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May 27, 2009

Whooping Up Whooping Cough. AGAIN

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Big media, Big Pharma and Big Pediatrics are Whooping up Whooping Cough AGAIN.

Read Barbara’s book ‘DTP: A Shot In The Dark’ for more DTP info. NOT OUT DATED!

By the way Barbara, the DTaP shots ALSO causes seizures in kids as well, even BEFORE the second and third rounds. Source:Sanofi Pasteur. I’m sure you already know that.

Here we go again, the BIG three are back from their ‘flu’ scare and have started jumping up and down scaring a (for the most part) uneducated U.S. population that only vaccines can prevent pertussis.


Australia got their ’scare’ last year now, it’s our turn, and the spin propellers are already coming off the disinfo ship.

As usual, the Pertussis virus rise is ALL the fault of those pesky people who just refuse to take the PROVEN NEURO-TOXIC DPaT / DT vaccines.

It’s sad we live in a day and age where fact is fiction and pure lies are sold by the very established professionals we are suppose to trust. Afterwords, we have to then deal with the people in our lives who believe the lies.

Lie #1 Pertussis is preventable with the DPaT / DT vaccines. The DPaT / DT shot has a 95% success rate.


When a doctor try’s this line on me I ask him / her… How can that data be proven accurate when pertusiss in the U.S. declined after the general population had trash / sewage removal and somewhat clean potable water BEFORE THE DTP vaccine was largely used? How does your data PROVE it’s the living conditions in the U.S. and NOT the vaccines that have prevented Pertussis by 95%?

The above is a FACT doctors have a hard time arguing for 2 reasons.

FACT: #1 Pertussis does NOT just ‘happen’ (in a given population) by God’s grace. #2, Pertussis does NOT happen because of a ‘lack’ of vaccines in a given population. The establishment try’s to sell this unscientific nonsense to the public. Living conditions play a MAJOR roll in the ‘CREATION’ and ‘SPREAD’ of Pertusis, and if there was ANY truth to the 95% success rate of the DPT, DPaT or DT vaccines it would be ‘proven’ in populations where populations are the hardest hit by pertusiss DUE TO LIVING CONDITIONS.

Ever wonder why the BIG three; mainstream media,big pharma and big pediatrics ALWAYS gives U.S. stats on vaccine ‘effectiveness’ and NEVER the effectiveness of them in third world countries, where the data and the claims made there of would have more validity? You should also ask yourself why does the establishment ALWAYS paint themselves as ‘heroes’ for spending billions on vaccines for peoples of the third world and NOT a penny on trash / sewage removal and clean potable water? Never mind getting the people non GMO good nutritious foods. If the word eugenics comes to mind, you’re getting RED HOT!

For all the billions spent on vaccines to supposedly ‘wipe out’ the various diseases they claim to “prevent” in third world countries you not only have JUST AS MUCH DISEASE but, they now have autism and a laundry list of auto-immune disorders at levels NEVER seen before the vaccine programs arrived!!

The Bottom line is that the DPT, DPaT / DT does NOT have a 95% success rate in countries that it would benefit the most NO MATTER WHAT YOUR DOCTOR TRY’S TO SELL YOU…

If you want a good lesion on how the Whooping Cough numbers are fudged and how health departments can be held NON ACCOUNTABLE. See link below and learn. Bring these FACTS up to you doctor.

Lie #2: Do the risks that the DTap / DT shot out weigh the risks of NOT talking it?

#1 you can look this up yourself in the ‘Physicians Desk Reference’ (In Most Libraries) if you think I’m lying. NO, N.O. vaccine is tested for carcinogens. So, it IS possible any vaccine given could give rise to cancer at ANY time in ones lifetime. Is it worth it? Since the ‘established medical profession’ refuses to even look under the hood of vaccines for carcinogens the number of cancers attributed by ANY vaccine COULD be quite high. The cancer may stay dormant 20 or 30 years before cell replication occurs.

DTap / DT side effects…

Death. Yes Death, even though big Pharma fights this side effect FACT tooth and nail in court. Even when the ‘victim’ was in great health only HOURS after receiving the DaPT shot big pharam claims no responsibility and swears in court… “it (the death) was all a coincidence”. This is the worse wake up call for those that trusted the ’system’.

Seizures. Source: From the manufactures Sanofi Pasture.

Question: How can the Medical Industrial Complex claim brain damage from their lovely vaccines can NOT occur if it in FACT causes seizures?

Autoimmune Responses:
Here’s another FACT big pharma’s lawyers have made a GOOD living dancing around while the vaccine ‘victim’ gets a can of worms for problems to have to deal with. Autoimmune disorders / diseases are too numerous for me to get into here.

Read Dr, Blaylock’s report on this as just ONE stepping stone towards further knowledge of this Pandora’s box.

Heavy Metal Poisoning

It’s NOT just mercury that gives rise to neurotoxicty. Aluminum does a fantastic job of this as well and, can have an even more serious effect neurologically than mercury. The DTaP vaccine contains 625mcg of Aluminum in each shot. Yeah, it’s all in the names of love and professionalism.

Cardiac disorders

Gastro-Intestinal disorders

Now the BIG question you should ask: can ‘Whooping Cough’ be treated EFFECTIVELY WITHOUT THE VACCINE? If it even reaches that stage, the answer is of course it can. The Mayo clinic even states such is true…

Since Whooping Cough CAN be successfully treated WITHOUT a vaccine the big question is. IS GETTING THE DTaP VACCINE REALLY WORTH THE RISKS?

Mayo Clinc:

“Most babies treated for whooping cough overcome the condition without lasting effects.”

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