From Hell To Veins

December 12, 2020

We Have Arrived. The Very Day I Warned ALL Of You About Over 20 Years Ago.

Important Notice: In the days, months, years after someone you know has taken these bioweapon vaccines, YOU must document and REPORT ALL deaths, disease, and injuries from them on ‘unofficial’ NON government platforms, AFTER you have reported them on official channels. As death and injury has ALREADY piled up from these COVID bioweapon vaccines, the ‘official response’ has been deny, deny deny. Also, it is important that you SHARE their COVID vaccine death, injury, disease misfortune with EVERYONE close to you, out on the street. Do NOT let the government, industries running this COVID operation try to ignore what THEY did to them! Click HERE to report. Also, it is of extreme importance that you SAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION for your own records

Update: World’s Lead Vaccine Developer Echos My Warning

Moving Forward

Relevant Updates To This 12/12/20 Time Capsule Will Be Posted Below

If you had read my Bio when I started this blog, I told you this day, which we are ALL living in would come. For those of you who just don’t get it. I had attended a symposium by the Club of Rome over 30 years ago on the subject of using vaccines for lowing and controlling populations. I made it abundantly clear that the vaccine agenda was the most powerful agenda in the world, by the leader’s of the world’s leaders, that would drive ALL other globalist agenda’s. Do you get it now? I also explained that those helping these leaders of leaders would NOT be spared OUR fate. That was made abundantly clear as well.

I explained [according to THEM] the steps needed to achieve this goal of theirs… [a] Create a world digital medical system of track and trace. [b] get everyone’s DNA [paramount] [c] FORCE everyone on this medical platform. [d] Use global manmade pandemic.. i.e. COVID 19, 20, 21… to mask their genocide behind. [e] use a lifetime of vaccines to keep population numbers at set level. [paramount]. Are you starting to get a clue?

In all this time, was I EVER invited to discuss this by ANYONE in the so-called alternative media? Of course not. Think about that for a moment as well. Never the less, I am posting this NOW for the historic record on December 12th 2020, BEFORE the so called first round [“D-DAY”] of many vaccines to come.

For what it’s worth, this is how I ‘strongly’ feel it’s all going to come down moving forward. 

This is JUST phase I

Actually sitting in a room full of these lunatics over 30 years ago [how time flies] hearing them discuss this very day we are ALL living in, I don’t believe they want to kill very many people in this first wave of vaccines.  I believe this entire… “vaccines must be frozen” jive may ultimately be true but, for right now, is just a cover.  To cover what people are most likely getting is a seasonal flu vaccine at best,  saline in most cases.  

I believe that THEY [get a clue see EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] know people are going to be highly suspicious of their garbage, and THEY need to gain the majority of the sheeple’s trust.  So, I rightly predicted pr stunts like Obama getting a shot, giggling about conspiracy theories on ALL major networks.  In the UK, grandma is getting her saline shot on national TV worshiping ‘science’ on her knees.  This will be the bulk of the phase I vaccine operation.


Now that no major swaths of the population died, comes the second phase of this vaccine operation.  [A] To scorn everyone who refuses a vaccine 24/7 on one hand [via the intelligence run media].   In the other hand [.B], use the same propaganda channels to wave FAKE COVID mass deaths [by anti-vaxxers of course] at the public to demand [as if you and me are making these demands] that [C] LAWS must be put into place to make sure EVERYONE must take the second round of the COVID vaccines. And oh by the way, isn’t it just out of dumb luck that the jails [in USA] were emptied in 2020 because of COVID, that they just might come in handy for vaccine refuseniks?   THEY may even want those who did NOT get the first round take two doses of COVID vaccines.  Also, NO major deaths in this phase as well.  At this time THEY will make you use your Trump Operation Warp Speed vaccine ‘card’ to get into public areas. Herding the human cattle onto the global digital medical platform that I had long told you was coming.


I strongly believe that once the general population has been MASK trained to use their vaccine cards, LIKE FOOLS, to gain public access is when the REAL mRNA vaccines will be given out in a VERY LOW KEY manner.  The ultra cold vaccines have been ‘normalized’ and don’t raise red flags by anyone in the health profession.   

THEY have been planting in everyone’s head that these vaccines don’t have lasting power so, additional flu shots will be needed TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC.  So, in order to UPDATE your NOW, Biden vaccine card [I’ve got the cool app giggle giggle] to get public access, you will be required to get a “HARMLESS” seasonal flu vaccine…  “Don’t worry, “remember how everyone was so worried about the COVID vaccines giggle giggle”… will really be blasted out on all media platforms. 


