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October 18, 2013

Health Authorities Knew MMR Vaccine Spread Meningitis.

Before you demonize Dr.Wakefield who is a PRO VACCINE DOCTOR by-the-way, stop and think just for two seconds who it is, that are Wakefield’s biggest critics.

Dr. Wakefield’s biggest critics are those in government, media and industry who not only apologize but PROFIT from the industry RESPONSIBLE for the annual 700,000 deaths in America alone. Yeah, the same dopes who make and profit from vaccines and the wake of destruction they leave behind. At least Dr. Wakefield does NOT have that blood on his hands.

However, these are the very scoundrels who fear Dr. Wakefield so much that the British ‘authorities’ like, in the old Soviet Union, forbade their ‘presstitute’ corporate media to discuss the 2012-2013 GB measles outbreak with Dr. Wakefield.

Meningitis Run Amok On Our College campuses
Talk to anyone 40 years old on up. You rarely ever heard of meningitis on a college campus, let alone these flesh eating ‘military lab grade’ strains we have today. Where did all this meningitis come from?

One thing’s for sure, most of the kids on campus the last few years have all been shot up with the MMR vaccine that Dr. Wakefield discusses in this video and how the ‘authorities’ knew 100% without a shadow of a doubt that the MMR vaccine spread meningitis.

May 11, 2011

Vaccinated N.J. Teen’s Death From Bacterial Meningitis Shocks Family

Editor’s Note:
Another family is in shock that not only did the pharmacological industrial complex lie to them, the lie took their son’s life.

Despite all the pro vaccine propaganda we heard form the late 1990’s through the mid 2000’s that the meningitis vaccine campaigns were a “success”, meningitis has been on the rise among those very same kids who were vaccinated for it. The latest spin by big pharma and their cadres of vaccine pushers is that the majority of these meningitis deaths are from bacterial and other forms of the MANY forms of meningitis. Well, OK but, there are a couple of problems with that ‘spin’. (1) The meningitis vaccine was ‘marketed’ to protect against, well, meningitis. Regardless that the vaccine was strictly for meningitis C, it wasn’t ‘sold’ to the public that way by big pharma and their doctor sales reps. So, it’s no wonder why so many ‘blindly trusting’ people are confused. (2) One question that can not be answered… did the meningitis vaccine or the many other vaccines give rise to the meningitis deaths? There has been NO LONG TERM FIELD RESEARCH (REAL RESEARCH beyond studies) to verify long term effects of these vaccines.

However, big pharma NEVER lets an opportunity to push even more useless vaccines on the public go untapped. Big pharma is using this rise in meningitis deaths to scare people into getting shot up with more useless vaccines that will probably cause the very thing they are saying it will prevent.

The article below down plays the significance of the facts by rehashing the word ‘rare’ over and over. Fact is, what is RARE, is the fact that a main stream publication will even publish a vaccinated person dying of something they were vaccinated for.  ALMOST ALL vaccine related deaths (by either the disease or the vaccine) will never even get reported on the medical record. On the other hand, websites that purportedly are keeping tabs on the ‘so-called’ 100’s / 1000’s of deaths of unvaccinated children can EASILY BE DEBUNKED (here in the US) because, if an unvaccinated child actually dies from a disease that there is a supposed vaccine for, the main stream media hypes that to the nines. Truth is, that you very rarely hear that ‘hype’.

Vaccinated N.J. teen’s death from bacterial meningitis shocks family

ABERDEEN — Chris Dhume woke up on his family’s couch early Friday morning and couldn’t move.
The 17-year-old — the all-time leading scorer of Matawan Regional High School’s soccer team — was frozen in place, although he was awake. Fearing the worst, his father carried him to the car and drove him to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune.
For 24 hours the teenager fought for life, still immobile, before slipping into unconsciousness and dying at 2 a.m. Saturday.
Tests revealed the day after it was bacterial meningitis.
Dhume’s quick death was a shock to the family, especially because the healthy teenager had previously been vaccinated for bacterial meningitis, his sister, Nichole Lester, said yesterday. The family knew the odds were long against getting the infection after being inoculated, she said…

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