From Hell To Veins

November 24, 2009

Positive ID Implantable Chip Just In Time For New Plague / Health Care Bill.

For those who have been inquisitive as to what the Club Of Rome laid out back in 1988, you had taken note that I said a ‘mandatory’ health care system was to be put into place in the United Sates along with strict international control on food. (think Codex Alimentarius) Yes, genetically ‘altered’ food was discussed, and by international law you will be required to eat it. I only bring this up because druging of the population (yes you WILL be required to take certain drugs wether you want to or not) incorporated with GMO food and their effects was discussed.

Never the less, the video below explains the merging of the VeriChip corporation with the Steel Vault corporation. My take is that this is more pomp and circumstance. My 20 years of studying RFID implantable microchips leads me to believe when the ‘chipping’ day of reckoning comes, those chips will be on a nano level that will be able to self-replicate. So, good luck trying to remove them.

Before ANY chipping occurs, what is more important is that once the health care bill in America passes (Oh yeah, it will pass.) and the time is right, the news WILL START RAMPING UP PLAGUE HYSTERIA. Since more and more admitting by the establishment that the latest H1N1 was made in a lab, expect the same MSM screaming pandemic to link these pandemics to terrorism, pushing us into a medical mandatory nightmare unimagined by anyone. You will be required to report to a ‘sanctioned’ health care provider to PROVE (meaning your DNA info will be placed in international medical database.) you have taken the ‘proper’ vaccines. Blood samples will be taken and YOUR DNA will be taken and later used against you. The global medical data base already in place (see VeriChip advertisement in video below) will issue specific ‘vaccines’ when the time is right that will produce ‘the illusion’ of a real black death plague pandemic that will reduce the population in a SYSTEMATIC AND ORDERLY fashion.

All we have to do when we are REQUIRED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY purposes to ‘report’ to a ‘sanctioned’ medical facility is to simply say NO.

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