From Hell To Veins

October 28, 2011

Smallpox Outbreak Fears.

A few months ago big pharma and Rockefeller front organization, the CDC, was flapping their collective jaws and running around pimping the dangerous smallpox vaccine over a smallpox outbreak fear in India.

I read the article on so, I posted the comment below on their website.

I have written and sited sourced documents ad nauseum on my blog that the smallpox vaccine was the biggest medical hoax of both the 19th, 20th and NOW 21st centuries.

Jenner was NOT the first individual to try and concoct a ‘magic potion’ but, he along with his pharmaceutical ‘insiders’ of that era, did something the others failed in doing. That is, the medical ‘flunky’ Jenner convinced the British lawmakers that by making this deadly concoction he produced MANDATORY it, in of itself, would become a new form of a TAX gold mine.

The FACT that smallpox epidemics broke out where the vaccine was given. was an even bigger gold mine because they could use their ‘self made’ epidemics as a, ‘marketing by gunpoint’ method, enforced by fear of ‘black death’ type catastrophe and jail if one did not comply. YES YOU WERE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THOSE SHOTS!

There is also a ‘malthusian’ motivation as to why this mandatory vaccine policy was adopted in Europe but, that topic is for another discussion.

Soon many governments throughout Europe followed England’s mandated vaccine policy and by the 1880’s, Europe saw the worst smallpox epidemics in their recorded history. AT THE HIEGHT OF MASS VACCINATION.

By the end of 19th century Europe, the gig was pretty much up. NOBODY in Europe would take the smallpox vaccine let alone pay for it no matter how they were threaten.

19th century United States medical institutions, doctors and scientists were still ‘truly’ independent of big pharma / government influence (for the most part). Most states did NOT participate in the madness their european counter parts were engaging in with regards to the smallpox vaccine. The US ‘method’ PROVED that hygiene, sanitation and nutrition prevented smallpox outbreaks. At that point, the smallpox vaccine MYTH had pretty much ran it’s destructive course. As soon as the mass vaccinations ended in Europe, so to did the smallpox outbreaks.

This is an IMPORTANT history lesson because, big government and big pharma was not going to ALLOW independent US doctors to interfere with ANY other mass vaccine campaigns in the future and a plan was hatched out to rope in the ‘independent’ US medical system. Thus, the Flexner report was used to bring BOTH the US medical system and ‘institutions’ under the control of those with SAME INTERESTS as those who mandated the European smallpox vaccine.

Early 20th century Untied States medical literature (Not controlled by Rockefeller medical monopolies) clearly stated the European smallpox vaccine was a big fat failure with a capitol ‘F’. This was the HANDS DOWN consensus in the US medical community in the early 20th century. Since then, US medical institutions ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PUBLISH THIS FACT and the MYTH that the vaccine eradicated smallpox is WRONGLY taught in medical schools today. All a medical student need to do, is a very small amount of historical research and they will find these FACTS out for themselves. If you read these medical documents of the early 20th century era you can see big pharma’s Rockefeller backed medical professionals viciously attacking some of the greatest medical minds of that generation for bringing the facts of the smallpox vaccine into the light of day. Those so-called Rockefeller backed medical professionals of that era had no ‘real credentials’ and where taken with a grain of salt by the MAJORITY of the ‘REAL’ medical community. Sadly, today, these hacks make up the majority of our medical systems and institutions.

The Pandemic Vaccine Racket. No Bid Contracts, Dr. Oz & Obama.

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