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April 28, 2009

Doctors In Mexico Die After Given Vaccine

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Dr. Rima Laibow, MD Reports Doctors in Mexico who were given a ‘mystery’ vaccine for the bioweapon virus being called the swine flu all died. This strain of flu virus in Mexico is so new and has all the earmarks of a bioweapon their is NO WAY a viable vaccine could have been developed in time for this strain. Never The Less these doctors flushed their professionalism down the toilet along with their lives by giving into fear and taking a vaccine that in no way could work. As the pandemic waves hit America, Americans are too, going to be sold the same BS that there is a vaccine for these upcoming pandemics. They too will pay the price with their lives out of fear. These pandemics are man made and will mutate at speeds never before seen and their is no way what-so-ever a magic bullet vaccine could be developed to counter them. These vaccines and the bioweapon pandemics will recombine and like the H5N1 Baxter got caught lacing flu shot with will generate a similar 60% kill rate. If you need to know just what that means the Spanish Flu of 1918 had a kill ratio of about 7% to 8%.

The best advise Americans should follow is to tell the talking heads on their boob-tubes to take a hike when they insist on Americans lining up for  vaccines that will kill them.

The Upcoming Manmade Pandemic

Just for the sake of the record if you go to you will find I started a blog at the very beginning of this year (2009) to specifically warn that forced vaccinations would be happening THIS YEAR due to a MANMADE PANDEMIC. Unfortunately the first blog sight was my crash course into blogging and the learning curve took away an effective message BEFORE the Mexico outbreak occurred. Now I am just doing my part to warn all I can who wish to listen and learn. Below is my first post copy and pasted from my former blog

My Letter To Barbara Loe Fisher On The Swine Flu Mexico / Global Situation Barbara- I’m sorry this is off topic form this very very important information you presented here. As you know, I have been warning you and your great readers about the up coming manmade pandemic and the ‘forced vaccinations’ to follow for quite some time. I appreciate your kindness to read my letters. I was at a major Club of Rome symposium where they (our leaders, leaders) discussed the ‘best’ way to kill 85% of us. This was in 1988 and I have watched each step towards their goal executed flawlessly since. They made it clear as a bell that death by vaccine is and will be the weapon and vehicle of choice for this holiest of holy grails of theirs. World population reduction. You have posted my writings where I have given the names of legislation where such a population reduction plan can be implemented disguised as an ’emergency preparedness plan’. Did you ever wonder why so much nonsensical legislation has been execrating at light speed ever since Bush was leaving and Obama took over? Do you think it’s JUST a coincidence that these pandemic scares are coming right on the heels of a global financial collapse? They feel all pieces must be in place when it’s time to pull the plug on all of us., and ‘they’ are very close. As you know I gave you information on vaccine manufacturer Baxter putting weaponized H5N1 and recombining it with H5N3 in flu shot vaccines. The people who have been following up on this have no idea if the avian flu vaccines Homeland Security has stock piled for the population carry the weaponized H5N1. As it turns out the Globalists in Europe awarded Baxter the outstanding contract (with the EU) for the ‘AVAIN FLU’ VACCINE!!!! This Mexican / global Swine Flu outbreak, I believe, is the first wave of what will probably be a three wave manmade pandemic or it’s a trial run for the first wave at minimum. I’m getting direct reports from Mexico that the swine flu situation in Mexico is being both hyped and whitewashed all at the same time. El presidente is saying… “Hey don’t worry…we have your shot.” Their is NO shot for this (for the general public anyway) no matter what El presidente and his or our main stream media is putting out because this flu strain has been weaponized. Listen to Dr. Bill Deagle for a scientific explanation of this.  The second wave, I believe, will effect the U.S.A. I believe this will be used to train the public to trust this pro-population reduction government that they must get vaccinated. Looking back at the Baxter situation, these ‘fear factored’ mandated vaccines will most likely deliver the first strain of the pandemic. The initial vaccines will appear to have ‘saved’ people from certain death of the second wave of pandemics. However, the strain will be in an incubation state until a certain time passes. Then will come the third wave… The third wave of the man made pandemic will be the final wave. The final solution? This will be the big one. The government WILL force not only vaccines but a chip as well. The third wave vaccine will recombine with the second and then, Say La Vie. Denver can finally get some use out of that mass crematorium their then governor was bragging about in the defunct Rocky Mountain News. It’s been reported that the Baxter weaponized version of the Avian Flu has a 60% kill rate. The 1918 Spanish Flu (originated from a weaponized vaccine) ONLY had a 7% to 8% kill rate. That’s because the ‘Spanish Flu’ regenerated back into a non-lethal strain. That will NOT happen this time. The reasons for this was discussed in full in 1988 at this symposium. They called it ‘genetically altered’ engineered viruses. These weaponized super viruses will not mutate harmless or run their course. This is why the weaponized avian flu Baxter’s got their hands on has a 60% kill rate.  Let their be no mistake, when the government starts forcing people at gun point to take Baxter’s vaccines, this recombination will in fact be the mother of all pandemics. It will even eclipse the black death of the 13th century. Your protection is going to be self preparedness. Stored food. Water purification. Depending on where you are located you may have to be armed, because this will shut the grid down and rioting will ensue. You will have to quarantine yourself to your home. Avoid Military search and seizure. (good luck there) Most importantly you need to have wellness products like nutraceuticals on hand to detox your immune system. Take care Barbara educate as many as you can because we are all running out of time before this gets going, and for what it’s worth, many of the people knowingly helping this come to fruition are themselves in grave danger. I know this to be fact, because these oligarchs got quite a laugh out of it.



