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February 25, 2011

The Social Networking Pandemic / Vaccine ‘Counter Revolution’ To Come.

In 2009 a h1n1 pandemic hoax was played out on the world’s stage. Governments were threatening to mandate dangerous vaccines on their populations. Pharmaceutical companies saw record profits from the sale of population sized lots of dangerous vaccines sold to those same governments.

A vaccine truth ‘revolution’ occurred AND IS STILL GROWING to date!

The vaccine truth international ‘social network’ armed with the FACTS on the h1n1 pandemic plot, the internet (via websites and blogs), and social networking tools such as Facebook / Twitter, warned the public and gave them the FACTS to make the choice with confidence to stand up to both big governments and big pharma and say “HELL NO” to the pandemic hoax and taking the dangerous vaccines.

That was NOT the extent of this on going ‘vaccine truth’ revolution. Today, the public is educating themselves on the ‘other side’ of the vaccine coin like never before. Getting important vaccine information both big pharma and big media CHOOSE NOT TO TELL THEM. Doctors / scientists are breaking out of their silence to share their PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE of vaccine problems. The corporate media has admitted total failure in brainwashing the public on vaccines and the general population doesn’t trust them. So, their old disinformation ‘tactics’ no longer are working.

What is big pharma and government to do?

The answer to that question is easy. Run a ‘counter’ vaccine / pandemic revolution to OUR vaccine truth revolution.

However, to explain and expose the details for such an undertaking is not quite as easy. The ‘system’ being put in place for such a ‘counter revolution’ is VERY sophisticated. As I write this, the networking for this counter revolution ‘system’ is an on going process. ALL the pieces to this ‘network’ have to be explained in order for a person to fully understand the entire picture. Oh, and by-the-way, they are ALL in place.

I am not going to be posting anything further on this blog UNTIL I have completed my research on this matter to the best of my ability. I am also working with others on this investigation to shed light on this social networking ‘concept’ still in it’s infant stages so we, the ‘public’, can ‘properly’ counter it.

In Conclusion:
Let me finish by saying that the 2009 pandemic / vaccine hoax was simply a trial balloon. The next big pandemic scare that gets hyped up again, big government and big pharma HAVE NO INTENTION on being isolated on the other side of the ‘opposition’ fence with egg on their face like in 2009. No sir! When the time is right they will sit back BEHIND THE SCENES and let THEIR ‘counter revolution’ social networks of mostly pharma and DOD insiders take on the vaccine truth revolution that stopped the 2009 pandemic hoax in it’s tracks. I am putting all my time into exposing not only the counter revolution but, HOW big pharma and big government is behind it so we can fully combat it before it even gets traction.

I will give little updates to my progress

From ultra establishment George Soros Huffington post…

Old news…

Last week, Wired reported that In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology arm, is investing in Visible Technologies, the social-media monitoring company, which tracks over half a million Web sites everyday.

Pay attention, here’s how it’s to be done…

The benefits of social media use by government are undisputed. Many federal agencies are already using online networks to engage with and share knowledge with the public. Others are surveying the Internet to gather information on public concerns and trends.

For instance, the CDC tracked Google searches made by Internet users to observe the number of flu cases last year. is using social media in remarkable ways to build an online community and better implement disease communication.

In addition, many high-ranking public officials have embraced social networks to truly connect with citizens.

…and we all know what the tag line means… Propaganda placement BY THEIR social networks.

Yeah the wire tapping is bad enough BUT soon, the truth movements whatever they maybe, will in the future have to go up against bogus government / industry social networks giving, most likely, have truths to get people arguing over how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin. Instead of putting all there efforts on the fundamental core issues.

5-14-11 Update
I have decided to wait and roll this report out prior to this years flu season as the ‘counter social network’ by the establishment gets geared up.

February 18, 2011

Vaccination Exemption. Your Unalienable Right.

The goal with legislatures is to make strong, concise arguments with credible support. Below is an outline to bring to YOUR states law makers.

Editors Note:
If the Supreme Court makes it the law of the land that a woman can ‘choose’ to have something ‘removed’ from her body as a God given right, then EVERY man, woman and child WITHOUT QUESTION has the God given right to ‘choose’ NOT TO HAVE SOMETHING PUT INTO THEIR BODIES WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

The autonomy of ones ‘self’ is what defines a free person from ‘property of another’. Your unalienable right by YOUR creator to say NO to vaccines, drugs, radiation… can NOT be allowed to be thrown in the trash bin because someone simply says being ‘forced’ these dangerous treatments “are for the greater good.” NEVER!

Vaccine philosophical exemptions: A moral and ethical imperative

(NaturalNews For All Links And Sources)
It is not enough to be informed about the many problems with current immunization policy and practice. We must effectively apply that knowledge to expand our right to make informed choices. Where the rubber meets the road with vaccine rights is in the statutes and regulations that provide or restrict those rights. Therefore, a great deal of my time is spent helping citizens throughout the U.S. present their case to state legislatures about the necessity of the right to make informed choices wherever vaccines are concerned.

On February 10, 2011, citizens of New Hampshire met with a state committee to present their case for the passage of a bill to provide a conscientious exemption to immunizations. Most states east of the Mississippi River offer only medical and religious exemptions; Mississippi and West Virginia only medical. By invitation and request of an informed New Hampshire activist, I provided the following information for them to present to the legislative committee that is considering the bill. After having researched and written this document, I am convinced that such a bill represents a level of choice that is not merely justifiable, but rather, a moral and ethical imperative.

The arguments are presented below. They are not comprehensive – books have been written on some of these topics – but the goal with legislatures is to make strong, concise arguments with credible support. Their time is often limited, and their ability to hear alternative points of view potentially limited as well. The question is not so much “What is the whole truth?” as it is “What will get the job done?” The actual letter is available at… and revisions to the arguments may appear in the future on the Vaccine Rights website as well.


I. Credit Given to Vaccines for 20th Century Childhood Infectious Disease Declines is Misplaced

Childhood infectious disease decline throughout the 20th Century is widely but erroneously attributed to vaccines. On average, about 90 percent of infectious disease decline preceded vaccines, while some diseases declined without any vaccines at all such as typhoid fever, scarlet fever, scurvy and tuberculosis.1 In fact, some disease rates actually increased following the introduction of vaccines. For example, during 1962 U.S. Congressional hearings, Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Biostatistics Department Head at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health,2 testified that cases of polio increased substantially after polio vaccines were introduced – 50 percent from 1957-58, and 80 percent from 1958-59 – and that the Public Health Service deliberately manipulated statistics to give the opposite impression.3 Meanwhile, polio declined in countries that didn’t vaccinate.4 Therefore, 20th century disease declines do not support an absolute vaccine mandate.

