From Hell To Veins

November 26, 2009

Population Reduction Research

To explain ‘modern eugenics’ by using the word ‘EUGENICS’ is like trying to explain ‘flying saucer’ by using the word ‘stagecoach’.
The ‘SUPPORTERS’ of eugenics did NOT fade away after the NAZI ARM who simply embraced that philosophy were defeated in the 1940’s. The MODERN eugenist (those who support eugenics beliefs) insist that they are NOT eugenists, simply because they use NEW NAMES as cover. Rather silly right? Yet, many people don’t have a clue.

Modern Eugenics is not only alive an well today but, it is NOW light years head of those who founded it. Today they sail under a U.S. government flag ship known as the National Human Genome Research Institute, (NHGRI). Their NEW moto is ETHICAL, LEGAL, SOCAIL IMPLICATIONS RESEARCH PROGRAM They had to ‘reinvent’ themselves after getting a huge black eye in the court of public opinion after the NAZI’s put their ‘ideas’ to practice. Today like every other crooked organization the institute most likely runs two sets of books / two SEPARATE OPERATIONS. Just like a mafia run ‘garbage collection’ business as a front for all the other underground activities as in the TV show ‘The Sopranos’. Just like the mob, the NHGRI is ‘active in the community’, that’s what the public sees, keeping up appearances. All wonderful research and, the second set of books / underground activity is most likely working on population reduction and human DE-EVOLUTIONARY research. More on the latter of the two later. For those who disagree with this, a couple of questions for you to answer. 1.) Is it really ‘just a coincidence’ that the headquarters for this institute JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE THE VERY SAME OFFICE AS THE NOTORIOUS OFFICE OF EUGENICS? At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Long Island, NY. 2.) Why did the institution feel the need to fund a well documented eugenics website IN ORDER TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES from eugenics? I noticed the website doesn’t mention that the Harriman Family (The Majority owner in G.E. / NBC) was the principal contributor to the eugenics headquarters.

Since the same basic den of vipers who embraced eugenics have ‘officially discredited eugenics and NOW call it under several different names, i.e. ‘Genome Research’ the work has continued with the blessing of the medical industrial complex and their media rag The New England Journal of Big Pharma, Umm, I mean ‘Medicine’. However before the Nazis gave eugenics the black eye the same WELL RESPECTED types embraced eugenics. So, really very little has change in that regard. However, eugenics is now in the space age of DNA splicing and has a KINDER MORE GENTAL face on it as, “SAVING HUMANITY” (by of course, destroying it.). Yeah, right, and YOU are funding it with your Tax dollar!

Below, is an excellent article on the The Human Genome Project and Eugenics written about ten years ago. It’s important we don’t let time distance us from connecting the dots about who these modern day eugenists are.

If the SAME college universities who are participating in the ‘new and improved’ eugenics programs were to offer a ‘study’ of how people with unlimited resources rename THEIR organizations with horrible PR track records to become new organizations with ‘glowing’ PR surrounding them, one could easily get a doctorate in this study. Just giving YOU an idea of further research.


I must first apologize to ‘real’ academics who research beyond the boundaries of today’s university systems that, for the sake of a buck, limit what any ‘true’ scholar can produce and bring forward to humanity.

By giving up on my fellow man and later recanting that decision, MY own extensive research was never cataloged except for in my noggin, for I never thought I would ever be ‘blogging’ my findings. I’m sorry to say I am starting this category WAY TOO LATE with a very limited amount of time to bring many people up to speed on the ‘GLOBAL’ policy of eugenics.

There are NO theories about Eugenics / Trans-Humanist population reduction global policies. The entire carbon credit system first discussed by none other than the Club Of Rome back in the 1970’s centers around population reduction. Now, this policy that was ONCE laughed at by MOST of the sane academic / industrialized societies in the 1970’s when it was introduced is being put into policies that will effect you and me by globalists at the G20 / Copenhagen Summit participants.

