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January 12, 2012

Dr. Wakefield Files Defamation Lawsuit

The house of cards is beginning to crumble on big pharma, their partner in crime, big media and, the so-called ‘skeptics’ that do their bidding on the entire Wakefield issue. The latest ‘exoneration’ SHOULD only build steam for the Wakefiled lawsuit. That is, if the Wakefield suit gets it’s day in court.
Editorial by Jenny McCarthy: MMR Doctor Exonerated—Who’s Guilty Now?
By Jenny McCarthy
March 16, 2012

The parent autism community is buzzing with excitement over a ruling by a British judge clearing Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s colleague and co-author of all charges against him that arose from a study of the relationship between gut disease, autism, and the MMR vaccine.

Judge John Mitting’s conclusion, from an appeal by the highly respected pediatric gastroenterologist Prof. John Walker-Smith, stated:

“…both on general issues and the Lancet paper and in relation to individual children, the panel’s overall conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct was flawed…The panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.”

Professor Walker-Smith was Andrew Wakefield’s co-author on a highly controversial study published in the medical journal The Lancet in 1998. Most of the controversy stemmed from the reporting by the co-authors that many of the parents in the study claimed that their children regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine.

For parents of children with autism, this whole mess has always been a bit of a head-scratcher. The Lancet study’s conclusion that children with autism suffer from bowel disease is something any autism parent could easily confirm, and MMR, by far, has been the vaccine most commonly cited by parents as a trigger for a regression into autism. In my travels, I have heard the same story from parents about MMR leading to regression thousands of times.

In Britain, The General Medical Council is in charge of licensing and regulating doctors. Their 2010 “trial” of Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues was the longest in GMC history, lasting 217 days, and concluded by revoking the medical licenses of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Prof Walker-Smith. At the time, Dr. Wakefield spoke of the injustice that Judge Mitting has now confirmed:

“It seemed to me that they had come to this decision a long time ago, long before the evidence was fairly heard. This is the way the system deals with dissent. You isolate, discredit and provide an example to other doctors and scientists not to get involved in this kind of thing. That is examining questions of vaccine safety.”

Now what? If the foundation of the proof that the MMR does not trigger autism is crumbling, what in the world are parents supposed to believe? If Professor Walker-Smith is not guilty on all charges, will Dr. Wakefield be next? The Canary Party’s press release explains:

“While John Walker-Smith received funding to appeal the GMC decision from his insurance carrier, his co-author Andrew Wakefield did not — and was therefore unable to mount an appeal in the high court. This year, however, Dr. Wakefield, who now conducts his research in the US, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee and the British Medical Journal for falsely accusing him of ‘fraud.’ The suit is currently underway in Texas, where Wakefield now lives.”

I think I’m really happy today–it’s great to see justice finally served. At the same time, have parents been given false information? Are decisions being made by parents based on headlines that may prove inaccurate? Is it possible vaccines are in fact dangerous for our most fragile kids?

If Dr. Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith have been found not guilty, who are the guilty parties? Mark Blaxill, chairman of the Canary Party, offers up his thoughts:

“Though justice has finally prevailed for Prof. Walker-Smith, the damage done to him and his colleagues has been incalculable. The UK government must investigate the corruption in the GMC, which has severely damaged the reputations of good, honest doctors. Most of all, it’s outrageous that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been vilified by government officials, vaccine manufacturers and physician organizations, and that the media has accepted these unfounded accusations uncritically.”

I don’t know the answers to all these questions. Unfortunately, the GMC’s decision to turn Dr. Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith’s paper into a three-ring circus has put a chill on research into all the possible environmental causes of autism. Will this finally open the floodgates?

We need answers, and we need them now. Millions of children remain at risk. For one day, at least, it feels like some justice has been served.


Dr. Wakefield will have his day in court, HOPEFULLY.

We all saw how the federal ‘courts’ in the Untied States handled Jessy Ventura’s lawsuit against the TSA. Jessy Ventura was NEVER GIVEN ONE DAY IN A COURT ROOM. Which is a huge violation of OUR rights in the US under the US constitution. YES!! The US federal courts violated ALL of our rights when Ventura’s right to a FAIR day in court was denied. Question begs to be asked… Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield get his day in court? Or, will the same judicial system that kept Ventura’s case out of court keep Wakefield’s case from EVER seeing a day in court as well?

