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January 21, 2011

Was Vaccine Safety Conference The Target Of Wakefield Media Blitz?

From the National Vaccine Information Center

On January 3-7, 2011, a vaccine safety conference was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica that included a diverse groups of delegates from around the world, including senior scientists and physicians, editors of scientific journals, experts in vaccine regulation, social science and health policy, consumer child health advocates, legal experts and members of the media. 23 Public observers in the audience included Jamaican physicians, wellness practitioners, graduate and medical students in public health programs and parents.
Editor’s Note
The International vaccine safety conference was held the very week of the heaviest media blitz against Dr. Wakefield. Was this ‘world wide’ media blitz meant to send a ‘chilling effect’ to all the professionals who attended this vaccine safety conference? Was the message to the attendees.. don’t question vaccine safety OR ELSE!!

On Barbara Loe Fisher’s blog ‘Vaccine Awakening’ Barbara discusses ‘fear’. Fear, she says, is “jeopardizing the urgent need to create a supportive environment for researchers to conduct well designed studies to answer outstanding questions about vaccine safety”.

The above is an absolutely true statement but, what’s NOT mentioned is WHO is behind the ‘fear factor’ and, WHY do they use fear to shut down REAL research on vaccine safety? However, with that said, here is the mother of all questions. Why is it that vaccines get the kid glove treatment like no other ‘thing’ on this entire planet? Truth is, these are PROBLEMS to be solved and not just questions to be answered. Until these problems are ‘solved’, there WILL NEVER BE ANY REAL UNBIASED RESEARCH ON VACCINE SAFETY.

In the 19th century our ‘American’ medical profession was INDEPENDENT from the pharmaceutical industry, UNLIKE THEIR EUROPEAN COUNTER PARTS. Some of the greatest medical minds of ANY generation, such as Dr. Creighton objectively researched vaccine science and came to the conclusion that vaccines were nothing more than pseudo science on the same level as blood letting.

If ANY vaccine research is to be taken seriously today the research done back then needs to be the starting point. There are literally libraries full of this work. The scientists of that era did NOT have an agenda and was NOT intimidated by the scientific community with ties to big pharma bully tactics.

In the early 20th century the Rockefeller and Carnegie (heavy vaccine investors) fortunes were used to buy political muscle to gain control of the entire American medical system. Over time, they not only took over ALL medical schools but, created medical boards that would control ALL of the medical profession. Boards would turn medical professionals into ‘agents’ of both the state and pharmaceutical industry. So, the Rockefeller / Carnegie takeover ended the worlds ONLY independent medical professionals from the pharmaceutical industry and government regulation. Ending an era of doctors and scientists DOING UNBIASED RESEARCH on vaccines. Because, government regulation is NOTHING MORE than ‘binding’ the medical professional to the ‘protocols’ of big pharma. Today, no doctor will speak the truth on vaccines without fear of professional and ‘CORRUPT’ legal persecution. The Wakefield persecution is the clearest example of this today. The pharmaceutical industrial complex does NOT want modern day Dr. Creighton’s looking into vaccines. The pharma establishment put their foot down on that a century ago and will give no quarter to truly ‘independent’ research on vaccines.

What I wrote to Barbara Loe Fisher, who’s heart and mind is in the right place, is that pressure has to be put on both the government and pharmaceutical industry by the public to ALLOW TRULY independent research on vaccine safety to occur.

Now, here is the reality of the situation on ‘REAL’ vaccine safety research.

This question has to be asked and the answer needs to be looked squarely in the eye. Why are both the government(s) AND big pharma fighting tooth and nail AGAINST TRULY INDEPENDENT VACCINE RESEARCH? The answer is easy. Unbiased research will determine exactly what medical professionals like Dr. Creighton learned back in the 19th and early 20th century. Those ‘findings’ will bring down the entire house of cards on vaccines and the population will RIGHTLY want retribution.

Now, in the future, we must be VERY, VERY cautious on who is ‘claiming’ to be independent of both government and big pharma influence on this vaccine research issue. Big pharma has already admitted in the media that the public does not trust the vaccine scam. This means that THEY know they have to pull some ‘stunt’ to gain the public’s trust on vaccines once again.

Will the Pharmacological Industrial Complex use so-called ‘independent researcher’ to give their poison a FALSE golden seal of approval?

Stay tuned.

January 16, 2011

Wagging The Wakefield Dog. When Vaccines Get Beat Up In The Court Of Opinion.

