From Hell To Veins

February 25, 2011

The Social Networking Pandemic / Vaccine ‘Counter Revolution’ To Come.

In 2009 a h1n1 pandemic hoax was played out on the world’s stage. Governments were threatening to mandate dangerous vaccines on their populations. Pharmaceutical companies saw record profits from the sale of population sized lots of dangerous vaccines sold to those same governments.

A vaccine truth ‘revolution’ occurred AND IS STILL GROWING to date!

The vaccine truth international ‘social network’ armed with the FACTS on the h1n1 pandemic plot, the internet (via websites and blogs), and social networking tools such as Facebook / Twitter, warned the public and gave them the FACTS to make the choice with confidence to stand up to both big governments and big pharma and say “HELL NO” to the pandemic hoax and taking the dangerous vaccines.

That was NOT the extent of this on going ‘vaccine truth’ revolution. Today, the public is educating themselves on the ‘other side’ of the vaccine coin like never before. Getting important vaccine information both big pharma and big media CHOOSE NOT TO TELL THEM. Doctors / scientists are breaking out of their silence to share their PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE of vaccine problems. The corporate media has admitted total failure in brainwashing the public on vaccines and the general population doesn’t trust them. So, their old disinformation ‘tactics’ no longer are working.

What is big pharma and government to do?

The answer to that question is easy. Run a ‘counter’ vaccine / pandemic revolution to OUR vaccine truth revolution.

However, to explain and expose the details for such an undertaking is not quite as easy. The ‘system’ being put in place for such a ‘counter revolution’ is VERY sophisticated. As I write this, the networking for this counter revolution ‘system’ is an on going process. ALL the pieces to this ‘network’ have to be explained in order for a person to fully understand the entire picture. Oh, and by-the-way, they are ALL in place.

I am not going to be posting anything further on this blog UNTIL I have completed my research on this matter to the best of my ability. I am also working with others on this investigation to shed light on this social networking ‘concept’ still in it’s infant stages so we, the ‘public’, can ‘properly’ counter it.

In Conclusion:
Let me finish by saying that the 2009 pandemic / vaccine hoax was simply a trial balloon. The next big pandemic scare that gets hyped up again, big government and big pharma HAVE NO INTENTION on being isolated on the other side of the ‘opposition’ fence with egg on their face like in 2009. No sir! When the time is right they will sit back BEHIND THE SCENES and let THEIR ‘counter revolution’ social networks of mostly pharma and DOD insiders take on the vaccine truth revolution that stopped the 2009 pandemic hoax in it’s tracks. I am putting all my time into exposing not only the counter revolution but, HOW big pharma and big government is behind it so we can fully combat it before it even gets traction.

I will give little updates to my progress

From ultra establishment George Soros Huffington post…

Old news…

Last week, Wired reported that In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology arm, is investing in Visible Technologies, the social-media monitoring company, which tracks over half a million Web sites everyday.

Pay attention, here’s how it’s to be done…

The benefits of social media use by government are undisputed. Many federal agencies are already using online networks to engage with and share knowledge with the public. Others are surveying the Internet to gather information on public concerns and trends.

For instance, the CDC tracked Google searches made by Internet users to observe the number of flu cases last year. is using social media in remarkable ways to build an online community and better implement disease communication.

In addition, many high-ranking public officials have embraced social networks to truly connect with citizens.

…and we all know what the tag line means… Propaganda placement BY THEIR social networks.

Yeah the wire tapping is bad enough BUT soon, the truth movements whatever they maybe, will in the future have to go up against bogus government / industry social networks giving, most likely, have truths to get people arguing over how many angels are dancing on the head of a pin. Instead of putting all there efforts on the fundamental core issues.

5-14-11 Update
I have decided to wait and roll this report out prior to this years flu season as the ‘counter social network’ by the establishment gets geared up.

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