The Defendants:
The British Medical Journal (the media / medical industry)
Journalist Brian Deer (the media)
Dr. Fiona Godlee (medical industry / media)

What the Wakefield Lawsuit Means If The Suit Goes Through And Wakefield Wins:
I see this as a case MUCH BIGGER than Dr. Wakefiled himself.

If Dr. Wakefield wins it would be a huge blow to the main stream media that aided and abetted KNOWN FALSE accusations against Dr. Wakefield. The lawsuit would PROVE IN COURT that the actions of the defendants keeping FACTS from Dr. Wakefiled et al research relevant to the public’s health & safety PURPOSELY out of the public record by means of defaming Dr. Wakefield in the process would be A GROSS VIOLATION OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND TRUST. This, on top of ruining a professional career and a person’s individual well being in the process.

Facts From the Suit:
Click link below for copy of suit.

Brian Deer falsified data.

Defaming statements by both the BMJ and Brian Deer were based off of KNOWN falsified data. This is where Dr. Godlec aided and abetted these false alligations against Dr. Wakefild by publishing defaming articles to collaborate Deers false and CORRUPTED allegations.

Dr. Wakefield presents the ‘facts’ in the lawsuit provided in pdf form linked to in this article.

This is not a hard case for Dr. Wakefield et al to prove in the Texas court. The Texas court HAS jurisdiction over the defendants since their fraud WAS perpetuated not only in Texas BUT, all across America by the corporate media and the internet.

If Wakefield wins his lawsuit an investigation of a coverup needs to be done ASAP where another lawsuit can be field against the parties this fraud was covering up for.

I’ve been monitoring internet communication on the filing of this lawsuit by Dr. Wakefield. What I noticed was very PREDICTABLE.

Friends of the corporate established media and the pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex have come out in a firestorm trying to defend the ‘OFFICIAL LIE’ as they always do. In this case the lying of Brian Deer et al.

Who are these people? The core of the people ‘leading the charge’ are ‘self described’ skeptics. The problem is that they really are NOT ‘TRUE SKEPTICS’. A ‘true skeptic’ would be a skeptic of ALL sides of an issue. These so-called skeptic groups are lead by people who ALWAYS are one sidedly skeptical and, THAT SIDE ALWAYS TOWS THE CORPORATE / BIG GOVERNMENT LINE. Always, without fail!

That, by itself, should make ANY INDEPENDENT THINKER a skeptic of the skeptic movement itself. These so-called ‘skeptics’ either, NEVER present their ‘skepticism’ from a point of view that looks at ALL the evidence on BOTH SIDES or, they ONLY look at the ‘weakest’ argument and NOT all the others. They typically just defend the corporate / government ‘officaildom’ on one hand while going ‘ape’ being a skeptic on the opposite issue with NO BALANCE of skepticism what-so-ever.

There is plenty of valid documentation that both corporate and government entities employ a great number of ‘hacks’ out there on the internet to do their bidding for them in the court of public opinion and, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that the leaders of these so-called skeptic websites are nothing more than paid for hacks. Paid to tow the corporate / corporate-government line, and if you really understood ‘what it would mean if Wakefield wins his suit’ then, it’s easy to understand the all out attack on his lawsuit by these ‘hacks’ out here on the internet.

November 7, 2011

Dr. Wakefield Addresses Physicians & Surgeons

The information Dr. Wakefield gives these medical professionals can be VERIFIED as 100% accurate. This is the very reason Dr. Wakefield has been blacked out by the corporate media who are HEAVILY invested in the pharmacological industrial complex.



May 15, 2011

Dr. Wakefield Threatened Vaccine Gold Mine.

Editor’s Note:
A ‘world renowned’ neural scientist and brain surgeon Dr. Blaylock weighs in on the Dr. Wakefield issue.

