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December 22, 2013

There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be

Vaccines: The Greatest Con Job On Earth (since 1790’s)

Every Year the vaccine pushers tell the public… “The Flu vaccine is ineffective and may give you the flu” out of one side of their mouth while, out of the other side, saying… “You need to get a flu shot to prevent the flu.” Ladies and gentlemen that is called ‘MIND CONTROL’, the kind a sleazy used car sales man could only dream of having.

It should be said first and for most that Dr Suzanne Humphries should be thanked for her courage in this day and age where, doctors who do NOT sellout and take payola from their big pharma pimp daddies like some sleazy DJ at a radio station who’s getting paid under the table by the equally sleazy recording industries, get the full wrath of the corporate media that, not only takes money from big pharmaceutical but, is heavily invested into big pharmaceutical. Doctors who do NOT play ball and tow the corporate bottom line, also have medical boards to go after them like the days of the religious zealots with witch burnings and inquisitions. We as a society should NOT be tolerating this outrageous sickening behavior in our so-called modern society.

Let’s step back in time and really put some perspective on what Dr Suzanne Humphries is saying. If you think Dr Suzanne Humphries is a ‘radical quack’ who does not know what she is talking about especially, people in the medical profession who believe this about Dr Suzanne Humphries, you have no clue about the profession you work in.

Dr Suzanne Humphries is in very good company in what she is saying which, mirrors what medial giants such as Dr. Charles Creighton debated successfully in the last century concerning vaccine science. Dr. Charles Creighton most famous quote was… ‘Vaccines will one day be looked at by the world the same way we look at blood letting today.

Dr. Charles Creighton was both a scientist’s scientist and, a doctor’s doctor. It’s very important when we discuss vaccines in our so-called modern society that, we understand in Dr. Charles Creighton’s era with medical professionals, there were two camps in America. The first camp you had truly ‘independent’ medical scientists, doctors, medical schools and laboratories. In the other camp you had a very sketchy group who were, like today, taking money from both big pharma and big oil companies. This second group won out, thanks mostly to John D Rockefeller’s oil, railroad money and political muscle. He who wins the war writes the history books. In this case ‘medical’ history.

Looking back in time American medical professionals were divided when it came to vaccine science. By the late 19th century the smallpox vaccine had killed so many people in Europe that their population refused to be ‘forced’ vaccinated even though the punishment for NOT taking the smallpox vaccine was imprisonment. History shows us which camp in America was behind vaccines and which were not. Read the very thoroughly documented and sourced book… ‘The Drug Story’

Medical giants such as Dr. Creighton sited the carnage in Europe as proof on human guinea pigs that the smallpox epidemics stopped as soon as people stopped taking the vaccine. Dr. Creighton and other colleagues of that time, sited all the European deaths caused by that continent’s smallpox vaccine programs as irrefutable proof that vaccines not only do NOT work preventing the very diseases they are ‘supposed to be preventing but, are extremely hazardous to the welfare of the population in general.

Our modern medical schools, are no longer independent from the same big pharma vaccine pushers that our American independent medical professionals of Dr. Creighton’s era were up against. Medical schools have completely omitted from their textbooks all the death and suffering brought on by the smallpox vaccine programs in Europe (1790’s – 1880’s) but, instead present the smallpox figures POST IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM AND SELL IT TO MEDICAL STUDENTS AS A VACCINE VICTORY!!!! Turning the reality of what actually happened upside down on it’s head. It’s for underhanded tricks like this by the big pharma run medical schools why, we as a society, have to know the REAL history of vaccines. This brings us to the polio cure whopper of a hoax.

The Smallpox vaccine disaster is not the only vaccine tragedy that has been rewritten by the Medical Industrial Complex, the polio cure hoax is the mother of all ‘tall tails’ disseminated into our society.

The truly evil people behind vaccines were certainly in a panic when their holiest of grails, getting their snake oil into the veins of EVERY human being on this planet took a hit when the smallpox vaccine scam went down in flames. This, in the day and age where people saw what these smallpox vaccines did and, weren’t so easy to bullshit like people have been today. Then came polio, just in time like the calvary to save vaccines but, there to was a problem.

