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October 31, 2009

Mainstream Media, Not Scientific Facts, Brought Hundreds Out To Get Shot

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These Canadians standing in line to get an h1n1 shot ADMITTED it was fear brought about by the mainstream media that prompted them to get shot up with the h1ln1 vaccine. EVEN THOUGH THE HEALTH OFFICIAL OVERSEEING THE ENTIRE OPERATION STATED… “IT WOULD BE VERY UNLIKELY THAT H1N1 WOULD IN FACT EFFECT THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE STANDING IN LINE”!!!!!!

Now that, ladies and gentleman, is mind control at it’s best.

October 30, 2009

Why Doesn’t Your TV News EVER Have THIS SIDE Of Vaccine Research?

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I simply ask you to call into your favorite TV station and ask for the ‘News Director’ or ‘General Manager’. Ask them why they have ONLY ONE SIDE of the vaccine safety issue when they are ‘pushing’ vaccines on the public? Are they NOT suppose to present two sides of any story or feature? Why do they ONLY show the pro vaccine’s information on side effects? We ALL need to start holding mainstream media, DOCTORS and even more than doctors, STATE MEDICAL BOARDS accountable for the information they are ‘peddling’ to the public, without a ‘real’ challenge to their claims from ‘real’ experts that know the BSing going on with vaccines.

The public needs to KNOW when vaccine information is being presented in the mainstream media WHAT AFFILIATION to the vaccine manufactures do they have.
Part 1 of 3

October 27, 2009

Hospitals Overflowing With Flu Cases? Please Exercise Your Skepticism!

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All over the mainstream media we keep hearing hospitals are ‘overflowing’ with H1N1 flu cases. They are also trying very hard to SELL you that people are over running hospitals desperate to get a h1n1 shot. PLEASE exercise your skepticism! Polls show most people are smart and question the safety let alone the need for the shot in the first place.

First of all it was reported before April of this year, that this years ‘seasonal flu’ was going to go up by the numbers. Secondly, in response to all the h1n1 PROPAGANDA being put out by GOVERNMENT and MAINSTREAM MEDIA SOURCES, businesses and schools across the country are sending school kids and workers to the hospital WITH AS MUCH AS A SNIVLE. These common colds ARE being reported by hospitals as FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS!!! Jacking up the number of reported cases. I know this to be true because so many people have been complaining about this on many, many message boards. I also know, because we got a letter from the pediatrician’s office, it was recommended that our child be brought in just for a “runny nose.” I know plenty of people are being terrorized to do this which ALSO jacks up the flu case numbers being reported. This kind of nonsense was happening in the later 1940’s and early 1950’s gearing up for the massive polio vaccine. Doctors would get 25 bucks a reported patient for the broadest of symptoms, which was nice coin in those days. So if a kid fell off a bike and limped in a doctors office a doctor could chalk him up as infected with polio because of the broadness of the symptom criteria. That’s exactly what’s going on today. This is the source data where the White House declared it’s ‘national emergency’. Never mind a Congressional debate over the validity of all this.

On Barbara Loe Fishers blog Vaccine Awakening, I was screaming from the roof top quite a while ago that doctors were admitting they weren’t even testing patients for the h1n1 virus and, the data that hospitals were “overflowing” with h1n1 flu patients WAS A FRAUD. Below is video EXPOSING this FACT.

October 25, 2009

A Doctor Chimes In…

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Anonymous said…
I am a physician, M.D. Here in California no one is forcing me to get a flu shot. I got one because I did not want to get the flu. The H1N1 is not yet available, but I’ll get the shot when it is.

When your 6 month old child dies of swine flu or swine flu kills your pregnant wife, you may change your mind about vaccines.

Thimersol has never been scientifically proven to cause autism.

Whooping cough was almost extinct before crackpot lunatics like you decided that vaccines were making the sky fall.

Henny Penny, don’t get a flu shot if you don’t want one.


To the ‘Anonymous’ MD. I’ve been studying vaccine science for over 20 years. you want to rumble intellectually let’s go for it.

