From Hell To Veins

June 25, 2011

Child Has 40 Minute Seizure.

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Sung to Sheridan Cosy’s song ‘Don’t Go In The Water’-

– “Roll up your child’s sleeve for this acceptable risk they’re down below the bottom line of their cost analysis.

…it costs too much to clean, and makes big bucks to move it.
It’s somebody’s fault, but it costs too much to prove it
so we’ll cover it up; hope it goes away in a while..

…Aluminum, fluoride, mercury, formaldehyde… GMO viruses might as well be led and cyanide.

…This poison’s in the UK, it’s found at the pediatrician’s office in L.A., it’s in the shots the kids in Australia took just the other day. The ill informed will line up for miles and the doctors with their poisonous smile, don’t roll up your child’s sleeve then slip into denial”

-A play on Sheridan Cosy song ‘Don’t Go In The Water’ concerning Colorado’s Atlas Uranium mine.

I have been gone for quite a while dealing with both a heavy work load and vacation time.

At any rate, a couple of things…

First, a friend of my wife’s child at 2+ years of age had a 40 minute seizure episode. This friend of my wife’s is an over-the-top vaccine pusher on her twin children. Hell, she probably gave both these 2+ year olds the Gardisil vaccines.

Her other twin had problems with seizures and now the other twin just got released out of the hospital after having a 40 minute seizure.

Truth be told, my wife was never on board (in the beginning) not to vaccinate our children. However, she is much happier today than she was before.

Did vaccines cause the seizures? YOU can exercise ‘plausible deniability’ if it makes you feel good until the cows come home but, I would wager, had NOT SO MUCH aluminum / mercury / formaldehyde / fluoride… been injected into the veins of both these twins they would have stood a much better chance NOT having seizures.

This isn’t rocket science folks. The EPA on the subject of the ingredients in vaccines make it as clear as the nose on your face of NOT ONLY the neurotoxicity of these ingredients but, the effects by them, and SEIZURES ARE THE MOST COMON. They tell you to your face what the hell they are doing to your kids!

This gets right into the next toipic…

There is an ‘up and coming grassroots movement’ that is NOT ‘grassroots’ by any stretch of the imagination. This so-called grassroots movement (straight out of the Club of Rome and the Tavistock institute) is trying to push a neo-politically correct social engineering agenda on the public. To call it evil is to be doing it a favor.

What’s happening and, I won’t say names not to give these slime devils ANY publicity, you have ‘establishment lackeys’ working as i.e. daycare providers special needs shrinks… pushing the ‘idea’ that it’s part of the ‘evolution‘ of the girl who had the 40 minute seizure and we, as a ‘SANE’ society, have NO right in interfering with her ‘development’. YES! Posoning children is now ‘evolution’!

These crackpots who work as blue and white collar types, for some strange reason, wind up in high profile federal and state court cases testifying against GOOD doctors who are trying to stop the poisoning of these children.

These social engineers are heavily embedded in the autism community, brainwashing these poor autistic kids, NOW ADULTS, that they are part of a new ‘super race’ and, the sane people of this world who wish to put and end to this autistic escalation, want to have them wiped off the face of the earth! You can’t make this kind of stuff up!

If you think I’m making this up stay tuned!! You’ll certainly hear more about it in the lame stream media who will help push this nonsense in the future in the form of ‘talking points’.

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