From Hell To Veins

December 12, 2020

We Have Arrived. The Very Day I Warned ALL Of You About Over 20 Years Ago.

Important Notice: In the days, months, years after someone you know has taken these bioweapon vaccines, YOU must document and REPORT ALL deaths, disease, and injuries from them on ‘unofficial’ NON government platforms, AFTER you have reported them on official channels. As death and injury has ALREADY piled up from these COVID bioweapon vaccines, the ‘official response’ has been deny, deny deny. Also, it is important that you SHARE their COVID vaccine death, injury, disease misfortune with EVERYONE close to you, out on the street. Do NOT let the government, industries running this COVID operation try to ignore what THEY did to them! Click HERE to report. Also, it is of extreme importance that you SAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION for your own records

Moving Forward

Relevant Updates To This 12/12/20 Time Capsule Will Be Posted Below

If you had read my Bio when I started this blog, I told you this day, which we are ALL living in would come. For those of you who just don’t get it. I had attended a symposium by the Club of Rome over 30 years ago on the subject of using vaccines for lowing and controlling populations. I made it abundantly clear that the vaccine agenda was the most powerful agenda in the world, by the leader’s of the world’s leaders, that would drive ALL other globalist agenda’s. Do you get it now? I also explained that those helping these leaders of leaders would NOT be spared OUR fate. That was made abundantly clear as well.

I explained [according to THEM] the steps needed to achieve this goal of theirs… [a] Create a world digital medical system of track and trace. [b] get everyone’s DNA [paramount] [c] FORCE everyone on this medical platform. [d] Use global manmade pandemic.. i.e. COVID 19, 20, 21… to mask their genocide behind. [e] use a lifetime of vaccines to keep population numbers at set level. [paramount]. Are you starting to get a clue?

In all this time, was I EVER invited to discuss this by ANYONE in the so-called alternative media? Of course not. Think about that for a moment as well. Never the less, I am posting this NOW for the historic record on December 12th 2020, BEFORE the so called first round [“D-DAY”] of many vaccines to come.

For what it’s worth, this is how I ‘strongly’ feel it’s all going to come down moving forward. 

This is JUST phase I

Actually sitting in a room full of these lunatics over 30 years ago [how time flies] hearing them discuss this very day we are ALL living in, I don’t believe they want to kill very many people in this first wave of vaccines.  I believe this entire… “vaccines must be frozen” jive may ultimately be true but, for right now, is just a cover.  To cover what people are most likely getting is a seasonal flu vaccine at best,  saline in most cases.  

I believe that THEY [get a clue see EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] know people are going to be highly suspicious of their garbage, and THEY need to gain the majority of the sheeple’s trust.  So, I rightly predicted pr stunts like Obama getting a shot, giggling about conspiracy theories on ALL major networks.  In the UK, grandma is getting her saline shot on national TV worshiping ‘science’ on her knees.  This will be the bulk of the phase I vaccine operation.


Now that no major swaths of the population died, comes the second phase of this vaccine operation.  [A] To scorn everyone who refuses a vaccine 24/7 on one hand [via the intelligence run media].   In the other hand [.B], use the same propaganda channels to wave FAKE COVID mass deaths [by anti-vaxxers of course] at the public to demand [as if you and me are making these demands] that [C] LAWS must be put into place to make sure EVERYONE must take the second round of the COVID vaccines. And oh by the way, isn’t it just out of dumb luck that the jails [in USA] were emptied in 2020 because of COVID, that they just might come in handy for vaccine refuseniks?   THEY may even want those who did NOT get the first round take two doses of COVID vaccines.  Also, NO major deaths in this phase as well.  At this time THEY will make you use your Trump Operation Warp Speed vaccine ‘card’ to get into public areas. Herding the human cattle onto the global digital medical platform that I had long told you was coming.


I strongly believe that once the general population has been MASK trained to use their vaccine cards, LIKE FOOLS, to gain public access is when the REAL mRNA vaccines will be given out in a VERY LOW KEY manner.  The ultra cold vaccines have been ‘normalized’ and don’t raise red flags by anyone in the health profession.   