The corporate media is in full down play / white wash mode concerning Baxter’s IMPOSSIBLE flu shot contamination ‘accident’.  However, an insider and whistle-blower demands tough questions the corporate media will not ask be answered.  Many people also want indictments and arrests!  

Vaccines contaminated with weaponized Avain Flu virus

Baxter flu vaccines contaminated with H5N1 – otherwise known as the human form of avian flu, one of the most deadly biological weapons on earth with a 60% kill rate – were received by labs in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia.

Unfortunately, the average reader reading this article will have no idea of it’s accuracy,
seriousness and gravity.  This story is a huge main steam media story world wide yet, in the U.S. where tight control of information is kept, has been completely blacked out by OUR U.S. main stream media. 

Instead, what you get in America, is never ending fear mongering of children getting sick and dieing because they didn’t get their flu shot.  Well, you better get this through your head…

… anyone who gets these contaminated flu vaccines will not only die BUT they will kill 60% of anyone who has come in contact with them . The most important lesson in all of this is that THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT!!!   The major owners of vaccine manufacturing wrote POLICY REPORTS on how they would use a man made pandemic to kill 85% to 90% of the world’s population.  This is NOT a game and the issue needs to be addressed as a very serious matter!

The same companies that recently contaminated the flu vaccines with weaponized H5N1 did this as well…


The Coming ‘Forced’ Vaccination Programs (Already Here?) and Barack Obama’s INSIDER multi-billion dollar betting on a pandemic. 

The U.S. is one ‘major event’ away from forcing Americans into taking ‘mandated’ vaccines. When governments no longer represent the public and spins out of control clamping down on the masses is the RULE NOT the EXCEPTION.  International laws set at the Nuremberg trails known as the Nuremberg Codes make it clear the public is protected from governments like Hitler’s Third Reich, Stalin’s and Mao’s Communist regimes or America’s non accountable FEDERAL GOVERNMENT some rightly call the ‘FOURTH REICH’ from being forced medicated.  


So who benefits from these ‘major events’?  Major events caused by ALLOWING vaccine manufactures to weaponize flu shots with H5N1?

President Obama and MANDATED FORCED vaccines…

Before the ‘Wall Street’ media machine whipped up a frenzy around Obama that would make Joseph Goebbels blush, Mr. Obama was coined as one of the nations most corrupt politicians in America. WHY? The Vaccine Connection.

Obama was given insider trading tips on two obscure companies (LOOK THEM UP!) AVI BioPharma and Sky Terra. AVI BioPharma specializes in RNA-based vaccine formulas that are specific to the Avian Flu. What does this mean? The investment turned out to be a multi billion dollar bonanza for anyone who was IN THE KNOW. Why? Folks ‘in the know’ who invested in BioPharam saw THIER companies RNA-strains being sold to Rockefeller owned BIG pharma companies who got FDA ‘royalty contracts’ worth billions to develop human cell-based vaccines. It was Obama who was the most vocal in Congress pushing MASSIVE FEDERAL PANDEMIC FLU FUNDING BILLS that dispersed billions to…guess who? The very Avian Flu manufactures Obama had insider trading on. 

