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May 19, 2010

No VACCINES? NO HEALTH CARE! (It’s Already Happening)

Tim writes of a personal account in regards to my original post ‘NO Vaccines NO Health Care!’.

2010/05/19 at 3:15

I have three children, a group plan with BCBS. (Blue Cross And Blue Shield) The two oldest have not had any vaccinations. BCBS will not include them in my family policy (which would carry the same premium if I had 20 kids or 1.) unless they are vaccinated. One month ago my auto-draft payment for the premium bounced, and I missed the letter from the insurance informing me of the problem. I did however get the letter informing me that I was being cancelled unless I paid the premium, plus 100 fee. In my panic, I immediately mailed my check (before the cut-off date) but had it returned because the cancellation letter said they would only accept a cashiers check. So now my policy is cancelled.

Problem is, I have to re-apply. My third child was born under the previously held policy and had coverage even though he too has not had any vaccinations. When I re-apply, he will now be considered a Pre-Existing condition, and they will not cover him.

It is not difficult for me to imagine these kind of policies being written into “rules” for insurance companies WITHOUT having to be written into law.

BTW, what does a person care about this issue anyway if they get their vaccines and play follow the leader throughout their life anyway?

My Comment:
Thank you SO MUCH for your report on YOUR OWN health insurance! Tim, you or ANYONE else, would like to come foreword and go on a world wide radio broadcast I think we can make that happen. This information needs to go viral. Considering such a vile disinfo campaign was launched to hood-wink the masses.

When I wrote this little article ‘NO Vaccines? NO Health Care!’ I knew right from the beginning that I was laying a trap for the establishment. Sure enough they picked up on it and posted it on Scribd.

Of course the NO vaccine NO health care stipulation does NOT have to be written into the bill itself. Anyone who DOES read the health care bill SHOULD be able to put 2+2 together and figure that out.

Sure Tim, the No Vaccine policy doesn’t effect the sheep who go along to get along only to get burned in the end. No, it certainly DOES effect those of us who simply want to be left alone and live in a TRULY free world.

… and in regards to your last point… “BTW, what does a person care about this issue anyway…
This is a damn good point and, harkens back to what I wrote in my bio in regards to the masses who don’t even have the sense God gave a goose for self-preservation. They would rather go the ‘easy rout’, turn a blind eye and trust the very people who want them dead then to take a few moments from their HDTV watching and ACTUALLY RESEARCH what this blog is claiming in order to save their own fannies. I never asked for a dime from anyone just that they try and have an open mind and SPEND some of their own valuable time researching the EASY stuff like… how materials in vaccines i.e. aluminum and mercury , just for starters, ARE NEURO-TOXINS.

March 31, 2010

Absolutely NO TESTING For Vaccine Injury! What It Means.

My Commentary:

Whether you are pro vaccine or not, EVERYONE should speak out against this absolutely ludicrous policy of NOT testing vaccines LIKE ANY OTHER DRUG for harm. The ONLY protection such a policy servers is for BIG PHARMA and medical personnel responsible from injecting your child against REASONABLE LAW SUITS. It serves NO OTHER PURPOSE!

How can the CDC have ANY ‘guidelines’ for what is or what is not a vaccine injury, if drug companies / pediatricians NEVER TEST FOR IT? Further more, how can a court rule something DOES NOT CAUSE AUTISM when drug companies refuse to test for that?

Below, a concerned parent DOES THE NORMAL THING, calls a children’s hospital AND ASKS LOGICAL QUESTIONS. Please listen to this ‘eye opening’ interview. DON’T BE AFRAID! HOLD THE MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ACCOUNTABLE! ASK QUESTIONS!

With special thanks to our friends at VACTRUTH.COM

March 23, 2010

No Vaccines? No Health Care.

Latest Update:
It’s truly sad that I have been VINDICATED ONCE AGAIN. I really don’t ‘get off’ on having to ask YOU, the reader. to scroll down to the comment section and read the comments from the people who attacked me, this blog, when I posted ‘NO VACCINES NO HEATH CARE’. Before you do that, read the next paragraphs below. You’ll learn how the AMA’s recent proclamation to having EXPERIMENTAL vaccines FORCED on the public, not only vindicates my original post BUT, makes the title inaccurate AND NOW SHOULD READ… NO ‘EXPERIMENTAL’ VACCINES! NO HEALTH CARE!

The healthcare bill (in a nutshell) was designed for health insurance companies to be ‘forced’ onto the public so, EVERYONE would get UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, fully implemented in a couple years from now by 2014. The idea sounds very ‘HAPPY EVER AFTER’ and, people like those who attacked me in the comment section, bought the ‘fairy tale’ hook, line and sinker. The authors of those attacking comments represented a FALSE ‘belief’ that if a “No Vaccines, No Health Care” policy wasn’t written into the bill itself, that the FORCING of vaccines onto the public in order to get health care, SIMPLY DID NOT EXIST. I explained that this belief was a ‘catastrophic‘ mistake being made by those who believed and pushed this belief. As I have always stated, if you ACTUALLY READ THE HEALTHCARE BILL it’s glaringly obvious that the healthcare GIVEN is based off of GUIDELINES set by these health insurance companies. So, once this is understood, the next obvious question to be asked is, where do health insurance companies GET THEIR GUIDELINES FROM?