THEY have been planting in everyone’s head that these vaccines don’t have lasting power so, additional flu shots will be needed TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC.  So, in order to UPDATE your NOW, Biden vaccine card [I’ve got the cool app giggle giggle] to get public access, you will be required to get a “HARMLESS” seasonal flu vaccine…  “Don’t worry, “remember how everyone was so worried about the COVID vaccines giggle giggle”… will really be blasted out on all media platforms. 


The globalist controlled narrative will go something like this…  “We have to take this new virus serious [wave FAKE deaths at public]…  Biden is asking states to FORCE flu shots to protect the public”.   As people start dying later from the REAL mRNA vaccines, that they were told was JUST “seasonal flu shots”, [mask training] the globalist controlled intelligence run media will be waving REAL bloody shirts at the public and whipping up pandemic hysteria like it’s the apocalypse.   And like this video…

… take people from their homes when they feel sick [at some point down the road] after receiving the REAL mRNA vaccine, and put them all in CDC green zone death camps.  Don’t worry says the totally discredited Snopes, these ‘Green Zone’ “Shielding” zones would NEVER become lockdown gulags. Right?  I figure that if no one stands up and says “NO!!!” it will all be here around this time next year.  

For what it’s worth from the guy who has bat 1000 on this, a little bit of advice… RESISTANCE better be the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Relevant Updates To Time Capsule:

Introduction: Club of Rome 1988 Stated Plan

[Update 01;15/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Trump signs CARES ACT giving life to the ‘Vaccination Credential Initiative’ paving way for building vaccine passport [mandatory] tied to digital wallet [buy / sell] tied to medical dossier.

[UPDATE: 01-21-2021] The FIRST Vaccine Track And Trace [i.e Vaccine passport] Brick Has Been Laid. Biden signs executive order [e] making MANDATORY vaccine identification apart of international travel into USA.

[Update 02/03/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Switzerland and Germany ready to ratify their citizens in the very vaccine track and trace dossier the Club of Rome spoke of in 1988, NOW under the flagship ID2020.

Use global manmade pandemic to mask their genocide behind

[Update 02/06/21] The ever clairvoyant opportunist and architect of EVENT 201, Bill Gates, floats out upcoming “bioterrorism events”. Although, I believe we are currently living through one.

Empty Jails For Vaccine Refuseniks

[Update 02/08/21] The dictator mayor in Tampa Florida didn’t even wait for the vaccine green light to start wanting to jail people.

COVID Operation Phase I Gaining The Public Trust

[UPDATE: 01-18-2021] Billions spent in ‘buying’ the public’s trust. Information Warfare

Artificial Scarcity

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] The globalists are slowly moving us out of the [Phase I] artificial scarcity phase

[UPDATE: 01-15-2021] At the time I wrote this blog post in December 2020, I should have included the globalist use of ‘artificial scarcity’ to drive demand on experimental medical treatment falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’.]

COVID Operation Phase II Vaccine Passports / Employment Enforcements

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Spanish Region to Make COVID Vaccine Compulsory

[UPDATE: 02-26-2021] The Creation Of Vaccine Refusenik Second Class Citizens Paving Way For Passport World Order

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Hawaii uses incentivizing vaccine passports to bypass bogus quarantine laws

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Surprise surprise, globalist UK companies threaten employees with vaccination

[UPDATE: 02-11-2021] Same Conflict Of Interest, Pharma Bought Paid For Media Who Screamed “Conspiracy Theory” On ‘Vaccine Passports’ is NOW pushing for them.

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Mandatory Vaccine Track Trace / Mandatory employee vaccines: [Violates both federal and state laws BTW]

[UPDATE: 02-03-2021] Denmark Track And Trace Vaccine Passport [Violates International Laws]

[UPDATE: 02-02-2021] Public / private partnerships [AKA Fascism] aligning to usher in the vaccine / track and trace world order. [i.e Starbucks / Kaiser Permanente / U.S. Military]

[UPDATE: 02-06-2021] Vaccine Passports in penal colony Australia soon to be FACT NOT fiction if no one down under stands up.