II. A Reliable Vaccine-Disease Risk-Benefit Assessment is not Feasible

A. First, we do not have precise disease mortality data. For example, with regard to the recent H1N1 pandemic, the CDC reported U.S. laboratory confirmed flu deaths (both swine and seasonal) for the 2009-2010 flu season were 2,1175. However, the CDC estimated U.S. swine flu deaths alone at 8870 aa??” 18,3006. In stark contrast, Flu Tracker (Rhiza Labs) estimated only 4642 fatal U.S. swine flu cases.7 Documenting disease deaths has been problematic historically as well. For example, in 1974, the CDC determined that there were 36 cases of measles in Georgia, while the Georgia State Surveillance System reported 660 cases.8 The truth is, we have only non-precise, widely varying “guesstimates” for disease mortality figures.

B. We know even less about the scope and severity of vaccine injury and death. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and National Vaccine Injury and Compensation Program (NVICP) have revealed irrefutably that vaccines cause permanent injuries and deaths, but they are inadequate measures of the scope of the problem. The FDA and CDC have admitted that reported adverse events represent as few as 1-10 percent of the events actually occurring.9 According to former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, reported events may be less than 1 percent.10 Furthermore, “No data get collected, and it remains unknown whether vaccination increases the incidence of most [chronic] diseases, particularly rare diseases.”11 Where there are huge unknowns concerning how vaccines affect other disease rates, and when the actual number of vaccine injuries and deaths may be up to 100 times greater than the number documented by the federal government, state governments are ethically compelled to allow a conscientious exemption.

III. The Belief That Unvaccinated Persons Pose a Risk of Harm to Others is Without Merit

A. If vaccines work, then of course unvaccinated persons pose no risk to vaccinated persons at all. The persistent, widespread claim that unvaccinated people “put everyone else at risk” is, therefore, nothing more than absurd fear mongering. The likely real basis for such claims is the enormous profit potential from vaccines. From the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry, every man, woman and child on the planet is a potential recipient of vaccines from the moment of birth until their last breath. The pharmaceutical industry, responding to this vast marketing opportunity, now has over 330 vaccines either in development or already on the market,12 despite the profound drop in disease rates across the last century suggesting the need for fewer, not more, vaccines. Citizens should have a conscientious exemption allowing them to opt out of this mad, pharmaceutical feeding frenzy.

B. A more specific concern is the claim that the tiny percentage of persons not vaccinated for medical reasons, perhaps along with the larger percentage of vaccinated persons whose vaccines don’t work, are put at risk by those exercising non-medical reasons. This belief is also without merit. It is based on the herd immunity theory, which states that if most of a population is immune, the entire population is protected. The presumed problem is that if too many people opt out of vaccines, the herd immunity effect will be compromised, and those not immune due to medical exemptions or failed vaccines are at risk.

Aside from the absurd implication that unvaccinated persons somehow become “disease magnets” that “create” or “attract” disease in communities where diseases have been absent for decades (and whose absence substantially preceded vaccines), this concern is erroneous because the herd immunity theory has been substantially disproved. For example, measles, mumps, small pox, pertussis, polio and Hib outbreaks have all occurred in vaccinated populations.13,14,15,16,17 In 1989, the CDC reported: “Among school-aged children, [measles] outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination levels of greater than 98 percent.18 [They] have occurred in all parts of the country, including areas that had not reported measles for years.”19 The CDC even reported a measles outbreak in a documented 100 percent vaccinated population.20 A study examining this phenomenon concluded, “The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.”21 The disturbing implication here is that efforts to maximize immunization rates may actually be counterproductive. Recent outbreaks in California, New York and New Jersey also occurred in highly vaccinated populations.22,23

Official statistics for the recent swine flu pandemic show that the U.S. vaccinated 30 percent of the population against swine flu, yet had more than eight times its proportional share of international swine flu deaths. England vaccinated 8 percent of its population and had two times its proportional share. But Poland, which refused swine flu vaccines altogether, had only one-tenth of its proportional share of international swine flu deaths.24 These data strongly suggest that the swine flu immunization campaigns may actually have been counterproductive. Therefore, citizens should have the right, individually, to determine whether or not any given vaccine is appropriate for themselves and their children.

IV. Mandatory Vaccination Prevents Citizens From Choosing Proven Safer, Less Costly, More Effective Alternatives.

A. In the fall of 2008, Cuba used homeoprophylaxis to protect 2.5 million residents of Cuba from a Leptospirosis outbreak following tropical flooding. The protective effect profoundly exceeded that of conventional immunizations – 10 infections and no deaths with homeoprophylaxis vs. thousands of infections with many deaths in prior years with conventional immunization. The cost was about one-fifteenth that of conventional immunization. This was achieved “with full scientific verification.”25 [emphasis added] Numerous other instances of successful homeoprophylaxis have been documented around the world over the past 200 years, including here in the U.S.26 With homeoprophylaxis, adverse events are virtually non-existent; there is none of the resulting death and disability that inevitably occurs with the widespread use of conventional immunizations. For those who consider homeopathy unproven or believe that it can’t work, the implications are even more dramatic. If that is really the case, the use of immunizations in Cuba prior to 2008 was necessarily profoundly counterproductive.

B. A recent Japanese study found that “Vitamin D [is] better than vaccines at preventing flu,”27 and experts say that vitamin D toxicity fears are unwarranted.28 In a 2010 review, the esteemed Cochrane Collaboration, an independent, international consortium of medical researchers, issued a WARNING stating that “reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions.”29 The review found that “vaccine use did not affect . . . working days lost” and “had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates.” State legislators would do better to mandate vitamin D supplements than to mandate flu vaccines.

Meanwhile, the documented manipulation of scientific data in flu vaccine studies raises serious questions about the quality of studies on other vaccines, if not also about the reliability of medical research generally. Indeed, according to Newsweek, the new chief of Stanford University’s Prevention Research Center says that people are “being hurt and even dying” due to widespread errors in medical research.30 It is no longer sufficient to base policy on study conclusions alone. We must scrutinize the studies’ methods, data, funding sources, potential conflicts of interest, etc., before accepting and acting on their conclusions.

Surely it is not the intent of state legislatures to implement health policy based on erroneous information, or to prohibit citizens from accessing the most efficacious, cost-effective, and safest choices for disease prevention available. The serious questions concerning the reliability of vaccine medical research and the availability of proven alternatives to conventional immunizations compel state legislatures to provide citizens with the right to a conscientious exemption from immunizations.

V. Conflicts of Interest Raise Serious Questions About Vaccine Policy

A. The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) develops written immunization recommendations that are adopted by the CDC. These become CDC recommendations that in turn are substantially enacted into law by the states. However, some ACIP members have conflicts of interest; some are right out of the vaccine industry or otherwise situated such that they stand to profit from the very policies they create. Therefore, states must scrutinize ACIP recommendations carefully, and accept or reject those recommendations based on the findings of that scrutiny, and not merely accept federal agency recommendations at face value.

