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October 28, 2010

Vaccine Maker BP? Gulf Blue Plague And Connecting The Dots.

Please research the ‘National Human Genome Research Institute’.

Michael Crichton, creator of the book and film ‘The Andromeda Strain’. Wrote a fictional book based on non fiction called ‘PREY‘. A book I would strongly recommend a read because, Michael Crichton said something very profound that is very very true yet so many people have no clue of. Michael Crichton said the next ‘major’ wars would be fought on a NANO level.

Think about that one when watching this entire video.

October 26, 2010

U.S. Military Gets Into The Act Of Forced Flu Shots.

Editor’s Note:
By the way, vaccination IS NOT immunization. Immunization can ONLY occur by NATURAL immunization and NOT by vaccination! To call vaccination as Immunization is NOT scientifically accurate therefore IT IS BRAIN WASHING PROPAGANDA.
Read Dr. Tim O’shea’s book ‘Vaccination is NOT Immunization’
Read Dr. Blaylock’s multiple reports exposing this fraud.

Active and reserve Marines ordered to get flu shot 25 Oct 2010 All Marines, active and reserve, are due for a flu shot unless they are medically exempt, according to new Defense Department guidelines. The [deadly] shot includes vaccine for the 2009 H1N1 pandemic strain as one of three seasonal influenza components. “Delinquent active and reserve personnel shall be identified and promptly immunized at earliest opportunity,” the order states. “Vaccination of unimmunized personnel will continue until vaccine supply is exhausted or the vaccine expiration date is reached.”

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October 25, 2010

Seasonal Flu Death Estimates Grossly Overestimated.

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Editors Note:
Dr. Russell Blaylock MD made a great point about flu deaths. From his research. The medical research shows that out of the so-called (lets say) 35,000 ‘officially classified’ flu deaths only %1 of those deaths are actually FROM the flu itself. He has stated and, has given the source of the figures that the majority of deaths counted as dying of “the flu” actually died of dehydration BEFORE THEY COULD GET MEDICAL INTERVENTION.

He also noted that, according to the ‘historic record’, that the majority of deaths during the post world war swine flu outbreak were in fact due to dehydration and, NOT the Swine Flu itself because the outbreak occured BEFORE the innovation of Intravenous rehydration and antibiotics. This is why it is important if you do get the flu and it becomes severe, DON’T LET THEM TALK YOU INTO A FLU SHOT! Even if you think they work, it’s not only too late but you most likely maybe fighting multiple viruses while your immune system is working overtime to fight the original virus. Get rehydrated intravenously first and fore most.

Seasonal flu death estimates grossly overestimated
Monday, October 25, 2010 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
All sourced

(NaturalNews) Every year as flu season approaches, health authorities begin their chorus of warnings about the dangers of getting the flu. As part of their campaign to drum up support for the annual flu vaccine, it is common to hear about the 36,000 people who die every year from flu-related illness. But is this statistic even accurate? According to a recent announcement from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), no.

According to the CDC, there is no average number of people who die from the flu because the actual count varies significantly from year to year. Published in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC announcement explains that the actual death count from flu-related illness has been as low as 3,300 in some years, which is far lower than the statistics used in media talking points.

The vast majority of flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65. Typically it is not even the flu that kills them, but other illnesses that result at some point after having the flu. But this fact has not stopped the CDC from now recommending that every person over the age of six months get a flu vaccine.

Read more. Click link at ‘sourced’

Forced Vaccination Rears It’s Ugly Head Once Again.

Editors Note:
I post this article for the foolish who went along with the establishment’s attack on this blog that forced vaccinations were a ‘theory’ of conspiracy RATHER THAN a conspiracy FACT.

…the next phase the establishment will try and con the unwitting with is that forced vaccines are for the ‘greater good’. Which is ALWAYS the cry of big central government fascist, Communist…establishment oligarchs, (non constitutional republics) and their lackey minions.
Patients’ anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine despite fears of side effects.
By Jo Macfarlane
Daily Mail (UK)

Patients’ groups have expressed anger over this year’s seasonal flu jab programme because people are unable to opt out of having the swine flu vaccine.

Read more:

More Evidence From The Mountain Of Evidence That Fluoride Is Toxic

Editors Note:
Isn’t it rather silly?

