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February 15, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald And The Polio Vaccine Secret.

Was one of the ‘benefits’ to having Lee Harvey Oswald murdered so he could NOT testify in court?

Did you know that one of the reasons why Lee Oswald could NOT testify in court, as far as both the military & pharmacological industrial complex were concerned, was Lee Oswald’s connection to the polio vaccine?

Life is truly stranger than fiction. Tangled in between this TRUE story about Lee Harvey Oswald and a high school genius cancer scientist’s love affair, is the story of how the polio vaccine led to the weaponization of cancer by both government and industry.

Once upon a time the American Cancer Society did NOT want the public to know that cancer was IN FACT ‘viral’ by nature. A known FACT that IS part of the PUBLIC RECORD today. Why would the Cancer Society NOT want the public in the know about the viral nature of cancer?

When the polio vaccine was created it was created off the kidney cells of a certain type of monkey. The scientists in charge of that part of the vaccine development KNEW about the cancer virus. Somewhere on this blog I have a link to the ‘audio confession’ (taped by Edward Shorter) of that knowledge. (See Dr. Maurice Hillerman) The American Cancer Society at this time was fighting the link between cancer being viral in nature. Kind of like how the pharmacological Industrial Complex today is fighting the link of BOTH autism / cancer and vaccines.

It wasn’t long after the development of the polio vaccine that GOOD researchers caught on that the simian CANCER VIRUS was an INGREDIENT included with the oral polio vaccine. (See Dr. Bernice Eddy) This is the very reason why the American Cancer Society was fighting tooth and nail to keep the virus cancer connection from becoming mainstream.

The FACT IS, that the ‘new’ (at the time) oral polio vaccine infected 100’s of millions of people with the cancer virus. Today, the number of people who became cancerous from the oral polio vaccine is unknown. However, ‘conservative’ estimations put the numbers in the 10’s of millions. Also, the children who received the oral polio vaccine were and, ARE, one of the most cancer ridden generations ever.

Now enter Lee Harvey Oswald.

During the late 1950’s and early 60’s, in the town of New Orleans, secret experiments on weaponizing cancer viruses were being developed. To learn more read the well researched book Dr. Mary’s Monkey. You should also, research just who doctor Mary was and ask, how could someone with Dr. Mary’s world renowned credentials get caught up with Lee Harvey Oswald?

The connection between Oswald, Dr. Mary and cancer viruses centers around one genius high school student who figured out how to grow cancer cells MORE EFFECTIVELY than the best cancer research centers in the world.

Judyth Vary Baker was a local sensation in her little town of Bradenton Florida. She was a hometown hero back in the day when kids looked up to geniuses like they do Lady Ga GA today. It didn’t take long before Judyth Vary Baker would get a visit AND A JOB from the federal government. She was taken to New Orleans to work as Dr. Mary’s assistant in this bio-weapons lab. It is here where Judyth Vary Baker fell in love with her body guard and had an affair with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Read her VERY WELL DOCUMENTED book on the affair. Me & Lee. The History Channel even devoted an entire show on the affair. See Video.

In conclusion, it’s no wonder that if Ruby couldn’t kill Oswald then most definitely it would have happened one way or another. Just think where the trail of investigations would have led the public if Oswald would have been ALLOWED to stand trial. One of those trails would most definitely led straight to the polio vaccine itself.


What the author of ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ has found in THE MEDICAL HISTORICAL RECORD concerning the polio vaccine is that, the ‘race for the polio vaccine’ was a PARALLEL MILITARY PROJECT concerning cancer viruses AND RADIATION. The conclusion the US military came to was that these cancer viruses like, the SV 40 that was (some say still is) in the polio vaccine, become SUPER AGGRESSIVE once they are bombarded with various forms of radiation.

Here at ‘From Hell to Veins’ I have a large international following. ‘From Hell to Veins’ is based in the United States of America. For all our downfalls this nation WAS once a NOBILE nation. For our international audience don’t take satisfaction at our fall. LEARN FROM IT! SO, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOUR NATION!!!

As I’m sure our International followers know America has the highest cancer rates of ANY nation per capita. Note that Americans do STUPID SILLY things like shaving their heads and running like chicken’s with their damn heads cutoff giving all their hard earned money BACK TO THE SAME BIG PHARAM MACHINE THAT BENEFITS FROM THIS ENTIRE CANCER EPIDEMIC THAT JUST KEEPS GROWING OUT OF CONTROL.

Note that the Americans get exposed to more radiation than do most other people around the world. In America they ‘recommend’ women get an annual blast of radiation to their breasts and then scratch their collective heads wondering why their is so much breast cancer? In America the tap water they drink is a dump for industrial and MEDICAL waist and has been shown on their television news to be RADIOACTIVE!! Yet, they continue to drink their poisonous water while scratching their heads asking why is there is so much cancer? Now, these idiot Americans WILLFULLY go through an extremely dangerous terahertz microwave machine that HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE INEFFECTIVE for ‘stopping terrorists’ bringing explosives on a plane. When they lift their arms in the air and spread their legs in these cancer machines they expose their entire lymphatic system to these dangerous waves. The American people are so ill informed that their TSA can tell them the most OBVIOUS LIE that these machines give off less radiation than their cellphone. Where, if the radiation by the scanners was the SAME TYPE OF RADIATION as a cellphone then, that would actually mean something.

Now, there is the Fukushsima mess.
Although I have been pointing my finger at dumb ass Americans YOUR country is JUST AS GUILTY in this regard. When radiation levels went off the charts wold wide because if the Fukushima disaster here, in America, the US government raised the safe levels THOUSANDS OF TIMES ABOVE THE ONCE KNOWN SAFE LEVELS. So to did just about ever nation around the world.

Let me just some this up.

The international community can NOW look to America as what NOT TO DO when it comes to PREVENTING cancer. Doing mindless things like shaving your head to raise money only to give it back to the SAME INDUSTRY that BENEFITS from cancer IS STUPID. DON’T DO IT!!!! Avoiding vaccines that have many cancer and stealth viruses that are supercharged by radiation is a good starting point. I would also avoid being over exposed by manmade radiation as possible.

Americans will NEVER reverse THEIR cancer trend UNTIL they collectively get their heads out of Disneyland, GROW UP and face the fact they are being poisoned. My advise to Americans is, turn off your HDTV’s, STOP treating your doctor like he / she’s an all knowing high priest, do in depth research on all the poison you are being exposed to. TAKE ACTION.

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