B. There are conflicts of interest in the CDC as well. In December of 2009, Julie Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H., announced her job change from CDC Director (where she promoted vaccines) to President of Merck Vaccines31. Given the revolving door between agency and industry, we cannot presume that CDC recommendations are necessarily always objective. Given this interrelationship between industry and government, states have an ethical and moral imperative to exercise careful scrutiny of CDC policies and recommendations, and to implement state policy based upon the findings of their own investigations.

C. Conflicts of interest exist at the international level. On June 3, 2010, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) revealed the existence of undisclosed, serious conflicts of interest in the WHO along with scientifically unsupportable distortions of information from the WHO concerning the swine flu pandemic.32 BMJ’s Editor in Chief advised: “The current leadership of WHO may need to resign . . . We must create a world in which the best experts are those that are free from commercial influences.”33 The WHO did not volunteer any conflict of interest information until Aug. 11, 2010, after the pandemic was declared to be over,34 and no one at the WHO resigned.

Given that conflicts of interest exist throughout federal and international vaccine policy-making agencies, states are morally and ethically compelled to scrutinize meticulously the recommendations of those agencies, and to base state immunization policy and law on the findings of their own, independent analyses. Unless and until that occurs, and unless such analyses clearly dictate otherwise, states are morally and ethically obligated to provide citizens the right to informed choice, by way of a conscientious exemption to mandatory vaccines.

VI. Reliance on the Pharmaceutical Industry is Severely Misplaced

A. In December of 2009, the WHO reported: “Corruption in the pharmaceutical sector occurs throughout all stages of the medicines chain, from research and development to dispensing and promotion.”35 Thus, a high level of scrutiny is required when considering products, claims and recommendations coming from this industry.

B. The pharmaceutical industry regularly engages in criminal behavior. In 2008, Merck was fined $650 million under the False Claims Act. In 2009, Pfizer was assessed a $1 billion criminal fine, along with a $1.3 billion civil fine, in its fourth settlement since 2002 over illegal marketing. In 2009, Ely Lilly was assessed a $515 million criminal fine and a $900 million civil fine. In 2010, GlaxoSmithKline was assessed a $150 million criminal fine and $750 million civil fine. Over the past 10 years, these and other companies including TAP, Tenet Healthcare, HCA, Serono, AstraZenica, Abbott Labs, Bristol Myers Squibb, SmithKline Beecham, Shering-Plough, and Bayer Corporation were assessed criminal and/or civil fines for unlawful acts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry has become the biggest defrauder of the federal government under the False Claims Act, and the problem has gotten consistently worse over the past few years.36

It is critical to understand that criminal behavior, by definition, means that the perpetrator had knowledge of the unlawfulness of the acts committed. These companies knew exactly what they were doing each and every time. We can’t know how many crimes were committed that were not caught and prosecuted, but based on those that were, we know that criminal behavior in the pharmaceutical industry is routine, presumably because it is, on the whole, profitable (which strongly suggests that there are crimes committed that don’t get caught – not unlike the drug cartels). Since this behavior has gotten worse in recent years, we know that it is substantially likely to continue to occur in the future. Given that the pattern of behavior has been widespread and decades in the making, it is absolutely fair – indeed, necessary – to factor this pattern of behavior into an overall assessment of the character of this industry, and to assess the general credibility and reliability of their products accordingly.


Having the right to say ‘NO’ to the criminal pharmaceutical industry is a moral and ethical imperative.

VII. Philosophical Exemptions Are Time-Tested and Safe

Currently, about 20 states containing a majority of U.S. citizens have philosophical exemptions to immunizations. If these exemption rights were causing serious problems, these exemption laws would either not have been enacted in the first place, or would have been quickly repealed. However, this has not happened. Apparently, philosophical exemptions have had no significant adverse effect on infectious disease rates.

Furthermore, all states have authority under the U.S. Constitution to mandate vaccines in the event of an emergency,37 regardless of citizens’ religious or philosophical objections, and to quarantine unvaccinated persons when necessary. So, if the unvaccinated should ever prove to pose a serious risk of harm in the future, there is authority for the state to act as it deems necessary to protect its citizens.

VIII. Medical Experts Disagree About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

There is a growing body of medical experts who are speaking out with concerns about vaccines.38 Independent medical research contradicts pro-vaccine research funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The question, then, is whether or not government should assume the role of deciding who is correct, and impose its opinion in a one-size-fits-all policy on constituencies that consist of individuals with varying needs. The far better health care policy is one where individuals have the flexibility to make a customized risk-benefit analysis for themselves and their children in consultation with their health care providers – professionals who know their needs. Some may choose vaccines, but others may find that for them, the risks outweigh the benefits. Whatever the choice, all should have the right to make that assessment without government interference. With herd immunity having been disproved, there is no scientific basis for government imposing its will on the people, collectively, usurping the rights of the individual.

IX. Vaccination Raises a Fundamental Rights Question.

Government mandate of immunizations absolutely, without a conscientious exemption, raises a profound fundamental rights question. Vaccines carry a risk of permanent injury and death, and that risk is presently neither quantifiable nor preventable. In a society where the vast majority of disease decline preceded vaccines, where in some instances vaccines caused a reversal of prior disease declines, where in some instances vaccines have proven to be counterproductive, where policy is based on a disproven herd immunity theory, and where policy is substantially driven by a corrupt industry that routinely engages in criminal behavior and that profits handsomely by the policy it drives, such a mandate is contrary to the very essence of what it means to be a democratic republic.

The international debate about vaccine safety and effectiveness is anything but resolved. Indeed, a fair and open conversation is, if ultimately inevitable, still yet to be fully had. Pending a final outcome of this debate, and given the high stakes involved and problems cited above, citizens in a free society should have the right to decide for themselves what is in their own best interests. Those who believe in vaccines are welcome to have them, and if vaccines really work, they have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. In the meantime, state governments have authority under the U.S. Constitution to require unvaccinated children to stay home during outbreaks, and to impose vaccines or quarantine on unvaccinated citizens in declared emergencies. So, governments have nothing to fear by granting their citizens the right to informed choice. Indeed, given the above, governments have nothing less than a moral, ethical and legal imperative to provide that right.

1. Credit given to vaccines for 20th century infectious disease declines is misplaced. Vaccine history does not support an absolute mandate for vaccines.

2. Data for accurate vaccine-disease risk-benefit is not available. Therefore, government lacks the means by which to adequately determine whether or not vaccines provide a net benefit and are in fact actually necessary, and therefore, must allow conscientious exemptions.