You can take 60 + shots if it floats your boat but let’s not fool each other here. You’re going to be carrying genetically altered dna / rna viral strains in your body which, if you’re a ‘real’ doctor, you should know, they will mutate and you WILL shed these viruses and SPREAD them into the population. Can you tell us ALL what the mutated viruses will be and how will they effect the population? Is this really a part of your hippocratic oath?

As a Doctor it is NOT ethical to use fear to push your agenda on the rest of us. Some even call this terrorism. The Mayo Clinic released it’s findings and stated you are MORE likely to GET h1n1 FROM THE VACCINE ITSELF than from NOT getting the shot at all. So, to scare innocent people into getting this TOXIC vaccine by threatening the lives of six month olds with NO scientific PROOF to back your wild claim up, it’s criminal at minimum.

You say you are a doctor? Then why don’t you know about the peer reviewed studies that PROVE mercury from Thimersol (and other heavy medals in vaccines) accumulates in areas of the body such as the brain, liver and other organs. This was PROVEN using radio isotopes to track the heavy metals after vaccines were given. These tests (along with autopsies) also proves the non toxic mercury ion in the Thimersol converts to the TOXIC ionic form of mercury once it accumulates in the body. Oh, and doc, it HAS been proven that mercury poisoning occurs on the NANO particulate level when it accumulates in the brian and vital organs.

One last thing on autism. You doctors like to tell us how smart you are when it comes to vaccines but how come you same doctors can’t explain the reason why the autism graph and the increased vaccine schedules over time run exactly parallel with each other? Classic line you people use is… “We’ve always had it.” That is very ODD from a scientific standpoint to say the very least because, we are soon to have an explosion of autistic adults as these autistic kids move into adulthood. As far as the REAL WORLD goes, there has NEVER been an autistic ‘epidemic’ in the 20+ age bracket, the prime of life, in the history of this planet!!!!

Whooping cough????
Whooping cough numbers declined to almost a non issue due to improved living conditions BEFORE a vaccine for it existed !!! Again, the Mayo Clinic (reluctantly?) admits whooping cough can EASILY be treated (if even it gets to that point) WITHOUT A VACCINE. Including infants and children.
I won’t get a flu shot for the simple scientific FACT they DON’T work and are chalk-full of contaminates.

If you or ANY doctor wish to debate the vaccine issue in front of a LIVE audience with another doctor who warns against them please contact Dr. Russel Blaylock MD Dr Russel Blaylock and let the court of public opinion decide.

October 23, 2009

Government / Corporate Takeover Pushes h1n1 Vaccine Propaganda On Schools

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If you need YET another reason to yank your child from a federal government ‘conditioning center’, what used to be know as a ‘public school’, here it is…

Government Hijacks Kids TV To Propagandize For Swine Flu Shots

Paul Joseph Watson

The federal government has accelerated its $16 million dollar PR campaign to brainwash and coerce increasingly suspicious Americans into taking the swine flu vaccine by weaving their propaganda into a popular pre-school show for children currently airing on PBS Kids.
Sid the Science Kid is a half-hour series produced by Jim Henson Productions and KCET in Los Angeles, California. The program is bankrolled in part by The Boeing Company, a titan of the military-industrial complex.
During an episode of the show set to air on Monday, the computer-generated characters are shown dancing around and singing about how their are taking their flu vaccine.
Indeed, the entire episode is devoted to pro-vaccine propaganda and was created in association with Health and Human Services. The episode is entitled, “Getting a Shot: You can do it!”
According to a press release, “Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Lisa Henson, CEO of the Jim Henson Company, will join Washington-area school children for a screening of the new “Sid the Science Kid” special episode on the flu at the U.S. Department of Education Auditorium.”
Children will also be directed to the Sid the Science Kid website to play games focused around the issue of vaccines.

Read rest of the article with all of it’s links.

I’m going to issue a stern WARNING to everyone I can. This is NOT the proper way to EDUCATE children on vaccines. Vaccine dangers ARE a FACT of life where the evidence is mounting and the public is getting wise to all the deception and MUST be explained to children as well.

