From Hell To Veins

June 19, 2009


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More Gardasil bad press and maiming.

I don’t know how these ya-hoos can come to our blogs and make ‘baseless’ claims that those of us trying to warn the public on vaccine dangers don’t have any facts. When that’s ALL WE DO!!! Present facts with links to read or video to watch for themselves.

If the mainstream Wall St. media is telling you ALL the facts how can Katie Couric get away with lying by saying… “Gardasil prevents cervical cancer”, when IT’S NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO DO SO!? How can she get away with saying that? Because the very next words spoken after Couric is the reporter saying… “THE HOPE is that Gardasil will prevent cervical cancer.”

The other BIG lie that CBS is SELLING YOU is that there have been no deaths via Gardasil.

What are these people smoking???
How can CBS get away WITH flat out deceiving the public?

CBS uses the vaccine manufacture MERCK as their ‘TRUSTED’ source when THEY claim no death’s via Gardasil have been reported.

If you want to know just how big of a lie that is just do a ‘Yahoo’ search… Gardasil + deaths and over million hits come UP and what’s even more disturbing is deaths occurred while MERCK was testing the vaccine!!!!!!

As usual MERCK denied the vaccine had anything to do with the deaths. Claiming four of the deaths where “TRAUMA” in origin. (pg 73 Report to FDA) Nice having total control of all and any evidence that would suggest otherwise.

After documenting what happens to these girls after taking the vaccine death by “trauma” via Gardasil is extremely plausible!

The Problem is not even in the argument as to the danger of the vaccine. It’s obviously dangerous. The biggest issue with ALL vaccines is the one constant. The one constant is all the lying and deceiving by both big pharma and their partners in crime in the mainstream media. They simply can NOT be trusted.

The irony of this CBS Gardasil news package is the fact that not one but TWO boneheaded doctors bought into the hype on the vaccine that crippled their daughter. Where was their professionalism when it came down to their OWN daughter? Would it had been all that hard to have exercised a little skepticism and exercise a little common sense before giving their daughter that JUNK?

There are MUCH BETTER WAYS to prevent cervical cancer than getting shot up with a vaccine the manufacture actually admits INCREASES some women’s chances of actually getting cervical cancer by 46% and doesn’t prevent all 300+ different cancer strains and MAY prevent the two they promise.

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