Scientists in the age of the electronic microscope and with tremendous funding by both the federal government and big pharma COULD NEVER ISOLATE ANY of the so-called wild polio viruses that was blamed for crippling so many children in America.

Troubles for the vaccine pushers at big pharma started to mount when good and well meaning scientists started to ask logical questions that ANY real ‘objective’ scientist would ask. Questions like… “Why can we not isolate a polio virus (with an electron microscope!) when we have so many people PRESUMEDLY stricken with it.” The second big question that was asked… “why has what was known forever as a normally MILD SUMMER VIRUS, all of the sudden, causing mass epidemics of paralysis for the first time in human history and why concentrated primarily in North America?

These were two big glaring questions that were becoming a big problem for the vaccine agenda. Many scientists were putting together the evidence that what all these children and, some adults were being crippled from was NOT the polio virus at all but, they were being chemically poisoned. Chemical poisoning has the very same earmarks as polio. Including the slow crippling to the point where someone would have to be put on what is called a ventilator today or what was known as an ‘iron lung’ back in those days.

Big pharma which is tied to the billfold of big petroleum and all the political muscle behind both were NOT going to allow these scientists to let the cat out of the bag that, all these crippled people were NOT polio victims BUT instead, had been crippled due to the pesticides being used at the time by big agro.

The money and political muscle was used to ridicule these scientists and their federal funding stopped. If you worked for a big pharma laboratory you were taken off the work and worse. This history is in fact, taught in big pharma run medical schools today, only to ridicule those scientist’s findings and NEVER informing the medical student of the FACTS that led all the other scientists to the chemical poisoning conclusion.

As a matter of fact, ANY medical student can easily research this themselves, Jonas Salk NEVER did isolate ANY wild polio strain. All three of his polio strains used in his vaccines where lab produced which, has to this day, given rise to multiple strains of ‘LAB’ produced polio viruses that never even existed before, with some of those now ‘weaponized’. The weaponized version that was produced by the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation, just within this decade, crippled over 40,000 children alone in India.

Because of all these lab created polio viruses being injected into the veins of so many children, there is more polio now than ever before and most of it under about 10 different names.

Polio has not been eradicated by vaccination, it is lurking behind a redefinition and new diagnostic names like viral or aseptic meningitis…….According to one of the 1997 issues of the MMWR, there are some 30,000 to 50,000 cases of viral meningitis per year in the United States alone. That’s where all those 30,000 – 50,000 cases of polio disappeared after the introduction of mass vaccination“—Viera Scheibner

What FACTS had been kept out of all the media PR hype that lead to the RELIGION of the polio cure was 1.) all the cases of polio caused by the vaccines and 2.) over a hundred million polio vaccine victims infected with the SV-40 cancer virus. (Meaning that there were 39 OTHER viruses in Sulk / MERCK’s polio vaccine!) However, cancer rates being traced back to the polio vaccine is an entire topic into itself and has been covered extensively at this blog. If you take all the Hollywood fanfare out of the polio cure public relations and marketing schemes (The Media had a lot of their stock invested into the vaccine manufacture MERCK) you’ll very easily see the polio cure was NO cure what-so-ever but a complete disaster. So much so that the same big pharma created medical institutes like the CDC in 1964 had changed the criteria for polio and labeling ALL polio cases as aseptic meningitis to mask the fact big pharma infected even more children with polio than they went into the polio campaign infected with polio.


January 18, 2012

Big Pharmaceutical Is Pushing National Socialists Agenda To Experiment Vaccines On Public By FORCE!

If you think the headline is ‘RADICAL’, ‘FARFETCHED’, ‘SENSATIONAL’ or even worse, ‘A FLAT OUT LIE’, you better prepare yourself for this…

The American Medical Association is floating out, through their ‘journal’, that it would be a great (But certainly NOT original) idea to force the public to take experimental vaccines. Now, the reason why this over-the-top article was MOST LIKELY put out by the puppet association of ALL the major pharmaceutical companies, was to be used AS A TALKING POINT by another PUPPET of the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the corporate media.

