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February 28, 2010

More Evidence of Vaccination Harm

My Commentary:
People need to start asking themselves this very SERIOUS question. Why is it that there is a MULTITUDE of scientific evidence of vaccine health risks and damage, yet both the mainstream media and major medical media publications bury such information on one hand while CLAIMING SUCH INFORMATION DOES NOT EXIST on the other hand?

Hearst publication who the term ‘YELLOW JOURNALISM’ was named after, hiding behind the name ‘Popular Mechanics’, recently went on the ‘Anti-Vaccine’ attack. They’re claiming that after the Dr. Wakefield ‘kangaroo court’ decision “there is no longer any evidence” that vaccines cause harm. This ‘slight of hand’ journalism is seriously misleading the public and needs to be called for what it is. A FRAUD!

Below is but one report in a mountain of reports citing the dangers of varous vaccines and has NOTHING to do with Dr. Wakefield.

Saying No to Vaccines
Monday, January 28, 2008
More Evidence of Vaccination Harm

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
This is an example of the documentation you will find in my new book, “Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide,” available around the first of March.

This demonstrates the uninformed actions of “baby doctors” who insist on vaccination. You must guard your own. Entering a hospital without a written contract not to vaccinate gives silent consent. Take a letter for both the hospital and the doctor demanding no vaccines or procedures be done that are not specifically approved by you. A sample letter is available on under “vax forms.”

To your baby’s health…

Evidence of serious health consequences was recently confirmed in the Journal of Pediatrics in which CRP levels were measured after vaccination. CRP, short for C-reactive protein, is a blood marker indicating a heightened state of inflammation throughout the body.

The study involved 239 infants in a neonatal intensive care unit who were given two or more vaccines on the same day. A separate group of infants were given one shot at a time, every three days. The vaccines administered were DTaP, Hib, polio [IPV], hepatitis B and Prevnar. The findings were disturbing:

* An abnormally elevated CRP occurred in 85 percent of infants who received simultaneous vaccines and nearly 70 percent of infants who received the shots one at a time.
* Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and severe intraventricular hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) also occurred in infants who received multiple vaccines at the same time.
* Cardiorespiratory events (stopped breathing) occurred in 16 percent of all infants within 48 hours after receiving the vaccines.
* Infants who received DTaP, Prevnar and Hib as single injections experienced the largest number of cardiorespiratory events overall.

REF: Pourcyrous, M., et al. Primary Immunization of Premature Infants with Gestational Age

There are further concerns about elevated CRP levels. It was found in a study of 62 children who were part of the Diabetes Autoimmunity Study that when infants and young children have an elevated CRP level, they have an increased risk of developing Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes in childhood.

REF: Chase HP, et al. Elevated C-reactive protein levels in the development of type 1 diabetes. Diabetes. 2004 Oct;53(10):2569-73.

SEE MORE scientific reports of vaccine dangers the mainstream media obviously doen’t wish to report.

February 26, 2010

16 Y.O. Girl Blided By HPV Vaccine, The Carnage Coninues.

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My Commentary:
The reason the pro ‘eugenics’ establishment can hoodwink the public on vaccine damage is that vaccines are notorious for causing different damage to different people. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ one size fits all damage when it comes to vaccines. The Gardasil vaccine has produced an array of different types of damage IN DIFFERENT PEOPLE. The bottom line is these vaccines ARE causing damage. Now in this case it caused a girl to go blind. It’s also worth noting that this may in fact have already happened to many other girls before this girl. The problem, it is extremely hard to get these doctors without a spine or soul to report that ANY damage WAS IN DEED CAUSED BY THE VACCINE.


Bill Gates’ $10 Billon Vaccine Scam

My Commentary:
The biggest fraud perpetrated by the pro eugenics / vaccine establishment (Bill Gates representing only one of them.) and their lackeys, is that vaccines have rid the U.S. and Europe (primarily) of disease. This IS a scientific fraud! It IS well documented but, NO LONGER ADVERTISED in the mainstream media or mainstream medical journals that vaccines are NOT what rid the U.S. Canada and Europe of disease. Before this ‘age of corruption’ inwhich we are all curently living in, it was well known by the public at large that infrastructure, sanitation and nutrition together delivered a 1-2-3 knock out punch to many of the diseases we once had LONG BEFORE vaccines we’re readily available to the public. This FACT, was well established in science and the mind of the public that Walt Disney created the ‘Wheel of Progress’ for the 1964 ‘Worlds Fair’ to celebrate it. VACCINES WERE NEVER MENTIONED at the Worlds Fair as to how we rid our selves from all this disease. The vaccine fraudsters only piggy backed on the success of infrastructure, sanitation and nutrition and crowned poisonous vaccines as the winner to a public that has LONG forgot what it was like living in a world without proper infrastructure, sanitation and nutrition.

