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February 12, 2011

Have GM Mosquitoes Already Evolved Into Super Killers?

Bill & Melinda Gates Watch:
Editors Note:
I can tell you FROM THE HORSES MOUTH that when it comes to eugenics population / extermination ‘control’, Africa is THE laboratory testing grounds .

In 2007 genetic laboratories, MOSTLY FUNDED BY THE MANY TENTACLES OF THE BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, were boasting that they were on cusp of creating ‘franken-mosquitoes’ to be released in places such as West Africa. These are genetically ‘ALTERED’ mosquitoes. Modifications happen in nature. These ‘alterations’ need a gene gun and other technology to be created and, these mosquitoes can IN NO WAY BE CREATED IN NATURE. But hey, it’s all for the greater good right? You can say these ‘altered’ mosquitoes are Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ‘Super killer’ mosquitoes. Oh, but wait! His mosquitoes were ‘supposed to SAVE man from Malaria. Yeah, that’s exactly what people who say that there are too many of YOU AND ME on this planet do. Prevent more deaths.

In 2010 the globalists and their armies of institutions and resources pushing the release of these ‘fraken-mosquitoes’ got governments to canvas the W. African people to see if they could sell them on releasing the little globalists bugs in their back yards. Read linked.
This little stunt tells me they had ALREADY RELEASED THEM. Which is simply how the Globalists roll and, is right in line with their modus operandi. Especially in Africa.

Recently Scientists have identified a new type of mosquito. It is a subgroup of _Anopheles gambiae_, the insect species responsible for most of the malaria transmission in Africa. Researchers tell Science magazine that this new mosquito appears to be very susceptible to the parasite that causes the disease — which raises concern.
Now, the rest of this BBC article goes into damage control, explaining how scientists have somehow missed the most heavy malaria carrying super mosquito species. I guess it’s kind of like how these brilliant minds have some how missed the link between aspartame and heart attacks. It just happens. No, the release of GM mosquitoes in the region could NOT POSSIBLY BE THE EXPLANATION FOR THIS.

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