I just want to say when ANYONE ‘without an agenda’ (which does NOT include the pro OR anti vaccines camps) looks at both sides of the Wakefield argument they quickly find IN REALITY, that the ‘research’ was NEVER the issue (fraud). The same research has been uncovered by the truckloads and brought into the light for all who care to look. What the public finds is that before the witch hunt, Dr. Wakefields credentials were heavy indeed, and what he said carried a lot of weight behind it. THAT WAS WHEN HE ‘PLAYED BALL’. Dr. Wakefield’s TRUE CRIME by his accuser’s account wasn’t for medical fraud. Brian Deer’s work has been thoroughly debunked. Dr. Wakefield’s true crime by his accusers was, that one of there own ‘pro vaccine’ heavy weights found his ‘conscience’ and, DARED to say that vaccines need much better and TRANSPARENT research.

Protectors of the two century old vaccine gold mine knows exactly what ‘REAL DISCOVERY’ would mean to the ‘mining operation’. The end.

Blaylock: Big Pharma Vilified Researcher for Threatening Vaccine Program

Thursday, January 13, 2011 10:52 AM
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
I find it ironic that the media, the British government, and leaders in medical academia jumped on board attacking and destroying Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s reputation based on “fraud” charges related to a study he conducted about the link between the measles vaccine and autism.

It is ironic for a number of reasons. How can the British government, itself drowning in deception at every level, dare accuse anyone of fraud?

The panel assembled by the government and academia to judge Wakefield, ironically, dares to speak of fraud, yet their main complaint is that his findings “might endanger the ‘sacrosanct’ vaccine program,” not that his principal findings were wrong. In fact, several independent researchers found the same measles vaccine-related colitis that he described.

A recently released charge by the BMJ editors is that Wakefield was poised to get huge profits from a product stemming from his research results. I am not here to defend Wakefield, rather, I demonstrate the double standard regularly practiced by his vocal critics.

Virtually every paper published on drugs, such as statins, is authored by individuals having financial links to as many as three to four pharmaceutical companies each. The same is true of papers published by major journals extolling vaccine efficacy and safety. They know these papers violate every ethical principle known, yet they are published in some of the most prestigious journals.

Abundant evidence has shown that these very same people destroy the reputations of anyone producing evidence, no matter how well researched and of the highest ethical standards, if it in any way endangers this vaccine program. It is ironic that these accusers speak of “blatant fraud,” when virtually all of the vaccine safety evidence they use abundantly is fraudulent by careful design.

Scare Tactics
Ironically, even their outcry of the effect of Wakefield’s paper is deceitful. They scream that it caused vaccine rates to fall below the 80 percent level needed for “herd immunity,” when they know that no one has ever proven his paper was the cause.

A growing number of British have suffered from vaccine complications, and they are rightly concerned about vaccine safety. When there was a small outbreak of measles in this country, as few as 300 cases, they screamed it was an epidemic and millions were at risk of dying. In fact, in similar outbreaks studies found that 90 percent of the affected children had been fully or partially vaccinated, and most had mild infections.

When I grew up there was no measles vaccine and everyone in my class got the measles and no one died or suffered serious harm. To imply our society is at risk of millions of deaths should vaccine rates drop is a blatant lie used to scare parents into over-vaccinating their children. They use the same scare tactics based on manipulated data to terrify the elderly into getting a flu shot every year.

Even this year, after we witnessed a 20-fold increase in miscarriages and stillbirths among women vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine last year, public heath officials are strongly suggesting that pregnant women be vaccinated with both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines. Dr. Garry Goldman, who has done a comprehensive analysis of this event, calls the government’s actions “an act of willful misconduct.”

Manipulating ‘Safety’ Studies
Anyone analyzing the “vaccine safety studies” done by vaccine makers and vaccine proponents can see that they were purposely designed to show safety by omitting people in the study who truly reflected the population being vaccinated and who were, by all standards of science, at risk of harm by the vaccines.

They do studies that use as placebo controls people injected with a vaccine adjuvant. Placebos are supposed to be completely inert. The evidence shows that the greatest danger from vaccines is from the vaccine adjuvant — so, how can they use adjuvant-injected people as controls? Yet, all of their studies used such vaccinated controls — this is blatantly manipulated, and they know it.

