From Hell To Veins

August 5, 2011

How Vaccines Dysregulate The Immune System

This should be 101 common sense to health professionals if only they would stop believing their Rockefeller medical school textbooks to be written by God himself and stopped for 2 seconds to think about this report.

Great article by PATRICIA JORDAN, which you can find on her own website:


  1. (biology) To cause a dysfunctional level of an activity or chemical in an organism by disrupting normal function of a regulatory mechanism.

“Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.” Patricia Jordan DVM, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology

How Vaccines Dysregulate The Immune System

Activation of Adaptive Immunity Innate immunity may trigger adaptive immune responses thru Antigen processing and presentation by macrophages and dendritic cells .The evolution of the immune system is a direct consequence of pathogen-exerted selection pressure. It is particularly those qualities like progressive development of humoral and cellular adoptive immunity, Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC), variable class I and class II genes, precise mechanisms of immune recognition and long-term immune memory that reflect the fundamental evolutionary advancement of the vertebrate immune system. In evolution the survival advantage imposed by an extremely reactive immune system is jeopardized if that system turns against the host and causes “self” destruction.

Vaccination is an abnormal pathogen presented in an abnormal route (injection) and influences the entire immune system in an unnatural way, leading to unnatural evolutionary selection where the results are dys regulation of the immune system, disruption of TH1 bias, atrophy of mucosal, increased inflammation, loss of specification and control. Vaccination dysregulates the immune system and genetically impacts the HLA (MHC) leading to an abnormal expression of disease susceptibility. The vaccine is no more a reflection of the actual environmental challenges faced by those vaccinated than the now dysregulated immune system is a reflection of intelligent design or natural selection.

Vaccines are genotoxic; corrupted genomes are leading to the loss of the organic self. Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.[list is not complete] Vaccine disease is the root of our dys regulated immune system and the dys regulated immune response.

The evolution of the immune system is a direct consequence of the pathogens the immune system was exposed to from the environment. The pathogens exert an evolutionary selection pressure which was in part responsible for the genotypes of the MHC (major histocompatibility complexes) that developed in tandem to handle the pathogens. The MHC determines the host’s immunopathology impact from the antigen and is responsible for the expression of clinical disease. The immune system is very complex and developed to handle an enormous variety of pathogens, the genetic ability to respond to a large number of pathogens was necessary in order to survive to live another day.

The MHC tissue markers are one of the major routes of tapping into the possible needs for survival via the immune response. Although not the only way, besides the MHC we have the major loci, minor loci and many other locations for gene expression to effect disease expression. We now see the complexity of immune system response pathways and still there are many factors that remain unknown. The MHC and the HLA and DLA (yes, dogs also have MHC sites like the humans) in fact all vertebrates have this important link of genetic expression of antigen reception and engagement. The groups of receptor sites not only engage with the pathogens, they are also responsible for a cascade of events that have evolved over time to express the organism’s impact with a pathogen, reflecting in dis ease susceptibility and genetic expression.

There is a great variability in how any one individual will react to any pathogen and it is the individual’s genetic variability that is the marvel of individual and species survival .Not everyone would respond the same way to each pathogenic impact. The immune system, like a virus has great reach with incredible mutation ability through gene expression and this brings an organism forward to survive another day.

Vaccines lead to genetic mutations. Genetic impact on MHC (HLA) is what dictates genetic expression of disease susceptibility. Vaccines rob the individual of natural evolutionary selection pressures based on natural antigen risks. Vaccines are altering gene sequences, inserting genes, affecting genome and destroying the organic immunologically determined susceptibility that evolved with natural selection. Determined susceptibility is genetically impacted ahead of disease expression by the antigens presented to or encountered by the individual. The immune system has evolved naturally to promote life and what is happening with unnatural antigen environment delivered in unnatural route to dysregulate the immune system is resulting in unnatural selection, immune system corruption and species distortion.

The genetic basis for susceptibility to disease is complex but well before man understood anything about the immune system and how it worked, he intruded on the evolved design with a hubris that is having collateral damage and unintended consequences of species de evolution.

A little immunology review;

The innate immune system was developed to provide the organism with an immediate response. The natural immune system is composed of three portions; the first line of defense is the mucosal immunity and works with the cell mediated immune system (Th1) to deal with the great majority of pathogens. Entry sites to the body via the skin, mucosal sites of the nasal/respiratory, oral/rectal, ocular, aural and urogenital is where the majority of trials for the immune system would have started. The mucosal immunity has antiseptic patches of secretory immunoglobulins (IgA) to respond first. If the mucosal surfaces were actually penetrated than the IgE immunoglobulins came forth for the defense.

The cell mediated responders have evolved to provide the acute inflammation response which is necessary in properly maturing the body’s immune system. Without the majority of pathogens entering from these sites, the immune system does not reach maturity and therefore is unable to respond competently. The childhood xanthamatic diseases fulfill this purpose of immune system maturation. Denied the ability to “mature” the immune system, the organism is left with a dysfunctional immune response and genetic disease expression is altered.

Acute inflammation in the mature immune system can process and effectively clear the intruder. The hypothesis on how this takes place is via the dendritic cells instructions to TH1 polarity. Of course if the dendritic cells are damaged from the vaccine or the aluminum or the mercury in the vaccines, this is one way the vaccines dysregulate the polarity of the immune response. The body needs to be able to focus on the correct form of response as the body deals with the pathogen. Later, after the invasion by pathogen has been cleared, the body then engages the humoral immunity (Th2) to recognize the pathogen and produces antibody against it .This form of the immune system is the acquired immune response and is the arm for which vaccinations were meant to augment. The humoral immunity makes the specific recognizing antibody after the body is over the acute inflammation so as not to exhaust the individual and prevent recovery.