Editor’s Note:
It seems that the American Broadcast Network’s bubbly, perky television show called ‘Good Morning America’ engaged in a bit of LYING at the expensive of ‘truth first’ and Dr. Wakefield second. You basically have a network that has 1/2 it’s advertising revenue in the form of drug ads, in a gross conflict of interest, fabricating disinformation on behalf of their largest contributors to the network.

The game works like this…
Make Dr. Wakefield into a fictional al-Qaeda archetype character by using the word ‘discredited’ over and over… However, ANY ‘proof’ of Dr. Wakefield’s ‘discrediting’ is NOT discussed. Allegations were made against Dr. Wakefield that he ‘made up’ the findings and that he paid the participants in the study. What EVERYONE under big pharma payroll does not tell their ‘captive and naive’ audiences is that a.) there has NEVER been ANY proof given that showed Wakefield’s findings were fraudulent. How so? Because Dr. Wakefield NEVER once said that there, was a ‘link’ between the MRR vaccine and autism. What his research showed and what his ACTUAL conclusion he came to was that ‘additional research’ on the MMR vaccine needed to be conducted. For that, Dr. Wakefield has been turned into the modern day Galileo for people who still believe the Earth is flat and vaccines are safe. Secondly, the claim that Wakefield paid his clients in the study is false BUT even if it wasn’t, ABC Good Morning America doesn’t let it’s viewers know it is COMMON for the pharmaceutical industry to PAY participants in studies ALL THE TIME. How many college kids made a few bucks you knew participating in a study? Then the Good Morning America crew cranks up the yellow journalism machine in high gear by putting on a family blaming Dr. Wakefild for NOT giving THEIR child the Hep B vaccine. Dr. Wakefield said he’s never even discussed the Hep B vaccine with ANYBODY. Is this a family of ‘paid actors’ by big pharma?

ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY who looks into the facts behind the entire Dr. Wakefield case discovers the house of cards the entire case against him is based on. It’s such a bad case against Dr. Wakefield that one would think the many times ‘discredited’ ‘lame stream media’ would try not to bring attention to it.

Here’s the 64 million Dollar question NO ONE seems to be asking on either side of the Dr. Wakefield debate.

One thing that can be agreed upon is that ALL pharmaceutical drugs have negative side effects in different degrees. It’s a part of the historic record that the pharmaceutical industry itself has been caught RED HANDED ,over and over, covering up data on negative side effects. It’s ALSO a part of the historic record that so-called prestigious medical Journals (the front lines of the media) have AIDED AND ABETTED such cover ups. Does the word Vioxx ring any bells on this subject?

So, it IS a gross miscalculation on the part of both the pharmaceutical and main stream media industries to CLAIM vaccines do NOT in any way have negative consequences, JUST LIKE their drug counter parts. That notion is NOT even logical. This is the very reason why the all out attack on a medical professional who’s ONLY statement has been to research vaccines more thoroughly will back fire in the worst of ways for the pharmacological industrial complex.

This are the VERY REASONS why the vaccine debate is FAR from over, no matter how many times the lame stream media tells us the debate is “over once and for all”. What a joke.
Not even the vaccine created h1n1 / h2n3 epidemic in the UK could sway the public’s opinion on taking the dangerous swine flu vaccine.

So what does big pharma do? They call their ‘assets’ known as the ‘Lame Stream Media’ to beat a dead horse. So ‘defeated’ are these vipers that their own ‘assets’ even wrote articles that ‘wagging the dog’ known as Dr. Wakfield would have little to no effect on changing the public’s perception on the nasty junk they call vaccines.

Is there more than just public perception on the minds that make trillions of dollars and millions sick? Below is an article explaining how the latest ‘Galileo-ing’ of Dr. Wakefield is simply nothing more than a bullying tactic to make YOU, the sovereign and free chooser of what goes into YOUR body, the villain for NOT taking THEIR poison.

London’s Hounds of Rascalville Making a Second Run at Dr. Andrew Wakefield

January 14, 2011 by ppjg
The PPJ Gazette For ALL links.

The current round of attacks (Lancet, British Medical Journal, Sunday Times, CNN, et al) on Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British scientist who published his research findings that stated there may be a link between autism and MMR vaccines, appears at first glance to be a continuation of London’s Hounds of Rascalville’s efforts to demonize Dr. Wakefield and send a message to other researchers who would dare blaspheme Big Pharma’s cash cows.

One finds after turning this rock over, however, what appears to be a second elite-backed agenda to force/scare Americans into taking Big Pharma’s (new-improved-multiple- purpose) flu shot with the possible ‘necessity’ of martial law to get everyone ‘safely’ vaccinated

All in the name of ‘public safety;’ standard smoke and mirrors for another elite attempt at neutralizing the Constitution—a stumbling block along their yellow brick road to global rule by an appointed (theirs) non-elected government..