3. Claims that the unvaccinated pose a risk of harm to the vaccinated are unfounded (if vaccines work, how could an unvaccinated person harm a vaccinated person?). Claims that the unvaccinated pose a risk of harm to those who can’t be vaccinated or whose vaccines don’t work are based on a misplaced belief in the disproven “herd immunity” theory. Therefore, the unwarranted, fear-based concerns about risks posed by the unvaccinated do not present a legitimate bar to the enactment of a conscientious exemption right. Furthermore, those who can’t be vaccinated or whose vaccines don’t work have viable alternatives that may work better than vaccines and that are safer and less expensive.

4. The evidence shows that vaccines were actually counterproductive in some instances. Clearly, then, government should allow a conscientious exemption so that citizens can assess the merits of individual vaccines.

5. There are viable, proven alternatives to immunizations. Homeoprophylaxis is far less expensive, more effective, and safer with no risk of injury or death. Vaccines carry a risk of permanent injury or death, are more costly, and are of questionable efficacy when scrutinized objectively. Therefore, citizens should have the right to choose from among all of the available options. Absent this option, government is endorsing only one of many legitimate health care modalities, to the exclusive profit of one industry, thereby substantially interfering with the free market.

6. Where conflicts of interest exist with those setting policy, there is a moral and ethical imperative for citizens to have and retain the right to evaluate and disagree with the resulting policy. Immunization policy is driven by the very industry that manufactures the vaccines, and that industry routinely engages in criminal behavior. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE REQUIRED TO USE PRODUCTS CREATED BY AN INDUSTRY THAT ROUTINELY ENGAGES

7. Conscientious exemptions are time-tested. About 20 states representing a majority of the U.S. population currently have philosophical exemptions. If these exemptions caused serious problems, these exemption laws would have been repealed long ago. Clearly, philosophical exemptions have not created serious health problems, and if they ever should pose a problem, states retain the authority to impose emergency vaccines and/or quarantines as needed. A conscientious exemption poses no significant health threat to the state.

8. There is a growing body of lay persons and professionals, including credible medical professional and researchers, who are speaking out about problems with the conventional thinking on immunizations. There is a valid vaccine controversy. Given this reality, individuals should have and retain the right to make informed decisions.

9. Vaccines carry a risk of permanent injury and death. That risk may vary substantially from individual to individual, and the medical community has no gauge by which to assess that risk for healthy individuals. The herd immunity theory is flawed, so individual citizens cannot be said to have a responsibility to vaccinate for the sake of the community. Therefore, by definition, our democratic republic requires that citizens have the right to decide for themselves, as individuals, whether or not vaccines are right for them and their children.

In view of the above, and the scientific, legal, moral and ethical imperatives presented and supported therein, we respectfully request that the Honorable Senators and Representatives of this Great State support and pass the Bill adding an exemption from immunizations for conscientious beliefs.

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February 16, 2011

Are The Medical ‘Authorities’ In Full Retreat?

“I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.”
—-Michael Crichton M.D.

Newsweek, an absolute mouth piece for the Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex, wrote an article called… ‘Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong’ (Click on link for article)

The article seems to be a precautionary tail about the ‘business’ of modern medicine and health. It ‘indicates’ that the SYSTEM is somehow flawed. Truth be told, this is a complete damage control piece by Newsweek. The article in truth, is an apology for a ‘racket’ built to keep people ill. Hey, making people ill and stringing them out was a great run while it lasted.

Is the Newsweek article an admission by the medical ‘authorities’ that the gig is up? Is the day of telling the public over that ‘THEY ARE CRAZY’, IT’S AL IN ‘THEIR HEADS’, when the same medical authorities’ vaccines, drugs and treatment prolongs their attachment to the medical system?

What is going on here?

Well, what IS going on today in the court of public opinion on our western medical system, is NOTHING MORE THAN A REPEAT OF HISTORY. You see, natural medicine was a SERIOUS science by medical professionals AND institutions BEFORE the Rockefeller / Carnegie Mellon fortunes bought the political muscle to shut it down and stick us with this awful ‘CURRENT’ pharmacological allopathic system (in the USA) that Newsweek’s article is sheepishly exposing. Why was the ‘alternative’ politically ‘shut down’ by the early 20th century? Because, natural medicine (otherwise once known as ‘organic’ pharmacology) was taking off like a rocket in the court of public opinion.. Natural medicine had a ‘PROVEN’ track record for healing. Where as, the traditional or allopathic method, kept people having to come back for more ‘treatments’. Sound familiar?

If you are a ‘ SERIOUS’ medical student you will need to purchase the book the ‘Drug Story‘ it is a very well researched book covering the takeover of American medical system. Would you NOT want to know the FULL HISTORY of the profession you are about to embark upon? Oh, you really think you’re going to get, as Paul Harvey used to say, ‘the rest of the story’ from your Rockefeller created and controlled medical school? Yeah, if you believe that I have a bridge on Mars I would like to sell you.

Below is an ‘alternative’ article to the Newsweek article that tries to put common sense natural healing methodology into the same ‘bad medicine’ category as our current big pharma medical system. This article discusses why natural medicine has NEVER fell into the bad light big pharma’s medical ‘dinosaur’ system constantly is in.


Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and
Elissa Meininger
January 19, 2006

In America and in the West, the public is conditioned to believe that modern (allopathic) medicine is the supreme healing modality. Propaganda machines that rely on media in need of content and not necessarily truth eagerly spread this notion. Scientific journal articles promoting drugs are little more than press releases by pharmaceutical companies signed by doctors for hire. In the midst of the recent “outing” of unsafe drugs by whistleblowers; the thousands of law suits against drug companies for drug damage; and a plethora of books and articles enumerating the side effects of drugs and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost we see drug companies and the WTO determined to control of dietary supplements through Codex and international trade agreements in their global quest for power.

Why is this happening? Simply because most of the world does not use modern medicine and the ‘powers that be’ want to control those other forms of medicine to make way for a seamless, worldwide assembly line-style of health delivery by government decree favoring the highly-profitable, patented products and services of modern (allopathic) medicine.

One of the forms of medicine that is being targeted for control is homeopathy –the topic of this week’s column. Both Elissa and I have a deep and abiding love of homeopathy and we speak up for it whenever we can.

Homeopathy is one of those systems of medicine that is all encompassing and could be a life-long project of study. I wanted to make it my prime modality after medical school and began learning it during my naturopathic training. That might have had something to do with genes because my grandmother was a nurse and a homeopath. And my father, while still in high school, was on the lists to enter Boston University School of Medicine, which, at the time, was a homeopathic medical school. I found, however, that I’m much too eclectic to stay in one place for too long. But I stayed long enough to see some miraculous cures take place. In the hands of a skilled homeopath, it is one of the best existing modalities for all conditions. I recommend it to parents as the best form of medicine for children and the best for most acute conditions and advise people to have a homeopathic kit on hand to treat emergencies.

