From Hell To Veins

October 25, 2009

A Doctor Chimes In…

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Anonymous said…
I am a physician, M.D. Here in California no one is forcing me to get a flu shot. I got one because I did not want to get the flu. The H1N1 is not yet available, but I’ll get the shot when it is.

When your 6 month old child dies of swine flu or swine flu kills your pregnant wife, you may change your mind about vaccines.

Thimersol has never been scientifically proven to cause autism.

Whooping cough was almost extinct before crackpot lunatics like you decided that vaccines were making the sky fall.

Henny Penny, don’t get a flu shot if you don’t want one.


To the ‘Anonymous’ MD. I’ve been studying vaccine science for over 20 years. you want to rumble intellectually let’s go for it.

You can take 60 + shots if it floats your boat but let’s not fool each other here. You’re going to be carrying genetically altered dna / rna viral strains in your body which, if you’re a ‘real’ doctor, you should know, they will mutate and you WILL shed these viruses and SPREAD them into the population. Can you tell us ALL what the mutated viruses will be and how will they effect the population? Is this really a part of your hippocratic oath?

As a Doctor it is NOT ethical to use fear to push your agenda on the rest of us. Some even call this terrorism. The Mayo Clinic released it’s findings and stated you are MORE likely to GET h1n1 FROM THE VACCINE ITSELF than from NOT getting the shot at all. So, to scare innocent people into getting this TOXIC vaccine by threatening the lives of six month olds with NO scientific PROOF to back your wild claim up, it’s criminal at minimum.

You say you are a doctor? Then why don’t you know about the peer reviewed studies that PROVE mercury from Thimersol (and other heavy medals in vaccines) accumulates in areas of the body such as the brain, liver and other organs. This was PROVEN using radio isotopes to track the heavy metals after vaccines were given. These tests (along with autopsies) also proves the non toxic mercury ion in the Thimersol converts to the TOXIC ionic form of mercury once it accumulates in the body. Oh, and doc, it HAS been proven that mercury poisoning occurs on the NANO particulate level when it accumulates in the brian and vital organs.

One last thing on autism. You doctors like to tell us how smart you are when it comes to vaccines but how come you same doctors can’t explain the reason why the autism graph and the increased vaccine schedules over time run exactly parallel with each other? Classic line you people use is… “We’ve always had it.” That is very ODD from a scientific standpoint to say the very least because, we are soon to have an explosion of autistic adults as these autistic kids move into adulthood. As far as the REAL WORLD goes, there has NEVER been an autistic ‘epidemic’ in the 20+ age bracket, the prime of life, in the history of this planet!!!!

Whooping cough????
Whooping cough numbers declined to almost a non issue due to improved living conditions BEFORE a vaccine for it existed !!! Again, the Mayo Clinic (reluctantly?) admits whooping cough can EASILY be treated (if even it gets to that point) WITHOUT A VACCINE. Including infants and children.
I won’t get a flu shot for the simple scientific FACT they DON’T work and are chalk-full of contaminates.

If you or ANY doctor wish to debate the vaccine issue in front of a LIVE audience with another doctor who warns against them please contact Dr. Russel Blaylock MD Dr Russel Blaylock and let the court of public opinion decide.

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