The globalist controlled narrative will go something like this…  “We have to take this new virus serious [wave FAKE deaths at public]…  Biden is asking states to FORCE flu shots to protect the public”.   As people start dying later from the REAL mRNA vaccines, that they were told was JUST “seasonal flu shots”, [mask training] the globalist controlled intelligence run media will be waving REAL bloody shirts at the public and whipping up pandemic hysteria like it’s the apocalypse.   And like this video…

… take people from their homes when they feel sick [at some point down the road] after receiving the REAL mRNA vaccine, and put them all in CDC green zone death camps.  Don’t worry says the totally discredited Snopes, these ‘Green Zone’ “Shielding” zones would NEVER become lockdown gulags. Right?  I figure that if no one stands up and says “NO!!!” it will all be here around this time next year.  

For what it’s worth from the guy who has bat 1000 on this, a little bit of advice… RESISTANCE better be the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Relevant Updates To Time Capsule:

Introduction: Club of Rome 1988 Stated Plan

[Update 01;15/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Trump signs CARES ACT giving life to the ‘Vaccination Credential Initiative’ paving way for building vaccine passport [mandatory] tied to digital wallet [buy / sell] tied to medical dossier.

[UPDATE: 01-21-2021] The FIRST Vaccine Track And Trace [i.e Vaccine passport] Brick Has Been Laid. Biden signs executive order [e] making MANDATORY vaccine identification apart of international travel into USA.

[Update 02/03/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Switzerland and Germany ready to ratify their citizens in the very vaccine track and trace dossier the Club of Rome spoke of in 1988, NOW under the flagship ID2020.

Use global manmade pandemic to mask their genocide behind

[Update 02/06/21] The ever clairvoyant opportunist and architect of EVENT 201, Bill Gates, floats out upcoming “bioterrorism events”. Although, I believe we are currently living through one.

Empty Jails / Yellow Star Citizen Treatment For Vaccine Refuseniks

[Update 04/15/21] FDA Chief Warns US Will “Struggle” To Reach Herd Immunity As Vaccine Refusals Rise [BS]

[Update 02/08/21] The dictator mayor in Tampa Florida didn’t even wait for the vaccine green light to start wanting to jail people.

COVID Operation Phase I Gaining The Public Trust

[UPDATE: 01-18-2021] Billions spent in ‘buying’ the public’s trust. Information Warfare

Artificial Scarcity

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] The globalists are slowly moving us out of the [Phase I] artificial scarcity phase

[UPDATE: 01-15-2021] At the time I wrote this blog post in December 2020, I should have included the globalist use of ‘artificial scarcity’ to drive demand on experimental medical treatment falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’.]

COVID Operation Phase II Vaccine Passports / Employment Enforcements / State Sponsored Terrorism / Extortion To Mask / Vaccinate

[UPDATE: 04-26-2021] No Tourists to EU Without Vaccine Passport

[UPDATE: 04-03-2021] Hawaii Unveils COVID Passports For Inter-Island Travel 

[UPDATE: 03-28-2021] Psychopath NY Gov. Cuomo fast-tracks vaccine passport class system in NY.

[UPDATE: 03-23-2021] Judge Uses Extortion / Kidnapping To Force Mask / Vaccinate Mother

[UPDATE: 03-02-2021] Psychotic Genocide Driven New York Governor Pilots COVID Passport

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Spanish Region to Make COVID Vaccine Compulsory

[UPDATE: 02-26-2021] The Creation Of Vaccine Refusenik Second Class Citizens Paving Way For Passport World Order

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Hawaii uses incentivizing vaccine passports to bypass bogus quarantine laws

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Surprise surprise, globalist UK companies threaten employees with vaccination

[UPDATE: 02-11-2021] Same Conflict Of Interest, Pharma Bought Paid For Media Who Screamed “Conspiracy Theory” On ‘Vaccine Passports’ is NOW pushing for them.

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Mandatory Vaccine Track Trace / Mandatory employee vaccines: [Violates both federal and state laws BTW]

[UPDATE: 02-03-2021] Denmark Track And Trace Vaccine Passport [Violates International Laws]

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Public / private partnerships [AKA Fascism] aligning to usher in the vaccine / track and trace world order. [i.e Starbucks / Kaiser Permanente / U.S. Military]

[UPDATE: 02-06-2021] Vaccine Passports in penal colony Australia soon to be FACT NOT fiction if no one down under stands up.

[UPDATE: 02-13-2021] Intelligence run Pharma paid for corporations playing ‘media’, say “conspiracy theory” Yet, globalist leaders want vaccine track and trace passports a reality.

