From Hell To Veins

March 13, 2017

Court Determines Children Do Not ‘Need’ Vaccines. Media Blackout

I have long advocated to all who will listen, that it WAS well known that science engineers had more to do with preventing age old diseases than any doctors ever did.  Engineering advances in sanitation, infrastructure, storing and transporting of food was common knowledge in the 1960’s for wiping out disease as these scientific FACTS were celebrated at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City where vaccination did NOT even get an honorable mention.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s (into today) where we are now victims of our own success.  We live in a time where the corrupt medical mafia has been allowed to not only hijack the success engineering sciences have made in defeating age old diseases but also, have turned their hijacking operation into a dogma for profit and population control.

Doctor Jayne Donegan was heavily brainwashed by the medical mafia, and to her credit, wanted to know the truth about vaccines.  She got the truth, and her discovery that (allopathic) vaccination is one of the biggest frauds of all time, landed her in a court of law where the medical mafia and their accomplices tried to ruin her.  Fortunately, the only thing that was ‘ruined’ was the vaccination myth pushed by the medical mafia and their accomplices .


In the late 1990s there was an advertisement for MMR which featured a baby in nappies sitting on the edge of a cliff with a lion prowling on the other side and a voice-over saying, “No loving parent would deliberately leave their baby unprotected and in danger.”

I think it would have been more scientific to have put one of the graphs using information from the ONS in the advert – then parents would have had a greater chance of making an informed choice.

-Doctor Jayne Donegan 

January 17, 2012

“I FELT COMPLETELY VIOLATED!!!” Evil Doctor WRONGFULLY Sends Police / CPS After Mother / Son.

Editorial Note:
Each and every day doctors are acting LESS and LESS like doctors and MORE and MORE like soviet / communist style bureaucratic goons, hell bent on destroying peoples lives with a phone call and a LIE.

Mother, Rachel Garmon, thought everything went fine at her son’s NEW pediatricians office. Even though the doctor tried pushing vaccines like a high school drug dealer would push dope on the ‘new kid at school’. Rachel Garmon, never-the-less, felt she had a very friendly experience at the new pediatricians office.

Well, snakes are what they are, snakes. The very next day Rachel Garmon got a note at her door left by both a Pennsylvania state trooper AND CPS to call them back. God must have been shinning his light on Rachel because she happened to be at her sisters house when they came, in ‘attempt’, at snatching her son.

Rachel Garmon calls the first business day and the trooper told her that the state troopers and CPS responded to a call they received from the pediatricians clinic Garman just visited. THE EXCUSE to come after this mother was that, the clinic said she refused to show her identification and was “acting suspicious’. Totally made up! Rachel Garmon on the Alex Jones radio program said of the ordeal… “I felt completely violated!”

This Doctor thinks just because Rachel Garmon WISELY refuses to have mercury and many, many other toxins injected into her sons veins that, she can simply MAKE UP A STORY, give it to the police like this is old East Germany under the Stasis. Rachel Garmon is NOT a person to be messing with. She is going to file legal action against this doctor and the clinic.

If something like this happens to you. YOU NEED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION, PERIOD!!

Under NO circumstances, SIGN (AT LEAST WITHOUT CONSULTING AN ATTORNEY FIRST) the form that states that YOU AGREE YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PARENT for not giving your child dangerous vaccines.

Rachel also refused to sign the self incriminating form designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics that basically states that you are a horrible parent for not protecting your child with poisonous vaccines. This is a document that no parent should sign as this can be used against you when CPS or Children and Youth Services begin to push their agenda in a family court situation.

If a pediatrician wants you to sign their AAP form on ‘vaccines and YOU the parent’, tell the Doctor you’ll sign it IF AND, ONLY IF, THEY SIGN A LEGAL FORM MAKING THEM PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR CHILD HAS AN ADVERSE VACCINE REACTION OR DEATH. You can bet the farm they won’t sign that form.

What makes this doctor so utterly and completely EVIL is, that BEFORE calling the ‘authorities’ this doctor gave Garmon’s son A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!! This so-called doctor, commented specifically on how healthy her son was. Maybe this boy’s good vibrant health was exactly what bothered this so-called doctor? Maybe this doctor would LOVE to see Garmon’s son develop any number of disorders from vaccines? Maybe watching kids become ill after their vaccinations ‘gets this pediatrician off’? One has to wonder.

Doctor Calls Police, Child Services on Mother Who Refuses to Vaccinate Son
Curt Linderman Sr.
January 17, 2012

Once again the tyrannical claws of the medical industrial complex, supported by big brother government, have grazed the flesh of an intelligent, educated mother that has refused to bow down to the lies of the vaccine agenda.

Rachel Garmon, a resident of the Centre County area of Pennsylvania, recently took her 2 ½ year old son to an appointment with a new pediatrician. Mrs. Garmon states in her recent interview with Alex Jones that her visit with the doctor was going well. The pediatrician even stated that the boy looked very healthy. This was of course until the good doc found out that Rachel had never vaccinated her son.
Suddenly, the visit took a turn for the worse as the pediatrician, classically trained in the heretical arts of poisoning young children in the name of health, began to attempt the indoctrination of vaccination into this wayward mother. Rachel however, stood her ground and explained to the doctor that she had “strong convictions against vaccinating (her) son and he was not going to get any shots.”

Rachel also refused to sign the self incriminating form designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics that basically states that you are a horrible parent for not protecting your child with poisonous vaccines. This is a document that no parent should sign as this can be used against you when CPS or Children and Youth Services begin to push their agenda in a family court situation. By the end of the appointment, Rachel stated that she felt that the visit had ended on a good note and really didn’t feel as if there was any need to be concerned with her decision not to vaccinate.

Mrs. Garmon spent the weekend out of town visiting her sister and upon returning home, she witnessed two notes attached to her door. These notes were from a Pennsylvania State Trooper asking her to contact her “ASAP”. The first attempt failed due to the late hour but the following day, Rachel was successful in reaching the state trooper and was informed that the doctor that Rachel had visited the week prior had contacted the department to file a report regarding her suspicious behavior. The doctor apparently told the trooper that Mrs. Garmon had come to her office with her son, refused to give her identification and had acted “suspicious”.

When was the last time you had to show your driver’s license to see your doctor? Mrs. Garmon told the trooper that she had not been asked for her identification and that she felt that this issue was in regards to her decision to not vaccinate her son. Could the “suspicious” actions be of a mother that educates herself on issues regarding her child’s health and wellbeing? In today’s world of following orders like lemmings to the cliff’s edge, perhaps this could be construed as “suspicious”. The state trooper also stated that the pediatrician had called Children and Youth Services.

In the interview with Alex on Tuesday I would have to surmise that this doctor has picked on the wrong woman. Rachel is a popular mother and respected member of the community, a Sports and Wellness Director for a well known community based organization and a well educated citizen of Pennsylvania. She also seems quite prepared to take this to the next level and this level should be pressing charges on a pathetic pediatrician that files false and misleading reports with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Mrs. Garmon was contacted eventually by the pediatrician via voice mail and stated that she had no idea what she was talking about regarding the visit from the state authorities. Judging from the conversation between the state trooper and Rachel we can only assume that this pediatrician is as much a liar as she is a minion of the eugenics-inspired vaccine movement.

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