Where insurance companies get their guidelines on what THEY will agree to cover for your health care is a topic all onto itself but, in a nutshell, if the question was a road,it would ultimately lead back to the pharmacological industrial complex. In the example of the healthcare bill, NO WHERE IN IT will a person get a holistic choice in their ‘universal healthcare’ provided by the state / corporate insurance companies.

Insurance companies get their recommendations from big pharma Rockefeller created organizations like the CDC who have ALWAYS been a proponent of ‘FORCED VACCINATION’. Other sources where insurance companies ‘create‘ their healthcare guidelines, are from are other Rockefeller financially controlled organizations like the American Medical Association. These types of organizations that ‘recommend’ health guidelines to these multinational healthcare insurance companies have come out and ‘recommended’ that the public be FORCED vaccinated with experimental vaccines.

So, in light of this mindset, it’s even worse than I originally posted. It doesn’t take ANY imagination to clearly see that, if these multinational insurance companies who represent the ‘healthcare’ bill’ adopted these ‘recommendations’ as GUIDELINES then, it becomes quite obvious that when 2014 rolls around and you’re dependent on this so-called universal healthcare system, you maybe required to give big pharma your veins for experimentation purposes OR, ELSE, you will NOT get whatever ‘treatment’ you went to the hospital / clinic for in the first place.

SEE UPDATE It makes some of the people who commented on this post and, the so-called ‘health care myth’ website they all came from, look rather foolish! ALSO, see ‘Forced Vaccinations Rears It’s Ugly Head Again’. Conditioning the public.? Now, the military is getting into the act of of FORCED flu vaccinations.

As time went on, after this original post, the foolish people who bought into the pure garbage that the health care misinfo website at ‘The Slate’ sold them on have FINALLY FIGURED OUT that the government ain’t giving those in need, FREE health care. Oh yeah, it will be ‘UNIVERSAL’ alright. Universal racketeering by the elite and eugenicists.
-Original Post-
A message to the PRO federal health care / insurance company lobbying KOOKS who have been chiming in from PRO health care ‘misinfo sites’…

It’s rather silly actually.
The pro health care bill camp has been so badly beaten up in the court of public opinion that they are looking for ANYTHING they can grab a hold of before completely going down with the Titanic. The only people this camp of ‘RABID’ supporters have left are a very small percentage of misinformed individuals OR special interest groups i.e. people invested with insurance companies, just for starters. Does it really come as any surprise that THIS SAME GROUP of rabid so-called health care ‘reformers’ just so happen to be EQUALLY RABID VACCINE PUSHERS who are hell bent on spreading DISINFO that the health care bill can in NO WAY facilitate a mandatory vaccine policy? No it shouldn’t. The latter of this group have WRONGLY chosen the ‘mandatory vaccine’ issue as one of those so-called ‘straws’ on which to engage in a disinfo campaign on the web. This group knows full well that a mandatory vaccine policy within this NEW system DOES NOT HAVE TO BE WRITTEN INTO THE BILL ITSELF. They know full well that the insurance companies that ARE TIED INTO THIS BILL can write ANY POLICY (ie COVERAGE) they chose to meet the new health care GUIDELINES, which will be played out in the years to come. If I may turn the tables, if what I just wrote is WRONG, SHOW ME IN THE BILL where insurance companies are FORBIDDEN to do so!

This group knows full well WHEN the CDC demands mandatory vaccines ALL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS TO DO IS ‘RETROACTIVELY’ SET THE GUIDELINE FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. The insurance companies will simply incorporate this ‘GUIDELINE’ into their volumes of other guidelines. There are NO magic tricks here, it’s that simple.

Also, if physicians being fined for such things as NOT having patients 100% vaccinated is so far fetched, why then is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons suing the U.S. government over the health care bill? Doctors being fined for vaccination schedules is ONLY the tip of the iceberg for meeting future health care reform guidelines. Pro Health Care Reform Inc. is counting on YOU not knowing ALL OF THE ABOVE!


If you want to go to a TRUE Health Care MYTH BUSTERS website this one UPDATED
was put up by health professionals and health professionals are on there discussing it. It has 33 ‘reform’ myths right now and growing. HOWEVER, issues such as vaccines and implantable microchips for electronic medical record (EMR) purposes will be GUIDELINE ISSUES RELATED TO BUT, OUTSIDE OF THE HEALTH CARE BILL. Pro health care bill disinfo sites are ‘claiming’ the implant chip idea is a MYTH because people are claiming it’s for brian chipping. That’s how desperate they are in trying to BS you!

