From Hell To Veins

December 12, 2020

We Have Arrived. The Very Day I Warned ALL Of You About Over 20 Years Ago.

This page will remain posted as a time capsule:

Important Notice: In the days, months, years after someone you know has taken these bioweapon vaccines, YOU must document and REPORT ALL deaths, disease, and injuries from them on ‘unofficial’ NON government platforms, AFTER you have reported them on official channels. As death and injury has ALREADY piled up from these COVID bioweapon vaccines, the ‘official response’ has been deny, deny deny. Also, it is important that you SHARE their COVID vaccine death, injury, disease misfortune with EVERYONE close to you, out on the street. Do NOT let the government, industries running this COVID operation try to ignore what THEY did to them! Click HERE to report. Also, it is of extreme importance that you SAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION for your own records

Update: World’s Lead Vaccine Developer Echos My Warning

Moving Forward

Relevant Updates To This 12/12/20 Time Capsule Will Be Posted Below

If you had read my Bio when I started this blog, I told you this day, which we are ALL living in would come. For those of you who just don’t get it. I had attended a symposium by the Club of Rome over 30 years ago on the subject of using vaccines for lowing and controlling populations. I made it abundantly clear that the vaccine agenda was the most powerful agenda in the world, by the leader’s of the world’s leaders, that would drive ALL other globalist agenda’s. Do you get it now? I also explained that those helping these leaders of leaders would NOT be spared OUR fate. That was made abundantly clear as well.

I explained [according to THEM] the steps needed to achieve this goal of theirs… [a] Create a world digital medical system of track and trace. [b] get everyone’s DNA [paramount] [c] FORCE everyone on this medical platform. [d] Use global manmade pandemic.. i.e. COVID 19, 20, 21… to mask their genocide behind. [e] use a lifetime of vaccines to keep population numbers at set level. [paramount]. Are you starting to get a clue?

In all this time, was I EVER invited to discuss this by ANYONE in the so-called alternative media? Of course not. Think about that for a moment as well. Never the less, I am posting this NOW for the historic record on December 12th 2020, BEFORE the so called first round [“D-DAY”] of many vaccines to come.

For what it’s worth, this is how I ‘strongly’ feel it’s all going to come down moving forward. 

This is JUST phase I

Actually sitting in a room full of these lunatics over 30 years ago [how time flies] hearing them discuss this very day we are ALL living in, I don’t believe they want to kill very many people in this first wave of vaccines.  I believe this entire… “vaccines must be frozen” jive may ultimately be true but, for right now, is just a cover.  To cover what people are most likely getting is a seasonal flu vaccine at best,  saline in most cases.  

I believe that THEY [get a clue see EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] know people are going to be highly suspicious of their garbage, and THEY need to gain the majority of the sheeple’s trust.  So, I rightly predicted pr stunts like Obama getting a shot, giggling about conspiracy theories on ALL major networks.  In the UK, grandma is getting her saline shot on national TV worshiping ‘science’ on her knees.  This will be the bulk of the phase I vaccine operation.


Now that no major swaths of the population died, comes the second phase of this vaccine operation.  [A] To scorn everyone who refuses a vaccine 24/7 on one hand [via the intelligence run media].   In the other hand [.B], use the same propaganda channels to wave FAKE COVID mass deaths [by anti-vaxxers of course] at the public to demand [as if you and me are making these demands] that [C] LAWS must be put into place to make sure EVERYONE must take the second round of the COVID vaccines. And oh by the way, isn’t it just out of dumb luck that the jails [in USA] were emptied in 2020 because of COVID, that they just might come in handy for vaccine refuseniks?   THEY may even want those who did NOT get the first round take two doses of COVID vaccines.  Also, NO major deaths in this phase as well.  At this time THEY will make you use your Trump Operation Warp Speed vaccine ‘card’ to get into public areas. Herding the human cattle onto the global digital medical platform that I had long told you was coming.