[UPDATE: 02-13-2021] Intelligence run Pharma paid for corporations playing ‘media’, say “conspiracy theory” Yet, globalist leaders want vaccine track and trace passports a reality.

OMG!!! New Strains Narrative: Never Ending Vaccines

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] Pfizer to study if 3,4,5… doses of Covid-19 vaccine can boost immunity against variants. On the road to annual MANDATORY vaccines

[UPDATE: 02-25-2021] California new OMG!!! ‘devil strain’. Run for your life!!

[UPDATE: 02-19-2021] Vaccine lobbyist Oxford professor, ‘normalizing’ the ‘never ending vaccination’ culture.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Unelected EVENT 201 Johnson & Johnson’s CEO says slaves must be on a ‘never ending vaccine’ existence.

[UPDATE: 02-09-2021] Never ending mandatory vaccines. Event 201’s Johnson & Johnson lead narrative.

[UPDATE: 02-011-2021] Reuters leads ‘fear porn’ alert ‘new strain’ narrative = more vaccines Pfizer stock sinks [for now]

[UPDATE 12/29/20] It only took two days after I posted this 12/12/20 time capsule , for the ‘official’ new strain to be rolled out. There will be more ‘new stain’ shenanigans ahead here’s why

[UPDATE 01/06/21] New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again]

[UPDATE 01/06/21] Bill And Melinda Gates Funded ‘Chicken Little’ Sky Is Falling ‘Nextstrain’ NOT-SO open sourced website.

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Ah Shucks! You’ll need another vaccine for that ‘super strain’

Forced Vaccination / Quarantine / Death Camps:

[UPDATE 02/08/21] Quarentine / Death Camps: Canada’s PM Trudeau [Pinochet] fights legal battle behind scenes to make ‘disappear you’ COVID camps a reality.

[UPDATE 02/15/21] Israeli PM floats out a law idea to put vaccine refuseniks on lists Nazi Germany style.

March 1, 2021

Killing Grandma In The Name Of Saving Grandma

The 21st Century Face Of Genocide

Vaccine lobby / drug cartel uses ‘shock troops’ to force vaccinate and normalize genocide. This is coming to a town, village, city near you if we do NOT say “NO!!” before it’s too late.

With this latest ‘in your face’ genocide in Germany, and the obvious genocide of the elderly in New York City involving both nursing homes and hospital ventilators, this vaccine death agenda is only going to become more wide spread. The genocide will NOT stop until the COVID brainwashed population can find a spine [especially in the so-called health industry] and say.. “NO MORE!!”

February 24, 2021

I have long Told You, These ARE Eugenics Vaccines. [video]

Many people who have came to this blog have read my post… ‘We Have Arrived, The Very Day I have Warned All Of You About For Over 20 Years’ A post I wrote as a time capsule of events I have long warned about [which we are living today], and events yet to take place. In that blog post, I refer to my bio. In my bio I challenge the ‘reasonable’ skeptic that the vaccine agenda [let alone their manufactures] has its roots in eugenics. I provide links that source institutions and individuals involved with the vaccine lobby / industry to eugenics. All eugenics roads eventually lead to population reduction i.e. genocide. That’s just the cold hard facts, and NO amount of pr and spin doctoring is going to EVER change who and what these people are. Are you 100% sure that YOU want to roll up YOUR sleeve for them?

This video and all the sourced links are the latest 2021 status of the companies, universities, players from the age old eugenics movement that has ‘rebranded’ itself as ‘holier than thou’ in the name of the greater good. Which, is exactly how it has ALWAYS claimed itself to be. It links them directly into the who’s who of the entire vaccine agenda. All I can say is that from where I sat, I can tell you these creatures truly despise every human on this planet, and people with dark skin have been 100% correct to trust their gut, and NOT these eugenic vaccines.