Humoral immunity (Th2) unskewed system is a much different system designed to deal with pathogens or agents that might penetrate the skin bypassing the mucosal immunity ex; venoms from snakebites, poisons or toxins from bites, stings or deep punctures and microbial injection into areas of low oxygenation .The humoral system is capable of handling toxin inactivation and antigen opsonization, dealing with intracellular pathogens and direction of recognition via antibody production. The natural immune system never evolved to see immune challenges enter the body like this. Rarely would a pathogen come into the immune system’s pristine internal environment of the blood. Humoral immunity was not designed to handle a myriad of pathogens this route, rather the humoral immunity is an internal deeper acting immune system for a lesser number of directly injected pathogens. Parental presentation of the pathogens via vaccination was not “good shepherding” practice and instead has been responsible for the improper wiring, signaling and biochemical pathway disruptions that make up many disorders today. Again, the wrench thrown into the dynamics of an evolutionarily successful system by manual manipulations not based on evolutionary pressure but by medical hubris. Although pleased with this intervention, man has remained incapable of understanding the chaos they have created.

The complex immune system with the spread of genetic variability has served us well through the beginning of time. Unfortunately, about 300 years ago an adulteration and violation of the natural workings of the immune system took place. This adulteration was the unnatural injection of unnatural pathogens that were not from the natural environment but rather a concoction of ingredients made artificially and mixed with toxic chemicals. Early on the recipe included embalming agents, later with heavy and light metals, and eventually with genetically engineered chimeras, man made monsters of unnatural origin. Many of the viruses being injected into the bodies are genetically engineered and certainly not organic. The vaccine has never been a natural pathogen of the natural environment and never a natural route of introduction and penetration of the host immune system. Why would we not foresee the dys regulation, dysfunction and the accompanied corresponding genetic compromises and hybridization that explain the growing number of health issues that have run parallel with the rise in vaccine number and use?

The many ways the vaccines dysregulate the immune system and de construct health. First imposition of the vaccine is to affect genetic expression of disease by affording the unnatural engagement of the MHC, the major HLA then minor loci; cytokine genes, CD-encoding genes, T cell receptor genes, growth hormone and immunoglobulin genes any of the polygenes that cascade down to the intricacies of our many possible gene responses.

Second imposition of the vaccine is to skew the immune system and remove the balance of Th1 and Th2 between cell mediated immunity and humoral immunity. Total dysregulation, shifting of the poles of immunity which will include a combination of mutations, gene expression, biochemical pathway alterations, enzyme disruptions, hijacking the system dys regulation by up regulation of the IgE expression and a down regulation of the IgA, disruption of the cytokine profile and many, many other routes depending on the nature of the pathogen and toxins in the vaccine and the variable gene response of the individual.

Expression of disease now, is a function of the unnatural exposure to unnatural pathogens and toxins and the expression of disease as varied as behavioral, Type I-IV Hypersensitivity; allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis, atopy, eczema, cancer, autoimmune, bacterial, viral, yeast, fungal, internal and external parasites and genetic diseases. The genetic expression of disease is predated by the link up of the pathogen and the individual’s gene which are pathogen impact impressionable. The unnatural selection pressure on the species by the use of vaccines is unnaturally evolving or de evolving the species through genotoxicity and genetic disease increase. The genetic damage or “genetic susceptibility” is transferable to the next generation. The next generation when vaccinated, expresses easily the adverse events that vaccines are selecting for.

The type of immune response that occurs after pathogen binding is determined by cytokine messengers that are triggered by certain elements of the pathogen. The vaccine contains a multiple number of ways to affect this: contamination with unknown viruses and microbial components, unnatural pathogens, chimeras and other genetically engineered products, unfiltered genetic pieces like virions, prions, viruses from other species, aluminum, mercury which can directly lead to abnormal cytokine messengers being produced via pathogen alterations/adulterations/mutations. Modified live viruses or “attenuated viruses” allow live cells to migrate to and replicate onto the host’s tissues. Another act of hubris has occurred because playing with viruses all of these last 300 years, it was only recently that science has now discovered that viruses are not dead, they are not live, they are packets of genetic material that when in the presence of a susceptible and permissive living cell that has the necessary receptor can replicate and infect .We have to remember, the virus affects the appearance of antigen recognition sites in our MHC system which evolved as a type of ANTIVIRUS SOFTWEAR SYSTEM.

Sometimes, virus contamination in a vaccine can activate viruses in the human body 30-40 years after inoculation. The presence of unknown viruses, the contamination of viruses, the recombination and reassortment of viral genes and the introduction of xenotropic viruses, infective DNA viruses have all again – due to the hubris of man – introduced disease and pathology into organisms receiving the jab. The process of injecting unnatural substances into the body started well before the identification of the fist virus! The contamination continues today with the filtering process not finding virions and prions and other smaller genetic impacting contaminants. [Rotavirus vaccine for children found to contain pig virus]. The viral and even microbial antigens are all players in the genetic expression of disease and disease susceptibility to every genome via the MHC and other still unidentified pathways.

Adjuvants additionally adulterate the intelligence of the innate immune response. Adjuvants “add” inflammation and pathogen distortion and therefore cell signaling adulterations, impingement upon the evolutionarily perfected system and result in a loss of order. In 1988, Dr. Ron Schultz spoke out in a roundtable discussion over his concerns of the random addition to anything into vaccines without understanding in the least the impact that the addition of for example interleukins into the vaccines. He framed the impact of the whole body or even just the immune system as a complete unknown yet the cavalier attitude from vaccine makers was that no caution was necessary.