I just want to add, Jim Henson would have NEVER accepted doing this had he been alive to stop it.

October 10, 2009

‘Swine 11’ Government Sponsored Terrorism

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FIRE!!! in the theater
There are two camps, the first, virologists and epidemiologist the second is the government and mainstream media. The Government has put out FALSE information that 150,000,000 americans will come down with h1n1. However when you look at the info the scientific community is putting forth you get a completely different story. The CDC has even admitted this latest h1n1 is a mild strain. They even say the spread of this is less severe than the previous two flu seasons. So, federal and state governments are essentially screaming “fire in the theater” by claiming this ‘mild flu’ is going to be more than TWICE as bad as the 1918 Spanish flu. The data also shows the pediatric severity cases are in fact lower for this current virus than the the previous two. So, why is the government / mainstream media promoting this dangerous vaccine?

Hyping up vaccinations. Economic incentive to spread fear.

Over 51 scientific studies conclude children under 2 years of age get ZERO protection from the flu by taking a flu shot. Over thirty years of various flu vaccine studies conclude adults that get an annual flu shot does NOT reduce their chance of hospitalization or death from seasonal flu. The Mayo Clinic study on the h1n1 vaccine stated clearly that a person has a HIGHER chance of getting the h1n1 virus via the (mandatory) vaccine than if they never got the shot in the first place. despite these FACTS both governments (state and federal) and the mainstream media use hospitalization and death as their reasoning to mandate these dangerous vaccines. There SHOULD be criminal charges brought on both governments and mainstream media for this very reason.

A second lawsuit should be filed.

While those running government have been caught red handed yelling fire in the theater while the mainstream media have been their bullhorn the public in fact gets ZERO protection from this same government while it protects the interests of the companies producing these dangerous vaccines. While the nation is under a so-called ‘national emergency’ the corporate vaccine manufactures get even better insolation. This is outrageously criminal and a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code!

Vaccine safety facts.

You should ask yourself if major and local radio and television networks were really ‘fair and balanced’ as they claim to be, why is it you always hear ONLY one side of the vaccine safety story? Just for the sake of accuracy why not open a vaccine box and read the ingredients live on the air and have an open discussion from both sides on them? Fact is the establishment would NEVER give that info to the public. When you read the ingredient list for yourself you’ve just become a part of the ‘rumor mill’ as far as your mainstream media is concerned.

If your doctor continues to tell you vaccines are safe and effective he / she is NOT looking beyond the major medical publications that censor the OVERWHELMING peer reviewed studies and trials that paint a different story on vaccines. For instance, vaccines ARE highly contaminated with pesti viruses, microplasma, numerous stealth type viruses (which are very hard to isolate.). These are but a few topics virologists discuss extensively behind close doors in regards to vaccines. The vaccine industry knows all to well if the public ever knew the contamination factor in vaccines and that the contamination could cause disease (i.e. degenerative brain disease) / cancers 20 to 30 years later people wouldn’t be so happy to get them.

So if your doctor gives the robotic safe and effective line I would argue (…and I have) the contamination factor exceeds all other issues because when you have these contaminates injected into your body you pass these on to your children and grandchildren. The contamination of the SV 40 cancer virus during the polio mass vaccination is a prime example of this. This virus was passed on and is causing brain / lung and other tumors in children today. These facts are widely discussed in scientific literature but the public (including MOST doctors) knows nothing about it.


Some of the h1n1 vaccines are said to have squalene. Squalene is a natural occurring oil and is used in both topical and oral applications safely. However, when you inject squalene into the bloodstream (or any ‘oil’) that becomes a major problem. All oil based adjuvants are associated with auto immune diseases.

Bypassing safety IS safe?
Fast tracking the h1n1 vaccine = bypassing existing safety testing. (which really isn’t all that great to begin with.)
The h1n1 vaccine HAS NOT been officially approved by the FDA, because they CAN NOT. It has only been ‘UNOFFICIALLY’ greed lighted for distribution. Again, a ‘national emergency’ has to be declared to bypass laws prohibiting it’s distribution. However, this does NOT let government officials off the hook for being tried for violating the Nuremberg Code.

