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December 31, 2011

The 10 biggest vaccine news stories of 2011

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The 10 biggest vaccine news stories of 2011

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A lot happened in the vaccine industry in 2011 — a year of accelerating change and increased awareness among the people. One of the big realizations that hit home in 2011 is that vaccines are far more dangerous than most people previously thought, and even conventional scientists are starting to question the over-vaccination of infants and children.

Here are the 10 biggest vaccine news stories of 2011, reported on

#1 – Japanese children die from vaccines

Yet more evidence emerges of the deadly side effects of vaccines:

#2 – U.S. government recruits churches to push flu shots on congregation members

Take that flu shot, or you’ll go to Hell! That’s the new message the U.S. government is trying to pound into the heads of church pastors and priests:

#3 – Top CDC vaccine scientist indicted for fraud

You probably never read this story elsewhere, but one of the CDC’s top researchers was indicted for allegedly stealing vaccine research money and using it to buy fancy vehicles and a luxury home:

#4 – IOM admits MMR vaccines cause seizures and measles

(One of the functions of the lame stream corporate media is to twist facts favorable to the pharmaceutical companies THEY ARE HEAVILY INVESTED IN / WITH. Every time a measles out break occurs NON vaccinated children are ALWAYS blamed. HOWEVER, it is always discovered soon after, that in fact, the measles outbreaks WERE STARTED BY CHILDREN WHO WERE VACCINATED. Of course there NEVER is a retraction of these facts because, doing so would show HOW THEY DISTORT THE FACTS. The medical industrial complex typically distorts WHO started the outbreaks BY COUNTING VACCINATED CHILDREN AS NON VACCINATED if they are behind their ‘scheduled’ booster shots those distorted twisting of the facts are where the lame stream corporate media source their information.)

In a groundbreaking report, the Institute of Medicine openly admitted that vaccines actually cause the very measles they claim to prevent. The mainstream media, of course, misreported this research and utterly failed to cover the real story.

#5 – CDC openly admits flu vaccines don’t work

Here’s news you don’t see every day: The CDC openly admits that vaccine flu shots “wear off,” meaning they simply do not work in the way vaccine-pushing immunologists told us they did.

#6 – Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admits vaccines contain cancer-causing viruses

The actual admission happened decades ago, but news of it only went viral in 2011 as alternative news websites like NaturalNews (and From Hell to Veins) publicized the once-secret audio recordings revealing shocking admissions by Dr. Maurice Hilleman.

#7 – HPV vaccines found contaminated with HPV!

Pretty clever, huh? Just lace the HPV vaccines with the DNA of HPV itself, and you can spread the disease to create more fear that sells more vaccines!

#8 – Swine flu vaccine admittedly causes neurological disorders

2011 was the year that the nation of Finland openly admitted on the record that swine flu vaccines “conclusively” cause neurological disorders. It then offered to pay the lifetime medical costs of those damaged by such vaccines.

Remember, the USA continues to absurdly claim that vaccines cause NO damage (not to anyone) and are perfectly safe for infants, children and even pregnant women!

#9 – Science says flu vaccines only work on 1 out of 100

Now, even the scientists can’t argue with their own science, can they? Rigorous studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals reveal that flu vaccines hardly work at all and are wasted on 98.5 out of 100 people who take them.

#10 – Hallmark caught distributing flu shot compliance cards to new moms

(I think Wallgreens and CVS should co share this bullet point. It was discovered there were ‘rewards and discipline’ programs to employee’s of these companies to push flu shots on ‘unsuspecting’ patrons. Rewards of ipads and disciplinary action / intimidation of employees that did NOT meet flu shot quotas. )

Yes, even the Hallmark card company is now pushing vaccines. Plotting alongside state agencies in Florida, Colorado and elsewhere, the company pushes out cutesy flu shot “compliance” cards that urge new moms to have their newborn babies injected with dozens of combination vaccines, complete with mercury and chemical adjuvants that cause neurological disorders:

February 26, 2010

16 Y.O. Girl Blided By HPV Vaccine, The Carnage Coninues.

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My Commentary:
The reason the pro ‘eugenics’ establishment can hoodwink the public on vaccine damage is that vaccines are notorious for causing different damage to different people. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ one size fits all damage when it comes to vaccines. The Gardasil vaccine has produced an array of different types of damage IN DIFFERENT PEOPLE. The bottom line is these vaccines ARE causing damage. Now in this case it caused a girl to go blind. It’s also worth noting that this may in fact have already happened to many other girls before this girl. The problem, it is extremely hard to get these doctors without a spine or soul to report that ANY damage WAS IN DEED CAUSED BY THE VACCINE.


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