From Hell To Veins

June 19, 2009


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More Gardasil bad press and maiming.

I don’t know how these ya-hoos can come to our blogs and make ‘baseless’ claims that those of us trying to warn the public on vaccine dangers don’t have any facts. When that’s ALL WE DO!!! Present facts with links to read or video to watch for themselves.

If the mainstream Wall St. media is telling you ALL the facts how can Katie Couric get away with lying by saying… “Gardasil prevents cervical cancer”, when IT’S NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO DO SO!? How can she get away with saying that? Because the very next words spoken after Couric is the reporter saying… “THE HOPE is that Gardasil will prevent cervical cancer.”

The other BIG lie that CBS is SELLING YOU is that there have been no deaths via Gardasil.

What are these people smoking???
How can CBS get away WITH flat out deceiving the public?

CBS uses the vaccine manufacture MERCK as their ‘TRUSTED’ source when THEY claim no death’s via Gardasil have been reported.

If you want to know just how big of a lie that is just do a ‘Yahoo’ search… Gardasil + deaths and over million hits come UP and what’s even more disturbing is deaths occurred while MERCK was testing the vaccine!!!!!!

As usual MERCK denied the vaccine had anything to do with the deaths. Claiming four of the deaths where “TRAUMA” in origin. (pg 73 Report to FDA) Nice having total control of all and any evidence that would suggest otherwise.

After documenting what happens to these girls after taking the vaccine death by “trauma” via Gardasil is extremely plausible!

The Problem is not even in the argument as to the danger of the vaccine. It’s obviously dangerous. The biggest issue with ALL vaccines is the one constant. The one constant is all the lying and deceiving by both big pharma and their partners in crime in the mainstream media. They simply can NOT be trusted.

The irony of this CBS Gardasil news package is the fact that not one but TWO boneheaded doctors bought into the hype on the vaccine that crippled their daughter. Where was their professionalism when it came down to their OWN daughter? Would it had been all that hard to have exercised a little skepticism and exercise a little common sense before giving their daughter that JUNK?

There are MUCH BETTER WAYS to prevent cervical cancer than getting shot up with a vaccine the manufacture actually admits INCREASES some women’s chances of actually getting cervical cancer by 46% and doesn’t prevent all 300+ different cancer strains and MAY prevent the two they promise.

June 16, 2009

My Trip to La La Land

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We just returned from la la land. I mean the pediatrician’s office.

Put the blame on me for NOT yet getting a family doctor that is HAPPY to treat non vaccinated children with safe and effective nutraceuticals.

Put the blame on me for going to a hard core vaccine pushing clinic that wears a false mask by ‘CLAIMING’ to be a ‘holistic clinic’. Every time we bring our ‘HEALTHY’ baby girl to this clinic it’s like stepping into the movie ‘The Body Snatchers’… “Soon she (our daughter) will join us!!” It’s not a joke. I wish it was.

Of course they ask a thousand times… “Any concerns… any concerns.” I feel like responding… “Aaah, do you want me to be truly honest?”

They have several doctors at this clinic and the one we saw the last couple of times is a real piece of work. If you ever saw the movie ‘V For Vendetta’ the very ‘vaccine’ giving doctor in this movie IS THIS WOMAN! I’m serious when I say this doctor could be hired right out of Hollywood’s casting central to play the part… ‘V For Vendetta’ of the evil doctor knowingly giving deadly vaccines to the population. All for the ‘greater good’ of course.

At the end of our session this glow came across her face when she said… “Don’t ever hesitate to rush down here for ANY vaccine at any time.” (You get head of the line privilege of course) As she blushed and glowed her eyes literally rolled in her head as she said… “we have a wonderful polio vaccine with a beautiful live virus in it.”

I would have done ANYTHING to have got that on tape it certainly would have gotten over a 100,000 hits on YouTube easy.

Can you imagine these kinds of people having their way with you if THEY get ‘big government’ to ‘police’ your heath care autonomy?

