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October 27, 2009

Hospitals Overflowing With Flu Cases? Please Exercise Your Skepticism!

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All over the mainstream media we keep hearing hospitals are ‘overflowing’ with H1N1 flu cases. They are also trying very hard to SELL you that people are over running hospitals desperate to get a h1n1 shot. PLEASE exercise your skepticism! Polls show most people are smart and question the safety let alone the need for the shot in the first place.

First of all it was reported before April of this year, that this years ‘seasonal flu’ was going to go up by the numbers. Secondly, in response to all the h1n1 PROPAGANDA being put out by GOVERNMENT and MAINSTREAM MEDIA SOURCES, businesses and schools across the country are sending school kids and workers to the hospital WITH AS MUCH AS A SNIVLE. These common colds ARE being reported by hospitals as FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS!!! Jacking up the number of reported cases. I know this to be true because so many people have been complaining about this on many, many message boards. I also know, because we got a letter from the pediatrician’s office, it was recommended that our child be brought in just for a “runny nose.” I know plenty of people are being terrorized to do this which ALSO jacks up the flu case numbers being reported. This kind of nonsense was happening in the later 1940’s and early 1950’s gearing up for the massive polio vaccine. Doctors would get 25 bucks a reported patient for the broadest of symptoms, which was nice coin in those days. So if a kid fell off a bike and limped in a doctors office a doctor could chalk him up as infected with polio because of the broadness of the symptom criteria. That’s exactly what’s going on today. This is the source data where the White House declared it’s ‘national emergency’. Never mind a Congressional debate over the validity of all this.

On Barbara Loe Fishers blog Vaccine Awakening, I was screaming from the roof top quite a while ago that doctors were admitting they weren’t even testing patients for the h1n1 virus and, the data that hospitals were “overflowing” with h1n1 flu patients WAS A FRAUD. Below is video EXPOSING this FACT.

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