I strongly believe that once the general population has been MASK trained to use their vaccine cards, LIKE FOOLS, to gain public access is when the REAL mRNA vaccines will be given out in a VERY LOW KEY manner.  The ultra cold vaccines have been ‘normalized’ and don’t raise red flags by anyone in the health profession.   

THEY have been planting in everyone’s head that these vaccines don’t have lasting power so, additional flu shots will be needed TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC.  So, in order to UPDATE your NOW, Biden vaccine card [I’ve got the cool app giggle giggle] to get public access, you will be required to get a “HARMLESS” seasonal flu vaccine…  “Don’t worry, “remember how everyone was so worried about the COVID vaccines giggle giggle”… will really be blasted out on all media platforms. 


The globalist controlled narrative will go something like this…  “We have to take this new virus serious [wave FAKE deaths at public]…  Biden is asking states to FORCE flu shots to protect the public”.   As people start dying later from the REAL mRNA vaccines, that they were told was JUST “seasonal flu shots”, [mask training] the globalist controlled intelligence run media will be waving REAL bloody shirts at the public and whipping up pandemic hysteria like it’s the apocalypse.   And like this video…

… take people from their homes when they feel sick [at some point down the road] after receiving the REAL mRNA vaccine, and put them all in CDC green zone death camps.  Don’t worry says the totally discredited Snopes, these ‘Green Zone’ “Shielding” zones would NEVER become lockdown gulags. Right?  I figure that if no one stands up and says “NO!!!” it will all be here around this time next year.  

For what it’s worth from the guy who has bat 1000 on this, a little bit of advice… RESISTANCE better be the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Update: 9/14/21 Phase III And Final Of COVID Depopulation Now In Infant Stage [LINK]

Relevant Updates To Time Capsule:

Introduction: Club of Rome 1988 Stated Plan

[Update 01;15/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Trump signs CARES ACT giving life to the ‘Vaccination Credential Initiative’ paving way for building vaccine passport [mandatory] tied to digital wallet [buy / sell] tied to medical dossier.

[UPDATE: 01-21-2021] The FIRST Vaccine Track And Trace [i.e Vaccine passport] Brick Has Been Laid. Biden signs executive order [e] making MANDATORY vaccine identification apart of international travel into USA.

[Update 02/03/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Switzerland and Germany ready to ratify their citizens in the very vaccine track and trace dossier the Club of Rome spoke of in 1988, NOW under the flagship ID2020.

Use global manmade pandemic to mask their genocide behind

[Update 02/06/21] The ever clairvoyant opportunist and architect of EVENT 201, Bill Gates, floats out upcoming “bioterrorism events”. Although, I believe we are currently living through one.

Empty Jails / Yellow Star Citizen Treatment For Vaccine Refuseniks

[Update 08/03/21] They Want to Arrest and Jail All Unvaccinated Adults!

[Update 04/15/21] FDA Chief Warns US Will “Struggle” To Reach Herd Immunity As Vaccine Refusals Rise [BS]

[Update 02/08/21] The dictator mayor in Tampa Florida didn’t even wait for the vaccine green light to start wanting to jail people.

COVID Operation Phase I Gaining The Public Trust

[UPDATE: 01-18-2021] Billions spent in ‘buying’ the public’s trust. Information Warfare

Artificial Scarcity

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] The globalists are slowly moving us out of the [Phase I] artificial scarcity phase

[UPDATE: 01-15-2021] At the time I wrote this blog post in December 2020, I should have included the globalist use of ‘artificial scarcity’ to drive demand on experimental medical treatment falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’.]

COVID Operation Phase II War On The Vaccine Refuseniks

[UPDATE: 06-17-2021] USA Pentagon launches terror propaganda campaign on the non vaccinated

[UPDATE: 08-10-2021] Economic Sanctions [act of war] on the NON vaccinated [non bioweaponed]

COVID Operation Phase II Vaccine Passports / Employment Enforcements / State Sponsored Terrorism / Extortion To Mask / Vaccinate

[UPDATE: 04-26-2021] No Tourists to EU Without Vaccine Passport

[UPDATE: 04-03-2021] Hawaii Unveils COVID Passports For Inter-Island Travel 

[UPDATE: 03-28-2021] Psychopath NY Gov. Cuomo fast-tracks vaccine passport class system in NY.