The studies that are quoted endlessly by these elite members of academia and government agencies and used to close the door on the vaccine connection to neurodevelopmental problems are purposefully designed so as to suggest no link between vaccines and any complication.

This falsified research is protected by academia, the media, and government agencies. Yet, they have the audacity to stand in judgment of Wakefield. This is not to say that Wakefield should be free of scrutiny — all researchers should be carefully scrutinized for bias.
Yet, why is there no open disclosure as to the connections between the rabid media, the investigating panel, the Lancet and BMJ journal editors, reporter Brian Deer, the British government, and the manufacturers of vaccines? When one examines these articles professing to prove the lack of a connection between vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders, it is shocking to see that virtually all of the authors have extensive financial connections to the pharmaceutical vaccine makers.

These same companies advertise heavily on all of the major media outlets and the media understands very well that reports endangering vaccine sales can mean a huge loss of advertising revenue. This constitutes deception on a grand scale — and it is practiced every day in this country and the UK.

So, why is Wakefield being attacked and his reputation ruined — especially for an article written 13 years ago? For several reasons, all of which involved the makers of vaccines. Vaccines generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for pharmaceutical manufacturers every year.

The H1N1 vaccine alone generated $1.5 billion in addition to the $1 billion generated by the seasonal flu vaccine, neither of which has been shown to be either effective or safe. You have been told this safety and efficacy has been scientifically shown, when this is a shocking, provable lie.

Silencing the Dissenters
By careful manipulation of the media, the pharmaceutical companies have created the illusion that the entire link between vaccines and neurodevelopmental brain damage is hinged solely on Wakefield’s article, implying there is no other evidence suggesting a powerful link.
Nothing could be further from the truth. I have written seven peer-reviewed articles and co-authored a recent ebook that makes a powerful scientific case for such a link. A growing number of researchers have also supplied hard data from very carefully done research that strongly suggest a link.

The defenders of vaccine policy used in the United States and the UK have used poorly done, obviously manipulated studies to make their case. If we use the same judgmental standards they used against Wakefield, they would be seen to be guilty of gross misconduct and, most importantly, of endangering the public at large.

Now, by destroying Wakefield’s reputation and accusing him of “crimes against humanity,” they hope to silence any further research in this area. It has the ring of old Soviet-style intimidation and the fear tactics the KGB used against dissidents.

The Case Against Vaccines
The truth is that the Wakefield article’s main theme was that they found bowel inflammation (colitis) in a small number of children vaccinated with the live measles vaccine and that the inflammation was caused by the measles virus from the vaccine itself.

He only proposed, almost in passing, that there might be a link between such bowel inflammation and autism, which is perfectly reasonable, ethical, and supported by other neuroscience research. I can cite hundreds of reputable articles in the medical literature that make similar proposals about less-controversial issues and are never questioned because they do not endanger pharmaceutical company profits.

The truth is that the case against the present vaccine schedule is very powerful and built on the findings of some of the most prestigious researchers in the world. The problem is the media and academia are so controlled by the pharmaceutical giants that the general public has no idea that this research even exists.

It is now known in the research world that questioning vaccine safety is a career killer. Researchers who dare to do so have been fired, denied research grants, their articles are rejected by the more “prestigious” science journals, and they are no longer invited to speak at national meetings. The atmosphere of fear is pervasive — all generated by the pharmaceutical giants and their minions.

By destroying reputations and stopping further research, pharmaceutical-controlled vaccine proponents hope to have a national law mandating all people receive every vaccine recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is under the absolute control of the vaccine manufacturers.

The data demonstrates that millions of people are seriously injured and thousands die as a result of vaccine complications every year. In many cases the damage caused by the vaccines exceed the risk of the disease being vaccinated against — such as is the case with the chickenpox, tetanus, measles, mumps, hepatitis B, and HPV vaccines.
The United States is the most over-vaccinated country in the world and evidence is growing that we are trading an “illusion of protection” by vaccines for a massive increase in vaccine-related chronic diseases.