See Related: NO VACCINES!!! NO HEALTH CARE!!! It seems I’ve been vindicated again.

The JAMA article was most likely constructed so that the corporate media can CREATE A FAKE AND COMPLETELY CONTROLLED DEBATE. Where one tele-prompter talking head on one side of the issue is pushing the FORCED experimental vaccines on the public (bad cop), while another ‘COOLER HEAD, CALMER, MORE RATIONAL’ tele-prompter talking head is completely in disagreement with the other talking head on the experimental vaccine issue BUT, IS IN FULL AGREEMENT THAT THE PUBLIC SHOULD HAVE ‘APPROVED’ VACCINES FORCED ON THEM (good cop).


Both ideas of force medicating the public, experimental vaccines or ‘approved’, are right out of the Nazi hand book from Nuremberg Nazi Germany. If you think it’s NOT, just read below.

This excerpt is from Brown University. Similar excerpts can be found in any and ALL OF ACADEMIA.

The idea of, “state before individual” was typical of the Nazi era and physicians began to lose sight of their moral obligations as they were swept into the dehumanizing Nazi political culture. The slew of exotic diseases and afflictions, a condition of the war environment, were seen as a, “national threat,” and it was to these “threats” that German doctors began to assume the responsibility of acting on behalf of the state in order to imporve the health of the nation. On the basis of national thought and utilitarianism doctors no longer acted as caretakers but as puppets of a government obsessed with racial and genetic purity. Medical experiments committed under the disguise of scientific research fell into three basic categories: (1) Medico-Military Research; (2) Miscellaneous, Ad Hoc Experiments; and (3) Racially Motivated Experiments. (1)

Most drugs INCLUDING VACCINES have so many side effects / adverse effects they should NEVER have been approved in the first place. Everybody, who has NOT been living under a rock, knows that the FDA who approve these drugs also work for the same pharmaceutical companies once the drugs have been voted to ‘approve’ status. This so-called drug and vaccine ‘approval system’, is a system where the ONLY thing that separates the FDA drug approvers from the drug companies themselves is an absurd ‘turnstile’, where the approvers are shuttling back and forth, to and from the drug companies. Essentially, the FDA has been ‘privatized’ and, IN REALITY, is a PRIVATE organization with the words ‘FEDERAL’ & ‘DEPARTMENT’ in it so it can still get tax payer money to pay to keep the lights on in the building.


So basically, EVEN APPROVED DRUGS CAN BE CLASSIFIED AS EXPERIMENTAL, because NO ‘experiments’ have EVER been conducted LONG TERM on all the side and ill effects of the drugs AND VACCINES.

The ONLY reason the AMA HAS TO SHOW YOU THEIR TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST COLORS is because MOST PEOPLE, not living under a rock, have seen or been a victim to both drugs and vaccines and, the gig is up for big pharma. Now, they think they can PR and hoodwink the SAME PUBLIC WHO WON’T TAKE THEIR DANGEROUS VACCINES to go along with forced vaccinations AS THE ONLY LAST COURSE OF ACTION TO GET THEM INTO TH VEINS OF A PUBLIC THAT NO LONGER WANTS THEM.

This is ALSO the story of the 19th century Euro smallpox vaccine FAILURE ‘reinventing’ itself in the 21st century. Where, the FORCED smallpox vaccine created mass epidemics at the height of the mass vaccine programs. Where, people in Europe refused to take them and governments started to jail people that wouldn’t take them. That idea failed with a capital F and, once the vaccinations ended (by default), SO TO DID THE SMALLPOX EPIDEMICS. Gee, go figure.

Another quick history lesson on the AMA and it’s ties to old nazi germany.
Read about Rockefeller as the AMA’s founder.
Then, Read Rockefeller Nazi ties.

