From Hell To Veins

June 4, 2009

The Crazies Are At It Again.

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I’m still rather certain force medicating the population is a war crime according to the Nuremberg Code.

MMR jab should be compulsory.

Yes, the totally flipped out are at it again. Where else but of course none other than one of the kingpin countries that sponsor big Pharma, the United Kingdom.

Someone needs to remind the so-called health expert, Sir Sandy Macara, that measles and mumps were virtually wiped out in GB BEFORE THE VACCINE was created when your war ally U.S.A. rebuilt your bombed out infrastructure.

So before you go and ‘terrorize’ the British citizens into pumping garbage in their children’s veins speak in FACTS. Yes, it was infrastructure NOT your damn vaccines that wiped out measles and mumps.

Rubella (German measles) WAS relatively harmless in less temperate zones such as G.B. and what ‘experts’ like Sir Sandy Macara either won’t tell the public or doesn’t even know is that BEFORE the rubella vaccine programs it was extremely rare adults would ever get rubella.

Because the general public gets high doses of SCARE or TERROR regarding these diseases and little FACTS the public doesn’t even know scientists have long asked… “what good has the rubella vaccine really done?” …and why is this? First of all rubella is TYPICALLY a mild, often even subclinical disease. So, one should ask Sir Sandy Macara.. why make the jab mandatory? Secondly, pregnant women who get a rubella vaccine more often than not, come down with congenital rubella syndrome which CAN develop into a serious situation.

Here’s the bomb shell FACT on the rubella vaccine ‘experts’ like Sir Sandy Macara do NOT want the public to know. Unfortunately rubella vaccine immunity appears to wane over time. On the other hand, natural immunity to rubella is thought to generally be lifelong. This FACT is key to many of the MYTHS of many vaccines.

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