The establishment’s very own mainstream media covers yet another fluoride ‘hazardous material’ story and in the comment section there are still a few die hard establishment types clinging to their beloved FDA, clutching to their outdated establishment bought and paid for fluoride studies assuring us all that what we see behind the curtain is nothing more than ‘conspiracy theories’ on fluoride. Bought and paid for city council / county representatives cry the very same after they meet with those pushing fluoridation behind and, ‘off the record’, closed doors.

In truth, the experiments / studies and research that fluoride is a hazardous material to humans goes as far back as the end of the 19th century. The National Socialists (aka the Nazis) and, their evil twin brother the Communists, didn’t just roll out of bed one day and put fluoride in the drinking water of their death and work camps because they ‘dreamed’ about it’s effects on humans in their sleep. No people, the seriousness of fluoride to public health has been known for a long, long time by the very establishment that insists it be put in YOUR municipal’s water supply. No ‘theories’ about it. Fluoridating the population for mass population control is as academic a subject as what fluoride actually does to people.

Here is a Chronology of (Sodium) Fluoridation.

Not All Fluoride Is Created Equal BUT, Most will kill you:
Most people don’t know what fluoride ‘really is’ and WE as a people have been trained by our masters to just throw the word around when taking about it and, that’s what’s got us into so much trouble with it. For instance, the established Pharmacological Medical / Military Industrial Complex has been telling us that ‘our good old friend’ fluoride is what is ‘naturally’ stored in our teeth and bones. Well, there is ONLY enough truth in that to sell the ‘snake oil’ of OTHER ‘certain’ fluorides.

Fluoride by itself is a halide, it’s also a anion derived from ‘Florine’. If ‘stored’ in the teeth and bones in this form that organism would die. What the establishment fails to ‘distinguish’ in their lofty medical assurances on how ‘natural’ fluoride is ‘stored’, is that the fluoride anion must bond with calcium to form ‘CALCIUM FLUORIDE’ (CaF2) in order for ‘fluoride’ to ‘naturally’ store in the human body. However, even too much CaF2 which nature provides can lead to fluorosis (fluoride poisoning). But, this is vary very rare because high concentrations CaF2 is not common and the body can process CaF2 in reasonable TRACE amounts. The human body was designed to process CaF2 not NaF or KF. Because the other two forms of fluoride are completely unnatural and synthetic. In other words, MAN-MADE. I don’t need a stack of establishment studies telling me how wonderful this poison is because good old fashioned common sense can tell anybody this material should NOT be consumed.

This is how the Rockefeller controlled medical establishment has been using one fluoride (calcium fluoride) to describe it’s ‘natural benefits’ while ‘poisoning’ everything from the ‘well to vaccines’ with ‘SODIUM FLUORIDE’ (NaF). The cheep version of the equally highly toxic but, more expensive Potassium Fluoride (KF), both used in industrial applications such as the manufacturing of aluminum. Pharmacological industrial giant (and Rockefeller controlled of course) I.G Farbin’s sister mega company ALCOA hired Edward L.Bernays propaganda / PR firm to sell the insane idea that (NaF) sodium fluoride was ‘beneficial’ to human health so they could make a ton of money dumping THIER waste in the AMERICAN water supply while, at the same time, promoting THEIR eugenics agenda they have written so much about. They don’t dump sodium fluoride in Europe water supplies folks.

I.G Farbin, already armed with a world wide staff of paid off scientists and medical professionals on one hand and greased (paid off) politicians from Rockefeller connections in the other, ONLY needed to ‘sell’ the sodium fluoride poisoning of America ‘as beneficial’ to the health of the misinformed public. This was in 1949. By the 1950’s people were so brain washed because, it never dawned on them to look into the claims the main stream media was making. You had idiots like mocking birds simply repeating the propaganda they heard. Professionals who knew better simply ASSUMED the main stream media was talking about calcium flouride the entire time. NO ONE took the Rockefeller PR stunt to task

Sodium Fluoride Poisoning Works By Accumulation:
It stands to reason that since the human body can NOT process sodium fluoride it ‘accumulates’ in the human body, and because of it’s bonding properties is very, very difficult to detox the body from. It’s for this reason the very group who writes so much about ‘soft kill’ eugenics would choose this as a poison of choice and sell it to the public to consume. Also, from this standpoint, any ‘SANE’ society would know how illogical the notion of fluoridating a water supply in the name of tooth decay really is. Why would anyone want a man-made chemical that the body can’t rid itself of in their water supply or vaccines? It has been ALWAYS well known in medical toxicology literature that fluoride poisoning of the body is from the ‘accumulation’ of fluoride. Fluoride poisoning manifests itself in many different ways, such as, giving rise to a number of cancers.

