From Hell To Veins

December 12, 2020

We Have Arrived. The Very Day I Warned ALL Of You About Over 20 Years Ago.

Important Notice: In the days, months, years after someone you know has taken these bioweapon vaccines, YOU must document and REPORT ALL deaths, disease, and injuries from them on ‘unofficial’ NON government platforms, AFTER you have reported them on official channels. As death and injury has already piled up from these COVID bioweapon vaccines, the ‘official response’ has ALREADY been deny, deny deny. Also, it is important that you SHARE their COVID vaccine death, injury, disease misfortune with EVERYONE close to you, out on the street. Do NOT let the government, industries running this COVID operation try to ignore what THEY did to them! Click HERE for more information. Also, it is of extreme importance that you SAVE ALL DOCUMENTATION for your own records

Moving Forward

Relevant Updates To This 12/12/20 Time Capsule Will Be Posted Below

If you had read my Bio when I started this blog, I told you this day, which we are ALL living in would come. For those of you who just don’t get it. I had attended a symposium by the Club of Rome over 30 years ago on the subject of using vaccines for lowing and controlling populations. I made it abundantly clear that the vaccine agenda was the most powerful agenda in the world, by the leader’s of the world’s leaders, that would drive ALL other globalist agenda’s. Do you get it now? I also explained that those helping these leaders of leaders would NOT be spared OUR fate. That was made abundantly clear as well.

I explained [according to THEM] the steps needed to achieve this goal of theirs… [a] Create a world digital medical system of track and trace. [b] get everyone’s DNA [paramount] [c] FORCE everyone on this medical platform. [d] Use global manmade pandemic.. i.e. COVID 19, 20, 21… to mask their genocide behind. [e] use a lifetime of vaccines to keep population numbers at set level. [paramount]. Are you starting to get a clue?

In all this time, was I EVER invited to discuss this by ANYONE in the so-called alternative media? Of course not. Think about that for a moment as well. Never the less, I am posting this NOW for the historic record on December 12th 2020, BEFORE the so called first round [“D-DAY”] of many vaccines to come.

For what it’s worth, this is how I ‘strongly’ feel it’s all going to come down moving forward. 

This is JUST phase I

Actually sitting in a room full of these lunatics over 30 years ago [how time flies] hearing them discuss this very day we are ALL living in, I don’t believe they want to kill very many people in this first wave of vaccines.  I believe this entire… “vaccines must be frozen” jive may ultimately be true but, for right now, is just a cover.  To cover what people are most likely getting is a seasonal flu vaccine at best,  saline in most cases.  

I believe that THEY [get a clue see EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] know people are going to be highly suspicious of their garbage, and THEY need to gain the majority of the sheeple’s trust.  So, I rightly predicted pr stunts like Obama getting a shot, giggling about conspiracy theories on ALL major networks.  In the UK, grandma is getting her saline shot on national TV worshiping ‘science’ on her knees.  This will be the bulk of the phase I vaccine operation.


Now that no major swaths of the population died, comes the second phase of this vaccine operation.  [A] To scorn everyone who refuses a vaccine 24/7 on one hand [via the intelligence run media].   In the other hand [.B], use the same propaganda channels to wave FAKE COVID mass deaths [by anti-vaxxers of course] at the public to demand [as if you and me are making these demands] that [C] LAWS must be put into place to make sure EVERYONE must take the second round of the COVID vaccines. And oh by the way, isn’t it just out of dumb luck that the jails [in USA] were emptied in 2020 because of COVID, that they just might come in handy for vaccine refuseniks?   THEY may even want those who did NOT get the first round take two doses of COVID vaccines.  Also, NO major deaths in this phase as well.  At this time THEY will make you use your Trump Operation Warp Speed vaccine ‘card’ to get into public areas. Herding the human cattle onto the global digital medical platform that I had long told you was coming.


I strongly believe that once the general population has been MASK trained to use their vaccine cards, LIKE FOOLS, to gain public access is when the REAL mRNA vaccines will be given out in a VERY LOW KEY manner.  The ultra cold vaccines have been ‘normalized’ and don’t raise red flags by anyone in the health profession.   