Would Vaccinations be Mandatory?
The Federal Governments proposed mandatory health insurance will mean mandatory vaccinations/immunizations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for anyone who refuses to keep up-to-date vaccinations, under the new health reform, you will not be able to obtain any health care you may need until immunizations are current.

For those who are twiddling their thumbs waiting for ‘NO TO VACCINES NO HEALTH CARE’ to be written in stone…

I had forgotten that WebMd reported this IDEA the CDC, IN FACT HAS, back in February. JUST BEFORE the passage of the new system…

CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine for All

Certainly you can agree that the staff at WebMd have ‘reliable sources’ at the CDC?

“The CDC almost certainly will make universal flu vaccination official U.S. policy for this fall’s 2010-2011 flu season, as it consistently follows the advice of the panel of outside experts, called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).”

Before the health care bill, congress would have to vote on a such a policy. However NOW, with the passage of the healthcare bill, these kinds of ‘policies’ can just be added to ‘guidelines’ that insurance companies AND THE PUBLIC MUST FOLLOW.

You have got to be thick as a brick to think if the government makes a flu shot ‘official policy’ THAT ALL VACCINE SCHEDULES will NOT soon follow.

With this NEW system, the government won’t even have to vote on something like this to make it mandatory for health care.


Imagine getting revoked from having ANY emergency treatment after a car crash THAT WASN’T EVEN YOUR FAULT because you refused ANY vaccine. It’s here!

Also, under the New Death Care Bill doctors will be fined for NOT having patients 100% vaccinated.

OH! and look out for the next phony pandemic! You don’t want one of their dangerous genetically modified virus vaccines? Kiss your coverage good bye!

New Health Care Bill will Mandate Up to Date Vaccinations
By Caroline
Health’s A Choice

If the purposed no salt bill made me angry this one has to take the cake. Late Sunday night the Health Care Bill that I vehemently opposed was passed. I have often wondered if a government who can’t even run a postal system without going into huge debt can run a National Health Care System which comprise 1/6 of of economy. Along with the passing of this historic Health Care Reform there will be many new laws and regulations that will get the dander up of many Americans who value their freedom. One such mandate is the choice to vaccinate or not.
After doing research on vaccinations I personally have decided that I do not want any more. (If you are interested in the pros and cons of vaccinations you can read this post) For those of you that do that is fine….I value each individual’s right to choose. However, when our government places the National Health Care in place you will no longer have that right to choose.
No Vaccinations = No Insurance = $1000 FINE
Now it is no longer health care insurance ( and it never was health care insurance it should be called sick care insuracne) but now it should be called Blackmail insurance because it will mandatory to have this National insurance and if you decide you don’t want it that will a $1000 fine thank you. Here is the catch, to obtain heath insurance you will need to prove your vaccinations are up to date !
The proposed National mandatory health insurance has been the headline of most news media and on most Americans minds these past months. However, But, there have been many reports, studies and surveys that show Americans will most likely not comply with the mandate of health insurance as reported by the Insurance Research Council.
Most of us are concerned about how the government will enforce these new rules. (Can anyone say socialism/tyranny) Most Americans are concerned about how the government office will enforce such a mandate as regulation is only as good as enforcement. Also reported in the recent studies of the Insurance Research Council is that some people are simply irresponsible and look to others to buy their insurance.
Have you ever wondered about the affordability of this new national insurance?
When the government’s proposed order of making it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance, many wonder about the affordability for the insurance. As the nations unemployment rate rises, more and more people will drop those expenses necessary to make ends meet.
However, under the new health care reform, those Americans who refuse to purchase health insurance could face monetary penalties. The fines speculated in the health reform bill currently being reviewed by Congress could reach $1,000 for offenders. The Congressional Budget Office has reported that these fines to offenders caught without health insurance could raise billions in dollars over a ten-year period.
Would Vaccinations be Mandatory?
The Federal Governments proposed mandatory health insurance will mean mandatory vaccinations/immunizations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for anyone who refuses to keep up-to-date vaccinations, under the new health reform, you will not be able to obtain any health care you may need until immunizations are current.
It was also reported that the new health care reform bill was submitted with a provision that those doctors and hospitals who are not meaningful users of the new reform system will also be faced with fines and penalties. As well as the Secretary of Health and Human Services will be permitted to impose more stringent measures of meaningful use over time. I am not sure what more stringent measures mean but it doesn’t bring thoughts of “raindrops and roses” or any of my other favorite things.
Freedom, the choice to choose, the absence of restraints on one’s ability to act and think and the power of the individual was one or the principals that this country was founded upon. I sadly wonder if my grandchildren will see the America I knew and loved. But as one friend reminded me today is that when you done every thing you can do then just remember that God is still in control.

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