There’s even more!
I told this doctor that my daughter caught a fever on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I told her that I was sure it wasn’t from teething and she probably got a bug. Because, for the three days she had it her temperature was averaging about 101.5. (which is perfectly normal when A HEALTHY HUMAN BODY IS FIGHTING A BUG.) I told this doctor I was on top of it and spoke with the park’s physician. This doctor flipped out and said… “The physician didn’t know she wasn’t vaccinated!” I said to this doctor… “and that means what?” Her reply… “They don’t have her medical records!” and I said… “her medical records that state she hasn’t had as much as a cough in her little life?” I suppose if my daughter was over the age of 55 and on all kinds of medication and the park’s physician was going to prescribe drugs her medical record maybe of some value.

I asked this pediatrician… and how differently would have the parks physician treated a non vaccinated person for a fever as opposed to a vaccinated person?” The pediatrician’s response… after a long silence she said… “Because your daughter is not vaccinated she is a prime candidate for such and such.” As if a vaccinated child / person is not just as, if not more, a prime candidate for such and such.

Here are the facts based on my own observations…
Everyone we know who’s child is vaccinated with these ‘new and improved’ vaccine schedules have had COUNTLESS similar fevers since their vaccinations. Doesn’t seem very healthy to me. This only ONE of MANY different medical problems these vaccinated kids have. Our daughter has had only one fever and this doctor is talking about rushing emergency records? How about over reacting a little when these vaccinated kids are sick almost nonstop. It’s even worse for the vaccinated kids who are in what amounts to World War One’ troop ships called day care centers. The ‘vaccine program’ injects virus strains, G.M. (genetically modified) live viruses, ultra powerful adjuvants (which include many heavy metals), G.M. RNA / DNA protein stains just to name a few of the goodies and these kids, just like the WWI soldiers that received the smallpox shots (that would later evolve into what became the 1918 Spanish / swine flu) pass the MUTATED VIRUSES back and forth. That’s the biggest issue parents of vaccinated children don’t understand and their doctors don’t tell them is every time they swap these viruses they got via the shots they mutate. The biggest difference today is the nature of these DNA altered viruses combined with all the heavy metals. No one (willing to tell) really knows what all this virus swapping is going to give rise to. My best guess is just more sick people the ‘system’ will suck money and life out of down the road.

June 4, 2009

The Crazies Are At It Again.

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I’m still rather certain force medicating the population is a war crime according to the Nuremberg Code.

MMR jab should be compulsory.

Yes, the totally flipped out are at it again. Where else but of course none other than one of the kingpin countries that sponsor big Pharma, the United Kingdom.

Someone needs to remind the so-called health expert, Sir Sandy Macara, that measles and mumps were virtually wiped out in GB BEFORE THE VACCINE was created when your war ally U.S.A. rebuilt your bombed out infrastructure.

So before you go and ‘terrorize’ the British citizens into pumping garbage in their children’s veins speak in FACTS. Yes, it was infrastructure NOT your damn vaccines that wiped out measles and mumps.

Rubella (German measles) WAS relatively harmless in less temperate zones such as G.B. and what ‘experts’ like Sir Sandy Macara either won’t tell the public or doesn’t even know is that BEFORE the rubella vaccine programs it was extremely rare adults would ever get rubella.

Because the general public gets high doses of SCARE or TERROR regarding these diseases and little FACTS the public doesn’t even know scientists have long asked… “what good has the rubella vaccine really done?” …and why is this? First of all rubella is TYPICALLY a mild, often even subclinical disease. So, one should ask Sir Sandy Macara.. why make the jab mandatory? Secondly, pregnant women who get a rubella vaccine more often than not, come down with congenital rubella syndrome which CAN develop into a serious situation.

Here’s the bomb shell FACT on the rubella vaccine ‘experts’ like Sir Sandy Macara do NOT want the public to know. Unfortunately rubella vaccine immunity appears to wane over time. On the other hand, natural immunity to rubella is thought to generally be lifelong. This FACT is key to many of the MYTHS of many vaccines.

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