U.S. Federal Bullies And Fluoride Water Removal:
Here is good documentation on how city / county council men and women have been bribed to threatened when it comes to water fluoridation. All in the name of tooth decay? The absurd argument the politicians have been TRAINED to respond to both the public and professionals who demand this KNOWN poison be removed is that the HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC (mostly the elderly and children) WOULD SUFFER’!!!!! This is the sickest of jokes because this is the VERY group that will suffer the most from this poisoning!!

One day this evil establishment will implode on itself and the very people who have supported it will most likely swing from trees when even the sleeping can’t escape the truth of how they have not only been lied to but targeted for termination.

Coal Burning Linked to Fluoride Disease in China

My Commentary:
This is a damage control story on fluoride. The fluoride that is poisoning these villages in China from burning coal is most likely the ‘halide form’ of fluoride gas possibly along with another deadly fluoride halide ‘Hydrogen Fluoride’ (which many drugs are made of BTW) . IT SHOULD BE IN NO WAY CONFUSED WITH CALCIUM FLUORIDE (for teeth and bones). This article is attempting to confuse the two for your ignorance.

Bones, teeth affected in unventilated homes
Source:Voice Of America
21 October 2010

A cluster of villages in China’s Guizhou province has been plagued by an outbreak of disease that damages teeth and bones. Now, a new study by Chinese and American researchers puts the blame on polluted coal burned in home fireplaces.

Read more. Click on link above.

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
Just keep in mind, THEY love putting Sodium fluoride in your child’s vaccines and pose as your friend.

Source: (NaturalNews) Advocates of fluoridated water insist that the chemical additive is good for teeth, but actual science routinely shows otherwise, including a new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirming fluoride as a toxic substance that actually destroys teeth, particularly those of developing young children and babies.

When people are exposed to excessive levels of fluoride through sources like drinking water, foods and beverages and even swallowed toothpaste, it often results in a condition known as dental fluorosis. The internal uptake of fluoride into teeth over time causes their enamel to become mottled and discolored, the end result being damaged teeth that have essentially rotted from the inside out.

Read more. Click on link above.

October 22, 2010

Did You Know? Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award!

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Editor’s Note:

It seems this historic court case went down without much fan fair by ‘big media’. Big pharma’s Merck’s response is typical lawyer speak…
“We’re being held liable in a vaccine claim BUT, the courts made it clear vaccines did NOT harm this child!”

The answer to this madness isn’t winning court cases but stopping these tragedies in their tracks BEFORE they can do any harm.

I did not even hear about this until today. I suppose the media has been too busy spending the time paid in billions by big phrma and big government to remind us for the 10 millionth time to get (OUR?) flu shots.

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
Posted by Sharyl Attkisson | CBS News

The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone.
In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah’s care. Those familiar with the case believe the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child’s lifetime.

Hannah was described as normal, happy and precocious in her first 18 months.

Then, in July 2000, she was vaccinated against nine diseases in one doctor’s visit: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae.

Read More:

New Flu Strains, Jeff Rense, Dr. Henry L. Niman And Big Pharma

This blog has posted the scientific data over and, over and, over and, over again that flu outbreaks run parallel to the number in the population that get injected with flu vaccines. For instance last year was the lowest turnout for ALL the flu shots, including the H1N1 vaccine. What happen in the same flu season was the LOWEST influenza outbreak year in many, many years if not THE lowest year. Also, over thirty years of research shows that the influenza vaccines simply don’t work.

This blog ALSO has been asking medical doctors who CLAIM they are getting the influenza / H1N1 vaccine themselves to explain what the viral and DNA /RNA mutations that WILL occur in the body be and, how can they guarantee the rest of us that those mutations won’t give rise to a much greater pandemic problem at some future time.