[UPDATE: 03-23-2021] Judge Uses Extortion / Kidnapping To Force Mask / Vaccinate Mother

[UPDATE: 03-02-2021] Psychotic Genocide Driven New York Governor Pilots COVID Passport

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Spanish Region to Make COVID Vaccine Compulsory

[UPDATE: 02-26-2021] The Creation Of Vaccine Refusenik Second Class Citizens Paving Way For Passport World Order

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Hawaii uses incentivizing vaccine passports to bypass bogus quarantine laws

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Surprise surprise, globalist UK companies threaten employees with vaccination

[UPDATE: 02-11-2021] Same Conflict Of Interest, Pharma Bought Paid For Media Who Screamed “Conspiracy Theory” On ‘Vaccine Passports’ is NOW pushing for them.

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Mandatory Vaccine Track Trace / Mandatory employee vaccines: [Violates both federal and state laws BTW]

[UPDATE: 02-03-2021] Denmark Track And Trace Vaccine Passport [Violates International Laws]

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Public / private partnerships [AKA Fascism] aligning to usher in the vaccine / track and trace world order. [i.e Starbucks / Kaiser Permanente / U.S. Military]

[UPDATE: 02-06-2021] Vaccine Passports in penal colony Australia soon to be FACT NOT fiction if no one down under stands up.

[UPDATE: 02-13-2021] Intelligence run Pharma paid for corporations playing ‘media’, say “conspiracy theory” Yet, globalist leaders want vaccine track and trace passports a reality.

OMG!!! New Strains Narrative: Never Ending Vaccines

[UPDATE: 04-04-2021] Fear Du Jour: Vaccine-Evading Variants

[UPDATE: 03-03-2021] Dictators Gates / Fauci Ready The USA COVID Cult Of Obedience For Shot #3

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Pfizer to study if 3,4,5… doses of Covid-19 vaccine can boost immunity against variants. On the road to annual MANDATORY vaccines

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] California new OMG!!! ‘devil strain’. Run for your life!!

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Vaccine lobbyist Oxford professor, ‘normalizing’ the ‘never ending vaccination’ culture.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Unelected EVENT 201 Johnson & Johnson’s CEO says slaves must be on a ‘never ending vaccine’ existence.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Never ending mandatory vaccines. Event 201’s Johnson & Johnson lead narrative.

[UPDATE: 02-011-2021] Reuters leads ‘fear porn’ alert ‘new strain’ narrative = more vaccines Pfizer stock sinks [for now]

[UPDATE 12/29/20] It only took two days after I posted this 12/12/20 time capsule , for the ‘official’ new strain to be rolled out. There will be more ‘new stain’ shenanigans ahead here’s why

[UPDATE 01/06/21] New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again]

[UPDATE 01/06/21] Bill And Melinda Gates Funded ‘Chicken Little’ Sky Is Falling ‘Nextstrain’ NOT-SO open sourced website.

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Ah Shucks! You’ll need another vaccine for that ‘super strain’

Forced Vaccination / Quarantine / Death Camps:

[UPDATE 04/01/21]

[UPDATE 03/05/21] California Governor To Force Vaccinate Latinos

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Quarentine / Death Camps: Canada’s PM Trudeau [Pinochet] fights legal battle behind scenes to make ‘disappear you’ COVID camps a reality.

[UPDATE 02/15/21] Israeli PM floats out a law idea to put vaccine refuseniks on lists Nazi Germany style.

July 4, 2022

The Young Sacrifice Themselves To Their Globalist Masters.

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As I read article after article how the ‘young’ adults [ages 21-40] are dying like NEVER in human history [post COVID vaccine era], I can’t help but think this COVID vaccine operation would NOT have had the success it is having today had my [don’t trust the man] generation been the target at the time.