We know now that including interleukin in the vaccines in the 1980’s has now produced children born to vaccinated populations with the genetic disease of missing interleukins! The “new” auto inflammatory syndrome DIRA deficiency of interleukin 1 receptor agonist where children display a constellation of serious and potentially fatal systemic symptoms from birth are inherited mutations in IL IRN – a gene that encodes a protein known as interleukin 1 receptor antagonist. The irony that Dr. Ian Tizzard would compare the ability to add ingredients like alum to vaccines used since 1926 and still in l988 not having any idea how it worked, is little comfort to the many parents of children suffering the highest rate of cancer, brain cancer. In 1999 theWHO through the IARC listed the aluminum in vaccines as a grade 3 out of 4 carcinogens. It doesn’t help either to understand now that aluminum will increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier and allow viruses (viruses that have an affinity for the central nervous system like measles) into the brain along with the mercury and aluminum – both metals that can act synergistically to mutate. Seriously, they still don’t see where the rise in childhood brain cancer is coming from?

Aluminum in the vaccines is also up regulating the IgE and compromising the IgA, therefore the presence of aluminum in the vaccines is a much involved gene impactor which causes vaccines to result in allergies, atopy, anaphylaxis, asthma and eczema expression. The natural immune system has a variety of defense tools to use in the protection of the organism however these systems are dys regulated when damaged pathways result from damaged pathogens or genetically engineered pathogens are artificially introduced.

The effects of alum were never known even though the toxin has enjoyed a hierarchical rise in use and success. The amount used in vaccines is not a “safe” amount, it is only the amount they found necessary to exert its inflammatory effect as an adjuvant! The lack of safety studies, lack of teratogenicity or carcinogenic studies or any long term effects signaling genetic defects from vaccines were never done. For any agency from the HHS, CDC, FDA, USDA,WHO, UN, UNICEF, and GAVI to endorse or project vaccines as safe is criminal and investigations should be called for.

Liability waivers put in force for the drug companies to escape prosecutorial litigation will not be upheld in the face of gross criminal action for failure to perform due diligence in the safety study or even of the efficacy studies that are lacking for vaccine use in the first place. The question as to what exactly was known as FDA-licensed products are unleashed upon the public gives rise to another question: why is it that the drug companies that makes vaccines and promotes their use, are the same drug companies that make the drug for the VACCINE DISEASE that follows the vaccine use? What exactly are the revelations that are bound behind “proprietary confidentiality clauses” and is this the way drug companies are pleading the Fifth Amendment for protection from self incrimination? Would this be the reason the governments remove vaccine liability from the manufacturers of the experimental guise under which health care is purported?

The highly polymorphic HLA/DLA antigen systems which are involved in antigen presentation clearly affects responses to vaccination and therefore this impact is unknown in any organism receiving the jab. This lack of knowing makes every vaccination: “experimentation under the guise of health care delivery.” Effects of vaccines on any individual are variable and therefore any expected result incalculable, the risk to any organism is therefore unknown.

Administering a jab is not synonymous with conveying immunity. Antibody production is not equated to immunity and vaccination does not mean immunization. Damage from vaccines are cumulative, cell mediated immune suppression increases significantly with every jab. Multivalent vaccines are particularly damaging and immune disrupting.

Only vaccinated individuals were found to develop auto antibodies in a landmark study done at Perdue University. Auto antibodies are made with the vaccines from the viruses, from the microbial antigens, from the aluminum and mercury and other ingredients that would mutate or disrupt the pathogen. The increase of molecular mimicry increases with vaccines and these examples of pathways to increase the number of auto antibodies formed the trigger necessary to promote genetic expression of autoimmune disease. Certainly, autoimmune disease expression is one step closer to genetic disease and that handicap will transfer vertically to the next generation in many instances. The important understanding is that the adulteration of the genome came in via the injection of vaccine.

Since not even a very heavy book could contain all the pathways to disease expression from genetic effects of the vaccine (the great immune adulterant), let us at least end this with the following understanding; vaccines have no environmental epidemiological studies to support the benefits over risks of vaccine administration, they are not safe nor innocuous and have not even been proven effective in conveying immunity which is the only reason one would consider their use in the first place. Vaccination use fits the definition of “a medical assumption” and according to Dr. Stephen Blake is certainly the biggest medical assumption ever made in the history of mankind and is directly responsible for more disease, death and disability than any other medical procedure or act.

Not surprisingly, with the safety of vaccination questioned and autism, autoimmune diseases and cancer linked in hospitals to vaccinations, only now is the NIH announcing research grants for the purpose of addressing vaccine safety. The Research to Advance Vaccine Safety (R21) is just now in 2010 being initiated to research vaccines:

“research that will contribute to the overall understanding of vaccine safety such as physiological and immunological responses to vaccines and vaccine components, how genetic variations affect immune/physiological responses that may impact vaccine safety and identification of risk factors and biological markers that may be used to access whether there is a relationship between certain diseases or disorders and licensed vaccines and the application of genomic/molecular technologies to improve knowledge of vaccine safety”

The problem is that this “scientific study is too late”. For three centuries genotoxicity, immune dysregulation and immune dysfunctioning – even to immune deficiency and annihilation – has been de evolving the genomes of man and animals.

Dr. Harris Coulter would consider the vaccination as medical hubris and the many diseases spawned from its use the “unintended consequences and collateral damage”. The National Childhood Vaccination Program is a program in which any parent should have the right to protect their child. The mandatory vaccine programs are genetic assaults and project a form of invalid federal medicine which is tyranny. The promotion of the vaccine programs are fraudulent and criminal acts which no taxpayer should be made to support as the effect in many cases, cases rising with the rise in vaccine use, are genetic and constitute genotoxicity.

