From Hell To Veins

July 5, 2015

Bombshell!! Mayo Clinic Admits Vaccines Affects All People Differently. Their Solution….

Bombshell!! Mayo Clinic Admits Vaccines Affects All People Differently.  Their solution to this ‘known’ problem, is to create more genetically ‘altered’ vaccines!! (click on link)

The reason this admission by the Mayo clinic that vaccines do in fact, affect ‘all people’ differently is bombshell, is that mothers / fathers have been saying all along that ‘vaccines’ are NOT a one size fits all medical solution.  The established medical community obviously knows this but, the corporate media that receives 75% of their funding now from large pharmaceutical corporations, do not dare share this common knowledge with the general public.

This admission also underscores the fact that since vaccines affect ‘everyone’ differently, many more people are effected differently by vaccines than what is being told to the pubic by the medical industrial complex. The medical establishment harps over and over that only a minuscule number of people are affected adversely by the vaccines.  This admission by the Mayo clinic should force the medical establishment to admit many more people are adversely affected by vaccines then we have been told.

So, what is the Mayo Clinic’s solution to this problem?  Well, admitting the science is horribly flawed, obviously is not one of them.  The Mayo Clinic’s solution to an already ‘out-of-control’ problem is to complicate the problem even further by tinkering with the genetics in viruses and DNA / RNA protein strains.  Which BTW- big pharma has been doing hardcore since the 1970’s as sourced to on this blog. If you are opposed to GMO’s you better get a good grip on GAV’s ‘genetically altered vaccines’ because they are in current vaccines. Because the ‘altered’ viruses and DNA / RNA protein sequences big pharma has F’ed with are proprietary, they legally do NOT have to disclose what they are in the vaccine insert. ScienceDaily“Researchers at Mayo Clinic are hacking the genetic code that controls the human response to disease vaccination” The crux of the article outside of using the disastrous technology that gave us GMOs to solve the problem that vaccines simply don’t work, is the complete bafflement that… wait for it… their vaccines don’t work. The ‘claim’ (according to the article) is that vaccines work for some people but, not for others.  Big pharma’s vaccine pushers seem to leave out the bigger questions.  First of all, if these vaccines don’t work for some, how in the world can we be shown concrete proof these vaccines work at all. Now for the 2000Lb elephant in the room.  If the vaccines have a ‘spectrum’ effectiveness, it’s only logical that the very same vaccines have spectrum of side effects as well.

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