One other major point of discovery, is that these loving vaccine manufactures for the poor will make an avalanche of profit once people have been ‘eugenics trained’ to accept their vaccine / immunity passports like their stupid oxygen depleting face diapers.

Video Highlights

  • Vaccine of choice by the globalists for widespread third world / developing countries distribution tied to eugenics.
  • The GAVI organization facilitating much of this, is tied to the eugenics vaccine rollout.
  • Eugenics vaccines given ‘Not For Profit’ cover while ‘same’ vaccine manufactures to see profit boom when vaccine passports [aka annual regiment of vaccines] are the ‘new normal’.
  • These are essentially AIDS vaccines. Here is the pdf on these ‘chimp’ virus vaccines
  • Google / YouTube in violation of their own censorship rules of censoring vaccine information due to ‘THEIR’ bankrolling of ‘for profit’ vaccines. Google also is incentivized to promote never ending annual vaccine passports for huge future profits.
  • Oxford-AstraZeneca given ‘global authority’ to wave magic money wand and declare “end of COVID pandemic”. Who stands to gain from this?
  • Connects ALL the ‘stakeholders’ to the ‘never say die’ eugenics entities.
  • Biden’s science cabinet chairman ties to Jeffery Epstein.

All Sourced Links

February 23, 2021

Confessions Of A COVID-19 Drug Cartel Hitman

This blog post is a documentation snapshot of the trail of blood and corruption which paved the way for the largest terror / population reduction / control operations the world has ever seen.

The COVID-19 terror and control attack on this planet could never have occurred in the ONCE Untied Staes if… a.] The snake-oil industry hadn’t infiltrated the U.S. government in the early twentieth century, giving pharmaceutical companies control of the entire health industry in the once United States…

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World Big Pharma drug cartels are big oil AND NOW, big ‘carbon credit’…

… and b.] The consolidation of media corporations into a handful of a few ‘ruling family’ owned entities.

Ask Your Doctor. If Conflict Of Interest Is Right For You.

As media was consolidating into the very few hands who own monopolies in pharmaceutical companies, the birth of the drug cartel / big Pharma run media was born. This government sanctioned act gave rise to one of the most corrupt conflicts of interests in the history of modern civilization.

Drugs are cash cow advertising bonanza for corporate media. Fortunately an increase in number of Americans who are starting to wake up and realize that the MSM shouldn’t be trusted on issues like this.”

What most people don’t even realize is that these corporations actually OWN each other’s stock. Thus, big corporate media and big Pharma / drug cartels are ‘stakeholders‘ of EACH OTHER.

Get Out Of Court Free. Pass Go, Collect 2 Trillion Dollars In The Game of ‘Drug Cartel Monopoly

As noted earlier, petrochemical drug cartels had bribed their way into the political machine of the United States. Some would even argue that this bought and paid for corporate influence is what gave rise to a number of U.S. agencies run by non elected individuals whose interests most certainly does NOT have the general public’s interest in mind. One such agency that comes to mind is the ‘Food and Drug’ agency [FDA]. Two major areas of public interest that the globalists wanted total control over. Even though the ‘sales pitch’ for creating the FDA was to “protect the public”, most everyone who is NOT living under a rock, knows that the FDA is a revolving door of conflict interest, which serves mostly to protect the very industries the public is supposed to be protected from. Without this agency, questionable business practices by both food and drug corporations would most certainly never be able to morph into dangerous products forced on the public. Instead, accountability and liability would fall directly into the lap of these very multinationals. No approval ‘rubber stamps’ would exist. No teams of ‘agency’ led ‘hitmen’ and witch hunts waged against individuals / companies making much safer products, would EVER exist as well. The man who’s empire completely took control of the ONCE United States medical industry John D. Rockefeller said in his own words… “competition is a sin”.

