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January 28, 2011

So You Think The Polio Vaccine Wipedout Polio? Think Again.

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The doctors gave Alberto Tremante the polio vaccine when he was a child. Soon after the vaccine was given Alberto developed Polio. Two save their own asses (the doctors) and the drug companies, these cowardly SO-CALLED doctors claimed NO responsibility. By Claiming the vaccine could not have GIVEN polio to Alberto. Alberto HAS POLIO. Since 1964 the CDC and the W.H.O. REFUSE TO CALL VACCINE INDUCED POLIO, POLIO. They use about 10 different names today i.e Guillain Barre Syndrome is but ONE of the several different names for vaccine induced polio.

Dr. Blaylock has gathered clinical research and medical data over the years THAT SHOW MOST OF THE WORLDS POLIO CASES ARE FROM VACCINES.

The latest polio epidemic that was CAUSED BY VACCINES was in Nigeria last year, and as always, the pharmacological industrial complexes answer to all of this mess THEY MADE is to just dole out MORE POLIO VACCINES!!!!

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