This attempt to violate the natural laws of evolution is impacting the species in a de-evolutionary format leading to increased genetic expression of disease and forcing those jabbed into a cycle of chronic disease management if not death first. Of course the same drug companies that make vaccines are usually the same ones that sell the medications to palliate and suppress said disease expression. This system of making disease and then making the medications to suppress and palliate the disease puts into the hands of the drug companies all the federal funds that sponsored the vaccines and then the money from the manipulated health care system treating the disease. Soon the allocation of funds for the drug companies will shift the power from the democratic state to the hands of the drug companies that have full impunity from liability, this benefit legislated for them by the members of the democratic legislature elected to represent those being vaccinated into disease and harmed in the first place!

Dr. Harris Coulter stated that” medicine” had a lot more to do with “politics” than it did with “science”. Dr. Patricia Jordan noted that it took a Doctor of Political Science to point out to the medical profession what they did not seem capable of recognizing right in front of their face, that medicine is politics and politics is about money, no science necessary.

Any NIH research done under the Research to Advance Vaccine Safety (R21) must have independent, nonconflict oversight with participation of those harmed by vaccines to ensure that the real measure of vaccine damage is properly addressed. That is, unless the disease, disability and deaths from vaccines were to be immediately stopped in accordance with the Precautionary Principle.

The precautionary principle is a moral and political principle which states that if an action or policy might cause severe or irreversible harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of a scientific consensus that harm would not ensue, the burden of proof falls on those who would advocate taking the action. The principle aims to provide guidance for protecting public health and the environment in the face of uncertain risks, stating that the absence of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason to postpone measures where there is a risk of serious or irreversible harm to public health or the environment.

It is obvious that the unnatural vaccine has unnaturally selected for genes that do not reflect a natural exposure from the real environment and thusly resulted in unnatural selection of genes that have dys regulated the immune system and disrupted the inflammatory pathway and distorted the populations genetically.

Unnatural gene selection is then leading to resistance and susceptibility to disease which is unnatural and not the real picture of the antigen state within our external environment for which an immune system is geared to provide survivability against encounter. Vaccination is resulting in abnormal disease expression and the making of disease previously not encountered. Although it is popular to blame our external environment, this is not the main environment our immune system is being pressured by. In the madness, the species are being distorted and genomes are being corrupted. The rise of genetic susceptibility and genetic disease is a reflection of this distortion. Most of what we see today is Vaccine Disease, in that the dysregulation of the immune system by vaccines have altered the genetic susceptibility and expression of disease and is not evolving a better immune system and health but deconstructing the immune system and the genome towards doom.

May 24, 2011


Editor’s Note:
I just want to say to ANY medical professional out there and, especially EVERY medical student out there to PLEASE read ‘The Drug Story’. Read about it’s author. You think you know the ‘industry’ you are in or, are about to get into? YOU PROBABLY DON’T. Until you have read ‘The Drug Story’. Linked to on the right hand column of this blog,

All The Way To Health: Can we get there from here?

Life has become very complex. The age of instant communication is both miraculous and a blight on society. Cell phones have more processing power than the computers that powered the Apollo Space Mission which, upon reflection, makes me glad I wasn’t on that mission. Young people text in class or when driving their vehicles, an activity which has proven disastrous, while Wikileaks exposes how our government leaders act, by releasing documents online that they would prefer we didn’t see. Today’s capability is one of non-stop communication in a digital matrix and an increasingly wireless world.
But beyond the social issues lies the question; is constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation healthy for the human body which is basically electro-biochemical in nature? Could being “bathed” in excessive electromagnetic frequencies cause disease? What about those “full body scanners” being deployed in our airports or the so called “smart meters” or getting a mammogram? Is any of this really necessary? We’re simply being subjected to more and more ionizing radiation all the time.

Are we being lied to as well, because if the jury’s out, I’d opt for being safe from the immediate threat versus the “marketed” safety from the “possibility” of breast cancer or of being taken down by a terrorist? What if the breast cancer screening process or naked body scanner causes cancer or messes with my DNA? Do I have any say in all this? Sure, but like anything else, it’s a numbers game. The more things change, the more they stay the same. At least until the veil of illusion is lifted in enough people to tip the scale. The power lies in our numbers.

Trends feed on themselves. Like a giant tsunami they pick up energy, gobbling up airwaves, bandwidth and retail space at the speed of light. What’s next on the list? Who sets the agenda? Some trends become institutions that have blended themselves so thoroughly into our culture as to be perceived as anything but a trend. Therein lay the inherent danger. Technology is a major force in setting trends, for better or for worse.
It is technology that took us from the family farms and ranches to the giant Agriculture, Biotech, Chemical, Food and Drug Companies that produce, or whose products are utilized in, virtually everything sold in the marketplace and that created trends which have become so culturally ingrained as to be considered “necessities”. The desire for an easier, more convenient lifestyle defined how trends were set early on in America.

The most profound technological advancement of the 19th Century was achieved when Colonel Edwin Drake drilled the first successful oil well in the middle of quiet farm country in northwestern Pennsylvania in 1859. So began the international search for oil, which, in this country was monopolized by John D. Rockefeller through his Standard Oil Company.

It was he who then went on to monopolize the educational facilities that taught how and what kind of medicine was to be practiced in America and it was he who orchestrated the demise of the institutions teaching the practice of natural medicine. Herbalism and Homeopathy were virtually destroyed in America as Rockefeller and his cronies cut the number of medical schools from 160 to 80 within a very short period, eliminating those that were opposed to his chemical based Allopathic methodologies. These efforts favored the rise of the drug industry, which he also monopolized and coalesced into what is known today as “modern medicine”.

Rockefeller made so much money in oil and banking he was able to virtually define and structure the direction and implementation of one of our most vital social institutions, MEDICINE, from the content of the education to the products it peddles. Today, the names of the drugs to be pushed are actually listed in the text books that medical students use at the so called medical colleges.

