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November 26, 2013

Flu Vaccine, NOT SIDS, Kills Teen

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According to the medical literature that Dr. Blaylock has gathered and presented to the public ( it’s a part of the public record that the medical profession is well aware of the science of brian swelling that ‘normally occurs ‘naturally‘  in the human body when the body fights an infection.  What the medical profession also is very well aware of, is the ‘unnatural’ swelling that occurs to the brain when the body’s ‘natural’ immune system is bypassed when that body is injected with a vaccine.

According to the medical literature Dr. BLaylock has presented, when the body’s immune system is activated, swelling does occur to the brain.  However, this swelling is normally not excessive and only lasts as long as the immune system is activated. A short time frame.

According to the medical literature, when anyone gets a vaccine brain swelling is amplified.   Dr. Blaylock has also found that the medical profession is also aware that a single vaccine can keep the human brain swollen for months.

Chandler Webb was a teenage boy who received a flu vaccine and soon developed chronic swelling of the brain that eventually killed him.  It needs to be pointed out the relation to this tragedy and the so-called ‘SIDS / ‘shaken baby syndrome’ cases.  Had Chandler been an infant his parent(s) most likely would have been charged with the death of their son.

The medical pharmacological industrial complex built in a safeguard to insure they don’t get blamed for the carnage that their deadly poisons called vaccines, does to our very youngest and, most vulnerable.

Certainly there is brutal violence against some of these infants however, in most documented SIDS and ‘shaken baby syndrome’ cases, the ‘only‘ tell tail sign of what happen to these poor souls was ‘trauma to the brain’,  just like in the, now well documented case, of Chandler Webb.  This disgusting practice to save the medical profession and their big pharma pimp daddy’s asses for killing kids have caused even more untold suffering for the very few parents who have been able to prove that, it was indeed the vaccines that caused the death, putting these parents through a legal living hell.

There is one other point that needs to be brought to light in regards to the Chandler Webb case.  Although this is a completely ‘senseless’  death considering, the same industrial complex behind the vaccines themselves admits these flu vaccines do NOT prevent flu and are more apt to spread it, at least Chandler Webb didn’t come down with a cancer and die with his family never knowing the great number of stealth viruses that are in vaccines that gave raise to the cancer, as in the well documented cases of the SV-40 virus  (meaning there are 39 ‘other viruses’ before the 40th) in the early polio vaccine.

Last, note the level of mental illness by the news ‘presenter’ verbally giving vaccines a ‘pass’, regardless of what has happened by ‘reenforcing’ the idea to NOT question injecting toxic crap into ones veins.  This is part of the problem we as a society face in trying to end this madness that is vaccines.

Information that doctors SHOULD be telling their patents about these deadly vaccines like, the extremely high levels of mercury in the flu vaccines and how ineffective they really are is available to the public.  For those that blindly trust people who SHOULD be telling them the dangers unfortunately, are going to have to find out in the hardest possible way.

October 16, 2012

Mainstream Media Ticket To Lie / Endanger Public

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Well, it’s the so-called flu season again and, because millions of Americans have wised up to the scam known as vaccination the lame brain media who, gets quite much of their income from big pharma has launched one of the biggest lie campaigns on the same American people.

It’s quite alright for the lame brain corporate media to lie in the NY Times, Parade Magazine right down to the local corporate controlled rag by saying QUOTE: “There are NO side effects from vaccines”. Endangering the public by doing so.

Now, the same government agencies that are allowing this dangerous public announcement to go on without oversight or accountability go after blueberry growers when the site WELL KNOWN & DOCUMENTED RESEARCH on the health benefits of blueberries.

I don’t know about you but, I wouldn’t roll up my sleeve and let ANYONE who pathologically lies inject their crud into my veins.

December 13, 2010

The Video Homeland Security Stopped From Re-airing.

Since my posting this video, Homeland Security, the ADL and the creepy congressman (Rep Cohen) featured in the video who denied the building of the FEMA camps, have pressured AOL Time Warner and digital recording companies to NOT re-air this video. Also, the show was wiped off the memory of digital recorders across the country.

What do they NOT want you to know? Watch video to find out. As update, YouTube still carry the video.

Jessey Ventura did a documentary exposing the ‘illegitimate’ federal U.S. government’s plan, AND LEGISLATION, to build detainment camps for the American people. The reason I bring this up and post the video is that I am trying to get work done on an article and later get interviews with experts that the recent flu vaccines are in fact giving rise to what could later become pandemic viruses.

Enemy of the people such as Dr. Henry L Niman are on ‘alternative talk radio’ and the web tracking such viruses. Not only are the likes of Dr. Niman NOT making the flu shot connection to the rise of the new flu strains BUT, ARE PUSHING ‘NIMAN BASED’ UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINES AS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO PREVENT / STOP A PANDEMIC OUT BREAK.

Where do the FEMA concentration camps play a part in the rise of these, as Dr. Niman likes to call them, “ELEGANTLY EVOLVED VIRUSES”?

Watch the video and find out. Also, watch to find out why the Department of Homeland (Fatherland) Security ‘forced’ Time Warner to ban the re-airing of this FEMA camp documentary.

For the Dr. Henry L Niman’s of the world pushing flu shots here’s yet another study proving flu shots are worthless. Nothing new here. I’ve got over thirty years of these studies, ALL saying the same damn thing.
Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

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