senator McCain would not pursue their bill further.

Neither Senator McCain nor Senator Dorgan confirmed any of this publicly. In what we believe is a face-saving gesture, McCain has also written his own letter to Senators Harkin (another defender of supplements), Hatch, and Enzi. This letter states that the four senators have agreed to strengthen supplement regulation through the pending FDA Food Modernization Act (S. 510), commonly referred to as “Food Safety”. This letter has led some voices on the internet to attack Senators Harkin and Hatch as traitors to supplements. But please do not be taken in. Senators Harkin and Hatch have not gone over to the anti-supplement side. Far from it. They remain staunch defenders of supplements and natural health. Here are the facts.

1) The very worst provisions of the McCain-Dorgan bill are not in the Food Safety bill. Nor have Harkin or Hatch agreed to put them in. As you will recall, these provisions included:

Wiping out the current protected list of supplements (those supplements sold before 1994)

Wiping out the supplement industry’s current right to create new supplements if the ingredient has been in the food supply and has not been chemically altered.

Mandatory reporting of even minor or incidental adverse events (reporting of serious adverse events is already required)

Requiring retailers to confirm that supplements and ingredients have been registered with the FDA (which would put a tremendous legal liability on retailers and push them away from dealing with small supplement companies)

Second, there is a supplement recall provision. The Food Safety bill says that supplements may be recalled if there is a reasonable probability that the supplement could cause serious health consequences and is adulterated or fails to follow labeling laws for food allergens, one part of the definition of “misbranded” under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. We don’t like the words “reasonable probability” because the FDA is biased against supplements and it gives the FDA too much scope.

The McCain bill version of this is much worse. It says the FDA can recall a product if there is a reasonable probability of harm or the supplement is adulterated or misbranded. This substitution of “or” for “and” is very important. Why? Because the FDA may deem a supplement “adulterated” if there is a minor paperwork violation, and the general term “misbranded” is referenced, as opposed to the discreet sub-part pertaining to food allergen labeling. This means a product could be recalled even if the seller is making entirely truthful statements about the science behind the product.

Here is the interesting point: in his letter, McCain suggests that the senators together have agreed on the “or” language that is in the McCain bill, and further, that they have agreed to include the general term “misbranding”. This is quite false. The senators have not agreed to change the Food Safety bill to pick up McCain’s language. Is this just sloppiness on the part of the McCain staff? Have they not noticed that their version of the recall provision is quite different from the provision currently in Food Safety? Or is this an effort to sneak McCain’s version of the recall provision into Food Safety without Harkin and Hatch noticing the difference? If it is the latter, rest assured that it won’t work. We are in contact with both Senator Harkin and Hatch.

Where do we go from here? We will be following every move in this game. We think the worst features of the McCain bill are now dead. But if they come back in any form, we will immediately alert you and ask you to help.

We will also of course keep a very close watch on the Food Safety bill. Although ANH-USA succeeded in changing some critical language in that bill, we are still opposed to it for reasons that go beyond supplements. We will continue to oppose it and send you more information about it whenever it seems likely to be brought up for a vote. We will also be especially watchful about what is added to it from this point forward and report back on that.

With your help, we will keep our access to supplements. We will not allow the FDA to impose a European style regime with a short approved list of supplements and doses in this country. Real healthcare is preventive in focus and relies on diet, supplements, and lifestyle. Government approved disease-care, provided in alliance with the drug and surgical equipment manufacturers, will not keep us well.

March 24, 2010

The Health Care Bill Documents. READER BEWARE!


H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act IN FULL

H. R. 3962 (the health care bill)

Breakdown Of Health Care Bill, Item By Item. ‘USING THE HEALTH CARE BILL ITSELF AS A SOURCE!’
The lies told by the ‘pro health care’ gang are exposed!

You will NOT get ALL the ‘facts’ pertaining to this new health / tax system by reading these documents ALONE. Yet, I strongly encourage you read them, even if just for a little while.

As of now, this is the ONLY website that will explain to you, that you will have to go to third parties such as the CDC, insurance companies, hospitals, CPA’s… to get ALL THE FACTS about this new SYSTEM IN HARD COPY. I am committed to do so just for you! This ‘third party’ information will be the ‘guide lines’ for the new health / tax system.

Below is a letter I wrote to Barbara Loe Fisher explaining how and why this bill is confusing. I hope it helps you to see through all this confusion surrounding these bills.


With the passage of the Hell-th care bill the CDC has informed health care insurance providers that 100% compliance to vaccine schedules ‘will be mandatory’.

I’m writing you to explain we have to be savvy when explaining these ‘guidelines’ such as ‘mandatory’ vaccines. I’m writing to you to explain this ‘system’ was well crafted to create confusion. Most people are ‘rightly asking’ “where is it in the bill?” However, the ‘system was set up that such language does NOT have to be in the bill. Guide lines for being qualified or NOT qualified for this health care can be written expressively between two entities. Such as the CDC and insurance companies.

The GUTS / HEART of this legislation will mostly be written between ‘parties of interest’ between now an 2014 and WILL NOT APPEAR in the original bill but will be enforced by the bills passage never the less..

This so-called health care ‘system’ will be an on going ‘living cancer’ growing OUTSIDE the government with it’s only ‘true’ connection to the government when it needs the law for protection against us. We The People.

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