The advancement of these trends was perpetrated and perpetuated through sheer power and greed. The distillation of crude oil into refined gasoline ensured the death of the electric automobile just as the creation of synthetic pharmaceutical compounds ensured the death of natural remedies for true health and wellness. This is a profoundly Western phenomenon. Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) holistic, herbal medical practices are alive and well and precede our 100 year old medical model by a mere 5,000 to 10,000 years.

Most of the chronic health conditions like diabetes and cancer were rarely seen in this country prior to the “switching” from chemical free, farm raised food and the predominant practice of natural healing methodologies to petro-chemical based corporate farming/ranching and pharmaceutical based compounds available only through your “licensed” medical practitioner and local “Drug Store”. We all grew up with the Rx symbol readily displayed on Drug Store facades notifying consumers where they can purchase their legalized poisons in the name of health. The list of side effects for your “cures” rattled off by the voice over artist on TV takes more time than the product description and potential benefits, which, in the end are mostly lies.

The “licensed” medical professional had to graduate from an accredited school of medicine that was controlled by Rockefeller through his foundation and affiliated foundations, all of which still function quite nicely to perpetuate the greed based sickness care model most Americans operate under today as well as other agendas including mass vaccinations that carry cancer causing agents and ingredients. You think I’m kidding?

“Dr Mary’s Monkey” By Edward Haslam exposes how 100 million Salk Vaccinations, given to American children in and around 1955, were contaminated with cancer causing monkey viruses. Thirty five to forty years later, soft tissue cancer rates exploded. From 1978 to 1987 there was a 30% increase in breast cancer in women. 10 yr old girls who received the vaccine in 1955 would be 40 years old in 1985 a year that saw a huge and sudden increase in the breast cancer rate. Then add to that the 200,000 cases of prostate cancer 60% increase (’73 – ’88), then add the lymphoma, 60% increase, same period, and the skin cancer, 70% increase, same period, and the obvious question is; why have we not heard more about this enormous epidemic of soft tissue cancers?

Haslam suggests the public was not informed due to the fact that the government gave billions of dollars to the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and NIH (National Institute of Health) who failed to produce an antidote (solution) to the cancer causing Salk vaccine after all the doses had been administered. But our government would never cover up such a heinous act, would they?

According to former FDA virologist John Martin M.D., Ph. D., “SV infection is now widespread within the human population almost certainly as a result of the polio vaccine” (SV refers to simian virus). The supposed vaccine was grown on monkey kidneys.

The National Institute of Health was made aware of the SV-40 viral contamination by a courageous and suspicious female cancer researcher at the NIH, Dr. Bernice Eddy (whose career was subsequently destroyed by them) and still they allowed the vaccinations to go forward, on schedule, even after its chief proponent, Dr. Alton Ochsner, president of the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and former President of the American Cancer Society among others, injected his two grandchildren with the vaccine where upon his grandson died and his granddaughter contracted polio but survived. Within days of the mass inoculation, children fell sick from polio, some were crippled and some died. Estimates vary dramatically. The Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (Oveta Hobby) stepped down. The Director of the National Institute of Health (Dr. William Sebrell) resigned. It was the biggest fiasco in medical history according to Haslam.
Are you getting all of this? There’s more, Lee Harvey Oswald was in New Orleans, and knew Dr. Ochsner (Tulane University was his headquarters) because Oswald was working on weaponizing cancer viruses with Ochsner, an avowed anti-commie, for the purpose of killing Castro. It’s no coincidence Oliver Stone’s movie JFK is centered in New Orleans. Dallas is just up the road, but that will be covered in Part III.

Virtually all foundations lead back to the Rockefeller Foundation and are subservient to that dark force including the Ford, Gates, Heritage and other foundations. Right now, Bill Gates is on You Tube lecturing on how vaccinations sold to poor countries could lower the global population by as much as 15%. Eugenics (Social Darwinism) is the application of evolutionary principles to humans and was instituted in America and practiced openly in the 1920’s and 30’s. As many as 100,000 people were sterilized here in the United States, many against their will, as recently as 1974
Eugenics laws in the U.S. served as a model for laws Hitler enacted in Germany. It was finally exposed here and had to go underground but is still alive and well and is a major agenda of the United Nations, which was founded by the Rockefellas, who, by the way, donated the land for its headquarters. How cozy is that? The agenda is known as U.N. Agenda 21, in case you want to research the plan to downsize the planet.
Of course, the F.D.A., the Federal Drug Administration, exists, in part, to perpetuate the Drug Companies and their agenda and act as the muscle keeping the alternative healing modalities and products manufacturers from cutting into corporate profits. What is called “quackery” by the F.D.A. is basically how their operation and that of the drug companies should be defined. What they call “science” is just made up fiction, pseudo-scientific nonsense with no basis in reality, driven only by the gullibility/naivety of the American consumer.

“The FDA is the agency responsible for more deaths and corruption in the United States than any other domestic agency and it wants MORE power to shut down small food businesses, bring more dangerous “Phude” (food like substances) to our tables and make more money for the corporate giants that are already responsible for ALL of the ‘Phude’-borne disease in the US. The House of Representatives just passed HR 2751 a bill that had the S510 so called Food Safety Act attached to it. In doing so, they voted to end food freedom in the United States. This corrupt and immoral bill which is not about preventing disease outbreaks from contaminated food as much as it is about giving the government power to shut down the small competition to the large greedy corporations. Senator Coburn said the bill will raise food prices; add 1.5 billion to deficit; add unfunded state mandates. It will not increase food safety one bite”. (according to the Natural Solutions Foundation).

This bill could ultimately take away your right to sell at a farmer’s market or have a roadside fruit stand, even your own organic garden on your property if fully implemented.

