From Hell To Veins

October 28, 2015

E coli As Ingredient In Not One, But Two Meningococcal Vaccines

Update: November 24th, 2018

It’s been over three years since I posted this commentary on the meningococcal vaccine ingredient E coli. [1].  Site traffic says that the public is just ‘now’ becoming aware of this ‘FACT’.  In those three years, I have asked the proponents of putting ‘genetically altered’ E coli material into vaccines, to provide the long term ‘safety‘ studies / research on ‘injectable’ E coli vaccine material.  In those three years, I have NEVER received those documents from those ‘obfuscating’ the very fact E coli material is in vaccines, as they are listed in the ingredient insert.  So, I’m am putting out the message that I will NOT post comments from the vaccine lobby telling us to ignore that genetically ‘altered’ E coli is somehow “NOT” E coli or genetic modification.  We hear you, it’s NOT a sufficient answer to OUR questions.

The ‘sales pitch’ that the genetic altering lobby tries to sell the public on to get them to forget / ignore what it is that they are injecting into themselves with, is that when genetic altering corporations turn ‘existing genes’ within an organism [i.e. E coli bacteria] on or off at the DNA / RNA level it …A.) is somehow NOT genetic “modification” or “alteration” even though they know without this ‘unnatural’ process it would never happen in nature. .. and  B.) that these alterations, which are somehow NOT alterations, make an entirely new organism that is not the original. [i.e. E coli].  This is only the most mild example of gene altering ‘transgenic’ tinkering where, the same corporations who do this will introduce entire gene codes into a species that have no business being there in the first place and tell you with a straight face that this is NOT genetic modification.  Because they think you’re that stupid.  Or maybe THEY are just that stupid or insane.

With the above ridiculous circular arguments on what is or isn’t altered / modified, after they HAVE altered / modified organisms set off to one side, the vaccine lobbyists who have chimed in, not only refuse to provide long term safety studies [after three years] on all this genetic tinkering with material THEY tell you to inject into yourself, they do NOT give a science based ‘reason WHY’ they would use genetically altered E coil in an injectable to begin with.  For those in the public who are on the fence about injecting this garbage into your own body, who ask the vaccine lobby to provide common sense safety accountability research into their products, you are always countered with circular arguments, obfuscation and just a general lack of accountability.


Original blog post…

My question is… “Have the E coli been genetically altered with a gene gun?”

Congress is being lobbied hard by big pharma to give drugs and vaccines GMO ‘NON LABEL STATUS‘ so, the drug and vaccine manufactures do NOT have to include ingredients listing for their dangerous products.

E coli is something you don’t want to be fooling around with, let alone, injecting it into your veins.  Meningitis was hardly ever heard of on college campuses BEFORE the vaccine campaigns.  With E coli already prepackaged in the meningococcal vaccines, it now makes sense why we not only see so much meningitis on college campuses but extremely unusually aggressive meningitis as well.

Please use your common sense and do NOT put E coli into your veins!  No matter what the person in the white lab coat tells you this is extremely dangerous.

Here is an argument for E coli in vaccines by the vaccine lobby.

Live E Coli is not an ingredient. This is idiotic nonsense.

Transgenic E Coli is used to produce the meningococcal antigen material. But no live E Coli is present in the final product.

Vaccine critics undermine their credibility by spreading rumors and nonsense like this. This is the reason why most people ignore us and dont look at the evidence. When they do look at the evidence they too often see stupid material like this, and thereafter ignore everything we have to say.

My Rebuttal

First of all, these are NOT ‘rumors’. E Coli is listed in the package insert for the vaccines. Yet again, the vaccine lobby lies to you.  

What is ‘live’ and NOT live? Is “NOT” live simply ‘dormant’? Science itself can NOT agree on these questions.

The credibility of the vaccine manufactures have been PROVEN to be fraudulent over and over, time and time again.

ANY part of E coli should NEVER be inject into the bloodstream. Injecting E coli into your veins is much more idiotic than to be alarmed by it’s presence in the vaccines. My bet is that these E Coli bacteria in the vaccines have been genetically altered and it is unknown what this crapola will do to the host.

The claims by the author above are along the same lines of reasoning these SAME pill ushers used when selling us on the idea that bacteria “is KILLED” by antibiotics. Now we have a mess with antibiotic ‘resistant’ bacteria because as it turns out, the pill pushers really don’t know if bacteria is dead or is just in a dormant state. So-called “dead” bacteria is well known in science to be ‘resuscitated’ and the science community still really has NO clue how, when or why bacteria does this. To believe this Bacteria acts any different is FOOLISH and RECKLESS by the author and the drug companies.

Do NOT chime back in unless you have long term SAFTEY research on the E Coli listed in the vaccines demonstrating that the E coli will simply remain ‘inert’ / ‘harmless’ in the host.


Please click on link

E. Coli In Two Meningococcal Vaccines!




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  6. The key word in your quote is transgenic. It means it’s engineered to produce the vaccine. There is no E. coli in the vaccine .

    Comment by Ci — November 22, 2018 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • No comment on my rebuttal?

      Sorry but, E coli is ‘listed’ in the vaccine’a ingredients. It’s listed because the material is from E coli. Because E coli strains [be it protein etc] have been ‘engineered’ to “produce a vaccine” doesn’t mean the material doesn’t come with inherent dangers to the host. Please send me the long term ‘safety’ studies on ‘genetically engineered’ E coli strain ‘injectable’ material and I will be happy to post them for further review / study.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 23, 2018 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

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  8. Just an FYI, the vaccination council link has been compromised/ hijacked or bought by someone who probably speaks English as a second language.

    Comment by Name — November 30, 2018 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

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