A still-armed American citizenry is a second stumbling block.

A third—the Internet—looms large.

Their last try and lie at forcing the public to take their H1N1 jabs (or succumb to the ravages of a faux ‘pandemic’) was quickly nullified by the Internet. Sadly, many pregnant women and children who were herded to the front of the lines were injured by the vaccines.

For example, a large number of miscarriages that occurred among pregnant women who took the vaccine was revealed by the National Coalition of Women in a September 17, 2010 press release. The coalition put the upper end number at around 1,588, but later revised it to 3,587, ( Click to View Link )

When confronted and asked why alerts weren’t put out about the “adverse reactions,” the CDC denied the injuries and stillborns.

Links between vaccines and adverse reactions among children already have been established. Dr. Mark Sircus’ findings in an informative article “Pediatric Love Affair with Mercury Continues,” an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Humane Pediatrics, supports this. According to Dr. Sircus:

“. . .at the end of 2002, the VAERS [adverse reaction reporting] system contained

* 244,424 total reports of possible reactions to vaccines, including
* 99,145 emergency room visits,
* 5,149 life-threatening reactions,
* 27,925 hospitalizations,
* 5,775 disabilities, and
* 5,309 deaths,

according to data compiled by Dr. Mark Geier, a vaccine researcher in Silver Spring, Md. The data represents roughly 1 billion doses of vaccines, according to Geier. Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the US Federal Drug Administration agrees that such evidence has great bearing on the entire vaccination question saying, ‘There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good’”

A legal petition was filed (December 17th) with the FDA concerning the known dangers of these vaccines. It is assumed since it has a docket number it will be heard. The petition is worth reading: ( Click to view link )

Yet, lacking a better scheme, the elite appear to be plodding forward toward a second attempt to force the public into taking the shots.

BigPharma’s World Health Organization (whose pandemic ‘authority’ is binding upon the U.S. and other nations who signed the World Trade Organization’s ‘treaty’) took the pandemic-that- wasn’t to a Level Six alert last year; awaiting orders from their elite handlers to take it to a Level Six warning that would have automatically triggered WHO’s global martial law authority.

To implement a scam.

Information circled the globe and citizen outcry—poor and rich alike—forced them to call off their plans. The Internet, the elite realized, had become a huge stumbling block—boulder, really—in the middle of their yellow brick road. Routine outings like their bogus pandemic and the Copenhagen global warming debacle appears to be forcing the Wizards of Oz into a perpetual two-minute drill.

Mistakes happen when you’re scrambling.

Simultaneously, the ‘Net continues to re-educate and renew the importance of the Constitution and rule of law for millions of Americans who’ve taken the time to inform themselves, and to grapple with the enormity of the monsters behind the havoc wrought upon humanity for profit.

Lacking a better plan, or not having the time to come up with one, the elite are back for another try with their vaccines. But they need a different boogeyman this time around having already cried pandemic-wolf. Two-thirds of America are refusing the shots.

“How do we go about convincing Americans vaccines are safe now?”

“Hmmm. . .Let’s see, everyone loves children, don’t they?”

“Yes. But all this hateful ‘Net information is keeping parents away from the shots.”

“But, that’s endangering their children!”

“And how do we convince the public of that?”

“Why not throw open our MSM floodgates, demonize and discredit one or two doctors like Wakefield, lay off normal child deaths during the flu season to their lack of vaccinations, prep the public’s mind and. . .”

“ I get it! And what if. . .what if. . .we blame the parents for not vaccinating their kids, mandate the shots for everyone, and lock up anyone who refuses to take them!?”

“In the Halliburton pens!?”

“Why not?!”

“But that might cause a revolt.”

“Precisely. We would be forced to declare martial law and. ..”

“. . .we could have the president declare it illegal to have guns! and. . .”

”. . .we could remove two thorns from our side—America’s Constitutional restrictions and the firearms—while we inject everyone and continue on with our global eugenics.”

While this conversation is fictional, the possibility isn’t. Click to View Link

Dr. Sircus concluded at the end of his article:

“This is an abbreviated chapter from my Humane Pediatrics book, which should see the light of day hopefully early next month. I have zero doubt that there are beings on this planet that are life deniers.

“These are the types of beings that would deny other people of their lives and stoop low enough to make the lives of others a misery. No matter what your belief or religious affiliation, one has to acknowledge the dangers in the world. There are inhumane Homo sapiens and there are actually inhumane pediatricians abusing the young and their parents. Obviously as a race we need to learn something about humaneness and humanitarianism.” Click to View Link-

God speed, Dr. Wakefield!

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