This is a great write up on how this same science really works to rid humanity of disease in third world countries by SOMEONE WHO LIVES THERE.

Bill Gates’ $10 Billon Vaccine Scam

By Thomas C. Mountain
Online Journal


ASMARA, Eritrea — The “richest man in the world,” Microsoft’s Bill Gates, recently announced that he was making a $10 billion donation towards finding vaccines to prevent some of the world’s worst diseases.

Malaria is the number one killer in Africa. From what I’m hearing about $1 billion of Bill Gates donation/tax write-off is for research to find a vaccine to prevent malaria.

The African country of Eritrea, where I live, has reduced malaria mortality by 85 percent in the last seven years. How? By using basic public health methods. By distributing pesticide treated mosquito nets and organizing the pesticide retreatment every three months of mosquito nets. By habitat eradication. And by community medical clinics for immediate treatment.

Malaria is a parasite-based disease noted for its variety and quick development of resistance to medication. Any “vaccine,” if even a billion dollars is able to produce such, would have a limited lifetime and new, patented medications would have to be bought by Africa’s poor every few years.

So “donating” a billion dollars to develop a malaria “vaccine” could turn into tens of billions of dollars in drug sales in Africa alone, and Bill Gates, through his drug company investments, will quietly pocket more African blood money.

All the while a very successful malaria mortality reduction program is operating, effectively, safely and affordably, in Eritrea.

Why isn’t this being publicized internationally? Could it be that such a program is not going to put billions into the pockets of the drug lords of Western finance?

Bill Gates and other assorted financial terrorists through their control of the Western media and “aid” organizations are suppressing implementation of a successful malaria mortality program while investing in a malaria drug addiction for Africa’s people.

These financial terrorists are perfectly willing to see millions die in Africa while they search for their next highly profitable “wonder drug” to cure malaria, all the while deliberately ignoring, worse, engineering a white out/cover up of what could prevent millions of deaths, let alone uncounted suffering.

And HIV/AIDS, Africa’s N0.2 killer? Bill Gates is said to be providing over a billion dollars for research into developing an AIDS vaccine. AIDS, a virus based disease, has already shown to have varieties and to have developed resistance to the medications developed to treat it. Like the flu vaccine, a new AIDS vaccine would most likely have to be developed every few years to combat the latest strain of the AIDS virus; another gold mine of new, patented medications for sale to Africa’s sick.

Eritrea has reduced HIV/AIDS infection rates by 40 percent, according to Physicians for Peace, and is the only country in Africa to reduce HIV/AIDS. How? By using public health education promoting condom use everywhere in the country. Over a billion for a “vaccine” that may never work while an effective program that can reduce HIV/AIDS infection by 40 percent, safely and affordably can be immediately implemented?

Remember, Western billionaires didn’t get that way by being out to really help anyone. Millions die in Africa as the Western drug lords and their financial terrorist stockholders reap their billions in blood money. All the while real heroes in the Eritrean public health service struggle to save people’s lives.

So don’t believe that Bill Gates is up to any good when he donates $10 billion to vaccine research, just the opposite. And don’t forget that as far at the USA is concerned in Africa, no good deed goes unpunished, and, once again, Eritrea is subject to UN Security Council sanctions.

Stay tuned to Online Journal for more news from Africa’s Horn that the so called free press in the west refuses to cover.

Thomas C. Mountain was, in a former life, an educator, activist and alternative medicine practitioner in the USA.
Email thomascmountain at

February 25, 2010

Mandatory Three ‘FLU’ Shots Harkens 1972 Genocidal CDC Plan.

CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine for All

When at first you don’t succeed try, try again must be the motto of the elite who plan on using vaccines as a form of population control on this planet.

The same organization that yelled “FIRE IN THE THEATER” and brought you the swine flu hoax while lining the pockets of their partners in crime, big pharma are now unleashing their ‘experts’ on you by lobbying congress to mandate a 1-2-3 flu shot. With language in the proposal making the shots “official U.S. policy” in order to hood wink the public into buying that big pharma’s vaccines are “safe and effective”. Big pharma has to lobby YOUR representatives because they and the poison known as vaccines which they push are taking major torpedo hits in the court of public opinion. This is only the tip of the iceberg. This SECOND go round by the CDC making the public take three shots takes us back to 1972 where the CDC published memorandums known as Bulletin 47 that called for the use of vaccines as a way to depopulate the planet. Basically it works like this…

1) First totally disable the immune system.

2) Load every cell of the victim’s body up with infection.

3) Switch the immune system back on causing the host to kill themselves in a cytokine storm.

One, Two, Three, Dead.