Even with all of this unprecedented special interest protection by a corrupt U.S. government, vaccines are so dangerous according to the U.S. government’s own [corrupt] Supreme Court, that they have to be given ‘immunity’ from legal liability when they kill, injure disease the population. So, in 1986 the corrupt U.S. government, passed a special law that gave the drug cartels liability immunity to ANYTHING calling itself a ‘vaccine’. Also, a special ‘admiralty court’ was constructed to make even getting heard in this court of special interest next to impossible once death, disease or injury from vaccination occurs. In my personal research into this special interest admiralty court [which is NO court of law] seems to be set up to silence those very scientists and doctors who’s children suffer from these dangerous vaccines, by awarding the most obvious cases, large sums of hush money. Very important, NO ‘discovery‘ becomes public record, in this corrupt vaccine kangaroo court. The highest pay outs most always seem to go to scientists and doctors. The bottom line is that if you are going to use vaccines for genocide, you can’t be hauled into a U.S. court with jurors and risk ‘discovery’. Discovery is a part of the ‘public record’ that ANYONE can look into, or be used in other court cases that could start to connect certain dots. The vaccine injury kangaroo court was established to protect the drug cartels against DISCOVERY that they would otherwise be subject to in a REAL court of law, more so than for the monetary reasons given for its creation.

The VIOXX Keyhole Into The Drug Cartel Hit Teams.

In the ramp up to world wide genocide using manmade pandemics, special protection for the vaccine industry is NOT enough to protect the corrupt drug cartels in the court of public opinion. Even with billions spent in public relations using the very mega media machine, the drug cartel’s vaccine narrative of ‘safe and effective‘ had been losing traction with a public who has long been on the negative receiving end of the liability protected product. According to the drug cartel’s themselves, at EVENT 201, they bemoaned on camera how the drug cartel’s in particular and vaccines in general were “negatively viewed by the general public” [circa 2019] and used that FACT to insist that both governments and industry ‘STAKEHOLDERS’ [aka fascism] “MUST do whatever is necessary to control the narrative of their manmade pandemic that had NOT yet been unleashed.

When the COVID-19 operation was kicked off in 2020 the monopoly on media engaged in one of the largest censorship on main line scientists the world had ever seen. This censorship operation was global in scope, and was executed just like it was ‘drilled’ in both Event 201 AND, in the earlier drill operation ‘Dark Winter‘. Two ‘conspiracy drills’ hidden in plain sight under the ‘do good’ guise of ‘preparedness’. Cutting off the entire scientific community from ANY mainline media who the globalists do NOT control that would question very questionable power grabbing health policies, is NOT the only why these globalists would silence their detractors. The globalist controlled big Pharma drug cartels are NO stranger to hiring ‘in house’ hitmen to kill their professional opposition.

It becomes glaringly obvious WHY large drug companies do NOT want to be ‘drug’ into a REAL court of law when ‘discovery’ shines a light directly on these cockroaches. It had long been believed that the drug cartels would resort to murder if all other ‘silence the opposition‘ tools in the drug cartel’s arsenal will not work. This TRUTH is NO LONGER a ‘theory’ of conspiracy, but thanks to the ability to drag these den of vipers into a court of law, discovery led to verified hit teams being used by these drug cartels.

The corrupt U.S. government would NOT allow the globalist pharmaceutical giant Merck to be taken into a court of law. However, the corrupt US government could NOT stop the French from taking Merck to court. In subpoenaed emails of Merck’s upper management, discussions of “neutralizing” doctors [world wide] was being discussed as whether to ‘green light’ such measures. So, there are NO theories what so ever, that killing their opposition is a REAL option for these drug cartels. Below a globalist controlled media outlet has to admit to the hit teams while whitewashing the facts.

The Bloody Trail Of Death In The Name Of A COVID-19 Genocide Operation

With the very real knowledge that these unaccountable drug cartels will resort to murder, deaths of individuals who ALL share a link of ‘viable’ opposition / knowledge to this COVID-19 genocide operation, comes much more into focus than in the past.

One has to examine further, the 100’s of microbiologists who lost their life leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic operation. One has to ask, “did all of these microbiologists hold damning evidence that both the pandemic virus AND the solution vaccines which we are told we ALL MUST HAVE [like a terrorist holding someone hostage] are not only manmade BUT, their knowledge could lead to a real investigation of individuals responsible for this obvious conspiracy?” No other microbiologist brings these very valid questions more into light then the near murder / arrest of microbiologist Joseph Moshe.