THEY have been planting in everyone’s head that these vaccines don’t have lasting power so, additional flu shots will be needed TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC.  So, in order to UPDATE your NOW, Biden vaccine card [I’ve got the cool app giggle giggle] to get public access, you will be required to get a “HARMLESS” seasonal flu vaccine…  “Don’t worry, “remember how everyone was so worried about the COVID vaccines giggle giggle”… will really be blasted out on all media platforms. 


The globalist controlled narrative will go something like this…  “We have to take this new virus serious [wave FAKE deaths at public]…  Biden is asking states to FORCE flu shots to protect the public”.   As people start dying later from the REAL mRNA vaccines, that they were told was JUST “seasonal flu shots”, [mask training] the globalist controlled intelligence run media will be waving REAL bloody shirts at the public and whipping up pandemic hysteria like it’s the apocalypse.   And like this video…

… take people from their homes when they feel sick [at some point down the road] after receiving the REAL mRNA vaccine, and put them all in CDC green zone death camps.  Don’t worry says the totally discredited Snopes, these ‘Green Zone’ “Shielding” zones would NEVER become lockdown gulags. Right?  I figure that if no one stands up and says “NO!!!” it will all be here around this time next year.  

For what it’s worth from the guy who has bat 1000 on this, a little bit of advice… RESISTANCE better be the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Relevant Updates To Time Capsule:

Introduction: Club of Rome 1988 Stated Plan

[Update 01;15/21] ‘Everyone’ must be ‘forced’ onto a medical track and trace dossier. Trump signs CARES ACT giving life to the ‘Vaccination Credential Initiative’ paving way for building vaccine passport [mandatory] tied to digital wallet [buy / sell] tied to medical dossier.

COVID Operation Phase I

[UPDATE: 01-15-2021 At the time I wrote this blog post in December 2020, I should have included the globalist use of ‘artificial scarcity’ to drive demand on experimental medical treatment falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’.]

New Strains Narrative:

[UPDATE 12/29/20 It only took two days after I posted this paragraph, for the ‘official’ new strain to be rolled out. There will be more ‘new stain’ shenanigans ahead here’s why

[UPDATE 01/06/21 New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again]

January 26, 2021


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Why Is Fox Pharma Media ALLOWING This Information Out?

First of all, much of this information HAS already come out, and has been picking up speed.  Second, Fauci is expendable if the pushers come to shove.  third NOTE… Steve Hamilton ‘assures’ us that… “No way was this virus intentionally released!” [from Wuhan lab]. Had it not been for ALL of the bad actors involved with this COVID operation attending a Coronavirus [AKA COVID] ‘war game’ JUST BEFORE the VERY SAME war game went live, it would have been a whole lot easier for apologists to chalk up the release of this virus as ‘accident’.  EVENT 201 makes the accident excuse much more UNLIKELY, and foul play, HIGHLY LIKELY.

Also, nowhere in this report is Bill Gates fingerprints all over this same research mentioned, AGAIN, linking MOTIVE behind an intentional release by the powers that should NOT be.  Other than this, it is a very good report.

January 25, 2021

Of Rockefeller And Vaccine Passports

Rockefeller’s own [PBS] Floating Out Digital Wallet Tied… To Vaccine Passport Tied… To Global Big Data Medical Dossier

Vaccination Credential Initiative, what a wonderful world it could be FOR THEM

Problem:“Not enough people signing up on the government’s ‘get COVID vaccine scheduled’ website”

Reaction: Say… “Too many people trying to sigh up and are crashing the system”  Oh No!!!

Solution:  Create a digital wallet [buy or sell] to a vaccine passport [mandatory] to a medical dossier.  What could possibly go wrong? 