This COVID vaccine population reduction / control operation would have worked very well on my establishment trusting parents generation as well. In USA, that would be the post depression / world war II generation.

The younger generation [of the western half of the world] would benefit greatly from taking a page out of the generation before them, and have at least an once of skepticism on blindly following the NON-accountability establishment’s ‘mandates’ on society. Of course they won’t. The generations that survive the technocratic society’s operations to cull the population, and take the planet’ resources, will call this currently ‘dying’ young generation “the most foolish” in human history. This foolish generation has also seen the death of their own offspring in record numbers and still this generation can not get a clue to save e their own miserable lives let alone the lives of their babies and children.

History will run its coarse and this ‘young generation’s foolish self-sacrifice will serve as yet another reminder that the powers that should NOT be, need to be on a leash of a population who is wise enough to keep them firmly on that leash.

April 19, 2022

One Night In Shanghai And The Tough Guys Crumble

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If you can NOT see the video [below] that is because globalist controlled web browsers like Safari, Chrome… are blacking it out. Fight the globalists, USE ‘Tor’ or other such browsers.

I thought I would check in and give you ALL an update. So, you thought the COVID operation was over?

If you thought the killing was over, YOU thought wrong. The first wave of this operation gave rise to a ‘estimated’ 40% in ALL cause mortality, and the third COVAIDS shot [according to data world wide] seems to be the charm for death. Like I told ALL OF YOU in December of 2020, this is the ‘real deal’ and NOT some ‘theory’ about REAL conspirators.

Globalist Killing Operations Continue in 2022

The globalists are ‘beta testing’ CDC Green Zones in Shanghai. No! Operation warp speed is still on the table. I have a question for those of you ‘down under’… do you think your COVID quarantine concentration camps have been rolled up and tossed away? If you think so, you better recalculate that. Both Canada and California are in the process of goose stepping those areas closer toward Shanghai.

Ah, The War In The Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, like a good Globalist lapdog, invaded the Donbas region of Ukraine the very moment western globalist puppets needed him too. As if the director of a dystopia movie said.. “ACTION!!” the Donbas region invasion could NOT have been timed out more perfect as angry protests around the world were about to get the globalists OWN cameras focused on the criminal perpetrators of the COVIADS operation, and perhaps with it, an ounce of accountability.

War between Oceana and the Orwellian states serves the globalists on countless fronts. In 2009 I wrote… Biolabs Multiplying Like Rabbits Does anyone remember the ‘Ukraine pneumonic plague”

The Sputnik vaccine when examined in multiple labs around the world, found it to be one of the most cancer riddled vaccines among ALL the COVAIDS clot shots. Globalist stooge Vladimir Putin has made sure that there would be NO ‘public’ vaccine adverse reaction reporting system in Russia. [just like his counterpart in China] Are Russian hospitals reporting the rise in such things like cancer, clotting, heart attacks… to those in power? I let you fill in that blank.

Vaccines only ONE bullet in the globalist arsenal of death for population

Katherine Austin Fitts gets it when she says… “We [the people] are at war” With the billionaire / Trillionaire Borg collective.

Absolutely. WE are at war. ‘THEY Killi Us, We Sleep’. Fitts group conducted a survey of thousands of people on reporting adverse reactions to the clot shots the results of the survey led Katherine Austin Fitts to say… “I refused to use the word ‘genocide’. That was until I received all the submissions in the survey. It goes without saying these operations are genocide”. From the water we drink, to the aluminum filled air we all breath. We ARE being killed some slower than others, and THEY are getting rich from this new industry of genocide.