The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud. The so-called H1N1 “pandemic” is a case in point. Even the World Health Organization declared there was a “huge amount” of uncertainty in the seriousness of the “pandemic,” which turned out to be far less deadly than initially feared.

The WHO admitted it mishandled the so-called pandemic and failed to convey its uncertainty to the public. Yet the CDC, the media, medical academia, and the pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers all participated in this deception.

It is time to wake up and call for some accountability; otherwise the vaccine program will never be safe.
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February 3, 2011

Dr. Wakefield Video Interview On Damanding BMJ Retraction.

January 30, 2011

Dr. Wakefield Demands British Medical Journal Retract Report.

Dr. Wakefield Demands British Medical Journal Retract Story. Documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud. SEE VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH DR. WAKEFIELD BELOW.

I have but one question for the pro vaccine individuals out there who come to read these findings.
Why does something like this involve NOT A DRUG BUT A VACCINE? Why is it ALWAYS vaccines that are in the center of lies and deceit by government, the corporate media and the pharmaceutical companies?

Wasn’t it the Lame Stream Corporate Media who said after they burned Dr. Wakefield to the proverbial cross of world exposure that “the vaccine / autism question was over once and for all”? Not only were THEY wrong but, these recent FACTS have opened up an even bigger can of worms for the vaccine pushers.

Bullet Points
1.) Documents Prove Dr. Wakefield’s Innocence / Freelance Journalist’s Guilt.

2.) British Medical Journal Board Member On Board Of the Drug Company That Makes The Very Vaccine in Question.

3.) Freelance Journalist Brian Deer Connected to Rupert Murdock Media Machine. Rupert Murdock Financially Connected To the Vaccine Industry. Please read.

4.) Brian Deer Falsified HIS NAME To Get Access To Grieving Mother Connected To Research Report.

5.) The British Medical Journal DID NOT CHECK BRIAN DEER’S FACTS. WHY?

7.) Dr. Wakefield’s Studies HAVE BEEN REPLICATED in over 30 + government and university studies / field research going all the way back to the 1930’s!

8.) Judge In Wakefield Kangaroo Court Major Stockholder In Company That Made Vaccine. Mouthed Off to The Media… “Vaccines SHOULD BE FORCED ON POPULATION!”

9.) Dr. Wakefield Says Children Will Suffer The Most From This Witch Hunt.

Please click HERE for the actual PDF file from Dr. Wakefield.

(NaturalNews (for ALL sourced links) New documents have emerged that clear Dr Andrew Wakefield of the allegations of fraud recently made by the British Medical Journal and its reporter Brian Deer. This new evidence “completely negates the allegations that I committed scientific
fraud. Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) knew or should
have known about the facts set out below before publishing their false allegations,” says Dr Andrew Wakefield (see sources, below).

Newly-revealed documents show that on December 20th, 1996, a meeting of The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group based at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School featured a presentation by Professor Walker-Smith on seven of the children who would later become part of the group of patients Dr Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 The Lancet paper (which was later retracted by The Lancet).

Remember, Dr Wakefield has been accused of completely fabricating his findings about these same children in his 1998 paper, but these documents reveal that fourteen months before Dr Wakefield’s paper was published, two other researchers — Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Amar Dhillon — independently documented the same problems in these children, including symptoms of autism.

Thus, Dr Wakefield could not have “fabricated” these findings as alleged by the British Medical Journal, which now finds itself in the position of needing to issue a retraction, or it must now expand its accusations of fraud to include Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Dhillon… essentially, the BMJ must now insist that a “conspiracy of fraud” existed among at least these three researchers, and possibly more, in order to back up its allegation that Dr Wakefield’s study results were fabricated.

The smoking-gun evidence
Professor Walker-Smith’s 1996 presentation at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School was entitled, “Entero-colitis and Disintegrative Disorder Following MMR – A Review of the First Seven Cases.”

His presentation notes began with the following text: ““I wish today, to present some preliminary details concerning seven children, all boys, who appear to have entero-colitis and disintegrative disorder, probably autism, following MMR. I shall now briefly present
their case history [sic].”