January 24, 2021

Why This Technology Is Such A Great Bioweapon For The Globalists

From A Reader…

Re: how accurate is this guy-sounds pretty much same as you said

Quote from: Dr. Naomi Hunter on Jan 23, 2021, 10:47:39 pm

VACCINE DOOM (explained to my grandma): RNA Vaccines (mRNA Vaccine) – Basis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19
Pay attention to 1M.13S … There is an enzyme to duplicate the whole code. over and over … and will never leave your body.

My understanding: Correct me if I’m wrong:

Once you get jabbed – RNA gets into your cells – and your cells produce these bits of harmless virus (anthogene)

You cells will then sweat from their cell surface all these bits of virus producing an immune response, forcing your body to create antibodies.

Antibodies are the ‘cock blockers’ of virus … they stick themselves to the virus, and prevent them from entering your cells.

So far so good.

However, your immune system does not just consist in antibodies – it has a second components

Lymphocytes or T cells.

Healthy cells have ‘self-antigens’ on the surface of their membranes. They let T-cells know that they are not intruders. If a cell is infected with a virus, it has pieces of virus antigens on its surface. This is a signal for the Killer T-cell that lets it know this is a cell that must be destroyed.

So here is the DOOM part.

All your cells (organs, brain, blood vessels, you name it…) will have bits of virus stuck on them they sweated out due to the RNA vaccine.

6 months later:

Then .. all of a sudden, you catch a common cold, probably from another corona virus …

Since your cells are really infected this time, they send a signal in your blood alerting your immune system that you are infected.

You start producing antibodies … and then your T-Cells are released …

Your T-cells will look for anything that resembles the virus on the cell surfaces – if they find some .. they will seek and destroy the cell. The dying cell will produce a signal that will trigger more immune response.


The RNA virus forced your cells to sweat out bits of harmless proteins belonging to the virus.

These bits of RNA are everywhere, in your organs, in your brain, in all of your tissues …

This will force T-CELLS to recognize your uninfected cells as infected.

This triggers a MASSIVE AUTO-IMMUNE response resulting in your immune system killing you.

Now I’m not an immunologist, and I may be wrong.

Can anyone provide a counter argument that shows that I’m wrong … I want to be wrong in this case.

– From GodLikeProducton Member


I will explain why the above technology [being called a vaccine] is the perfect bioweapon of choice by the globalists.  

First, Important Information

Before I explain the bioweapon part of this, put into your head THIS first… Wrap your head around HOW this COVID operation is being and HAS been conducted.   An apparent virus release that is not killing people in mass but, affecting enough people to carry out the following…  The use of a test that THEY [See Event 201 / Dark Winter] can manipulate infection numbers to give a FALSE illusion of a so-called pandemic.  You couple the test with linking NORMAL deaths to COVID deaths and you now can wave the bloody shirts at the public in order to terrorize this same public.  ALSO NOTE: that this ALL is going on globally.  Now, using the same ‘infection’ test, you can dial down the cycle rate to give the FALSE illusion that the bioweapon is effective.  All of this is extremely important to understand BEFORE getting into the bioweapon itself and why it will work so well to perform mass genocide.

The Bioweapon

First of all, when you hear legit scientists raise the alarm bells about the trials on animals when THEY were testing this technology prior to creating this COVID bioweapon, it’s ALWAYS referred to as being a “vaccine”.  So, the legit scientists naturally are saying that, as a vaccine, this is really, really bad news.  However, if you are a scientist working on this very same technology as a ‘bioweapon’ it is really, really good and effective.  You NEVER hear about this very same technology from a bioweapon point of reference.  You have to look at this as a bioweapon.

First of all, this narrative from the manufacture… “your cells produce these bits of harmless virus”  “Your cells” are NOT supposed to produce ANYTHING that is secreted OUT of it, OUTSIDE of NORMAL waste.  A human cell by design, has a protective lipid material around it to keep foreign matter out of it and to keep non waste material from leaving.  A cell is by God’s deign [have you] a ‘self-contained’ organism for good reason.  Here is a layman’s understanding of how a human cell works in getting rid of waste… Unneeded proteins, lipids, and other cellular materials are typically gathered into vacuoles, which fuse with lysosomes to clear the cells of the waste.  Turning the human body into a protein waste factory is NOT what your cells were designed to do.  In the case of Aspartame, cells that uptake aspartame may secrete protein strains that give rise to Parkinson’s disease [as one example].  Bottom line, is that you do NOT want to tinker with your body’s cells in the way this technology changes their function.    