Joseph Moshe was immediately SWAT teamed by the corrupt U.S. FBI after he went public on what seemed to be his involvement, or direct knowledge at minimum, of a drug cartel conspiracy to infect the population [in the Ukraine] with a ‘vaccine’ bioweapon. This man’s confession and knowledge is even more relevant to today. This Ukraine ‘run up’ to what we saw in 2020, would be the very knowledge the globalist would NOT want the public to know leading up to the 2020 COVID operation. Joseph Moshe was almost killed by the FBI as he was fleeing to the Israeli embassy where he believed he would be safe. No one has heard from him since.

Hit Team On COVID Virus Origin Investigating Microbiologist

If one investigates the bogus drug cartel bought and paid for fact check disinformation, the CLAIMS that the pandemic coronavirus [aka COVID-19 virus] has actually been isolated is 100% verifiably untrue. No where in the studies provided by the so-called ‘fact check’ industrial complex have ANY of these studies provided actual data of viral isolation.

Microbiologist Frank Plummer was leading the investigations as to isolating the ‘coronavirus’ that later became ‘renamed’ COVID-19. Frank Plummer at a speaking engagement dropped dead. His mysterious death is awfully convenient for the ‘stakeholders’ in this COVID operation who do NOT want a virus identification trail leading back to the ‘stakeholders’ with the most to gain from this COVID terror operation.

The ‘Convenient’ Deaths / Murders? Of Brandy Vaughan And PCR Test Inventor / Fauci Critic Kary Mullis

The untimely deaths of both Brandy Vauhan and PCR inventor Kary Mullis need a close examination, because both individuals fall directly into the globalist controlled drug cartel ‘hitman for hire’ that became public knowledge during the VIOXX trials.

Ironically, Brandy Vauhan had worked for the very drug cartel peddling to doctors, the very drug that landed Merck into a court of law. It was the monumental ‘across the board’ corruption that came out in ‘DISCOVERY,’ and the loss of life because of it that lead Brandy to turn on the drug cartels she worked for, and become an advocate against them for ‘we the people’. Her organization was certainly gaining traction in the court of public opinion on the very real dangers of vaccines, and Brandy herself documented that she was being targeted in threats to her life as a way to stop her vaccine activism. One doesn’t have to go all that far out on a limb to see why any ‘well organized’ opposition to the absurd threats made by the globalist to hold us ALL, and our lives hostage until everyone is FORCED vaccinated, would be a threat to this vaccine hostage propaganda that is unfolding around us now.

Kary Mullis death is extremely convenient for the COVID-19 operation. No amount of pharma paid for media censorship / ‘straw man‘ fact check disinformation would have stopped Mullis from exposing the current fraud the COVID ‘engineers’ are using to terrorize the general public. The inventor of the PCR test itself, is already on record calling out Fauci as the fraud he is BEFORE this COVID operation was kicked off. Dr. Mullis denounced Fauci for using HIS test in the VERY SAME manner these globalist controlled monolithic health agencies are using it today. The real world backlash from the very inventor of the test used to dupe people into believing that they are somehow super spreaders of a disease, would be too much for the globalist to over come. Kary Mullis death was an extremely huge obstacle overcame by his untimely death less than a year before the COVID operation would go live in 2020.

Had Mullis been alive, waving extremely skewed COVID deaths at the public would NOT have the ‘terror’ effect it is currently enjoying. Never the less, people should be extremely upset that they are being victimized by these terrorists waving death numbers that really are NOT what they are being sold to be. This COVID operation is a full scale military war against humanity by the globalists. Will We say “NO!” before it’s too late?

February 19, 2021

Sharyl Attkisson Confirms Vaccine Agenda World’s Most Powerful.

