From Hell To Veins

October 30, 2009

Why Doesn’t Your TV News EVER Have THIS SIDE Of Vaccine Research?

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I simply ask you to call into your favorite TV station and ask for the ‘News Director’ or ‘General Manager’. Ask them why they have ONLY ONE SIDE of the vaccine safety issue when they are ‘pushing’ vaccines on the public? Are they NOT suppose to present two sides of any story or feature? Why do they ONLY show the pro vaccine’s information on side effects? We ALL need to start holding mainstream media, DOCTORS and even more than doctors, STATE MEDICAL BOARDS accountable for the information they are ‘peddling’ to the public, without a ‘real’ challenge to their claims from ‘real’ experts that know the BSing going on with vaccines.

The public needs to KNOW when vaccine information is being presented in the mainstream media WHAT AFFILIATION to the vaccine manufactures do they have.
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