He then went on to detail the clinical history of these seven children as derived from his medical team as well as senior pathologist Dr Amar Dhillon. Importantly, Dr Andrew Wakefield was not part of this investigation. This means that Dr Wakefield’s findings were independently replicated by another medical research team.

The British Medical Journal’s accusations against Dr Wakefield — that he fabricated his findings — are therefore false. The mainstream media accusation that Dr Wakefield’s findings have “never been replicated” is also blatantly false.

Here are the notes on the seven children, as presented in 1996, 14 months BEFORE Dr Wakefield published his landmark paper in The Lancet:

Child 1. Immediate reaction to MMR with fever at 1 [corrected, illegible]
Rapid deterioration in behaviour – autism
Histology active chronic inflammation in caecum
Treated Asacol

Child 2. MMR at 15 months – head banging 2 weeks later.
Hyperactive from 18 months.
Endoscopy – aphthoid ulcer at hepatic flexure
Caecum: lymphoid nodular hyperplasia with erythematous rim and pale swollen
Histology, Ileum mild inflammation, colon moderate inflammation
Acute and chronic inflammation.
Treated CT3211 [a dietary treatment]

Child 3. ? dysmorphism – chromosomes and normal development
MMR at 5 months [sic]
Measles at 2.5 years* – 1 month later change in behavior
Hyperactive with food
Colonoscopy – granular rectum, normal colon and lymphoid nodular
Histopathology: lymphoid nodular hyperplasia.
Increased eosinophils 5/5 mild increase in inflammatory cells (Dhillon)
Routine normal
[* correction: he received measles vaccine first at approximately 15 months of
age and MMR at 2.5. years]

Child 4 (2). Reacted to triple vaccine 4 months – screaming and near cot death
MMR at 15 months – behaviour changed after 1 week.
“measles rash” week before
Endoscopy – minor abnormalities of vascular pattern
Histology – non-specific proctocolitis**

Child 5 (3). MMR at 14 months.
Second day after, fever and rash, bangs head and behaviour abnormal
Endoscopy – Lymphoid nodular hyperplasia
Histopathology: Marked increase in IEL’s [intraepithelial lymphocytes] in ileum
with chronic inflammatory cells in reactive follicles. Increase in inflammatory cells in colon and IELs increased.

Child 6 (7). MMR – 16 months – no obvious reaction
2 years behavioral change – 2.5 years
Screaming attacks – / food related
Endoscopy – Lymphoid nodular hyperplasia terminal ileum
Histology – Prominent lymphoid follicles
Dhillon: moderate to marked increase in IEL’s, increase in chronic inflammatory
cells throughout the colon – superficial macrophages not quite granuloma
Child 78. MMR 14 months
16 months “growling voice”
18 months – behavioural changes – autism diagnosed at 3 years
Barium [follow through X ray] 5 cm tight stricture [proximal] to insertion of
terminal ileum
Endoscopy- prominent lymphoid follicle in ileum
Mild proctitis with granular mucosa
Ileum – reactive follicles
Colon – bifid forms, increased IEL’s
Slight increase in inflammatory cells

(1) Inflammation that is not diagnostic of either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
(2) Child 6 in The Lancet paper. The chronological order was corrected for the final Lancet paper.
(3) Child 3 in The Lancet paper

BMJ caught in its own fraud
These documents reveal that the British Medical Journal has been caught in its own fraud for willfully ignoring this evidence, which was presented to it long before its recent publication of Brian Deer’s article calling Dr Wakefield a fraud.

The BMJ willfully ignored this evidence and simply decided to destroy Dr Wakefield’s professional reputation by any means necessary. As Dr Wakefield explains:

“In allowing itself to become the vehicle for Brian Deer’s particular brand of journalism; in circumventing the process of due diligence in its enthusiasm to “kill the beast”, the BMJ has taken a huge risk. As the document presented above shows, this was a mistake. Medicine, presented with the possibility of an iatrogenic catastrophe, has boarded a dissonant bandwagon and has gone after those who have concerns – genuine concerns – that childhood vaccines may be responsible, at least in part, for the autism epidemic. The relevant science has been grossly misrepresented, crushed beneath the wheels of a Public Relations 16-wheeler that is out of control. In the meantime a relentless tsunami of damaged children claims this land.”

