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May 12, 2011

Daughter of Journalist Robert MacNeil; “Son Regressed Into Autism After Vaccines.”

Daughter of Journalist Robert MacNeil States that Son Regressed Into Autism After Vaccines

April 19, 2011

SafeMinds and Alison MacNeil call for immediate, properly-designed and independently-conducted vaccine safety studies in an effort to identify infants at risk for vaccine injury.

Atlanta, GA.
Alison MacNeil issued the following statements today regarding vaccines. MacNeil’s family Autism story is running on PBS this week:

“When I vaccinated my son Nick, I did not know vaccine manufacturers are not required to test the safety of vaccines given simultaneously – the outcome remains largely unknown. Many thousands of parents with Autistic children report that, like Nick, their children were progressing normally until they were vaccinated, after which they were never the same again. Following receipt of the DTaP, MMR and Hib at a 15 month doctor’s visit, and a loss of skills, Nick was diagnosed with Autism at 21 months. He has since been diagnosed with encephalitis, seizures, inflammation in his gastrointestinal tract, and a mitochondrial disorder.”

“In the U.S., we mandate 36 vaccines for 14 diseases by 1st grade. This is the most aggressive vaccine schedule in the world and it is also a grand experiment. Are we trading the elimination of childhood disease for a lifetime of disability? One fifth of all U.S. children take at least one prescription medication today. Children in the U.S. are sicker today than ever before, yet few mainstream doctors dare to ask if there might be a vaccine link. This is hardly surprising, given that over 80% of pediatric revenue is derived from well-baby vaccine visits.”
“I have never met a parent willing to sacrifice their child for the good of the herd. The vaccines have become more important than the child. It is time to stop allowing our children to be used as pharmaceutical pincushions. It is time to demand transparency in the tight relationship between pharmaceutical profits and government vaccine mandates.”

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has repeatedly acknowledged that population-based epidemiology studies, which have been relied upon by the government to refute any associations between vaccines and autism, would not be able to detect a sub-set of children who may be genetically vulnerable to vaccine injury. To date, there has been no effort to understand why some children like Nick suffer vaccine injury. According to SafeMinds Director Lyn Redwood RN, “It is as unacceptable for a child to suffer life-long injury from a vaccine as it is for a child to be injured by a vaccine-preventable disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are responsible for both vaccine promotion and vaccine safety, which puts them in the awkward position of evaluating their own recommendations.” In addition, CDC also holds licensing agreements with vaccine manufacturers under a 1980 law which allows public-private partnerships and creates lucrative financial relationships between government and industry.

Vaccine manufacturers are also given immunity from product liability not granted to any other industry, resulting in zero financial incentive for product safety on their part.

SafeMinds calls for congressional oversight of these serious lapses in vaccine safety science and infrastructure. The United States needs immediate, impartial, properly-designed, and independently-reviewed vaccine safety studies to identify infants at risk for vaccine injury.

May 2, 2010

Cause Of Autism Found!


Can you say chemical / heavy metal poisoning?
Do these kids even have autism or do we have an epidemic of chemical / heavy metal poisoning? One of the ‘symptoms’ of chemical / heavy metal poisoning is…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE … AUTISM!!!

For whatever the reason, you still have people out there in the world who must live under a rock because they babble the total ‘lame stream corporate media’ lie that mercury (Hg) has been eliminated from vaccines since the early 2000’s. THIS IS A OUTRIGHT FALSEHOOD! Please ask for the flu shot inserts and READ FOR YOURSELF. Mercury is in flu shots, MANY TIMES HIGHER then what was ever put into the MMR vaccine. There are also trace amounts of Hg in other vaccines.
However, Aluminum is a heavy metal that is just as toxic to the body as mercury, and it’s in all the vaccines.

No matter what ‘MedSpeak’ (works just like Lawyer speak) the Medical Industrial Complex uses to convince us all they haven’t a clue as to how on earth we got ALL these autistic kids and, NOW, adults all around us. Allow me to put 1 +1 together for them. Without all the ‘medspeak’ circular arguments, JUST SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Why do these kids with sever autism rock back and forth? Read through all, find out the answer and a whole lot more. This information IS sourced below HOWEVER, the EPA ALSO backs up these sources as well.