September 13, 2021

Operation COVID Depopulation Phase III NOW In It’s Infant Stage

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Many people who really do NOT know how the ‘real world’ is run, came to this blog and thought what I was saying as ‘fringe’, ‘out there’, ‘hard to believe’. Many have come back to see everything I said BEFORE and AFTER COVID has, and is coming to pass, just as I said it would. At the top of this blog, is posted my time capsule titled ‘We Have Arrived’. In it, I gave the first two phases of the globalist COVID depopulation agenda. So far Israel has completed phase II, vaccine passports and never ending euthanasia shots. Australia is leading the world in the third and final phase of this depopulation total control agenda, actual death camps. What I’ve been posting is NO joke. The globalists plan to murder you, period end of story.

The globalist terrorists who have taken over the world are now in USA implementing the Australian COVID death camp phase III model. Australian COVID gulags predictably get more draconian as each passing week goes by. You can check in but apparently, you can NOT check out, even with the totally bogus PCR test negative.

Hospitals around the world have successfully vetted ‘Nazi-esq’ doctors and nurses to implement a recipe of death as a ‘treatment’ for COVID. That is, give REMDESIVIR that leads to organ failure and a ventilator. The dead are chalked up by these Nazi doctors as another COVID death of the NON vaccinated. By the way, Israel considers YOU NON vaccinated no matter how many jabs you got, if YOU haven’t taken the latest one. Nazi Anthony Fauci in one of his rare moments of honesty has said [with a devilish grin on his face] that Americans will be required to take a euthanasia shot every five months. That was ALWAYS the plan, as I told you long before now. Nazi run hospitals around the world have set the medical protocols that will be used in these COVID concentration camps.

One of the most corrupt states in the USA is Kentucky. While everyone in USA was distracted with its failed foreign policy in Afghanistan, Kentucky working with the federal USA government, kick started the COVID concentration camp program. One must ask… “Who is considered ‘high risk’.? Would this be perfectly healthy NON vaccinated individuals? Individuals, like USA TV’s late night Nazi Jimmy Kimmel says “must die”? Of course, “we have a camp for that” now.

Globalist controlled media, ‘The Star Democrat’, article can NOT be archived [properly] at, so I had to take desktop photos of it so it does NOT get ‘memory’ holed otherwise, ‘disappeared’. Read what the ‘plan says about “long term containment” [or prison] for the “general population”. So much for discredited ‘Snopes’ “false” labels. The plan also talks about how to turn neighborhoods into “household Green Zone Camps” Very extreme for a virus that really doesn’t come close to any sort of pandemic threshold. Like ALL the other death camps before them, these are being constructed in the name of ‘humanitarian endeavors’.

Kentucky seeking help from National Guard, FEMA to help overwhelmed hospitals [VIDEO Linked Here]

September 9, 2021

COVID Vaccinated World Heading Into V.I.E. / A.D.E. Apocalypse

It’s 2030. You Own Nothing Because YOU Are Dead. – Words of wisdom from the architects of the ‘Great Reset’.

For those who have NOT read my December 2020 time capsule, which is still posted at the top of this blog, I’m still batting a 1000% on this COVID vaccine bioweapon operation.

The biggest mistake made those who have been duped into taking this bioweapon posing as a vaccine is their short sighted ‘opinion’ on the matter. They will tell you… “I took it, nothing happened to me and others I know who took it” Likewise those who have NOT taken this vaccine [bioweapon] are ALSO guilty of short sightedness. They will tell you…thousands have died and even more injured by this bioweapon posing as a vaccine. Both side of this argument got it right but, both sides of this argument have it terribly wrong.

There is a reason vaccines take five to ten years to ‘trial out’. They could have worked on this bioweapon posing as a vaccine for 200 years, if it’s being called a ‘vaccine’ it still has to go through a multi year trial for a very important reason. Vaccine effects can, and usually happen years later.

I said in my time capsule back in 2020 that the vaccine would NOT kill a great number of people in the beginning. I also said that when the mass killing would start to unfold, it would appear to be JUST AS BILL GATES told you… “pandemic II”. Even though pandemic II’s roots would be firmly planted in the framework of the original vaccine. I also told you that the ‘never ending shots’ concept [to make sure that you will NOT survive] would be normalized. We are now, as I write this in September of 2021, seeing this very world unfold before your eyes just as I said it would.

