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May 13, 2011

A Disgusting Pro Vaccine Blogger

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I would like to dedicate the above video to the ‘sleazy’ physician / scientist who runs a science blog. I don’t wish to give the blog ANY ATTENTION because it really is a sad joke but, I do take issue with it’s pompous creator. A physician who goes by the handle ‘Orac’. Orac, you need a change of name to ‘Kaa’. As seen in the video clip above. That better ‘reflects’ ‘exactly who and what you are. More on that later.

If he / she and the people on his /her blog wish to bash their favorite punching bag Dr. Wakefield with ‘outdated’ and ‘debunked’ hearsay and, play volleyball with it all day long, that’s their business and that’s fine. However, calling the now well known fraudster and, flat out liar Brian Deer a ‘hero” tells me just how low and hypocritical of an individual you are. Your ‘about’ diatribe section on your blog goes on and on ‘about’ your personal pet peeve of scientific and medical “quackery”. Well, I have a news flash for you Orac, Brian Deer WAS NOT, IS NOT a scientist OR medical professional. Yet, his so-called findings were treated as such by people / so-called professionals like yourself who claim they can’t stand medical and scientific quackery. I find that extremely interesting when it concerns you Orac. Not only is that ‘quackery’ but, Brian Deer’s fraud has even pissed off the pro vaccine camp for the blow-back it’s created. Even the heavily Pharma funded main stream media (ABC Good Morning America) had to admit the bungling by Brian Dear alone “vindicated” Dr. Wakefield.

Orac, instead of sitting up on your ‘safe’ little perch giggling and snickering at us anti-vaccine types, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Dr. Wakefield (your favorite political football) has offered to the likes of other doctors, such as yourself, an open debate. If you’re as dead set to ‘expose’ the medical fraudsters of the world, such as Dr. Wakefield who has put out the invite, why not take it? What’s your hesitation? He lives in Austin, TX. I’m sure you could easily set this up. You claim to have quite the following on the blogosphere so, why don’t you give them a show they’ll never forget?

Now, a little info on Orac. After reading ‘about’ Orac and reading his / her posts, I soon realized his / her blog handle does in NO WAY suit the person he or she really is. I dedicated the above video to you Orac because you really need to change your blog handle to Kaa. Kaa is the snake in the W.D. film ‘Jungle Book’. Orac doesn’t like to use his professional name because he doesn’t want his comments “coming back to his / her patients”. After reading his / her posts I couldn’t agree more!

Unlike Orac, I don’t work for the D.O.D. and do NOT have to put out disclaimers. Orac’s bio starts out by describing him / herself as a “humble pseudonymous surgeon/scientis”. When someone proclaims ‘THEMSELVES’ humble I say, “WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBERTSON!!!!!” Think Kaa, NOT Orac. The author goes on in a subtle Kaa kind of way to let the reader know in fact he / she is NOT so humble. I guess there is something to be said for honesty. Kaa ‘get’s off’ on going after people and, that’s why his finger is on the delete button on anyone who goes to his blog to call him out.

Last but not least…

It did NOT take me too long to figure out why Kaa is so upset with SUCCESSFUL alternative treatments to ‘autism’. All this money, 100’s of billions, going to the DOD (of all places), all these big establishment research institutes and even with all of that money pouring in we have autism like no time in earths history. Hmmmm? I am a scientist, NOT a doctor but, it doesn’t take a doctor to a rocket scientist to figure out that if the genie gets out of the bottle on autism, breast cancer… that will be the end of the truckloads of cash heading Kaa’s way. It’s alright when kaa has a “cushy job” but, when someone else makes a living ACTUALLY HEALING people outside the big money machine now, that’s more than Kaa and his fellow bloggers can bare.

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