OMG!!! New Strains Narrative: Never Ending Vaccines

[UPDATE: 04-04-2021] Fear Du Jour: Vaccine-Evading Variants

[UPDATE: 03-03-2021] Dictators Gates / Fauci Ready The USA COVID Cult Of Obedience For Shot #3

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Pfizer to study if 3,4,5… doses of Covid-19 vaccine can boost immunity against variants. On the road to annual MANDATORY vaccines

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] California new OMG!!! ‘devil strain’. Run for your life!!

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Vaccine lobbyist Oxford professor, ‘normalizing’ the ‘never ending vaccination’ culture.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Unelected EVENT 201 Johnson & Johnson’s CEO says slaves must be on a ‘never ending vaccine’ existence.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Never ending mandatory vaccines. Event 201’s Johnson & Johnson lead narrative.

[UPDATE: 02-011-2021] Reuters leads ‘fear porn’ alert ‘new strain’ narrative = more vaccines Pfizer stock sinks [for now]

[UPDATE 12/29/20] It only took two days after I posted this 12/12/20 time capsule , for the ‘official’ new strain to be rolled out. There will be more ‘new stain’ shenanigans ahead here’s why

[UPDATE 01/06/21] New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again]

[UPDATE 01/06/21] Bill And Melinda Gates Funded ‘Chicken Little’ Sky Is Falling ‘Nextstrain’ NOT-SO open sourced website.

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Ah Shucks! You’ll need another vaccine for that ‘super strain’

Forced Vaccination / Quarantine / Death Camps:

[UPDATE 04/01/21]

[UPDATE 03/05/21] California Governor To Force Vaccinate Latinos

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Quarentine / Death Camps: Canada’s PM Trudeau [Pinochet] fights legal battle behind scenes to make ‘disappear you’ COVID camps a reality.

[UPDATE 02/15/21] Israeli PM floats out a law idea to put vaccine refuseniks on lists Nazi Germany style.

May 29, 2021

India’s Population Has Had Enough With The Covid Clown Show.

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As I reported in February, India’s population was carrying on with their lives as if it was prior to the COVID operation that is… mask-less, social distancing-less, lockdown-less and yes… COVID-less as well. This gaping whole in the globalist narrative that the entire world was seeing mass death from COVID had to be dealt with by the great reset money masters. So, lights, cameras, ACTION!!! The globalist scientific technocrats armed with disease spreading death shots calling themselves vaccines, and their bought and paid for media, used everything from gas leaks [sabotage?] to showing footage of people sleeping in the streets and claiming “LOOK!!! LOOK!!! SEE!!! SEE! THEY ARE ALL DEAD!!!! to get any curious onlookers back into a fear based mind set. Of course when what little duped Indians lined up for their COVID treatments being called vaccines, it caused a surge in COVID cases. No big surprise. We’ve seen this all over the world. Also no big surprise, the globalist medical terror machine sprang into action pointing all the cameras at India’s rise in COVID cases as India’s COVID vaccine program began. Oh no!! We have an India COVID strain. Yeah, right. Here’s the rub.

Take Your Shots And Shove It!

India has been the VICTIM of the pharmaceutical industrial drug cartel complex for decades and most of the population has a HEALTHY distrust of this industry. “Once I ran to you. Now I run from you!” As reported by Great Game India, Indians would rather jump into a river than take a genetically modified DARPA developed injection. Smart, smart smart.

Globalists Attack ALL Scientists / Doctors Who ‘Really’ Care And Really Heal

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Doctor Hoffe is yet one more medical professional the globalists have targeted for being honest and having the integrity to heal his patients outside the technocratic dictatorship. See video hear his BRAVE story.

The COVID Jab[s], a Genocidal Weapon of Mass Destruction

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SHARED ARTICLE…by Kelleigh Nelson

Eugenics and Covid-19

Investigation reveals both the Gates family and their foundation have documented ties to reinvented eugenics movements of the modern age.  The work carried out by this organization shows an array of ulterior motives that are contrary to saving lives.

The Gates Family, Eugenics and Covid-19.

America is killing humanity and shaking hands with the devil…brought to us by the United States government via their stakeholders: The Gates Foundation, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma and our democrat-controlled propaganda media and their favorite mouthpiece, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Media are promoting an evil injection which is causing countless worldwide deaths and disastrous side effects.  They have made a commitment to promote mass vaccination for the Covid virus.  We may well be witnessing the largest number of unnecessary vaccine-induced deaths in American history, despite a 99.75% overall recovery from the virus. “

Continue reading at THIS link

One quick comment ‘From Hell To Veins’

The corporate media including ALL their subsidiaries control both the RIIGHT and LEFT agendas. They are ‘globalist’ controlled.