We have not even got close to the season of colds and flu and we are already seeing the process of ‘Viral Immune Escape’ [V.I.E] among both the vaccinated and NON vaccinated populations. Counties like Israel, which corporate globalist media chooses to ignore has high COVID vaccination rates, and are seeing equally high rates of the vaccinated filling their hospitals with COVID illness. In the USA where the vaccinated rate is about 50 / 50, you are seeing half the COVID cases vaccinated and the other half the NON vaccinated. That is, when you listen to honest ER doctors and nurses give you the TRUE numbers. Here is the take away. These same health professionals both in Israel, the USA and other countries are ALL reporting that it’s the vaccinated who are really struggling the most with COVID. At this blog I have posted the warnings of V.I.E. by the very virologists who worked on this vaccine technology. These were life and dearth warnings willfully censored by globalist controlled media world wide. The long term effect and consequence by taking this bioweapon posing as a vaccine is a long term consequence of NOT having the ability by your immune system to protect yourself from COVID [recombinantt]variants. The other long term death sentence from these bioweapons is the micro clotting occurring in vaccinated individuals right now, and a great many people have NO clue that this is going on right now in their body.


Former GAVI virologist doctor Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD warned [in video below] how the incorrect implementation of this vaccine would lead to A.D.E. [Antibody Dependent Enhancement] would negatively effect the vaccinated.

Vaccines making the vaccinated population vulnerable to dying from mutated covid variants is NO joke, and most likely lead to a Nuremberg II tribunal on a massive scale, once all this is said and done.

August 31, 2021

Trust The ‘Censored’ Science

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Health Researchers Report Funder Pressure to Suppress Results

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”: Researcher Experiences of Funder Suppression of Health Behaviour Intervention Trial Findings

Where Science Challenges The Scientific Dictatorship Narrative.

August 20, 2021

USA Hospitals Have Become World’s First Death Camps Since WWII.

These are but a drop in an ocean of testimony that the money masters have turned USA hospitals into the first death camps since world war two. I have my own personal story that I will share with you below.


[,,, And In Nazi Canada…] Dr. Charles Hoffe Is Documaneting Willful Genocide But Can NOT Wrap His Mind Around That FACT. Once EVERYONE Faces The FACTS That Those in Charge Are Guilty Of Committing Genocide Will It Ever Stop. If The ‘Authorities’ Will NOT Acknowledge Immediate Death And Injury From THEIR Bioweapon They Will NEVER Admit To The Long Term Carnage That Is Yet To Come From These Bioweapons.

Induced Death At USA Hospitals


These ‘policies’ of NOT treating those with COVID OR ANY repertory infection is a crime against humanity and begs for a Nuremberg II trial under newly established courts run by ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.

These USA ‘policies’ of death are setting the stage for the CDC / FEMA ‘Green Zone’ quarantine [concentration] camps.


My closest friend’s daughter who is a college age USA left leaning pro vaccine individual, had NOT gotten her COVID vaccine yet but, was spending time around her friends who all just received their second COVID shots. Her first wake-up call was that she contracted COVID due to viral shedding from her fully vaccinated friends. The COVID she contracted from her fully vaccinated friends sent her to the hospital.

Her second wake-up call was that the hospital told her that there was “nothing they could do” except eventually put her on a respirator. Her father and my closest friend was able to get her Ivermectin [along with zink]. At first she refused the drug, believing that her TV, doctors, social media in that Ivermectin “was bad”. Her third wake-up call was that her condition was rapidly getting worse so she agreed to give the KNOWN COVID treatment a try. She immediately got better after the drug / Zink / vitamin D3 treatment. Hospitals will NOT treat ANY patient with KNOWN treatments for COVID that work. That is genocide as a matter of ‘policy’. That is a crime against humanity.

Her fourth wake-up call came when she was absolutely stunned that she was the ONLY NON-vaccinated patient on the entire COVID floor [who she talked to while at the hospital] ALL who she talked to were fully vaccinated individuals, whose COVID was worse for those who had it prior to vaccination.