This blog sounded the alarm that we would most likely see new influenza strains pop up WHERE THE GENETICALLY ALTERED COMBINATION VACCINES WERE GIVEN, and sure enough, it happened JUST AS THIS BLOG SAID IT WOULD AND WARNED IT WOULD.

As it turns out, where the combo vaccines were first given in the southern hemisphere, where the first flu season occurs, we already see the H1N1 virus has already mutated.

Enter 1 Dr. Henry L. Niman
The very day the news of the H1N1 mutation hit the main stream media I wanted to see what ultra pharma insider and vaccine pusher Dr. Niman had to say about this. You see, Dr. Niman likes to call these viral mutations what only a super eugenist like Prince Phillip could love… “elegant evolution”.

I apologize for wasting the time of all the people who are already in the know about Dr. Niman but, since Jeff Rense refuses to give his audience ALL the details on Dr. Niman you can search the web to find links of his being an ‘insider’ for biotech stocks with connections to the vaccine manufactures. Yep, this guy is everything Jeff Rense is ‘supposed to’ be against, and it didn’t take Jeff Rense too long to have Dr. Niman on his show flapping his gums on the latest H1N1 mutation in the southern hemisphere where the new combo vaccines had been given to the population. No Jeff, I don’t respect your guest and I have every reason and right NOT TO.

Now, I suppose I need a disclaimer (or a where I stand) in regards to Jeff Rense’s radio program featuring Dr. Niman. Jeff Rense has a decent radio program and, I enjoy listening to about 90% to 95% of his guests. The other 10% fall into a category of…. 5% I have no interest in listening to but, even the 3% or so that I wouldn’t agree with, Dr. Niman falls into a category all unto itself.

Dr. Niman isn’t JUST ultra establishment, he is ultra Military / Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex where Jeff Rense might just as well have on his program Dr. Offit and John P. Holdren pushing vaccines and ‘ecoscience’. Now, It’s Jeff Rense’s program and he can have on who wants but, I would strongly recommend that Jeff put on his program AS A REGULAR FEATURED GUEST (as Niman is) the other side of the coin to Dr. Niman’s “elegant evolution” viral mutation science. There are plenty of ‘credible’ guests Jeff Rense could have on to do this who have pointed out ‘EXACTLY’ what I’ve been pointing out on Dr.. Niman and much, much more.

To many, Dr. Niman is the name behind the word Recombinomics. What’s interesting here, is that the word ‘Recombinomics’ that Dr. Niman seemed to have coined, is derived from the word Recombinant. Now, what’s really interesting about his self ‘coined term’ is that Dr. Niman gets on the Jeff Rense program and, talks about the latest viral gene sequencing and makes it clear to all who will listen that these sequences are ALL occurring all the time ‘in nature’. He goes on to tell us the ONLY thing that can save us all is a Niman based vaccine that is way ahead of the gene sequence curve. Wait a minute! Isn’t that EXACTLY what big pharma is proposing with ‘their’ universal flu vaccine?

How does one figure to get a head of the gene sequencing curve? Well, if you ask Dr. Niman it’s vaccines manufactured using ‘Recombinomics’. Is this something new and different that ONLY Dr. Niman seems to have an understanding about? The answer in one word, HARDLY.

It’s very interesting to hear Dr. Niman go on and on about all these viral gene sequences ‘happening in nature’. When the very word ‘Recombinomics’ he coined is derived from a word THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENE SEQUENCING IN NATURE.

Wikipedia defines the word Recombinant DNA (rDNA) which is core in ‘Recombinomics’…
Recombinant DNA (rDNA) is a form of artificial DNA that is created by combining two or more sequences that would not normally occur together through the process of gene splicing

So, it would appear that Dr. Niman’s so-called ‘Elegant Evolution’ is entirely man-made and, a term that would be more fitting had super trans-humanist / eugenics loving Bill Gates used it to describe his vaccine carrying mosquitoes.

Dr. Niman will have nothing to do with discussing emerging viruses from the very vaccines he supports and pushes, even though his entire self-coined science comes from the depths of bio-warfare labs.

I just want to conclude that, even though Jeff Rense gives Dr. Niman a platform to broadcast his pro vaccine / big pharma agenda where gene sequences can only happen in nature, (as he claims how the H1N1 virus occurred to begin with. See A.) and where bio weapons labs / releases can only happen in science fiction novels, someone has to say something about this guy and his message.