Real town hall meetings discussing ‘health care’ are but a moot point if we the people don’t first have town hall meeting addressing population reduction, IN A SERIOUS GROWNUP MANNOR. All other issues are moot until the public is educated on the population reduction religion disguised as various ‘global’ policies.

This long over due blog on population reduction academics and government policies is being constructed so YOU can further your own research and understanding. By using the documents within to have serious discussions at town hall meetings to challenge public officials on policies.

I plan to contribute and expand the category as often as I can. Your input and contributions of population reduction documentation is ALWAYS welcome.
Sustainability / “Sustainable Development”
These are what are known to the elite as ‘BUZZ WORDS’ used when talking about ‘programs’ / ‘policies’ that are ‘guide-stones’ for population reduction. Useful idiots like to use them when feeling that they are being ‘trendy’.

The ‘Georgia Guildestones’ were erected in the seventies by an man bearing a false name and it was built to ‘CLEARLY’ show that eugenics is a religion. If you think these 10 commandments where bought and paid for by some Georgian backwoods ‘Bubba Gump’ types and NOT some VERY INFLUENTIAL individuals then I ask you why does the State of Georgia actually sponsors this monument to eugenics? Think about that one people.

… and the people who’s religion this monument stands for, do you think maybe, just perhaps they MAYBE heavily invested in the Vaccine division of the pharmacological industrial complex? I think it’s a safe bet to say YES.

Oh-By-The-way… Don’t you just love how the state of Georgia calls the need to genocide 9 / 10ths of the earths population as ‘HUMAN CONSERVATION‘ Yes, conservation is another one of their eugenics ‘buzz words’. One question should be asked is… “Who the hell has taken over our governments anyway!?!

U.S. And Other Governing Bodies ‘Official Policies’ To Use Vaccines For population Reduction.
The Obama administration hired a guy named John P. Holdren to be their science adviser. One should ask… “what kind of advice is he giving a U.S. presidential cabinet?” This guy has an interesting and colorful history to say the least, but instead of having anyone tell the reader the kooky stuff this guy has cooked up all one has to do is read what this guy says in HIS OWN WORK. In his book ‘Ecoscience‘ John P holdren ‘recommends’ that vaccines be used as a tool for population control. He also discusses putting fluoride and other toxins in the drinking water (as a part of government policy) ALSO for population control. My question is.. “Should this be the kinds of people a U.S. or ANY other president should be taking advice from?” His book is even more out there then I’m even giving it credit for. Like his stance on ‘FORCED’ abortions which he feels should be U.S. policy, and “infants are NOT human beings” I thought we defeated the Nazis? I guess we really never defeated the National Socialists. Now their advising presidents.
Here is an entire blog dedicated to the fascist National Socialists ‘Ecoscience’ policies. Before you say this can’t be true order the 1977 book yourself, read it, THEN PROVE ME WRONG!

Then there is the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) put out by the U.S. government while everyone was distracted with the Watergate scandal. Could you image how this would have taken EVERYONE’S attention off of Watergate had the corporate media spent the hours on this issue every evening like they did with Watergate?

Population Reduction And The United Nations.

The 1988 meeting I attended was labeled ‘Global Report 2000 & Beyond’. Taken from the original ‘The Global 2000 Report’ What Wikipedia purposely omits is this reports origin, The Club Of Rome.


Epigenetic Engineering

American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism.
Nancy Ordover’s American Eugenics is probably one of the best yet little known books as far as academic research into not only American eugenics but, the development of policy / legislation surrounding eugenics. Her research of the nineteenth century dovetails into current eugenic programs and legislation today.

Eugenics – British Origins, Positive And Negative Eugenics, Mendelian Inheritance, Intelligence Testing, And American Eugenics

Read more: Eugenics – British Origins, Positive And Negative Eugenics, Mendelian Inheritance, Intelligence Testing, And American Eugenics

Masking Eugenics as Science: A Critical Disability Studies Perspective of New Reproductive Technologies

Roots Of Eugenics Note how elite’s felt ‘mandatory’ vaccine laws on the public were useful for mass sterilization. The current H1N1 is said to have a sterilization component within it.