Elissa’s reasons are even more personal. After a lifetime of ill health due to a missed diagnosis of mercury poisoning from her dental fillings (a disease that is not recognized by either the American dental community or modern [allopathic] medicine), Elissa was diagnosed by a homeopath and from the first dose of a homeopathic remedy, she found her salvation. Up until then, she had experienced not just debilitating symptoms of serious chronic illness, but numerous extreme adverse reactions from such things as penicillin and Tylenol. To find out why she was misdiagnosed all those years and why she was never referred to homeopathy, a medical philosophy that has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of medically-induced mercury poisoning for 200 years, prompted Elissa to become the health policy expert she is today. She earned her expertise by delving into the depth and breadth of the history of American medicine and how politics and the clever actions of several self-interest groups, over time, created today’s modern medical monopoly folly.

The story of how homeopathy first came to America, became the second most practiced healing art by public demand, and then was virtually destroyed by Big Pharma and its allies, the AMA and the practitioners of modern (allopathic) medicine, is why we have called our article “The Worst Crime of the 20th Century.” This history bears witness to how the self-interest of just a handful of people, by creating an allopathic medical monopoly, continues to cause the needless deaths of millions of people and the ongoing suffering of millions more.

As the story goes, back in the mid-1800s, homeopathy had arrived on our shores from its homeland, Germany, and the public eagerly flocked to homeopathic physicians. And no wonder. The “modern (allopathic) medicine” of the day included draining people of up to 32 ounces of blood and dosing them with lethal amounts of mercury in a product called “calomel.” Calomel caused profuse salivation and doctors measured the amount of saliva by the pint as a means of determining the success of the treatment. Calomel was considered the all-purpose elixir for most ailments along with the bleeding, so you can see why homeopathy spread rapidly. Homeopaths found allopathic treatment barbaric.

What confounded the practitioners of “modern (allopathic) medicine” of that era was that homeopaths were well-educated and had quickly fallen into favor with the educated, politically powerful and wealthier clientele, as well as the masses. Worse yet, while their medical philosophy confounded the average practitioner of “modern (allopathic) medicine,” every time an allopath actually took an honest look at how homeopathy was practiced, another convert to homeopathy was born. In fact, in many cases, practicing homeopaths were actually converts from “modern (allopathic) medicine.”

Proof that homeopathy worked was widespread. Every epidemic in Europe and America starting with the cholera epidemics in the 1840s became an advertisement for the virtues of homeopathy. Homeopaths saved lives in such large numbers and compared to the competition it was obvious that allopathic methods were a complete failure. In rapid order, the practice of homeopathy became widespread in New England, the Middle Atlantic States, and the Midwest. And, true to form, while the South had been slow to catch on, the 1878 yellow fever epidemic converted many patients and doctors there, too.

The formation of the American Medical Association in the 1840s was in direct response to the onslaught of a superior medical system. From the beginning, the AMA stood firm with a hostile “them or us” attitude about members consorting with the competition. Well-educated homeopaths, often graduates of Harvard, Yale and other such schools, were banned from joining the AMA. In AMA meetings, any discussion about homeopathy was banned. If any member of the AMA, or its state chapters, were seen consorting with a homeopath, that doctor was expelled.

Voluminous and vicious literature was written and circulated about the worthlessness of homeopathy. When the drug industry emerged as an economic force in the 1870s, flush with its profits from selling mercury medicinals to the Union Army, the AMA found the sugar daddy of its dreams that could fuel and finance an all out war against its most serious competition. This polemic propaganda continues today because the 1500 or so effective homeopathic remedies that have been developed over 200 years represent serious competition for Big Pharma. Furthermore, homeopathic remedies have proven to have no dangerous side effects, are not patentable, can be manufactured and sold for pennies and have a very long shelf life.

Those who practice medicine in the allopathic tradition, then as now, know instinctively that homeopathy, by its very principles, is a rejection of the assumptions held near and dear to modern medicine. In fact, it is important to know that homeopathy is actually the invention of a German medical genius named Samuel Hahnemann, and it comes from Hahnemann’s rejection of what he was taught as an allopathic physician in his day, 200 years ago.

What Hahnemann saw was a failure to truly heal people. As a linguist with knowledge of many ancient and modern languages, including several from the Arab world, Hahnemann made a good deal of his living translating scientific and medical texts. This gave him access to some of the greatest minds in the world’s medical traditions and it was when he was questioning the conclusions of British doctor, William Cullen, regarding the use of Peruvian bark to treat malaria, that Hahnemann experienced a flash of insight that fostered homeopathy.

At the height of its popularity in America, homeopathy was second only to allopathy in the number of practitioners. It had its own schools, its own pharmacies and even had a monument erected to honor Hahnemann in Washington, D.C., considered by many to be one of the great geniuses in the history of medicine. [Read] [Read]

At the time this monument to Hahnemann was unveiled, there where 22 homeopathic medical schools in America. One of the more interesting ones was The New England Female College founded in 1850 as the world’s first women’s medical school. During its time, it graduated the first black woman doctor and after it was absorbed into Boston University to become Boston University Medical School in 1873, it became America’s first coed medical school. In 1897, the new school graduated its first black doctor, who went on to become America’s first black psychiatrist.

Ironically, four years after the monument was erected, and 10 years before the publication of the Flexner Report, the blueprint of the allopathic medical monopoly, the trustees of Boston University were told by AMA officials that if they didn’t convert the medical school curricula to all-allopathic, their graduates would have difficulty taking and passing state medical licensing examinations. At the time, there were 645 practicing homeopaths in Boston alone.

So, what allopathic assumptions does homeopathy reject? At its core, homeopathy is based, not on a biochemical or mechanistic model like allopathy, but on the idea that each person has a vital force, a resonating frequency, if you will. This vital force, called Qi or Chi in Asian healing arts, is basically the energy or essence of the person that can be observed and measured. In the simplest terms, when you are ill, according to homeopathic philosophy, your frequency changes and symptoms occur as a result of your body trying to restore you to a healthy frequency. The symptoms serve as the means by which restoration of health can be achieved. The very symptoms that allopaths suppress are the ones the body uses to get well and that a homeopath surveys to find the appropriate remedy to help the body heal.

To a homeopath, an office call is basically devoted to systematically interviewing the patient to determine what makes them tick as well as gathering as much information about each of their symptoms as possible. Then, after analyzing this information, the homeopath has available 1500 or so catalogued remedies that are inventoried according to symptoms and constitution.