May 16, 2021

India And World Under Attack By The ‘COVID Reset’ Globalists

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In my December 12th blog post I wrote how this world ‘reset’ operation was going to unfold. So far, I have been spot on thus far. I said the globalists funding governments around the world via their long established central banking system, [for those who can’t wrap their heads around a world wide conspiracy against humanity.] would use “viral variants” as an excuse to a.) retain the chokehold over the masses and b.) continue to “terrorize” the dumbed down public into never ending vaccines and passports. Here are recent links backing up my December 12th prognosis.

Also worth noting, I was the ONLY blog to report NO COVID in India UNTIL the globalists got the Indian government to mass vaccinate and right after mass vaccination India’s so-called COVID ‘cases’ skyrocketed. Also, globalist staging FAKE COVID deaths in India… COVID deaths or COVID vaccine deaths?

Using gas leak to FAKE India COVID deaths

Citizens in India telling the world “NO people are NOT dying in the streets of COVID, do NOT believe the terrorists”


April 24, 2021

The Tyrants Of The 21st Century Are NOT Individuals, They Are ‘Committees’ Full Of Tyrants.


Globalist oligarch tyrants who hide behind their funded institutions, corporations, organizations, foundations, lettered agencies, bought and paid for politicians and courts, hate humanity unlike ANY tyrant before them. It should be no surprise why THEY would erect a ‘Ten Commandment’ Stonehenge monolith in a state run park in the state of Georgia, with the #1 commandment being the killing of 90+% of this planet’s population. With a world wide mass vaccination program underway to steer the population into that genocide first commandment, there are no short supply of individuals who will gladly sellout the 90+% of human beings if it means saving their own ass.

Coordinated ‘committees’ of would be tyrants under the names of ‘Dark Winter’, Event 201 ‘dictate’ to all of the oligarch controlled entries, that I listed above, ‘there roll’ in this new technocratic dictatorship. The majority of the world’s population does NOT get a say in this.

In the grotesque manner of the ‘tyrants by committee’, the globalists are forming their usual ‘steering committees’ of unelected tyrants to put forth the ‘LAWS’ of their oligarch overlords. The culling of the population must be organized. ALL the bought and paid for shills at the top must know their part moving forward. That’s how the NEW dictatorship runs itself from the top down.

Again, in the most egregious of ways the tyrants by committee have chosen ‘The professor of the myth’ himself, Philip Zelikow, to lead a commission of lies on the COVID operation and how to ‘steer’ the population into a bio health security dictatorship. The oligarchs will use this deceitful committee anchored by oligarch controlled so-called ‘experts’ to create a boilerplate, or blueprint for their bought and paid for politics class, to pass laws NO ONE had a say in. Absolutely NO representation in the extreme, when it comes to dictatorship by committee.

Civil disobedience needs to be the next NEW NORMAL for humanity or, it’s going to be reduce population to 90+% with a whimper.

James & James break down this farce of a committee that makes the law of the land


April 19, 2021

Free Non Masking India Targeted By Globalist Terror ‘Science’ Machine

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As ONLY this blog reported. While the COVID ‘casedemic’ was ‘supposedly’ ravaging hardcore pro mask pro lockdown states and countries, mask free, lockdown free India was NOT seeing any significant COVID ‘cases’ let alone deaths.

As India’s ‘NORMAL’ pre 2019 existence was starting to draw attention and totally discrediting the globalist terrorist narrative about THEIR EVENT 201 preplanned planned-emic, the globalist have turned their scientific terror machine onto India. Unfortunately for the globalists, Indians by and large don’t sit around isolated by themselves watching globalist corporate fear porn on the TV 24/7. They actually get out and converse with one another and note… “COVID is having zero effect on all of us”. Even super strain scares have zero effect on this population. The globalists have a real tiger by the tail in getting a scared ‘western’ response from this very large population. Who, by the way, have had to deal with disease for a better part of a century [due to lack of infrastructure and large population] so, a mild COVID bug really doesn’t send them running for a shot with their hair on fire.

Here is someone doing research on India corresponding with India commenting below…

Great blog article. Here is my article on how India beat the coronavirus. Unfortunately there is a new. spike in the 2 most vitamin d deficient states: Maharashtra and Delhi. The spike started at exactly the same time as the vaccine roll out and the curve mirrors exactly the curve of vaccinations. Is this a coincidence? Make sure you allow notifications because I’ve been working on the story of India state by state for the past month with the help of several correspondent in India. It’s going to be a doozy!