Quite frankly I get a little sick to my stomach when I have to hear Dr. Niman say WITH A GIGGLE… “yeah, the vaccines are largely ineffective but take them anyway…” on the Jeff Rense program.

October 20, 2010

CSU Damage Control And Drug Induced Meningitis

Universities such as vaccine happy CSU is NOT a private school and therefor MUST follow state VACCINE EXEMPTION LAWS. If your PUBLIC university will NOT obey the law and HONOR YOUR VACCINE EXEMPTION RIGHTS you are within your legal right to sue their butts!

Here is an interesting follow up to this latest CSU meningitis / sepsis death.
As it turns out Gardasil and Cervarix both have had occurrences of sepsis soon after the first dose was administered. Question is, did the young woman get bamboozeld into getting the HPV vaccine as well?

Editors Note:
This story gets better by the minute. It turns out the local network television stations were going to report what is written below, BUT right before airtime ALL the television stations got a call from the coroners office and low and behold they CLAIM the young woman did NOT die of meningitis. Of course, when the news crews asked the same coroner’s office what she in fact died of, their reply was…”we haven’t a clue…but don’t report meningitis!” Of course they don’t want that reported because it was ALSO going to be reported that she had recently been vaccinated for that, and we cant’ have people put one plus one together.

Sorry, I’m NOT buying it. Like in the television series ‘V’, vaccines can NOT EVER be shown in a bad light, and coroners have lost their license in the past for documenting DEATH by vaccines.

IN light of the ‘fishy’ circumstances surrounding this CSU meningitis story this blog is going to KEEP POSTED below it’s original write up on this situation, AND I will do one better, I will post the original report before it gets taken off the web.
My Original Post

Something interesting happened at the Colorado State University. As this blog reported two students died of meningitis back in June and the vaccine cult when into high gear with an all out main stream media blitz and then proceeded to ‘shoot up’ the campus so to speak with the / a meningitis vaccine. Well, low and behold, one student has died from meningitis thus far, while others were hospitalized. The interesting thing is that they were ALL vaccinated with the meningitis vaccine!

The article out of Colorado clearly shows the vaccine cult in engaging in damage control and down playing. What they do NOT DARE TELL THE PUBLIC, is that the viruses that they gave these students very easily could have came back and bit the very students who were told the vaccine was ANY kind of protection to begin with.

In the article, the medical experts who sounded the alarm to vaccinate the entire campus, are back peddling on the actual effectiveness of the very vaccine they were pushing as a ‘magic bullet’ from meningitis. In the article, the ‘medical authorities’ state that there are many verities of meningitis and that their ‘magic bullet’ only covers a strain or two.

Well, the way I’ve always understood meningitis is that indeed there are multiple strains BUT, it’s the meningitis C strain that can cause death or great illness and NOT the other strains. The meningitis C strain is what they supposedly gave the students and, if you can put one and one together, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you get a meningitis C strain injected into your veins that YES, you just might come down with a meningitis strain that can kill you! Duh! But, don’t worry they won’t tell the public that one.

Here’s some info on…
Drug Induced Meningitis (DIAM)


[Sept 2008 NZ Letter by Hilary Butler] Media paracetamol article.

Antibiotic & vaccine associated paralytic Poliomyelitis (VAPP)

[Media March 2002] Report Links Vioxx to Meningitis (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory)
[Media UK, 1996] Meningitis clusters linked to antibiotics (erythromycin)

Raptiva, a medication prescribed to treat Psoriasis, can cause viral infections. This is admitted by Raptiva’s manufacturer, Genentech, and has been confirmed by the FDA. Indeed, the link between Raptiva and viral infections is so clear that Genentech recently agreed to withdraw all of the Raptiva on the U.S. market, based on the viral infections diagnosed in Raptiva patients in America and around the world. Prescribed to treat psoriasis, Raptiva (efalizumab) is an injectable medication that is known to increase the risk of developing severe, life-threatening infections, including: bacterial sepsis (a blood infection), invasive fungal disease, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy/ PML (a type of Raptiva brain infection in which the white matter of the brain swells), viral meningitis (an infection that causes inflammation of the brain and/or spinal cord).
While Raptiva brain infections (specifically Raptiva PML infections and meningitis) are the most deadly side effects, any of the above conditions will be fatal without emergency medical care.