The information in these reference manuals is drawn from data on literally thousands of patients who have been treated successfully. Homeopathic remedies themselves are developed by a process called “potentization” which renders them not only non-toxic but leaves only a minute vibration in the water of the original substance. These potentized remedies, when they enter the person’s body as a frequency, not a chemical substance, basically help revitalize the person’s own harmonious frequency.

To modern (allopathic) medical practitioners, a symptom is a bad outcome of an illness and suppressing the symptom is the first thing a doctor tries to do to make the patient feel better. Suppression of symptoms is not the same as healing the person.

Each homeopathic remedy is developed by first testing it on healthy people based on an idea called “the law of similars.” The law of similars comes from an old idea that a substance that can create a symptom in a healthy person can cure a sick person suffering the same symptom. The law of similars confounds the scientific assumptions of the biochemically-based allopathic medical community and until you experience the healing process yourself, you will probably scratch your head, wondering what these homeopaths are talking about. Hahnemann came to name his new school of thought homeo (Greek for “similar”), pathy (Greek for “suffering). He then named the old school of thought allo (Greek for “other”), pathy.

These opposing views on the meaning of symptoms and what a doctor does about them is the sharpest of many ideological divisions between homeopathy and allopathy.

For most of the 1800s, allopaths were called allopaths but when the AMA orchestrated the publication of the Flexner Report in 1910, to outline their new medical monopoly, the first order of business was to make sure the word “allopathy” no longer defined them. They wanted ALL practitioners of all “cults” or “dogmas” as they insultingly referred to their competition, to give up their differing medical ideas and “surrender” to modern science.

The Flexner Report was used to convince the financial backers of non-allopathic medical schools, particularly homeopathy, to cease providing funding. Within 20 years, all but one homeopathic school had been closed or forced to convert to allopathic teaching only.

It came to our attention within the last week or so, that Citizens for Health, one of the major national health freedom groups, in conjunction with the National Center for Homeopathy, had organized a writing campaign to the CDC to include homeopathic research as part of its agenda for the next decade. [Read]

This campaign, with the deadline of January 15, 2006, is now over. However, we have mixed feelings about how the modern medicine dominated CDC, or the NIH or any other of the usual research organizations could possibly conduct honest and relevant research on homeopathy, given the fact that modern medicine is based on such vastly different assumptions.

We also have concerns because of recent revelations about the corruption in science in all venues as well as the faking of scientific papers being published in prestigious medical journals. We have concerns about the political and economic agendas of those in control of directing what research shall be done and that, somehow, homeopathy will be tainted keeping it in the same false and negative light it has been held for most of the 20th century.

We suggest that there are ample books written by practicing homeopaths about the success of homeopathy for any open-minded person to see its worth. In any case, we are foursquare behind restoring homeopathy to its former position as the second largest medical system in America and give you practical resources at the end to pursue your own investigation of homeopathy.

To sum up the worldview on homeopathy we recently read an article in the New India Press, dated December 24, 2005, titled, “WHO Recognition for Homeopathy.” We thought you might like to read some excerpts from this article to give you a flavor of how homeopathy is discussed in a country where it is widely accepted and used.

“Deviating from the trend of rejecting homeopathy treatment and medicine as mere placebos, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that homeopathy is the second-most used medical system internationally.
’Clinical trials have proved that this method of treatment has been successful if the practitioners have taken into account the individual holistic nature of the patient before opting for homeopathy.’ Says Dr. T N Sreedhara Kurup, Assistant Director In-Charge of the Central Research Institute for Homeopathy.

February 15, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald And The Polio Vaccine Secret.

Was one of the ‘benefits’ to having Lee Harvey Oswald murdered so he could NOT testify in court?

Did you know that one of the reasons why Lee Oswald could NOT testify in court, as far as both the military & pharmacological industrial complex were concerned, was Lee Oswald’s connection to the polio vaccine?

Life is truly stranger than fiction. Tangled in between this TRUE story about Lee Harvey Oswald and a high school genius cancer scientist’s love affair, is the story of how the polio vaccine led to the weaponization of cancer by both government and industry.

Once upon a time the American Cancer Society did NOT want the public to know that cancer was IN FACT ‘viral’ by nature. A known FACT that IS part of the PUBLIC RECORD today. Why would the Cancer Society NOT want the public in the know about the viral nature of cancer?

When the polio vaccine was created it was created off the kidney cells of a certain type of monkey. The scientists in charge of that part of the vaccine development KNEW about the cancer virus. Somewhere on this blog I have a link to the ‘audio confession’ (taped by Edward Shorter) of that knowledge. (See Dr. Maurice Hillerman) The American Cancer Society at this time was fighting the link between cancer being viral in nature. Kind of like how the pharmacological Industrial Complex today is fighting the link of BOTH autism / cancer and vaccines.

It wasn’t long after the development of the polio vaccine that GOOD researchers caught on that the simian CANCER VIRUS was an INGREDIENT included with the oral polio vaccine. (See Dr. Bernice Eddy) This is the very reason why the American Cancer Society was fighting tooth and nail to keep the virus cancer connection from becoming mainstream.

The FACT IS, that the ‘new’ (at the time) oral polio vaccine infected 100’s of millions of people with the cancer virus. Today, the number of people who became cancerous from the oral polio vaccine is unknown. However, ‘conservative’ estimations put the numbers in the 10’s of millions. Also, the children who received the oral polio vaccine were and, ARE, one of the most cancer ridden generations ever.

Now enter Lee Harvey Oswald.

During the late 1950’s and early 60’s, in the town of New Orleans, secret experiments on weaponizing cancer viruses were being developed. To learn more read the well researched book Dr. Mary’s Monkey. You should also, research just who doctor Mary was and ask, how could someone with Dr. Mary’s world renowned credentials get caught up with Lee Harvey Oswald?

The connection between Oswald, Dr. Mary and cancer viruses centers around one genius high school student who figured out how to grow cancer cells MORE EFFECTIVELY than the best cancer research centers in the world.

Judyth Vary Baker was a local sensation in her little town of Bradenton Florida. She was a hometown hero back in the day when kids looked up to geniuses like they do Lady Ga GA today. It didn’t take long before Judyth Vary Baker would get a visit AND A JOB from the federal government. She was taken to New Orleans to work as Dr. Mary’s assistant in this bio-weapons lab. It is here where Judyth Vary Baker fell in love with her body guard and had an affair with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Read her VERY WELL DOCUMENTED book on the affair. Me & Lee. The History Channel even devoted an entire show on the affair. See Video.

In conclusion, it’s no wonder that if Ruby couldn’t kill Oswald then most definitely it would have happened one way or another. Just think where the trail of investigations would have led the public if Oswald would have been ALLOWED to stand trial. One of those trails would most definitely led straight to the polio vaccine itself.