The doctors that are given the green light to appear on Radio, television and in major print media are all singing as if in a chorus that there is no need for the h1n1 vaccine to go through normal safety testing simply because the h1n1 vaccine is “ALMOST” made identical to the seasonal flu vaccine. However, I have yet to hear an explanation where exactly the h1n1 vaccine falls short of being a ‘seasonal flu’ vaccine.

Something else the TV / radio / major print doctors / experts are not telling those listening to them is that ALL the h1n1 vaccines being tested for safety are being tested WITHOUT the adjuvants. THE VACCINES TO BE RELEASED WILL HAVE ADJUVANTS!!!! More criminal charges SHOULD BE filed against the government and mainstream media who spread INTENTIONALLY MISINFORMATION that adjuvants and health risks WERE NOT associated with this h1n1 vaccine. This is the very same bait and switch they did in 1976 that led to the contamination disaster. Also, if you go to the CDC’s website it is almost impossible to find the FULL ingredient list of these vaccines.

Another interesting fact a poor sole who only gets their information from mainstream media sources is completely unaware of is that the head of these h1n1 safety studies at the Institute for Allergy And Infectious Disease was asked about h1n1 vaccine safety answered… 1.) Do you have ANY data on giving these adjuvants to children? Answer: NO. So guess what? Your kid is a guinea pig. 2.) Do you have any idea what will happen if you mix these three viruses together at the same time? Answer: No we don’t. Now, everyone’s a guinea pig. 3.) Will your institute verify the studies that are being done by the major manufactures of this vaccine? Answer: “No we will not.” So, not even a remote check and balance on a massive vaccination program that would dwarf the polio vaccination campaign of the 1950’s is in place.

Now we go back to the TV doctor who most people feel their put on the airwaves to tow the corporate / government line that these vaccines are safe but what most people don’t realize is that most doctors in general get the same ‘mainstream’ information that the public gets without even knowing the above information and so much more. If doctors have time to research and find ALL the FACTS concerning vaccine contamination there is NO way they can tell the public what they know without getting a visit form their local medical board threatening their practice. It’s a whole lot easier to run a malpractice without a board visit than it is to warn the public about vaccine dangers because boards have ties to big pharma they don’t want to damage.

No accountability for lying to the public.
The lying by government agencies is getting so out of control that law suites are finally starting to pop up from every direction, and the media is keeping all of it blacked out. After all, we’re all suppose to be grateful our loving government is tending to us like a butler. However, lying to push dangerous vaccines is just another day in the office for agencies such as the CDC who tells a dumbed down public that 37,000 people die of the flu. The public buys that because it’s been told to them BY THEIR DOCTOR over and over. Next time some doctor gives you that old line tell him / her this… Go to the CDC’s own website, look at the data, they will see even though this 37,000 claim is made the data clearly shows ONLY about 1,200 actually dies from the flu itself. Hold the doctor accountable! If you foolishly believed the government and the mainstream media you would have been sold the biggest lemon of all time and that this h1n1 flu virus was the next black death. Once again, the government and mainstream media caught yelling (ON ALL CHANNELS) “FIRE!!!” in the theater. If that wasn’t ‘criminally’ outrageous enough and warranted at least an investigation going all the way to the president himself, the federal government was caught lobbying businesses to FORCE vaccinate employees by encouraging the employer to use threats of job termination! All this was going on when Obama was LYING to the public that taking the h1n1 vaccines were on a volunteer basis. Some states went as far as to force health workers into taking vaccines THEY KNOW ARE UNSAFE by threatening their jobs if they didn’t take the vaccines. The public needs to tell the state and federal governments this is NOT about safety but ‘EXTORTION’. All of this is being done by yelling “FIRE” in the theater and the American people have got to hold public officials accountable at minimum for this act of terrorism. Yes, using terror to mass inject the population, which by all scientific evidence is sure to have catastrophic results that would dwarf everything that happened on 911. Enough is Enough!

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