“In the towns with meningitis clusters, there were almost 50% more prescriptions for antibiotics and nine times more case of the killer disease than in the low-incidence” towns. One antibiotic drug, erythromycin, which is marketed under a variety of brand name and is used as a routine treatment for sore throats appeard with mysterious frequency or the prescriptions. It was being used up to four times more often in the towns with the serious meningitis problem than in the other towns.”–Media 1996

Pfizer threatened to sue IAS as a result of statements made pointing out the association of the use of paracetamol with serious meningitis (I attach that study as well). It is interesting that following this letter to Pfizer, and two more follow ups, Pfizer chose to silently drop it’s legal threats, rather than play out their “power games” in the public arena. [Sept 2008 NZ Letter by Hilary Butler] Media paracetamol article.

Ibuprofen Induced Meningitis
“A young woman had contracted a seemingly life-threatening meningitis three times within a year. She had no other signs of infection, and each time a series of tests was unable to determine the cause. It turned out to be a violent allergic reaction to the pain-killer ibuprofen (brand names: Apsifen Brufen Cuprofen Fenbid Inoven Motrin Nurofen Proflex.——-The list of medications associated with DIAM (Drug Induced Aseptic Meningitis) includes antibiotics (Cotrimoxazole, Trimethoprim, Sulfamethoxazole), human immune globulins, chemotherapeutic agents such as Cytarabin and also miscellaneous drugs such as Carbamazepine, radiographic agents, some vaccines or Muromonab-CD3.

“When notifications of meningitis (from MMR vaccine) from physicians were included; when the vaccine records of hospital cases of meningitis were included; when cross linkage of vaccine records from laboratory reports (4 laboratories) was performed and included the figure was increased to 1 in 11,000. It should be noted that in the case of one particular laboratory, this was 1 in 4,000. “—– Paul Shattock and Dawn Savery, Autism Research Unit, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.

“When I was in high school, my parents had me vaccinated for meningitis. Following my meningitis vaccination, I ended up in the hospital with a major infection that attacked every area of my system. My parents told me that for the first two days that I was hospitalized I did not even recognize them. The doctors performed a lumbar puncture on me. This procedure involved freezing my mid-section so the doctors could insert a large needle into the pit of my spinal cord to withdraw fluid for testing. Their diagnosis was meningitis. I remained hospitalized for three weeks. They did not want to even consider that my meningitis vaccination could have caused my nearly fatal disease.” Vaccine Safety Manual by Neil Z. Miller. (p.337)

“Meningitis is not a transmissible disease, we do not “catch” it from one another. My first lesson in vaccine propaganda is when I learned, back in the forties, that the “epidemics” of meningitis amongst military recruits were not epidemics but clusters, and the second thing I learned was that only the freshly vaccinated recruits “caught” meningitis. The mess sergeant didn’t, the drill sergeant didn’t, only the recruits did. Not even the girls who worked at the base exchanges and service clubs, with whom the recruits played kissy face “caught” meningitis – only the freshly vaccinated recruits “caught” it…….In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis “caught” by another member of a household and believe me when I say I really looked high and low for one of those. If I found one I would look for a source of the poisoning, not for a germ or a virus”—Daniel H Duffy Sr. DC also

The ORIGINAL meningitis report from CSU.
CSU student dies from meningitis, another remains hospitalized
By Trevor Hughes • • October 20, 2010

A CSU student died early Wednesday morning from bacterial meningitis, and another student remains hospitalized in Fort Collins with a possible infection, university and public health officials say.

Colorado State University sophomore Christina Adame, 23, originally of Evans, fell ill about 11 p.m. Tuesday and died around 2 a.m. Wednesday, officials said. They said she called in sick to work Tuesday, and was at least partially incoherent when she spoke with her mother later that night. Her mother called an ambulance, officials said.

“This is an illness that can kill very quickly, and can kill otherwise healthy people,” said Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, director of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Adame lived off campus, was majoring international studies and worked part-time in the business office and reception area of the university’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, university officials said. Doctors and counselors were at the hospital
Wednesday to offer explanations and support, university officials said.

“This is a very sad tragedy at CSU,” said university spokesman Brad Bohlander. “Our condolences and thoughts go out to Christina’s family in this difficult time.”

