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April 27, 2010

The Vaccine War (A Comment)

Frontline’s Vaccine War.

It’s ALL The Internets Fault!

I had a couple of major issues with the Frontline video segment called ‘The Vaccine War’.

First of all, it was ‘presented’ as a ‘balanced’ documentary but, it was NOT. Very deceptive to say the least. Frontline, like so many other ‘mainstream’ news outfits, ‘ALLOWED’ the big pharma vaccine pushers like Dr. Offit to push their ‘dogma’ while NOT allowing medical professionals such as Dr. Blaylock to challenge their claims. You see, Frontline did their part to give the ‘illusion’ that ALL medical professionals are ‘pro vaccine’ while only a hand full of NON professional advocates are anti vaccine. Dr. Blaylock has said he has personally challenged Dr, Offit in a FAIR public debate on Offit’s 100,000 vaccinated (shots per one child) claim and many other vaccine ‘myths’ being spread by these so-called professionals. Dr. Offit agreed then chickened out at the last minute. What are doctors and other pro vaccine scientists afraid of? As it turns out, Dr. Wakefield has ALSO challenged Dr. Offit to a public debate and here Dr. Offit remained silent. But why should Dr. Offit put himself in a ‘challenging’ situation when he is getting plenty of UNCHALLENGED airtime on prime time TV / Radio and print? By the way, this is the same doctor (Offit) who created the RotaTeq vaccine that Merck purchased for millions of dollars that has the pig ‘cancer’ virus Merck REFUSES to take out! Is it really any wonder why Offit does NOT what to have to answer questions in a ‘public forum’?

Having Dr. Blaylock challenge the ‘herd immunity’ pseudo science claim would have alone blown wholes through these pro vaccine pusher’s claims of the effectiveness of vaccines. This brings up my other big issue. It seemed quite clear that the Frontline piece was also ‘created’ to ALLOW these ‘unchallenged’ vaccine pushers to use the internet as their #1 enemy. Which is true, HOWEVER and this is a BIG however, the internet ALLOWS other medical and scientific professionals to challenge the dogma of the pro vaccine oracle of big pharma where MSM outfits like ‘Frontline’ will NOT give them their ‘FAIR’ say.

In the name of ‘balance’, Frontline should have at least challenged the pro vaccine doctors claims (they challenged the anti vaccine group in this piece). when they ‘claimed’ the Redskins cheerleader ‘made up’ her illness. Because such vaccine related injuries are not only well known but named as gillian’s brae disease. Where the effects are ‘usually’ but, not always, temporary. These doctors / spokespersons are WELL AWARE of this but, led the audience who may not know these FACTS to believe this was an internet stunt. This unprofessional ‘stunt’ by these so-called medical professionals should NOT have been allowed to go unchallenged. It should have been reported by Frontline that internet is ALSO used by those near and dear to big pharma to discredit ALL professionals who have a different take on vaccines than the ones sold as religion by the same ‘oracle’ of big pharma.

I should also mentioned that the documentary was essentially ‘stuck in the 90’s’ with it’s research. For instance, MUCH of the info today on the dangers of vaccines is light years head of anything, ‘PRO VACCINE’ himself, Dr, Wakefield was doing in the 1990’s.

The Herd Immunity Pseudo Science Fraud.

Last but NOT least, why did Frontline chose NOT to tell their general audience the FULL story of vaccines where the vaccines spread the disease itself and how drugs companies are very rarely held responsible for their actions?

Here is but ONE case of many, many such cases.

Polio Vaccine Victim Wins Lawsuit Against Big Pharma

Where was Frontline in presenting these important facts on vaccines?

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