From Hell To Veins

July 23, 2015

Vaccine Lobby Disinformation Exposed. Vaccine Viral Shedding Does Occur.

The vaccine corporate lobby and their fake grassroots organizations have stated that it is a ‘myth’ where vaccinated individuals can ‘shed’ viruses and other vaccine goodies, like toxins, to non-vaccinated individuals. Even though this deceitful BS by the vaccine lobby has been thoroughly shown to be dishonest information, I felt, it is always important to source yet another double blind study demonstrating how this occurs.

The vaccine lobby had a short field day because people holding vaccines accountable used the ‘street terminology’ shedding when speaking of viruses transfer from vaccinated to non vaccinated where, the ‘industry’ term is called, ‘horizontal transfer’ of disease from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

Without further ado, here is the link for the double blind study of the ‘Horizontal transmission of a human rotavirus vaccine strain—A randomized, placebo-controlled study in twins’.


The ‘industry study’ admits that the transfer of the vaccine’s viral genome to the unvaccinated however, they reassure us that the unvaccinated will not get the disease itself. If I’m reading the highlighted correctly. However, excuse my skepticism. These are, after all, the same people who swore on a stack of vaccine schedules that this ‘transfer’ in no way could possibly happen in the first place.

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