Sharyl Attkisson confirms what I have been telling / WARNING the world since the 1980’s

… that there is NO other globalist agenda more powerful than the vaccine agenda, that THEY [Get A Clue See EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] created for ALL of humanity. NO! They do NOT care about your health.

February 16, 2021

India: The Next COVID Building 7 Domino To Fall.


[Update: 02 / 19 /21] YouTube has blocked the link to this web page. THEY [See EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] do NOT want a huge audience ‘awake’ to the FACT near maskless India has nearly ZERO COVID, and are living, as THEY SHOULD, like FREE human beings.

[Update: 02 / 19 /21] Does the science behind masks have more to do with ‘obedience training’ than viral protection? CDC’s own data shows near maskless Florida has less mortality than its lockdown masked state counterparts.


India has been on my mind during this entire COVID operation.  The reason being, is that India the country in general, and the Indian people in particular, do not lend themselves to the same psych warfare that works well in the west. Now the  globalists are scrambling to spin / fabricate / lie… as to why a country known for being diseased riddled has almost zero COVID, while its population lives likes its pre 2020.

In India, can the wealthy be locked down?  I don’t think so. In India, if you lockdown the poor, it has to be a very short lockdown, or it will be a guaranteed death sentence.  The poor in India are the majority of the people, 100’s of millions of them. It’s a ‘luxury’ to be locked down in your home with nothing better to do than watch, and let the TV pump your head full of fear porn all day long. In India, every single day is a struggle, it’s do or die.  In India, you’ve got to rock’n roll / shake and bake to survive.  The last thing on your mind in India, is if someone out on the street is wearing a mask.

It NOW makes total sense WHY the globalists banksters tried to eliminate hard cash currency in India BEFORE they kicked off this global psy-op.  They tried and FAILED to get everyone on a digital currency so they could pacify them into COVID compliance. 

India, having been put through the ringer several times by the vaccine industrial complex of death and destruction, had the audacity to tell the vaccine manufactures that they would NOT ALLOW them to shoot up their population with drug cartel poison UNLESS, they could prove that these vaccines are NOT going to start killing the Indian people.  The ruling elite in India know full and well, that no amount of TV mumbo jumbo from quack doctors and politicians are going to hold back 100’s of millions of people, who’s family members die after taking this garbage.  India, truly is a tiger by the tail for the globalists.  There is strength in numbers, and this is EXACTLY WHY the globalists hate ALL of us so much.

If this were truly a once in a century pandemic event, India would without question be hit the hardest.  Not to be rude, but with the number of people, and the lack of sanitation / infrastructure, India has historically been one of hardest hit nations for disease.  

These videos below [shot recently in 2021] show the people of India living FREE AS THEY SHOUD BE.  No Lockdowns.  No mask mandates [hardly any masks] local business humming at full speed. No cops tackling people to the ground for NOT wearing masks, no cops shutting down businesses like Nazi thugs. Nobody shaming ANYONE.  These people aren’t wired for that.  This IS ‘freedom’, remember it? 

If Sweden was the first building 7 domino to fall, then it fell right on the next domino. India leaves even a larger hole in this scamdemic narrative than Sweden.  

BAHUT BURA EXPERIENCE* 2 Days In Calcutta Video | Local Market In Kolkata | Street market Kolkata

lawtola Haat Bazar-Bangladesh
The only guy wearing a Mask Is the one behind the microphone, and he looks like a fish completely out of water.

Esplanade Bazar Calcutta
Is this 2018? 2017? No, it’s 2021

February 15, 2021

Vaccination Censorship By Global ‘STAKEHOLDERS’

The Public / Private Partnerships Of ‘Attack Dogging’ Vaccination Critics / Organizations

February 14, 2021

From COVID Nasal Swab Vaccines To Total Track And Trace Passports

The COVID Operation: A One Stop Shop For High Tech Dictator Eugenists

February 10, 2021

What We Have Is A Global Pandemic Of Tyranny

What We Have Is A Global Pandemic Of Tranny, With New ‘Cases’ Of Dictatorial And Dictatorship Outbreaks Daily. 

