From Hell To Veins

November 20, 2009

Biolabs Multiplying Like Rabbits: To Aid Population Reduction?

The Huffington Post article confirms what have I long stated about the timely emergence of ‘Biolabs’. NOT just here in the United States but around the globe. I have long stated, from my point of view, that these emerging biolabs have been constructed to facilitate a huge population reduction program using DNA based vaccines AS DISCUSSED / LAYOUT at the population reduction Club of Rome symposium I attended. Note the use of DNA based vaccines in the Huffington post article.

Why so many labs anyway?
I will give you four clues: 1. The Mexico pandemic (already forgotten) 2.) The H1N1 scare. (On it’s way out) 3.) The Ukraine pneumonic plague (The latest and greatest fear on the planet.) The once highly questioned policy to erect level 4 biolabs ‘in a town near you’ will BE SOLD AS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA since sliced bread by the MSM, you just watch. The fourth and final clue, MARKETABILITY. With everyone in a ‘pandemic state of mind’ it WILL BE DEMANDED by the frighten public that these labs be able to actually manufacture (DNA) vaccines, and that’s just what they will do for each ‘localized market’.

How could THEY get a bunch of Dr. Strange Love’s / Mengele’s to run them?
That’s the EASY part!
While most people know or at least heard of ‘kook professor’ Ward Churchill, not many know of an even BIGGER KOOK and much more dangerous professor, Dr. Death (Eric Pianka) and his disciples! from the university of Texas. It’s these very wako’s who will run such facilities, BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN GROOMED TO TO SO! What’s really scary is that this kook is ‘moderate’ compared to the NUT CASE students he’s graduated! Guess where these lunatics work? In the VERY BIOLABS that are popping up all over the place! For them, the video they produced isn’t just a way they ‘feel’, oh no, it a SERIOUS RELIGION TO THEM! So, what you will have are ‘religious lunatics’ running facilities that will produce MANDATORY VACCINES! Think the health care bill.

This is how the population reduction crowd i.e. The Rochefeller family, Bill Gates et. al. Ted Turner, Prince Phillips, Henry Kissinger, John Holdern… high priests of the lunatic religion, WON’T use a plague that will go out of control, oh no, this operation will be done with CONTROLLED PRECESSION.

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