The second student, Zachary Ratzlaff, 19, remains hospitalized with an infection at Poudre Valley Hospital, officials said. A freshman from Parker, he lives in the C-wing of Corbett Hall, an on-campus dormitory. As of Wednesday evening, officials said they were unaware of any connection between the two.

LeBailly said Ratzlaff appeared to be less ill than Adame had been. She said it also appears he may not have meningitis, but maybe a different kind of infection. He is being treated for a possible meningitis infection as a precaution, she said.
It was unclear Wednesday afternoon whether the meningitis that killed Adame is related to the strain that killed two hockey players from Larimer County this summer, and a third earlier this month. All three men got sick at the same time. Results of those tests may come next week, LeBailly said. Both Adame and Ratzlaff were both otherwise healthy, officials said.

“It’s concerning when you have clusters of cases,” LeBailly said, suggesting that a wider campaign against meningitis may be necessary if tests show Adame’s death came from the strain that killed the hockey players.

Ratzlaff’s floor mates said he got sick very fast last night, first complaining of a stiff neck, and then a bad headache and tension all over his body.

“Oh my gosh, I’m really scared,” said Angela Wood, who lives on the same floor and is friends with Ratzlaff. “Everyone hangs out together.”

University officials said they also are making extra efforts to clean and sanitize the living and working areas of the two students. At Corbett on Wednesday afternoon, CSU workers carried out a bed and frame from the wing where Ratzlaff lives.

“I know that everyone at the university is really pulling for him to make a complete recovery,” Bohlander said.

LeBailly said the risk of exposure in the environment is low. And she said that even though both Adame and Ratzlaff had both been vaccinated against meningitis, the vaccine isn’t effective against all strains of the infection, and its protection can wane over the years. She said Adame was vaccinated about four years ago, and Ratzlaff was vaccinated in 2007.

CSU officials said they are sending doctors and counselors to talk with students and staff across campus, particularly at Corbett and at the veterinary hospital, in large part to reassure the community that the risk of contracting meningitis is relatively low.

“It’s a matter of getting knowledgeable people out to talk to people about the risk,” said Anne Hudgens, the interim executive director of the CSU Health Network. Hudgens said anyone considered at risk for the infection will be offered prophylactic antibiotics.

“The tricky thing about dealing with meningitis is that it’s not that easy to contract,” Hudgens said. “It has to do with sharing saliva at some level. The vast majority of people who were in contact with these two are not at risk.”

The CSU meningitis article:

October 18, 2010

Flu Vaccine DVD

Part 1 of 3

The establishment swore on every media outlet that forced vaccination was NOT going on in the U.S.A. Telling people they have to get crap injected into their veins or they can NOT work IS FORCED VACCINATION BY STEALTH. This is highly illegal, SO FAR.

The dvd linked below will give you the information to give scientific REASON to decline ANY vaccine.

Vaccine DVD’s

October 17, 2010

Swine Flu Jab And Deadly Nerve Disease.

Editor’s Note:
This Mail article is another damage control piece put out by the Pharmacological Medial Industrial Complex where they tell you the problems with the NEW flu shot but, as usual, put the problems in what I call ‘vagueríes’ (in a vague context). They love doing this.
It’s their way of saying… “this stuff is bad BUT, we’re really not saying it is.” But, you don’t need these stink’n ‘experts’ to tell you these flu vaccines (…and many other vaccines) will cause nerve disease. All one has to do is read the inserts. They tell you point blank these cause a host of nerve related diseases.

The real story here, are ALL the comments of people who have taken this garbage, got very ill AND, ALL the comments from the people who refuse to take this junk.

I really should get screen shots because the Mail is as establishment as the big pharma ads they run, and they probably will take ALL OF THEM down.

Experts admit swine flu jab ‘may cause’ deadly nerve disease
(They already knew this before 1976. CBS 60 minutes did an entire feature on this in 1978.)
By Jo Macfarlane
Last updated at 11:24 PM on 16th October 2010

Health chiefs have for the first time acknowledged that the swine flu jab may be linked to an increased risk of developing a deadly nerve condition.

Experts are examining a pos­sible association between the controversial jab and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, according to a report from official watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Previously, the Government has always stressed there is no evidence to link the paralysing condition to the H1N1 vaccine.

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