We have NO idea what the [EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] globalists have packaged in this bioweapon.  After being injected with this bioweapon, will your cells be producing ONE “harmless” substance OR an number of strain substances that will later be recognized by your body’s Killer T-cells as an invader?  In these technology trials on animals, it was discovered that if the animal’s own DNA material was being secreted from their own cells. [again your cells should NOT be doing this] the animal’s own DNA was recognized by the animal’s own killer T-cells and the animal’s own immune system attacked the same animal killing ALL of the animals in these protein spike experiments due to a cytokine storm.

Why This Technology Is Such A Great Bioweapon For The Globalists

Go back to my forward paragraph at the top and look how this COVID op is being run.  This COVID operation lends itself well to the deadly problems that will be associated with the bioweapon / vaccine.  In the months and years to come, as this technology is inside the fools who took it begin to mass produce God knows what by their own cells, the deadly results can be used by the globalists to create any number of narratives.  Those who, let’s say, are the victim of something as simple as a common cold because the victim is now 100X more vulnerable to dying   Or, dead from a mandatory flu shot where the killer T-cells have been programmed to destroy ALL the host’s cells, thinking that the host’s own cells are invaders, as with the lab animals.  The globalists could use these deaths to CLAIM a “NEW STRAIN” is causing ‘pandemic II’  So, those who have NOT yet been affected by the virus strains that their body is producing, MUST take more spike protein vaccines.  In this NEXT wave of mandatory vaccines everyone’s own DNA maybe in the very vaccine that has been ‘ASSIGNED’ to that person.  NOW, the globalists can most likely guarantee an even larger culling.  Again, as with the case of the animal test trails where the animal’s OWN DNA was attacked by the animals killer T-cells, killing the host.


These soft kill bioweapon / vaccines are the perfect choice of death and destruction for the globalists.   As the soft kill shots do their dirty work, more FALSE narratives will be given.  Even more hysteria will be generated using FAKE science data and very REAL mass death.  More draconian laws will be enforced, and selected individuals will be excempt from the REAL bioweapons just like we have already seen useful politicians getting FAKE vaccines.  That is, until THEIR usefulness has been used up.  To stop all of this is easy, it will ALL stop when WE the people ourselves say “NO!!”   It’s easy, but will we?

January 23, 2021

PCR Test To Drive FALSE Vaccine Efficacy Narrative For Vaccine Mandates

Living in a world of FAKE science, order followers, and draconian rules.

The PCR test was chosen by the EVENT 201 crowd who run both the World Health Organization, and the USA CDC with the help of COVID czar Fauci, to deceive the scientific community and the world. In the beginning of the COVID operation the PCR cycle rate was set high by both the CONTROLLED CDC / WHO to get the high positive test rates to drive FEAR and draconian policies like Lockdowns, mask obedience [the driver to vaccine obedience], Orwellian social distancing behavior modification… The idea was that the majority of dim wits out on the street, world have no idea that the PCR test itself was meaningless in the way it was being used. This would include duped ‘local’ doctors who simply followed orders without so much as researching the test itself. With high PCR cycle rates the EVENT 201 deceivers could use the guaranteed false positive results to use ‘terrorism’ by waving so-called COVID cases like bloody shirts at the public. Because of topdown control of this COVID operation, the public was completely misguided into policies that not only cost millions their jobs, lively hood, freedoms but in some cases their lives MORE then the virus itself. For the first time in history a ‘case-demic’ was frightening the masses into mass stupidity and obedience.

Because this ‘topdown’ pseudo science was so bad, the EVENT 201 crowd in their October 2019 open conspiracy against the world said that THEY, [those few that own the majority of media] needed to “censor ALL opposition” to this COVID operation, that THEY were going to launch in January 2020. As a result, one of the largest censorship operations EVER conducted on the planet was focused primarily on the scientific and medical community that challenged the monolithic WHO and CDC pseudo science driving the draconian policies of their global masters.