So, when it comes to the AMA acting like a bunch of National Socialists (NAZIS), the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
AMA Journal: Make Participation In Vaccine Trials Mandatory ALL Sourced Links)

Population should be forced to take experimental shots “for the greater good”

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An article published by the American Medical Association’s Virtual Mentor journal advocates making participation in vaccine trials mandatory, arguing that people should be forced to take experimental shots in a similar vein to how jury service is compulsory.

The article, written by Oxford University’s Susanne Sheehy and Joel Meyer, is entitled Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?

Concerned about the “distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials,” the piece argues that “Compulsory involvement in vaccine studies” should be considered for the “greater good of society.”

“Many societies already mandate that citizens undertake activities for the good of society; in several European countries registration for organ-donation has switched from “opt-in” (the current U.S. system) to “opt-out” systems (in which those who do not specifically register as nondonors are presumed to consent to donation) [10], and most societies expect citizens to undertake jury service when called upon. In these examples, the risks or inconvenience to an individual are usually limited and minor. Mandatory involvement in vaccine trials is therefore perhaps more akin to military conscription, a policy operating today in 66 countries. In both conscription and obligatory trial participation, individuals have little or no choice regarding involvement and face inherent risks over which they have no control, all for the greater good of society.”

Using the example of military conscription – the draft – to justify the idea of compulsory participation in vaccine trials, illustrates how the whole idea is completely rooted in authoritarian tendencies. The draft has its historical origins in slavery and has largely been abolished by developed nations.

And if you thought the use of the term “for the greater good of society” wasn’t downright creepy enough, the authors later propose tackling society’s reluctance to accept compulsory recruitment to vaccine trials by virtually advocating the arrival of a more deadly disease than swine flu in order to ensure “compulsory recruitment becomes a more palatable option.”

“Consider an infectious disease with a high transmission and mortality rate for which vaccine development were possible but limited by a shortage of volunteers willing to participate in clinical trials. Would mandatory participation in clinical trials then be an acceptable policy?” ask the authors, ruminating on how an “Increase (in) the severity of the disease in question,” would increase the likelihood of society accepting mandatory vaccine trials.

The authors conclude by bemoaning ethical considerations that would present a roadblock to the effort to force people to take experimental vaccines, proposing instead that a system of “mandated choice” be introduced to coerce people into agreeing to be given the shots.

Mandating that people take experimental vaccines is of course completely abhorrent, it violates the fundamental human right not to be forcibly medicated, and harks back to the dark days of eugenics, mandatory sterilizations, and episodes like the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.
The very reason why less people are willing to volunteer for vaccine trials is the fact that vaccines, whether approved or experimental, have been responsible for deaths and injuries worldwide in increasing numbers. The United States, which administers the highest number of vaccines to babies, has the highest infant mortality rate out of all developed nations, a connection that is no coincidence according to a recent medical study published in a prestigious medical journal.
Indeed, earlier this month GlaxoSmithKline was fined $93,000 dollars for its role in an experimental vaccine program in Argentina that killed 14 babies between 2007 and 2008.
For this authoritarian premise to even be considered in the AMA’s ‘Journal of Ethics’ is shocking, but the increasing move towards making vaccines mandatory is a wider phenomenon.

Last year, California passed a law that allows children to be given the Gardasil shot, which has been linked with thousands of adverse reactions and dozens of deaths, without parental consent.

Parents who try to remove their children from the ever-expanding list of “required” vaccine programs for school-age kids are being targeted by law enforcement. When Rachel Garmon told her doctor that she had taken the decision not to vaccinate her healthy 2 and a half year old son, she was subsequently visited by a Pennsylvania State Trooper who was tasked with investigating her “suspicious behavior,” despite the fact that Pennsylvania is one of the many states that allows vaccination exemptions on both religious and medical grounds.

The AMA article represents a shocking insight into the control freak tendencies of some of today’s most influential medical minds. Forcing people to take part in experimental vaccine trials that pose a serious risk to their health is totally contemptible and has no place in a free society.

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