From Hell To Veins

May 11, 2012

MORE Whooping Cough Vaccine Failures And Damage Control.

“It is a bit of a mystery,” said Weber. “All of the students involved in this outbreak we’re monitoring are fully immunized so that is puzzling because I would not expect to have that happen.”

-Local Colorado Health ‘authority’.

If this ‘health official’ had been a reader of this blog, the outbreak would NOT BE “A MYSTERY”.  Considering I continually post the news articles where these outbreaks are happening ALL OF THE TIME WITH KIDS WHO ARE VACCINATED.

We posted the RETRACTED news stories on the measles outbreaks in california that were WRONGLY blamed on the unvaccinated children.  Sure enough, vaccines were at the root of those outbreaks as well.

It’s amazing just how stupid medical ‘authorities’ are.  You’re injecting viruses into people and then scratch your collective heads why you have outbreaks everywhere, ALL started from people who CARRY THE VIRUSES FROM THE SHOTS!!!  DUH!

If you read the story provided by the link above you’ll note that the UNVACCINATED STUDENTS WERE ALL SENT HOME FIT AS A FIDDLE.

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