What the author of ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ has found in THE MEDICAL HISTORICAL RECORD concerning the polio vaccine is that, the ‘race for the polio vaccine’ was a PARALLEL MILITARY PROJECT concerning cancer viruses AND RADIATION. The conclusion the US military came to was that these cancer viruses like, the SV 40 that was (some say still is) in the polio vaccine, become SUPER AGGRESSIVE once they are bombarded with various forms of radiation.

Here at ‘From Hell to Veins’ I have a large international following. ‘From Hell to Veins’ is based in the United States of America. For all our downfalls this nation WAS once a NOBILE nation. For our international audience don’t take satisfaction at our fall. LEARN FROM IT! SO, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOUR NATION!!!

As I’m sure our International followers know America has the highest cancer rates of ANY nation per capita. Note that Americans do STUPID SILLY things like shaving their heads and running like chicken’s with their damn heads cutoff giving all their hard earned money BACK TO THE SAME BIG PHARAM MACHINE THAT BENEFITS FROM THIS ENTIRE CANCER EPIDEMIC THAT JUST KEEPS GROWING OUT OF CONTROL.

Note that the Americans get exposed to more radiation than do most other people around the world. In America they ‘recommend’ women get an annual blast of radiation to their breasts and then scratch their collective heads wondering why their is so much breast cancer? In America the tap water they drink is a dump for industrial and MEDICAL waist and has been shown on their television news to be RADIOACTIVE!! Yet, they continue to drink their poisonous water while scratching their heads asking why is there is so much cancer? Now, these idiot Americans WILLFULLY go through an extremely dangerous terahertz microwave machine that HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE INEFFECTIVE for ‘stopping terrorists’ bringing explosives on a plane. When they lift their arms in the air and spread their legs in these cancer machines they expose their entire lymphatic system to these dangerous waves. The American people are so ill informed that their TSA can tell them the most OBVIOUS LIE that these machines give off less radiation than their cellphone. Where, if the radiation by the scanners was the SAME TYPE OF RADIATION as a cellphone then, that would actually mean something.

Now, there is the Fukushsima mess.
Although I have been pointing my finger at dumb ass Americans YOUR country is JUST AS GUILTY in this regard. When radiation levels went off the charts wold wide because if the Fukushima disaster here, in America, the US government raised the safe levels THOUSANDS OF TIMES ABOVE THE ONCE KNOWN SAFE LEVELS. So to did just about ever nation around the world.

Let me just some this up.

The international community can NOW look to America as what NOT TO DO when it comes to PREVENTING cancer. Doing mindless things like shaving your head to raise money only to give it back to the SAME INDUSTRY that BENEFITS from cancer IS STUPID. DON’T DO IT!!!! Avoiding vaccines that have many cancer and stealth viruses that are supercharged by radiation is a good starting point. I would also avoid being over exposed by manmade radiation as possible.

Americans will NEVER reverse THEIR cancer trend UNTIL they collectively get their heads out of Disneyland, GROW UP and face the fact they are being poisoned. My advise to Americans is, turn off your HDTV’s, STOP treating your doctor like he / she’s an all knowing high priest, do in depth research on all the poison you are being exposed to. TAKE ACTION.

February 12, 2011

Have GM Mosquitoes Already Evolved Into Super Killers?

Bill & Melinda Gates Watch:
Editors Note:
I can tell you FROM THE HORSES MOUTH that when it comes to eugenics population / extermination ‘control’, Africa is THE laboratory testing grounds .

In 2007 genetic laboratories, MOSTLY FUNDED BY THE MANY TENTACLES OF THE BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, were boasting that they were on cusp of creating ‘franken-mosquitoes’ to be released in places such as West Africa. These are genetically ‘ALTERED’ mosquitoes. Modifications happen in nature. These ‘alterations’ need a gene gun and other technology to be created and, these mosquitoes can IN NO WAY BE CREATED IN NATURE. But hey, it’s all for the greater good right? You can say these ‘altered’ mosquitoes are Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ‘Super killer’ mosquitoes. Oh, but wait! His mosquitoes were ‘supposed to SAVE man from Malaria. Yeah, that’s exactly what people who say that there are too many of YOU AND ME on this planet do. Prevent more deaths.

In 2010 the globalists and their armies of institutions and resources pushing the release of these ‘fraken-mosquitoes’ got governments to canvas the W. African people to see if they could sell them on releasing the little globalists bugs in their back yards. Read linked.
This little stunt tells me they had ALREADY RELEASED THEM. Which is simply how the Globalists roll and, is right in line with their modus operandi. Especially in Africa.

Recently Scientists have identified a new type of mosquito. It is a subgroup of _Anopheles gambiae_, the insect species responsible for most of the malaria transmission in Africa. Researchers tell Science magazine that this new mosquito appears to be very susceptible to the parasite that causes the disease — which raises concern.
Now, the rest of this BBC article goes into damage control, explaining how scientists have somehow missed the most heavy malaria carrying super mosquito species. I guess it’s kind of like how these brilliant minds have some how missed the link between aspartame and heart attacks. It just happens. No, the release of GM mosquitoes in the region could NOT POSSIBLY BE THE EXPLANATION FOR THIS.

February 3, 2011

Dr. Wakefield Video Interview On Damanding BMJ Retraction.

Unvaccinated Children’s Health VS Vaccinated Children’s Heath.

If you have an unvaccinate child or if you as an adult have NOT been vaccinated please fill out survey linked below.


Dr. Obomsawin uses a series of graphic tables to dramatically challenge the widely held assumption that vaccines have historically benefited humanity throughout the world. Dr. Obomsawin holds an M.Sc. and a PhD with concentrations in health science and human ecology. He currently heads his own research consulting service in eastern Canada. He has previously served as Senior Advisor on First Nations Health at the National Aboriginal Health Organization; Executive Director in the California Rural Indian Health Board system; Director of the Office for National Health Development NIB (now Assembly of First Nations); and founding Chairman of the National Commission Inquiry on Indian Health. His international work included appointments as Manager of Overseas Operations for CUSO; Evaluation Analyst and later Senior Advisor on Indigenous Knowledge at the Canadian International Development Agency…

Graphs / charts showing similar data. Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated children.

February 2, 2011

PHD Challenges Assumption That Vaccines Have Historically Benefited Humanity.

Editors Note:
For over 5000 years (long before big pharma vaccines) human civilization has known that proper infrastructure and nutrition are KEY to PREVENTING disease and epidemics. Potable clean water, proper waste removal, clean living environment, food storage AND nutrition prevent disease. Remove ANY one of these basic health keys and disease ALWAYS pops up, vaccinated or not.