Brian Deer caught as a liar
It has also been revealed that journalist Brian Deer, the author of the BMJ article condemning Dr Wakefield as a fraud, is himself a liar. In attempting to gather evidence for his article in the BMJ, he lied about his identity and entered the home of one of the parents of the autism children. Specifically, he claimed he was working for The Sunday Times even though he was never a Sunday Times employee.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the outright deception that has been used by the BMJ and Brian Deer in their attempt to silence a doctor whose only “crime” was publicly expressing concern about the safety of MMR vaccines.

That the BMJ and its writer Brian Deer have now been caught ignoring evidence and engaging in their own fraud gives credence to the idea that MMR vaccines may, indeed, not only be dangerous; but that they may be so dangerous that the top medical journals have to lie about the facts in order to protect them.

What’s clear here is that the BMJ has strayed so far from the realm of evidence-based scientific thinking that it can no longer be called a reputable medical journal at all. Its callous disregard for the truth — and its politically-motivated witch hunt against a researcher who only sought to protect the health of children — exposes it as a danger to the scientific community and the world of conventional medicine.

As this truth unfolds, these revelations will rock the medical world and expose these science journals as the frauds they truly are. Think about this: While these medical journals are taking money from vaccine manufacturers (who pay their ads), they are ignoring any scientific evidence they don’t like in order to vilify anyone who threatens the profits of these very same vaccine companies! And yet, these medical journals never admit that their very existence depends on the financial flow of money from these vaccine manufacturers who are strongly impacted by their editorial decisions!

There is fraud taking place in the vaccine industry today, of course, and the medical journals are the point men who push their distorted disinformation into the minds of doctors, journalists and anyone they can reach with their scientific distortions. At stake is the future of the vaccine industry, which is of course a multi-billion-dollar industry that thrives on misinformation and the ongoing scientific censorship of the facts surrounding the health risks posed by vaccines.

Learn more:

May 25, 2010

The Dr Wakefield Interviews The Main Stream Media / Big Pharma Hopes You Won’t Listen To.

Dr. Wakefield has held his first interviews since the UK smear campaign and is now clear and free to tell HIS SIDE OF THE STORY. These are MUST hear interviews! It becomes crystal clear WHY the main stream media doesn’t want to ‘allow’ him to tell his side of the story. The interviews go FAR BEYOND the kangaroo court findings. Dr. Wakefield seems very confident the professional ‘witch haunt’ against him is going to backfire in a very big way. He says the independent research done outside of his work confirms what he has been saying all along and the ‘claim’ his finding “can’t be replicated” WILL BE EXPOSED AS A FRAUD. Also, the ’12 children experimented on’ accusation is also going to blow up in the faces of the establishment that COOKED THAT ‘CLAIM’ UP as well.

His book Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy should be read as well to get the other side of this Dr. Wakefiled story BEFORE condemning the man.

My Commentary:
I have long been trying to make this point crystal clear. You can ‘professionally’ go after ANY drug and it is met with various degrees of resistance by the both the government and the medical industrial complex. Vaccines are treated LIKE NO OTHER DRUG. You even question them professionally, both the state and big pharma’s ocean liners full of attorneys will come to strike you down hard. WHY IS THIS? DOESN’T THIS SEEM RATHER ODD TO YOU? Why are we (the population / masses) told over and, over and, over there can in NO WAY be ANYTHING wrong with vaccines, outside a needle rash while at the same time, almost EVERY drug on the market has serious side effects.

Dr. Wakefields ‘persecution’ only ‘proves’ that the vaccine propaganda campaign is failing miserably. The PR job done on Dr. Wakefield, which is NOT exclusive to Dr. Wakefield, shows what the establishment will do to a PRO VACCINE DOCTOR!!! simply to push their dogma on the rest of us, DAMN THE FACTS.

Thank you Dr. Wakefield! For continuing your work where other doctors / scientists would otherwise shake in their boots while wetting their lab coats.