Wait! there’s more…
Dove tail this insanity in with the fact that the Obama administration wanted to kick start a mandatory ‘three shot’ program last fall (as linked to above) that failed. Add in the latest request by the CDC for a three round flu shot and then, sprinkle in a program to send in ‘state vaccine teams’ into private homes and you have yourself a lovely cocktail for committing genocide.

It doesn’t end here. As most people look for work and go home and watch whatever distraction awaits them on their TV, virologists such as Dr. Henery L. Niman are on radio programs like Jeff Rense swearing on a stack of ‘unholy’ bibles that a deadly virus is only a ‘recombination’ away from becoming a mass killer. I believe him when he says that. What I don’t believe is that a vaccine with his computer modeled genome code is going to save humanity. It isn’t going to happen people.

I don’t know what these CDC ‘experts’ are smoking? Maybe the same weed as the CRU climatologists but flu vaccines have a well established record for not only NOT working but, causing the flu for the person taking the shot to PREVENT getting the flu!!

Please stand up as we did in 2009 when they tested this mandatory vaccine nonsense and simply say…NO in 2010 and beyond!

A logical assumption is that this ‘vaccine’ depopulation plan won’t become ‘LIVE’ until the program is FULLY in place and no one has died in mass from the three shots. By that time, a recombined virus may very well be on a roll world wide. The dumbed down population will be lining up for, what I believe will be the mop up job on the rest of what’s left of the population using this CDC three shot weapon of mass destruction vaccine program hatched out in 1972.

February 24, 2010

Pro Vaccine Chimes In

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My commentary:
I find it interesting that the ‘pro-vaccine’ defenders claiming that vaccines are nothing but sound science at work and that vaccine ‘side effects’ are simply little ‘inconveniences’ that are as harmless as a simple snivel, claim there is NO science backing up vaccines ‘SORED’ track record.

Too bad for them yet another person steps forward to share the VERY REAL damage from the vaccine ‘Gardasil’ which has effected their child. Even though the damage from the Gardasil vaccine is as REAL as the nose on the face of these pro-vaccine supporters and is REPRODUCED over and over and over in LIVING HUMAN BEINGS, the very establishment that manufactures this poison and gives it to children see NO “scientific evidence” to take it off the shelf. Even as these little girls beg not to get another shot because the first got them so sick, these so called Doctors without a backbone demand they keep taking the other two instead of standing up to their boards against a vaccine that hasn’t even been PROVEN to do what it CLAIMS it can do.

This is the reality and a true ‘bellwether’ of how far we have decade as a society.

Lenoxus said…

Will those who currently oppose vaccination — I’m sorry, those who are “pro safe vaccine” — ever actually think a vaccine is safe? Really? Is there actually some number of studies or meta-analysis that could convince you vaccines are worth it?

This is how we know we are dealing with pseudoscience — when proponents rush to the defense of a man like Wakefield, and insist that, no matter what, their hypothesis must be correct.

Conversely, suppose that study after study had demonstrated a link. Obviously, you would have to reject them, right? Because they would have been funded by “Big Pharma” too.

Vaccines have a non-zero risk. They have side effects. The side effects are small enough to be worth it.

NO2SHOTS said…

My daughter had just turned 11 years old in September. On October 1/ 09 she was given the Gardisal Vaccine at school and has been seriously unwell since. Doctors say it is 100% a vaccine induced illness that looks like Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Tests confirm the allergic response to the vaccine causing an Autoimmune Disease that is attacking her Joints, muscles and whole system. She has now come down with severe Asthma and a chest infection. She was perfectly healthy before October 1/09. She is now on machines and 3 types of Asthma meds, antibiotics and rarely gets to school. She is coughing up blood and in terrible pain with crazy symptoms and illnesses like Raynuads phenonemon , joint problems, hives,allergies, eye problems,extreme fatigue, dizzy spells,loss of vision, kidney pain and the list goes on and on. Here is my blog I have kept track of everything since that day.

February 20, 2010

“NO FLU VACCINE HAS EVER WORKED” Expert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception

My Commentary:
It’s awfully hard for the PRO vaccive detractors to ignore this EXPERT, let alone say he can in no way know what he is talking about . His comments on flu vaccines begs the question. If the establishment is lying about the flu vaccines, and one has to be in ULTRA denial NOT to get that, we as a society have to ask… “Well, what else are they lying to us about when it comes to vaccines?”

THINK people!

Expert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
Dr. Shiv Chopra was a drug company insider, and also worked for what is now Health Canada — the Canadian equivalent of the FDA. He is uniquely qualified to explain why no flu vaccine has ever worked, and that swine flu and avian flu are nothing more than hoaxes.