From the International Vaccination Council
Dr. Obomsawin uses a series of graphic tables to dramatically challenge the widely held assumption that vaccines have historically benefited humanity throughout the world. Dr. Obomsawin holds an M.Sc. and a PhD with concentrations in health science and human ecology. He currently heads his own research consulting service in eastern Canada. He has previously served as Senior Advisor on First Nations Health at the National Aboriginal Health Organization; Executive Director in the California Rural Indian Health Board system; Director of the Office for National Health Development NIB (now Assembly of First Nations); and founding Chairman of the National Commission Inquiry on Indian Health. His international work included appointments as Manager of Overseas Operations for CUSO; Evaluation Analyst and later Senior Advisor on Indigenous Knowledge at the Canadian International Development Agency.

Bullet Points:
1.) Learn how the Aborigines child mortality dove down to 50% DUE TO VACCINATION PROGRAM.

2.) Learn about a Cherokee head of medicine for several tribes state that “vaccine damage” was the leading health problem facing the Cherokee people.

3.) Learn How the disease we vaccinate for were wiped out LONG BEFORE THE VACCINE PROGRAMS FOR THEM.

4.) How nutrition related to the dive in scurvy also mirrod the dive in measles LOG BEFORE the vaccine program.

5.) Charts and graphs for various countries OWN HEALTH DEPARTMENTS showing massive decline in many, many diseases BEFORE the vaccine programs.

6.) Sourced studies with graphs showing vaccinated children have DOUBLE the illness problems of their unvaccinated counter parts.

So when you here a vaccine pusher throwing out the old tag line “vaccines wiped out many diseases” show them the FACTS of how wrong they truly are. Have them look at this slide presentation showing the exact opposite is true.

February 1, 2011

Doctors, Nurses and Scientists Break Silence On Vaccines

Editors Note:
Can you imagine buying a new car that it’s gas tank is susceptible to exploding or it’s breaks are susceptible to going out on a steep road grade? Also, imagine the government protecting the auto manufacture from any liability. To PROVE manufacture liability for the exploding gas tank or break problem, the event WOULD HAVE TO HAPPEN AT THE CAR DEALERSHIP or both the government and manufacture COULD CLAIM THAT THE PROBLEM WITH THE CAR WAS NOT THE FAULT OF THE CAR MANUFACTURER. If that wasn’t bad enough, the government then MANDATES that you
have to
buy the faulty automobile OR YOU WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE ROADWAY.

You are 100% correct if you say the above scenario is absolutely ludicrous. However, that is as close to an analogy of the vaccine industry as it gets. No other industry on this planet is treated like the vaccine industry. NOT EVEN THE ‘DRUG’ INDUSTRY GETS THIS TYPE OF PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT!!!! ONLY VACCINES. This is why the government, corporate media and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the pharmaceutical industry will not put their money where their mouth is and side by side compare children / adults who have NOT been vaccinated with those who have. They fight that kind of research tooth and nail. Once Dr. Wakefield suggested THIS VERY RESEARCH BE DONE THE MEDIA COOKED UP THE, NOW, PROVEN LIES AGAINST HIM. They fear the TRUTH of such research becoming main stream.

Doctors who have seen the difference first hand KNOW that unvaccinated children and adults ARE FAR MORE HEALTHIER THAN THEIR VACCINATED COUNTER PARTS. Doctors, Nurses, Scientists are starting to break out of their silence because vaccines are effecting the people they personally know. Speaking out is NOT as easy as you may think. If you go back to my faulty car example, and apply it to the way the medical system works, an auto mechanic would LOSE HIS LICENSE if he blamed the exploding gas tank on the auto manufacture. In the case of Dr, Wakefield he DIDN’T EVEN BLAME THE MANUFACTURE!!!. He simply SUGGESTED more tests were needed on the MMR vaccine, and for that the got burned on the proverbial stake of the Lame Stream Media.

If vaccines were as promoted by those who profit the most from them (big government, big media and big pharma) why then do they need product protection like NO OTHER PRODUCT on this planet?

Below is a PDF link from Natural News with the names and statement from these medical / scientific professionals who form the International Medical Council on Vaccination
Before clicking on link, this must be known and understood. This professional council is NOT a NEW concept what-so-ever! Vaccines WERE NEVER UNANIMOUSLY agreed upon to be safe by both the medical or scientific profession. Not only was there NO agreement about vaccine safety but, there NEVER was unanimously agreement that the science behind vaccines was EVER CREDIBLE to begin with. It is FORBIDDEN to even teach this HISTORY in these Rockefeller / government controlled medical schools.

America USED TO HAVE the most free and the most independent medical system in the entire world BEFORE it was bought off then by the Rockefeller / Carnegie fortune foundations in 1910. Laws were then passed that formed medical boards where ANY opposition to the Rockefeller et al Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex would mean retribution. There are plenty of historic cases of this up to the current lie, smear and loss of licensing job on Dr. Wakefield. Before ANY of this type of nonsense against professionals NOT TOWING THE BIG PHARMA COMPANY LINE, the medical and scientific professionals could and often did speak out against things like vaccines. These were NOT lightweight professionals by ANY STRETCH. Dr. Creighton was one of the most prestigious medical minds of ANY generation. When he called vaccination a “pseudo science on the same level as blood letting”, when he asked to write about vaccines for the Encyclopedia of Britannica, it led to what was known as the ‘Medical Inquisition‘. It really was a joke, because Dr. Creighton and his fellow colleges credentials OUT WEIGHED those of his accusers WHO ALL WORKED FOR ROCKEFFELLER ET AL’S pharamcological industry. They could NOT Wakefield Dr. Creighton in those days and the attempt backfired badly. Dr. Creighton sat on the board of what was called the ‘Anti Vaccination League’. The medical schools won’t touch this history today with a 50 foot poll. It is for this reason WHY the controls had to be put into place to make it VERY DIFFICULT for medical professionals to stand up against both the joint partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and big federal government. Which really is the TEXTBOOK definition of fascism. The Siamese twinning of both government and corporate industry blocking out ANY REAL competition. Old man Rockefeller said that “competition was a sin.”
From Natural News
Click For PDF

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this eye-opening report from the International Medical Council on Vaccination (

A list of the many MDs, PhDs, NDs and other medical professionals who are signing onto this document.
Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.
A list of some of the serious health side effects caused by vaccines.
Why autism is associated with vaccines.
The profit motivation behind the pharmaceutical industry’s big vaccine push.
A list of which institutions and organizations profit from your sickness.
The shocking truth about what’s IN vaccines (aborted fetal tissue, 59 different chemicals, DNA from diseased animals and more)
An overview of some of the most dangerous vaccine ingredients
The truth about conflicts of interest in the vaccine community and why doctors profit from vaccination policies
Why vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes than unvaccinated children
How to opt out of “mandatory” vaccines.
Important advice for parents about how to protect the health of your children while saying NO to vaccines
Online resources for learning more about the dangers of vaccines
A list of recommended reading materials for further education


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