“What’s Good For Thee Is NOT For Me”

Yet another Scamdemic case of… “What’s Good For Thee, Is NOT For Me”. I guess the good news is that this electronically ‘selected’ political class, are acting just like the tyrants they truly are. Of course a dictator mayor in globalist controlled USA is going to try and jail people for doing the VERY THING she did.  Just ask the intelligence run / Pharma paid for corporations playing ‘the news’… “You’re all crazy conspiracy nuts for thinking there is anything wrong with this mayor.”  

This COVID tyranny is going on all over the planet as globalist political minions run amok.  You have the Canadian dictator in chief, PM Trudeau, acting more like Augusto Pinochet wanting to ‘disappear’ Canadians [or anyone else] who flies in. Even though intelligence run / Pharma paid for ‘news’ said COVID quarantine camps were “just conspiracy theories”, PM Trudeau is trying his best to make them a reality.

As I have also posted here, you have the ‘digitally’ [s.]elected political class CLEARLY getting FAKE vaccines, which brings us to the topic of ‘normalizing’ vaccine death and injury.

Because of OBVIOUS vaccine death and injury to family and friends alike…  ‘pandemic cases’ of Nazi level propaganda on ALL ‘corporate’ media channels have broken out, parroting the globalist controlled medical mafia narrative that these very deaths and injuries are COVID related, NOT vaccine related. 

This pandemic of tyranny is over when, AND ONLY WHEN, we the people say “NO MORE!”

February 9, 2021

Canadians Fight Their Biggest Dictatorial Thugs In Canada’s History

Canadians concerned about living in a full on dictatorship are currently in a legal battle with the Canadian government which is being run by two of the most vile dictators in Canada’s history, Prime Minister Trudeau and international drug cartels that control Canada’s health ‘authorities’.

Acting More like Augusto Pinochet Than A Canadian PM

Canadians, help the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Keep dictators like PM Trudeau [Pinochet] and his drug cartel authoritarians from ‘disappearing you’.

February 7, 2021

Was CIA / Pharma Vaccine Covert OPs A Pre COVID-19 Track And Trace Dry Run?

COVID-19 Intelligence Report

During globalist controlled USA’s Obama administration, the public / private partnership between the CIA and pharmaceutical industry / NGOs ‘cover’ was blown on clandestine spy operations under the cover of vaccine programs. As reported in Rockefeller’s own National Petroleum Radio [NPR].

This public / private / NGOs operation undoubtedly had many legs to it but, in this NOW COVID world order one has to ask… “Was the so-called ‘cover’ for these vaccine operations i.e. war on terror’, just a cover itself for a much larger operation to come”. namely this current COIVED-19 operation? Was one of the main reasons for this operation to developed the very buy / sell / genome information / identification track and trace digital system, that I have long warned my readers was coming?

From NPR

“Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco recently sent a letter responding to the deans. She wrote that in August 2013, CIA Director John Brennan issued an order forbidding the use of vaccination programs to gather intelligence or genetic evidence.”

One also has to ask if these former clandestine public / private / NGO vaccine operations is the ‘genesis’ where this current push by public i.e government [CIA] / private [pharma] / NGO partnerships including… Cosco, and mainly Starbucks Coffey along with both the US military and large pharmaceutical cartels to create industrial vaccine identification and distribution centers around the globe?

Operation Warp Speed Is Going Away IN NAME ONLY

One has to ALSO wonder if Then Trump / NOW Biden’s Operation Warp Speed [no matter what he wants to call it now] which is still run at the very top by counter terrorism super spooks [i.e. Christopher Miller] from the very same vaccine spy programs as reported above. Taking a page from the vaccine spy programs, Operation Warp Speed is alive and well and is just fading behind the Starbucks… public [including military] / private [drug cartels] / partnerships [include NGOs] loving facade. In this ‘loving’ Biden / Harris / Starbuck’s facade expect the US army’s roll in vaccination distribution and verification only to intensify over.

Whitney Webb’s Operation Warp Speed CIA pharma ties and vaccine cyber warfare on vaccine refuseniks article

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