“The ad hoc coalition against S.510 of health and food freedom advocates (such as Health Freedom-USA and Citizens for Health), garden, farm and ranch groups, both major Tea Party groups, the Oath Keepers, Downsize DC, Campaign for Liberty and others will not be fooled and we will remember! Below is a list of Senators who voted for cloture and who are up for re-election in 2012. Save this list!” (Natural Solutions Foundation)
Hall of Shame
S-510 … YEA cloture votes by Senators w/2012 election date.
Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA) … Hatch, Orrin G. (R-UT)
Carper, Thomas R. (D-DE) … Lugar, Richard G. (R-IN)
Nelson, Bill (D-FL) … Corker, Bob (R-TN)
Cardin, Benjamin L. (D-MD) Barrasso, John (R-WY)
Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI) … Tester, Jon (D-MT) …
Menendez, Robert (D-NJ) … Lieberman, Joseph I. (ID-CT)
Akaka, Daniel K. (D-HI) … Sanders, Bernard (I-VT)
Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) … McCaskill, Claire (D-MO)
Bingaman, Jeff (D-NM) … Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (D-NY) …
Conrad, Kent (D-ND) … Brown, Sherrod (D-OH) …
Casey, Robert P., Jr. (D-PA) … Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI) …
Webb, Jim (D-VA) … Cantwell, Maria (D-WA) …
Manchin, Joe, III (D-WV) … Kohl, Herb (D-WI) …

May 23, 2011

Autism Is A Red Herring.

Can a doctor pick out an autistic child from one who has heavy metal and chemical poisoning in a line up? If ANY doctor tells you they can, run like hell from them because they are quacks. Both ‘spectrum disorders’ are virtually identical in appearances.

Too Bad Youtube has pulled this eyeopening video (update 2014)

I certainly didn’t coin the ‘astute’ observation that the vaccine / autism issue is a red herring but, I have been saying the same for a long time. The statement in no way lessons the seriousness of vaccine poisoning and autism like ‘permanent’ side effects that have been inflicted on mankind. However, as the mother in the above video says rather succinctly, vaccines give rise to MANY, MANY problems beyond autism.

People are just waking up to the FACT, without even realizing it, that Gene Roddenberry got it right. We ARE currently in a ‘eugenics war’. However, it’s not the ‘hollywood’ version where supermen are bread out of test tubes to form armies. That’s not how it works. The battlefield is INSIDE the DNA of everyone. ESPECIALLY THE DNA OUR CHILDREN. If these ‘elites’ or, “olympians” as they call themselves, are able to continue to ruin the natural God given DNA in food AND are allowed to mandate their LAB ALTERED DNA BASED VACCINES, cancer and autism will be the least of our worries as a species.

Jeffrey Smith has done great research in his ‘Seeds of Deception‘ work and continues the study on genetically ‘altered’ DNA in food and how it changes the DNA of the host that eats it. This is the big secret the elites want to keep the public from catching on to. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COME TO VACCINES.
Related to the above paragraph:
1978 CIA Document Explains Science Of Recombinant DNA For Bio Warfare. (Hint: The ‘how to’ on population reduction methodology.)

Vaccines And Cannibalism:
I wish I could take credit for pointing this out. A very wise person briefly touch on this topic and, I think the common sense of it needs to become more widely understood. Yes, human biological material from another human being ending up in a different human being IS a form of cannibalism. Injecting the human bio material into another human beings veins maybe be even worse than had that material entered the body thru the digestive track. Human bio matter does NOT have a ‘religious’ or ‘political’ stance. It simply is what it is. HUMAN bio matter doesn’t say it is NOT human bio matter until it is ‘politically correct’ to do so. The ‘reality’ of the situation doesn’t work that way. vaccines DO contain human material. Human DNA.

The author of the video above has done her homework and you will have to actually put on your thinking cap and LISTEN very carefully as she reads from the vaccine manufactures own white papers. She will present the vaccines manufactures OWN LITERATURE on how they are developing vaccines using human cancer cells.

Enjoy your vaccines!

October 15, 2010

Polio Epidemics Traced Back To Ancient Egypt Debunked.

Editor’s Note:
From the beginning of the American polio outbreak, where this blog has strong evidence to believe was created by chemical poisoning of the American population over a period of years, the Pharmacological Medical Industrial Complex (PMIC) have had their paid for hacks in some college universities endorse the ‘THEORY’ that mass polio outbreaks occurred as far back as ancient Egypt. Even though the PMIC has been pushing this ‘wild claim’, (even teaching it in some medical schools) MOST of the ‘sane’ and most importantly, not bought off science community always felt the ‘THEORY’ was a hell of a stretch at best to ‘unsubstantiated’ most likely. But that’s how they’ve (PMIC) been brainwashing medical students for years, and these students lap up the lies without question.

As it turns out from conducting numerous tissue studies over many years on mummified tissue of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt the ancient Egyptians were not only ‘Cancer’ free BUT, VIRTUALLY A DISEASE FREE SOCIETY. Had there been ANY mass outbreak of polio these viruses would have shown up in this FIELD RESEARCH, and trust me, the main stream media would have plastered that on EVERY TV set to pediatrician’s lobby wall.

Cancer and Vaccines:
Disease is NOT created by a LACK of vaccines. If anything, what this research proves is that disease and CANCER are strictly an environmental issue. Cancer Inc. (another arm of PMIC) has always claimed that people (of the past) didn’t live long enough to get cancer as in the case of ancient Egypt, but as it turns out and sure enough, by living in a disease free environment these ancient people in FACT lived long healthy lives.

Research the most well documented longevity story of all time. The story of ‘old man Porter’. The London medical authorities estimated Porter’s age to be around 130. To my surprise this documented case can NOT be found on the web. At least not easily. But, it is another clear cut case where environment plays a crucial part of our heath as humans. The funny thing is, the english medical ‘authorities’ used this ‘field research’ on old man Porter to push vaccine science during the 19th century, because ‘healthy’ Porter died shortly after bringing him to London. London was at the time, and some would argue, still is, a filthy toxic city.