Obama one of 10 most corrupt politician’s list NY Times.
 (Ironocally NY times was one of Obama’s biggest endorsers.) 

Don’t be so naive as to think for one moment that all these vaccines and mandatory vaccine laws collecting dust on the shelf ARE NOT going to be FORCED on us by the man (and his handlers) NOW in the oval office. 

A question has to be asked. If an Avain Flu pandemic breaks out, did these vaccine manufactures have a time machine and wanted to cash in on a pandemic that DID NOT YET HAPPEN OR will this Avian pandemic THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET be intentionally manufactured and GIVEN to the public via FORCED flu vaccines?  Anyone one who has the information on the weaponized contaminated flu shots AND STILL GETS A FLU SHOT is either suicidal or is simply one of the stupidist people on the face of this earth! 


The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine


We here in the United States are one ‘bio terror scare’ away from the disastrous legislation of forcing Americans to take ‘PANDEMIC FLU’ vaccines that are ALREADY manufactured and sitting on a Homeland Security shelf ready to go.  These ’emergency’ laws are already written up and ready to roll out  on the U.S. population.   THESE FORCED VACCINES WILL CAUSE A REAL PANDEMIC OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS.  A pandemic so sever that it could very well destroy not just the United States but, Canada, the South American continent and Europe as well.   Russia isn’t foolish enough to risk their population with these ALREADY manufactured pandemic vaccines. These vaccines were manufactured in China and they have already got out of control.  Where OUTBREAKS have occurred the Peoples Army has quarantined whole villages and BURNED THEM TO THE GROUND.  YES, ALONG WITH THE PEOPLE.  Here in the U.S.A. HR 645 has been passed that will ‘legalize’ detention / quarantine camps ALREADY in operation.

Background on the pandemic vaccines and the legislation that will put them into your veins, YES THIS IS A POPULATION REDUCTION PROGRAM… To be continued…

Dear Reader,
You know I have been trying to warn yourself and other readers of the up coming forced vaccines based off a MAN MADE pandemic brought on by the vaccines themselves. Freaked out, (and rightly so.) government officals have over the years been coming forward with the type of information FACTS I am going to share with you. An Indiana county municipal official reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago.

The feds (which is known PUBLICLY to be run by private off shore banks) are getting your local governments ready for forced vaccines and mass graves to follow. These ARE NOT BASELESS THEORIES! All you have to do is READ THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTS available from foundations run by the Rockerfeller, Prince Phillips trans humanist organizations, just to mention a few. Then dovetail all of that, with ALL the legislation such as HR645 / REX 84 calling for mass population detainment camps and it becomes all TOO CLEAR the eugenicist plan to CULL THE POPULATION is being implemented. Individuals such as University professor Dr.Pianka get ‘STANDING OVATIONS’ at lecturers calling for 90% of the worlds populations to be reduced. So, who is giving this great applause for OUR demise? Folks who work in the vaccine / bio weapons labs. That has been WELL DOCUMENTED.
This film ENDGAME is very well sourced and needs to be watched and UNDERSTOOD by all.
If we hear in the U.S. don’t wake up to the seriousness of this we will fall into the same historic trap the gentleman who wrote…”when they came for the Jews I said nothing…” fell into. We are NOT exempt from REPEATING history.

There are 20 states SERIOUSLY pushing to invoke the 9th and 10th if the federal government tries to pull forced vaccines, mass round up quarantines and gun confiscation. If you don’t know what that means FIND OUT!! Get involved and help in your area!



Scum bag Eugenicist  Bill Gate release mosquitoes onto crowd


Release the hounds! Actually, make that mosquitoesBill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s wealthiest people, made headlines this week when he released a cloud of mosquitos at a technology conference. The philanthropist was pointing out the dangers of malaria for the world’s poor. “Malaria is spread by mosquitoes. I brought some here,” he said. “There is no reason only poor people should be infected.” Fortunately for the terrified attendees, the mosquitoes were malaria-free. ‘Twas all a rouse. Bill Gates 1, Terrified Minions 0. 

Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Eugenics And A Planned Global Genocide?

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