The censorship dragnet was far and wide but, one topic that needed the harshest crackdown by globalist controlled media outlets centered squarely on the PCR test itself. The test used to terrorize and drive draconian mandates had to be protected at ALL costs. So ALL scientific input on the use of the PCR test was heavily censored. The man who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test itself, Kary Mullis, had a history calling out NOW COVID czar Fauci. Even before the EVENT 201 crowd used the PCR test to CON the public into giving up their lively hood and take dangerous experimental medial technology, Kary Mullis accused Fauci of using the PCR test to deceive the public. So, this PCR test deception was nothing new in the science community by people like Fauci and of course, Kary Mullis conveniently died in 2019 less than a year before the EVENT 201 crowd would FALSEY us his test.

The ministry of deception ‘Fact Checkers’ love to rail on the fact that Kary Mullis died right before the COVID operation, BUT FAIL to report the FACT that Mullis had already caught the likes of CDC / COVID czar Fauci using his test to FAKE results for his own gain. The so-called bought and paid for ‘fact checkers’ NEVER link to the video where Mullis directly accuses Fauci himself of using his test incorrectly AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG IN THIS COVID OPERATION. Hear the words out of the man who invented the PCR test itself, for yourself, below

This PCR Test Propaganda Operation Isn’t Rocket Science

When the EVENT 201 crowd needed FAKE data points in the form of high COVID test results, they knowingly and purposely used high PCR test cycles to get those very high FALSE positives need to terrorize the population with. Now that their very dangerous biotech being FALSELY called a vaccine has been rolled out, they have to lower the cycle threshold in order to further falsify data points that their dangerous technology is producing lower cases thus, falsifying the efficacy of these pseudo vaccines.

Just in time for the vaccine roll out… World Health Organization lowers cycle threshold.

“WHO guidance Diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 states that careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed (1). The cycle threshold (Ct) needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load. Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology.

WHO reminds IVD users that disease prevalence alters the predictive value of test results; as disease prevalence decreases, the risk of false positive increases (2). This means that the probability that a person who has a positive result (SARS-CoV-2 detected) is truly infected with SARS-CoV-2 decreases as prevalence decreases, irrespective of the claimed specificity. “ -World Heath Organization

Of course the CDC will follow suit once they are signaled to do so. The ‘real’ scientific community who have been silenced ARE outraged at such overt deception. When THEY [controlled corporate / intelligence run media] starts to use lowered case numbers to champion their dangerous vaccine technology WE ALL have to speak out to everyone around us about this Verifiable fraud. These FAKE lower cases due to vaccine narrative will be used to violate the Nuremberg Code by forcing this experimental technology on EVERYONE in the ford of forced mandatory vaccines.

Further Reading…

The criminal WHO blows its own cover: fake PCR test

January 22, 2021

More COVID Vaccine Death / Destruction You Are NOT Supposed To See

Play Video

Bill Gates said.. “Pandemic II Would Get Everyone’s Attention”

What has happened to this poor soul is ONLY the beginning.  Once those who have taken these eugenics shots and their body is producing God knows what, a common cold or a seasonal flu shot can, and most likely will, cause their body to attack itself.  [based on the success of these bioweapon’s tests on animals]  Obviously THEY [See EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] are hiding the death and destruction that these vaccines are causing already.   Once people start dying from wild viruses and seasonal [mandatory?] flu shots, the mass death will obviously be called pandemic II.  And yes, it will get everyone’s undivided attention.

It is of extreme importance that YOU document and share the death and destruction of those around you, who foolishly took these soft kill vaccines, with those who are left months even years from now.

January 21, 2021


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What’s Good For Thee Is NOT For Me!