Africa, the testing ground for world population reduction (Think Nevada during the nuclear bomb testing days) I could launch a whole website dedicated solely to this ONE topic.

Unethical (killer) vaccinations programs in Africa and US, WHO UNESCO, UNICEF

Federal government provides millions of dollars a year to groups that promote population reduction:

1) Alan Guttmacher Institute, (founded out of Planned Parenthood
2) The Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates, (founded by Margaret Sanger, eugenicist, and KKK member , )
3) the International Planned Parenthood Federation and its associations, (the international planned parenthood)
4) the Population Council (founded by John Rockefeller – Rockefeller was also once of the funders of the Eugenics Record Office-

Recombinant DNA Does NOT occur naturally. So, you’ll let some damn doctor tell you this shit’s great inside you?

1978 CIA Document Explains Science Of Recombinant DNA For Bio Warefar.

Interesting to note that references to western recombinant DNA technology / programs as of 1978 ARE STILL CLASSIFIED for they are omitted in this report.

There is a brief explanation on how Recombinant DNA technology can influence “A HOST’S DNA” which is why this report was generated to begin with.

Recombinant DNA encompasses only onearea of genetic engineering; namely, Bpecific biochemical and microbiologicalto alter,elatively controlled and reasonably predictable manner, the molecules that encode the genetic characteristics of an organism, and to introduce specifically selectednew tu theanset of genetic Instructions.

The specific molecular manipulations that are made and the exact methods used to make them can vary widely from one recombinant DNA experiment to another. The basic process,usually involves the Initial isolation or synthesispecific set of chemically identical nucleic acid molecules (usuallyolecules are thenbonded orfccomblnnnt

specially prepared vectoia (carriers) that usually are plasmids. bacteriophages, or other virus-like infectious entities that can self-replicate in appropriate host cells. After the bonding has been completed, the modifiedcan be inserted into bacteria or other cells that lave been prepared biochemically to accept them. If the vectors have been “constructed” appropriately, tbe piece of initially selected DNA can give the recipientew geneticFor Instance, the host cell might be given the capability to synthesize an enzyme that il previously could not make.

Read more:

Tattooing Vaccines

Trust Sanger Institute: On going current population reduction research, all in the name of ‘saving lives’ of course.

Breaking Genetic Codes (DNA) For Mind Control Purposes Click link type in ‘Genetic Mind Control’. Over 15 and a half million hits as of this posting.

Eugenics In Vaccines

Culling The Heard

Club Of Rome Eugenics & Climate Summits

Promoting The ‘Elite’s’ Eugenics Religion (HEY! The Aliens Say Christ Approves!)

Dr. Henry Kissinger & Depopulation

The Club Of Rome (How Elite’s Run ‘THEIR’ Planet.)

Population Control Policies

Time magazine’s “crusader”, “Social Reformer” Margaret Sanger.
If you think the eugenics idea is long gone, just do a search on Margaret Sanger, you will find the establishment today speaks of her in a most lovingly way. Even members of the Obama staff.

Margaret Sanger Quotes.
Since the establishment currently covets ideas like ‘applications for having children’, my question to them is… Wouldn’t the planet had been better off WITHOUT the Rockefeller family? If the establishment really believes Sanger’s B.S. then they CAN NOT have it simply ONE WAY. Eliminating those THEY feel are unfit.

Club Of Rome

Eugenics Watch

Yale Study:
U.S. Eugenics Paralleled Nazi Germany

The Seduction of Sarah Palin: Eugenics, CNP, and the Pioneer Fund

A History of Involuntary Sterilization in the United States (THINK VACCINES)

Hidden History (Some things never change)

Eugenics History

Eugenics And Nazis – California Connection

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