Saying ‘conspiracy theory’ is NOT going to save YOU from the truth about this COVID depopulation agenda.

August 13, 2021

Are French Citizens Anti-Science Anti-Vax Trump Supporters? Ah, NO!

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You can say what you want about the French but, they know how to get the job done. The French can smell tyranny a mile away unlike their left American counterparts, who swallow corporate government lies and fell all over themselves to get a Trump vaccine injected into their body. From where I sit it looks like the American left are the biggest Trump supporters of them all.

The Billionaire and Trillionaire club has highjacked the world over using COVID as THEIR cover, massive protests have exploded all over the world. Where are you American left? Cowering and masking your oxygen deprived children is NOT going to end well for you, and especially your children.

August 5, 2021

Dr. Fahrenheit 451 Mercola

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Dr. Mercola

I recently posted a comment at Natural News website that stated simply… “Support Doctor Mercola Period End Of Story” … thinking that Dr. Mercola would not just stand up for himself / his work but, for ALL OF OUR unalienable first amendment rights. I can’t even express my utter disappointment when I found out from Doctor Mercola himself, that he was going to cave in, and fold like a lawn chair.

Dr. Mercola in his excuse making testimonial video has left it to the rest of us, as he made zero effort, to fight the very globalists he’s toeing the line for. Many medical professionals who weren’t ever in the lime light HAVE made great sacrifices in the name of fighting these medical dictators that have taken over our entire planet during this terror COVID operation. I find it extremely hard to believe that Dr. Mercola couldn’t find a line of attorneys willing to take the obvious first amendment violation demands made by “WHOM”[ ?] pro bono. Well, we’ll never find out ‘WHO’ through the discovery process because Dr. Mercola didn’t even try to make an effort. Saying you did doctor, and ‘showing’ you did, are two very different things.

I don’t want this post to take away from the great work Dr. Mercola did do for so many people, that’s what makes his caving in to the powers that shouldn’t be so frustrating. Yes, it’s your choice doctor but, be it the fickle finger of fate or an act of God, you were given a chance to be a champion for all of us and you failed miserably. Oh, I do know. It’s tough, not easy, extremely stressful and even worse but, freedom is NEVER free. With all the attention THEY gave you, history has shown with that much attention, does come with some added protection.

R.I.P. Dr. Mercola R.I.P. First Amendment

August 4, 2021

“It Figures It Would Be Something Like This”

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Largest and oldest Vax passport corporation’s deep ties to the Nazis gives “papers please” a whole new meaning. Literally.

At my bio, I use a film clip from the timeless movie… “They Live” where ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ looks at the boob tube with his special glasses and says… “It Figures It Would Be Something Like This”, When you deep dive into ultra globalist Quandts family, and drill into their very deep Nazi ties, it’s only fitting that they would be spear heading the ‘papers please‘ society so many dim wits are willing to enslave themselves into. If you do not know, it has been often said that… “the Germans were defeated in world war II NOT the Nazis.

Much thanks to Amazing Polly for this very well documented research.

August 3, 2021

Genocide As A Matter Of Policy [part 2]

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What we have learned through the globalist COVID operation, is that in USA anyway, where the consolidation of the medical industrial complex is so top down controlled thoroughly and complete, any medical protocol that can induce death quickly is adopted as a matter of strictly enforced ‘policy’. ANY medical intervention that actually heals, prolongs life is forbidden, and doctors are threatened in top down control that they will lose their practice if they go off the draconian protocols.

For instance,,, We saw the elderly who had COVID, be put in the same facilities where no elderly had OCVID only to infect damn near the entire facility. This in New York Refusing treatment to ANYONE with pneumonia so that so-called COVID patients could be treated instead even though the hospitals could clearly treat both. Now it seems, that drugs that have a high kill rate are the preferred and enforced medications top down.

My advise, don’t get sick in USA


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