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April 1, 2010

A Nightmare Caused By Vaccine

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A Nightmare Caused By Vaccine
My daughter who is 31 years old, college graduate and mother of three took her 11 mos old baby in for his “well baby shots”. The shots included Live virus Varicella and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Ten days following her sons vaccinations SHE came down with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis-ADEM. In ADEM the T-cells are triggered to attack the myelin sheath and strip it off the nerves in the brain. Through an MRI it was discovered that her brain has huge lesions She was infected via diaper changing. It is a FACT in the CDC (center for disease control) book (Dr.s bible of meds) that cell shedding takes place with LIVE VIRUS vaccines via body waste. THEY (medical community) KNOW THIS HAPPENS. YET NO ONE WARNED US! My daughter lost her ability to talk and walk, lost fine motor skills in hands and arms and lost bladder control. Her mental condition also deteriorated. It has been one year since this has happened. She has partially gained walking ability and her speech is better, but the lesions remain and now we are told it has triggered MS in her! Through testing we were able to rule out varicella….but there was NO kit for measle testing! According to her neurologist the live vaccine was the culprit….But we have no way to prove it. No one is accepting responsibility for what has happened to her. She is a victim of vaccines. The pediatrician reported this event to the VACCINE ADVERSE EPISODE REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS) and is no longer employed at the pediatric clinic. My daughter doesnt qualify for compensation through VAERS because they do not allow third party compensation in PA. If you must get your child vaccinated WEAR GLOVES WHEN CHANGING BABY! I am telling you more than the medical field does to protect you. Believe me, my daughter’s life has been destroyed due to vaccines. Now our family no longer has to have live vaccines….big deal, the damage has already been done. Pray for her, please, her name is Mary.

Absolutely NO TESTING For Vaccine Injury! What It Means.

February 24, 2010

Pro Vaccine Chimes In

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My commentary:
I find it interesting that the ‘pro-vaccine’ defenders claiming that vaccines are nothing but sound science at work and that vaccine ‘side effects’ are simply little ‘inconveniences’ that are as harmless as a simple snivel, claim there is NO science backing up vaccines ‘SORED’ track record.

Too bad for them yet another person steps forward to share the VERY REAL damage from the vaccine ‘Gardasil’ which has effected their child. Even though the damage from the Gardasil vaccine is as REAL as the nose on the face of these pro-vaccine supporters and is REPRODUCED over and over and over in LIVING HUMAN BEINGS, the very establishment that manufactures this poison and gives it to children see NO “scientific evidence” to take it off the shelf. Even as these little girls beg not to get another shot because the first got them so sick, these so called Doctors without a backbone demand they keep taking the other two instead of standing up to their boards against a vaccine that hasn’t even been PROVEN to do what it CLAIMS it can do.

This is the reality and a true ‘bellwether’ of how far we have decade as a society.

Lenoxus said…

Will those who currently oppose vaccination — I’m sorry, those who are “pro safe vaccine” — ever actually think a vaccine is safe? Really? Is there actually some number of studies or meta-analysis that could convince you vaccines are worth it?

This is how we know we are dealing with pseudoscience — when proponents rush to the defense of a man like Wakefield, and insist that, no matter what, their hypothesis must be correct.

Conversely, suppose that study after study had demonstrated a link. Obviously, you would have to reject them, right? Because they would have been funded by “Big Pharma” too.

Vaccines have a non-zero risk. They have side effects. The side effects are small enough to be worth it.

NO2SHOTS said…

My daughter had just turned 11 years old in September. On October 1/ 09 she was given the Gardisal Vaccine at school and has been seriously unwell since. Doctors say it is 100% a vaccine induced illness that looks like Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Tests confirm the allergic response to the vaccine causing an Autoimmune Disease that is attacking her Joints, muscles and whole system. She has now come down with severe Asthma and a chest infection. She was perfectly healthy before October 1/09. She is now on machines and 3 types of Asthma meds, antibiotics and rarely gets to school. She is coughing up blood and in terrible pain with crazy symptoms and illnesses like Raynuads phenonemon , joint problems, hives,allergies, eye problems,extreme fatigue, dizzy spells,loss of vision, kidney pain and the list goes on and on. Here is my blog I have kept track of everything since that day.

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