On the question of unethical research. I am paraphrasing Dr Wakefield.
We listen to parents who were ignored by both big pharma / big government who’s children were effected after taking vaccines and we investigated those children’s cases. The children were NEVER experimented on. No laws or ethics were EVER violated. We (Wakefield team) was perplexed how the court (of fellow doctors) came to the conclusions they came to. The verdict must have been predetermined. This whole fiasco I feel will come back to haunt them (big pharma, big media, big government) down the road because there is so much independent research backing up our work. We pursued our professional and moral duties (In finding out what happened to their kids) It’s a lot easier going after me then solving the problem.

A couple of other points by Dr. Wakefield.
Many professionals are starting to realize the vaccine problems.

I’m not going away, the parents aren’t going away, the vaccine problems aren’t going away and I will continue to get to the bottom of this vaccine situation. Mothers never give up and they are an inspiration to keep me pursuing the truth about what’s happening.

Part 1 of 10 interview Dr. Mecola (you can follow each video after the last by clicking on the video icon at the top.)

Part 1 of Interview (Alex Jones)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

February 2, 2010

Dr. Wakefield, The New Dr. Bernice Eddy Case

Will it be any number of years before Dr. Wakefield is vindicated just as Dr. Bernice Eddy was when she was dragged through a similar kangaroo court of opinion when her FACTS threatened the MYTH of the 1950’s polio vaccine?

The corporate media is having a ‘field day’ with The General Medical Council’s ‘ruling’ that Dr. Wakefield fudged data on the connection between vaccines and autism. What corporate media doesn’t inform the general public on what THEY call a “court decision” is that the General Medical Council IS NOT A COURT OF LAW. As Barbra Loe Fisher accurately describes this so-called court:
“The General Medical Council does not operate a legal court of law; it is rather a medical court of opinion, where doctors can sanction other doctors and, in effect, hang their own.” If people really looked at this so called ‘court’ I believe they would find it less credible than Dr. Wakefield et al.

Since we really don’t know what ‘evidence’ was ALLOWED to be presented and which was not, there is only one thing the Wakefield case and many others like it prove. That is, historically, if any professional challenge the RELIGION of vaccines it becomes as carrier suicidal as it once was for professionally demonstrating the earth is round in the galileo area.

If people look at the ‘historic record’ ever since the likes of the Rockefeller and, other such notable family names, take over of what can be called today ‘the medical industrial complex’ one can see over and over vaccines get treated with kid gloves like no other drug. The pharmacological era of health care is more responsible for death on mankind then all the diseases had ever killed, with MAYBE the exception of the black death itself, but modern medicine is closing in fast on that one as well!

Funny there are NO REAL courts holding those accountable who hold major stock in pharmaceutical companies that tell the CDC / WHO to ‘fudge’ pandemic levels for profit. It’s hilarious that pregnant women are encouraged by this same ‘system’ that persecuted Dr. Wakefield, to take an H1N1 vaccine, where it’s own insert clearly tells them not to and that shot kills that baby!! Yet, all we get instead is, historic denial and golden promises that vaccines could never in a billion years hurt a fly.

If there were such a just court Dr. Wakefield would not only be vindicated but the mass attention on him would quickly be shifted to the guilty. Dr. Blaylock has had in his possession for quite sometime the actual minuets for an international virologists symposium with the main topic of discussion being how mercury causes autsim. Yes, you see the same ‘establishment’ that is persecuting Dr. Wakefield knows full and well the mercury autism connection. The really bad news for the public is that mercury is only the tip of the vaccine / autism and many other dangers problematic iceberg.

The high priests of the vaccine religion are mistakenly using the Wakefield kangaroo court verdict as some sort of a ‘case closed’ victory on the dangers of vaccines. Problem for them is 1.) The science against vaccines continues to mount and it goes far beyond anything Wakefield had worked on back in the 1990’s. 2.) The H1N1 vaccine scandal won’t go away regardless of this media circus on Wakefield. 3.) Probably the biggest blow for the vaccine religion is that health consumers are treating vaccines, AS THEY SHOULD, like any other health product on the market and are simply saying no “thank you”. As the high priests of vaccines found out during the H1N1 scandal, that’s one right the public will NOT have taken away from them anytime soon!

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