The Medical Inquisition Revisited:
The worlds most respected medical Doctor of his day, Dr. Creighton, stood up to what was called at that time, the ‘Medical Inquisition’ and made a scientific point that cancer had NOT been known to occur until AFTER the use of vaccines made their way into the population. If you are a medical student and have NEVER heard of the ‘Medical Inquisition’ you need to study this from Dr. Creighton (et al) point of view and NOT just from the Rockefeller Medical Industrial bought and paid for point of view, that teaches THEIR VERSION of it in THEIR medical schools. Rockefeller founded medical schools killed the teaching of how environment plays a critical roll in disease / cancers going all the way back to the Flexner report. They had to do this because THEIR mullti-trillion dollar pharmaceuticals ARE environmental pollution to the body. A gift that keeps on giving profit to big pharma.

One other thing of importance that needs to be mentioned. It was ALWAYS well understood that a societies infrastructure was KEY to prevent disease, NOT vaccines. The importance of waste removal and potable water management have been well known in fighting disease for over 5000 years and, the ancient Egyptians had a mastery in this understanding. As a result, minimized disease WITHOUT vaccines or big pharma drugs. As a side note, eugenicist Bill Gates, with all his wealth, NEVER gives a dime to a third world country’s ‘infrastructure’ but billions for vaccines.

The Rockefeller founded medical schools (The majority of American medical schools, read the book ‘The Drug Story’) removed from western medical teaching what we long knew going as far back as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians lived long happy cancer and disease free lives WITHOUT big pharma’s drugs or vaccines. They also lived long healthy lives before the use of pesticides and genetically DNA ALTERED foods. I NEVER use the word ‘modified’ because modifications can happen in nature. Alterations can NOT happen in nature unless some bio-lab is wiseacring with a gene gun.

As I like to tell the numerous ‘ribbon’ charities out there who like to take massive amounts of cash from the public… “The cure is in the CAUSE, and the cause IS environmental.”
See link below.
Breast cancer awareness campaigns cause more HARM than good.
Showing your support starts by using your brain and doing a little research OUTSIDE the corporate box.

Please listen our ancestors of ancient Egypt. They are trying to tell us ALL something about clean healthy living.


Source Columbia University
A Brief History of Polio
Polio has probably caused paralysis and death for most of human history. The oldest clearly identifiable reference to paralytic poliomyelitis is an Egyptian stele (stone engraving) over 3,000 years old….

My comment:
Even Columbia University had to consent that polio in ancient times was rare.
Click on link to read ‘their’ version of history.

Source Daily Mail

Cancer ‘is purely man-made’ say scientists after finding almost no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies.

By Fiona Macrae
Last updated at 10:21 AM on 15th October 2010

Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life, a study of ancient remains has found.

Tumours were rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became issues, the review of mummies, fossils and classical literature found.

A greater understanding of its origins could lead to treatments for the disease, which claims more than 150,000 lives a year in the UK.

Michael Zimmerman, a visiting professor at Manchester University, said: ‘In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases.

‘The virtual absence of malignancies in mummies must be interpreted as indicating their rarity in antiquity, indicating that cancer-causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialisation.’

To trace cancer’s roots, Professor Zimmerman and colleague Rosalie David analysed possible references to the disease in classical literature and scrutinised signs in the fossil record and in mummified bodies.

Despite slivers of tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies being rehydrated and placed under the microscope, only one case of cancer has been confirmed.

This is despite experiments showing that tumours should be even better preserved by mummification than healthy tissues.

Dismissing the argument that the ancient Egyptians didn’t live long enough to develop cancer, the researchers pointed out that other age-related disease such as hardening of the arteries and brittle bones died occur.

Fossil evidence of cancer is also sparse, with scientific literature providing a few dozen, mostly disputed, examples in animal fossil, the journal Nature Reviews Cancer reports.

Even the study of thousands of Neanderthal bones has provided only one example of a possible cancer.

Read more:

April 7, 2010

In Depth Report On The Rotarix Contamination.

Thank you Barbara for digging into this story!

Where do I start? Oh yeah! By asking ,why would ANY sane individual be putting this junk not only into their bodies BUT, the bodies of their children?

I’m sure glad you brought up the fact that the contamination issue concerning vaccines has been an on going issue and, as far as I am concerned, is the #1 problem with vaccines.

As you know, the conventional wisdom of both corporate and government psychosis will simply tell us all not to pay ANY attention to all the nasty in those vaccines. They’re all safe as a sunday walk in the park.

Vaccine Contamination: Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix
by Barbara Loe Fisher
Vaccine Awakening

On March 22, 2010, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials adhering to the precautionary principle advised American doctors to suspend use of Rotarix 1 vaccine until the agency finds out why DNA from a swine virus (porcine circovirus 1 or PCV1) was found in the live rotavirus vaccine. The FDA said there is “no evidence at this time” that the vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and given to babies at 2,4 and 6 months of age to prevent diarrhea poses any safety risk. 2

Independent Lab Using New Technology Found Contamination

The discovery that viral DNA is contaminating Rotarix vaccine was made by a team of scientists at an independent research lab in San Fransisco, California, where they used new technology to detect fragments of viral genetic material in vaccines using genetic sequencing. 3

More testing confirmed that many copies of DNA from the pig virus were present in all Rotarix vaccine lots released since the vaccine was licensed in 2008 because the pig virus DNA also contaminated the working cell bank and the original viral “seed” stock, from which Rotarix vaccine was first produced. 4