Posted by: Dr. Mercola

February 18, 2010


My Commentary:
Here is a huge story being buried by corporate media. The World Health Organization the Rockefeller family founded is under an investigation by the EU for fraud and causing a global panic for profit. It needs to be followed closely here in the U.S. because our own FDA is so compromised and ALSO needs to be gutted via a similar investigation.

WHO: Add swine flu to regular flu vaccine

My Commentary:
The same organization the Rockefeller family founded and is under investigation for bribery and FALSELY causing a global panic is ordering the H1N1 vaccine be added to seasonal flu vaccines. There are several problems with this from a scientific and SAFETY point of interest. Many virologist have long question the practice of combing viruses in ONE shot for many reasons. How these viruses will or NOT work together has never been studied for long term effects. An organization that would cause a world wide panic for profit must most certainly have the public’s best interest in mind. Yes it’s ALL for the greater good. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

(AP) – 7 hours ago
LONDON — The World Health Organization is recommending that swine flu be added to the regular flu vaccine next season.
WHO said in a statement Thursday that it held a meeting this week to decide which flu strains should be recommended to drug makers for their vaccines during the northern hemisphere’s next flu season, which begins in the fall.
Flu vaccines have three virus strains — which experts decide on after estimating which strains made the most people sick last season.
Last year, the swine flu pandemic virus, or H1N1, emerged too late to be added to the regular flu vaccine and a new vaccine was needed.

FDA: Conflict of Interest in Vaccine Approval Confirmed

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My Commentary:
The headline is like a broken record. There really is NO conflict of interest at the FDA because the INTERESTS ‘ALL lies’ with the big pharmacological industrial machine which has NO ‘interest’ regarding the public and it’s safety.

Right now, Investigations are going on in Europe over the very same issue concerning the World Health Organization Mr. Rockefeller founded over the swine flu hoax.
Monday, February 15, 2010 – By Michael Mooney, West Hollywood
West Hollywood, California (February 15, 2010) – If you’ve read my two articles in questioning the safety and effectiveness of the swine flu vaccine, you know how I feel about it.

Michael Mooney writes on health issues, focusing on research and access. WeHo News.
I’d rather take high dose vitamin D to strengthen my immune system so I don’t have to worry about getting the flu than get vaccinated with a potentially toxic vaccine that was rushed into circulation even after World Health Organization balked at the lack of confirmed safety data, saying, “…with such a large amount of an experimental vaccine that contains mercury being distributed, keeping track of people that experience adverse effects will be difficult.”

What’s important to note is that FDA is once more not doing their job of protecting the public to the standards of modern science. They have seriously compromised their own approval process with dangerous medications. Think Vioxx.

Not only did they dumb down on what possible problems the swine flu vaccine could cause, but they went further by advocated for vaccine manufacturers and promoting the sales of the swine flu vaccine while ignoring safety concerns about solidly documented problems that other countries do not ignore.

For FDA to sell vaccines goes farther than what their official role is defined as, to protect the public from danger.

Story Continued…

February 17, 2010

‘Influenza vaccine has no effect’ Yet Another Study

My Commentary:
These same studies have been conducted over 30 years and over and over and over say the same damn thing. That the influenza vaccine is WORTHLESS. Yet the mainstream ‘glossy’ medical journals (the ones your Dr. holds near and dear to his / her heart and is financed by big Pharma) keep ignoring the evidence and pushing the GARBAGE onto the public.

‘Influenza vaccine has no effect’: study
Published: 17 Feb 10 08:14 CET

The Local
Sweden’s News In English

There is no evidence to support the contention that the influenza vaccine administered to the over 65s is of any more use than opening the windows and washing hands, a new study from the Cochrane Collaboration claims, according to a report in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

The Cochrane Collaboration, an international not-for-profit organization providing up-to-date information about the effects of health care, has compiled data from 40 flu seasons worldwide.

The institute has concluded from the studies that there is no clear evidence to suggest that the flu jab offers any more protection than cheaper, hygiene-based methods such as hand-washing.

“Our analysis is compiled using millions of data from 40 seasons worldwide. What we have seen is that the influenza vaccine can at best have a very small effect,” said Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the report, to the newspaper.

The Swedish Welfare Board (Socialstyrelsen) has for the past 40 years advised all those over 65-years-old to take an annual dose.

Most local health authorities in Sweden pay for the flu jab at a cost to the taxpayer of 25-30 million kronor ($3.5 million) per annum.

This is not the first time the Cochrane Collaboration has sounded the alarm over the paltry effects of the vaccine with a report published four years ago drawing the same conclusions, according to the newspaper.

The institute has now selected the best 75 of the available studies for this latest review of the evidence. While conceding that the studies are not of the best research quality, it concludes there is little evidence to suggest that the flu vaccine has any real effect.

The institute thus recommends a larger international, state-financed study to examine the vaccine and existing healthcare recommendations.

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