Globalist Minions Getting OBVIOUS FAKE Vaccines World Wide

This is how stupid they literally think you are.  This Brazilian globalist minion OBVIOUSLY did NOT get even a saline shot, she got zilch, nodda,  zero , NOTHING. This nonsense is going on world wide. Global elitism is on full display while these bastards take away your freedoms today, your life tomorrow.  Why do we even put up with this?

Another Vaccine PR Stunt Nurse Dead?

Play Video

I don’t know for sure if Pharma’s PR stunt nurse Tiffinay Pontes [Dover] has died from the very shot she collapsed on camera from but, I do know that the same corporations calling themselves the news have ignored her since her collapse on camera [as they did the other nurse I posted]. So, if she has died, THEY would be the very last to tell you.

January 18, 2021

Pro vaccine Nurse Who’s Post Vaccine Collapse Went Viral, Condition Worsening

Same Corporate Media That Used Nurse To SELL Soft Kill Vaccines To Masses, Ignores Her Now

“Before you take this vaccine, please think. It has definitely changed my life,” she said in the video, as she held back tears.”

We tried to warn these people.  Of course, the very same corporations that call themselves the media that USED HER to push these soft kill vaccines have totally ignored her worsening condition.  Only RT is allowed to report this story, so that these same intelligence run media corporations can FALSEY cry… “Russian disinformation!!!”

Her condition is only the tip of a much larger iceberg to come, when this technology starts to make people’s cells produce God knows what, and their body starts to malfunction giving rise to any number of life threatening illness that will be ignored by the very same corporate media ignoring this nurse.

Honestly, Will We Say “NO!!!” Before It’s Too Late?

January 16, 2021

Are Los Angeles Hospitals KILLING Their Patients?

More Than 1,600 Dead In A Week / As California Goes Full on Chi-Comm
Are Los Angeles Hospitals KILLING Patients Just Like They Did In New York City?

Someone close to my wife works in the morgue at a Los Angeles hospital.  He says he’s never seen so many dead at the morgue in his 4 years at the hospital.  This individual is NOT allowed on the wards and can not see what they are doing to these people.  Since it has been confirmed by multiple health workers in NYC, that ‘official patient policies’ were used to kill as many people as possible.  It’s NOT a stretch that these same Nazi procedures are at work in LA.  California is overhyping COVID numbers to justify harsh Communist Chinese / Stasi types of lockdowns.   The goals are to FALSELY show that the vaccine works and justify such extreme authoritarian measures across USA.  What do a few thousand lives mean to killers anyway?

January 13, 2021

Lights / Cameras / DEATH In NYC

Another Nurse Blows Whistle On New York City’s Death Camp Hospitals 

This nurse [REAL Hero] is NOT the only nurse to go public and blow the whistle on the globalists COVID terrorism campaign to scare the public into submission of track and trace forced vaccination.  The intelligence / pharma run media chose the very hospital this nurse worked at to scare the public with.


Warning: Note that THEY kill those with dark skin first.  Just say’n, but THEY are NOT stopping there.

Nurse HERO NICOLE SIROTEK, as reported here on this forum in May 2020, ALSO blew the whistle on these KILLERS.  This is the very same thing the Nazis were tried in Nuremberg for, and similar trials NEEDS to be conducted.  These are the very KILLERS at the top who want to inject you with an untested technology, and FORCE future untested technology into your body. 

Rewards For Killers.
Persecution For Heros In Fourth Reich USA

Doctor / Senator Jensen being persecuted for simply stating VERIFIABLE FACTS on COVID vs influenza.

Scientists / doctors / politicians… NOT going along with the Great Reset population reduction globalist agenda will be the target of oppression [and worse] by evil and deadly actors who have taken over the planet.  Professionals Take Warning as YOU become aware that this Great Reset takeover is the real NO bullshit deal, if YOU don’t speak out NOW, there will be NO ONE left to speak out when THEY [See EVENT 201 / Dark Winter] come after you. “But, but, but I kept my head down and did NOT say anything!!”  You think that’s really going to save you, or how this even works?  These are killers we’re talking about.

Will We Say “NO!!” BEFORE It’s Too Late?

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