Two Other Live Virus Vaccines Contaminated

The surprising discovery reportedly was made after the independent lab used new technology to evaluate the purity of eight live virus vaccines for polio, rubella, measles, yellow fever, human herpes 3 (varicella or chicken pox), rotavirus (Rotarix and RotaTeq) and MMR. In addition to pig viral DNA found in Rotarix vaccine, low levels of DNA fragments from avian (bird) leukosis virus (a retrovirus) was found in measles vaccine and DNA fragments of a virus similar to simian (monkey) retrovirus was found in RotaTeq vaccine. 5

FDA Looking For Answers

After the team double checked their findings, researchers notified GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) on February 9, 2010 and GSK notified the FDA on March 15, 2010, which prompted the FDA’s action on March 22, 2010 to suspend use of Rotarix. The FDA says it “does not know how DNA from PCV1 came to be present in Rotarix” or whether “this means that intact virus is present. Additional studies are being conducted.” 6

Rotavirus Vaccines Use Monkey, Cow, Pig Materials for Production

Rotarix is a genetically engineered vaccine that GSK created by isolating human rotavirus strain infecting a child in Cincinnati and using African Green monkey kidney cells to produce the original viral seed stock from which all Rotarix vaccine has been made. 7 In the FDA licensing process, Rotarix had to meet certain FDA standards, that included demonstrating the vaccine was not contaminated with, for example TSE (Transmissable Spongiform Encephalopathy or “mad cow” disease, a brain wasting disease) 8 or with cow viruses because bovine (cow) serum was used to prepare the original viral seed stock. Porcine trypsin, an enzyme in the pancreatic juice of a pig, was also used to make the viral seed stock. 9
RotaTeq is a genetically engineered vaccine containing five human-cow reassortment strains of rotavirus that were created at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP), where strains of rotavirus that give cows diarrhea were combined with strains of rotavirus that cause diarrhea in humans. The reassortment viruses were transported to Merck, where master seeds were produced using African Green Monkey kidney cell cultures. Fetal bovine (cow) serum and porcine trypsin was used to make the “seed” stock. 10 There are small amounts of bovine serum and cell culture media (monkey viral DNA) that remain in RotaTeq vaccine. 11 12

FDA Suggests Drug Companies Test for Vaccine “Purity”

In a February 2010 FDA document, Guidance for Industry: Characterization and Qualification of Cell Substrates and Other Biological Materials Used in the Production of Viral Vaccines for Infectious Disease Indications, the FDA lists “non-binding recommendations” for drug companies making vaccines using animal and human cell substrates. 13 Under the heading “Testing for Adventitious Agents,” the FDA states “assurance that products are free of adventitious agents is a critical component of meeting the [FDA regulations] requirement for purity.” Under the heading “Testing for Residual Cellular DNA,” the FDA states, “Residual DNA might be a risk to your final product because of oncogenic (cancer causing) and/or infectivity potential.”

Déjà Vu: Monkey Viruses Contaminated Polio Vaccines

Contamination of vaccines with animal viruses is not new. In the 20th century, polio vaccines given to tens of millions of people worldwide were contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40), which was found to cause cancer in animals and is associated with human brain, bone and lung cancers but the government denies SV40 is causing those cancers in humans. 14 15 16 17

There has been controversy about the link between experimental polio vaccines tested in Africa in the 1950’s and 1960’s that were contaminated with a monkey virus, simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). Soon after the polio vaccine trials in Africa, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) emerged. 18 Many questions about the failure of researchers and technology to screen for monkey viruses in those vaccines remain to this day.

Using Cancer Cells to Produce Vaccines?

Vaccine manufacturers have long used cell material that comes from the bodies of mammals, including humans, monkeys, cows, pigs, dogs and rodents, as well as birds or insects to make vaccines now in use or to make experimental vaccines. There is an inherent risk of contamination with viruses and other microbes (or DNA from those microbes) that can escape detection during the vaccine development, testing, licensing, manufacturing and oversight process. 19 There has even been discussion among vaccine manufacturers and the FDA in the last decade about using neoplastic (cancer) cell substrates to make vaccines but the risk of contamination with cancer cell DNA is a big risk. 20

New Influenza Vaccines: Is Contamination Possible?

In searching for ways to make seasonal influenza vaccines in a faster, easier and less expensive way than relying on chicken eggs for production, drug companies have experimented with using dog kidney cells and human fetal retinal cells. However, these cell lines have been documented to cause tumors in animals, especially dog kidney cells (MDCK). 21

At a November 19, 2009 meeting of the FDA Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, a vaccine manufacturer asked for permission to use insect (caterpillar) cells to make pandemic influenza shots. But insect cells can be contaminated with insect viruses that are hard to detect. The FDA Committee, on that day, voted “no.” 22

Unanswered Questions about Rotarix Contamination

There are lots of questions about how the manufacturer of Rotarix vaccine and the FDA both missed the pig virus DNA contaminating the original seed stock and all doses of Rotarix vaccine given to more than one million American children in the past few years. 23

Is there state-of-the-art technology that is being used by private laboratories but not by drug companies and the FDA?

Why did the independent team of scientists, who found the contamination, notify the vaccine manufacturer first rather than also immediately reporting their finding directly to the FDA?

What about the significance of finding bird viral DNA in measles vaccine and the monkey viral DNA in RotaTeq vaccine?

Wake Up Call for Industry & Government

The contamination of Rotarix vaccine is only the latest in a long history of vaccine contamination issues that require a re-examination of the way vaccines are made and tested. It is a wake-up call for industry and government

The big question people are asking is: why do drug companies making vaccines continue to use cells from animals, birds and insects that can be contaminated with viruses and other adventitious agents that are hard to detect?

The FDA was right to suspend use of Rotarix vaccine until they know more. Hopefully, this serious vaccine production and testing issue will be addressed immediately by vaccine manufacturers. If not, the next pandemic or serious health problem affecting large populations may be one that comes out of a vaccine lab.


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