One Other Person [Dr. Naomi Hunter] Commented…

“Reminds me of back when GWB [George Bush] was in office.

US govt. went to the then President of Indonesia demanding that we allow “homeland security” police state to be set up in her country.

President of Indonesia said:  “WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TERRORISM HERE.”

HUGELY COINCIDENTALLY SHORTY AFTER THAT A HUGE MINI-NUKE LIKE EXPLOSION WENT OFF IN A NIGHTCLUB IN BALI.  Blast so powerful it clean stripped concrete off of rebar that was encased in reinforced concrete–which C4 cannot even do.  Also it melted cars in the area and literally turned humans into charcoal remains.

The globalists will MAKE SURE that anyone HAS whatever problem/crisis the globalists CLAIM you have.

April 17, 2021

100 Israeli Doctors Pen a Letter Opposing Injecting Children With Experimental Vaccines

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The Jerusalem Post

Some 100 medical professionals have expressed opposition to vaccinating children with the coronavirus vaccine and separating between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

“We believe there is no room for vaccinating children at this time [due to] caution, modesty, the understanding that ‘haste is from the devil’; the recognition that we do not understand everything about the virus and the vaccine against it; and the first commandment of medicine: ‘First, do not harm,’” they said in a letter to the Health Ministry on Sunday.

They acknowledged that the Pfizer vaccine has prevented serious coronavirus infection and mortality in children. But they said children do not usually experience severe symptoms from the coronavirus, and the long-term possible side effects of the vaccine, even if rare, would only be known after years of study.

It is also unclear how long immunity from the vaccine lasts, which variants it works against, how often booster shots will be needed and what the far-reaching implications of the periodic immunization on the immune system and the evolution of the virus could be, they wrote.

The prevailing view among the scientific community is that the vaccine cannot lead to herd immunity, meaning there is no justification for vaccinating children, they added.

Some Israeli health officials have said the vaccination campaign has provided Israel with herd immunity in recent weeks.

The authors of the letter said vaccinating children is not appropriate at this time because putting even a few children at risk of unknown side effects is not worth the protection it will afford them against a disease they say is not dangerous to children.

At-risk populations should be vaccinated, and a return to routine should occur under an almost complete vaccination of the population, the signatories wrote. But children should be allowed to return to routine without needing the vaccine, and separations between vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be removed, they added.

The “risk of the vaccine is not zero,” Prof. Itamar Grotto, former deputy director-general of the Health Ministry, told Army Radio on Monday. “We need to tell parents that the vaccine is recommended and good, but also leave more space for their considerations.”

“According to my personal opinion, the entrance of children to various locations should not be dependent on showing a green pass,” he said.

Prof. Shlomo Vinker, chief medical director of Leumit Health Care Services, said the authors of the letter should remember that infection rates in Israel are only falling because of the massive vaccination campaign. Nine children had died from the coronavirus, and 120 children had entered intensive-care units, including 60 had suffered cardiac syndromes, he told Army Radio on Monday.

“It’s important to know the facts,” he said.

April 4, 2021

I Long Told You Vaccine Drug Cartel Lobby Most Powerful On Earth.

I Have Long Told You That The Vaccine Drug Cartel Lobby Is The Most Powerful On Earth, And Their COVID Work Is An Act Of All Out War On ALL Of Humanity.

Lead physician [ Dr. Peter McCullough] in world on treatment for COVID describes how millions were given a death sentence by those running the COVID operation in government and industry. What Dr. Peter McCullough does not realize, is that he is discussing an act of war on the people of the entire world who were kept from information that could have saved their lives. He also says herd immunity has already reached 80% and no vaccine is needed. See video.

 Dr. Peter McCullough

See Video And Here

John D Rockefeller said “competition is a sin”. The Rockefeller foundation / institutes should be put in front of a WE THE PEOPLE trial, far removed from ANY of their influence. Event 201.

March 31, 2021

Australia Caught In Act Of Terrorism

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Staging mass death is NOT ‘fraud’, it is a war crime of the highest order! Mass arrests / trials with sever punishment for ALL involved. This needs to be the highest of priority by WE THE PEOPLE! [VIDEO]

March 29, 2021

Dartmouth-Brown University Documents Globalist Media Terrorism.

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In a downplayed study, Dartmouth-Brown university documented the COVID terrorism media campaign against the public by the globalists who own those intelligence run corporations. This study stands as evidence of war crimes against the public by the globalists. Shall we NEVER forget.

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