1 Structural and Functional Abnormalities associated with various heavy metal toxins:

Speech and Language Deficits:

Speech disorders
Aluminum, Mercury

Loss of speech, developmental problems with language

Speech comprehension deficits

Dysarthria; articulation problems; slurred speech, unintelligible speech

Cognitive Impairments:

Attentional problems (ADHD), lacks eye contact, impaired visual fixation
Lead, Mercury

Mental retardation, borderline intelligence
Arsenic, Lead, Mercury

Poor concentration, attention deficits (ADHD), response inhibition
Aluminum, Lead

Poor memory (short term, verbal, and auditory)
Aluminum, Lead

Difficulties understanding abstract ideas; difficulty carrying out complex commands
X Metals

Dementia; pre-senile and senile dementia

Aluminum, Arsenic

Sensory Abnormalities:
Hearing loss, difficulty hearing
Arsenic, Lead, Mercury

Blurred vision; sensitivity to light
Arsenic, Mercury

Motor Disorders:
Choreiform movements, myoclonal jerks, unusual postures
Copper, Mercury

Difficulty walking, swallowing, talking
Copper, Mercury

Flapping, circling, rocking, toe walking

Problems with intentional movements or imitation

Abnormal gait/posture; incoordination, loss of balance; problems sitting, lying, crawling, and walking

Decreased locomotor activity
Aluminum, Arsenic

Convulsions; seizure
Aluminum , Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium

Physiological Impairment
Brain and Central Nervous System:

Neurofibrillary tangles

Neuritis, retrobulbar neuritis; neuropathy
Aluminum, Arsenic, Thallium

Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Thallium

Accumulates in CNS structures
Aluminum, Mercury

Autonomic disturbances
Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium

Peripheral Nervous System:

Peripheral neuropathy
Arsenic, Mercury

Other Physical Disturbances:
Rashes, contact dermatitis, eczema, itchy/irritating skin
Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Mercury


Fluoride Poisoning (Yes, Fluoride is in some vaccines)
ADHD/Learning Disorders (4,7)

Allergies (2)

Alzheimer’s Disease (5,6,46)

Anaphylactic Shock (life-threatening, allergic reactions) (2)

Asthenia (Weakness) (18)

Asthma (the loss of full control of bodily movements.) (2)

Autism (169) Gee, you think?

Behavioural Problems (3)

Cachexia (wasting away)(2)

Crying easily for no apparent reason (18)

Demyelinizing Disease (Where the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged) (2, 35)

Depression (8)

Epilepsy (2)

Eosinophilia (blood disorder also associated with some types of leukemia) (15)

Eye, ear and nose disorders (8)

Fibromyalgia (2)

Fibrosis (3)

Hyperparathyroidism (2)

Incoherence (8)

Inner Ear Disorders (2,5)

Lack of Co-ordination (2)

Loss of Appetite (2)

Loss of IQ (25)

Low Birth Weight (5)

Lupus (3)

Magnesium Deficiency (2

Memory Loss (13)

Mental Confusion (20)

Schizophrenia (18)

Seizures (13)

Sensitive to light (1,17)

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Formaldehyde (YES! Also in vaccines)

Chronic formaldehyde exposure at very low doses has been shown to cause immune system and nervous system changes and damage as well as headaches, general poor health, irreversible genetic damage, and a number of other serious health problems (Fujimaki 1992, He 1998, John 1994, Liu 1993, Main 1983, Molhave 1986, National Research Council 1981, Shaham 1996, Srivastava 1992, Vojdani 1992, Wantke 1996)

+1 Autism Symptoms: A complex ‘neurobiological disorder’.

Significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills, such as eye-to-eye gazing, facial expressions, and body posture.

Delay in, or lack of, learning to talk.




attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

unusual sensory perceptions. (For example, they may describe a light touch as painful and deep pressure as providing a calming feeling.)

Sleep problems (occur in about 40% to 70% of people with autism.)



Mercury, Aluminum, Fluoride and Formaldehyde are ALL neurological toxins’ to humans and give rise to the very symptoms autistic individuals have. THERE IS NO DEBATING THE NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE FROM THESE NEURO-TOXINS!!! ONLY when they are in vaccines do these neuro-toxins REINVENT themselves by the vaccine pushers as “HARMLESS”! AND, THEY ARE ALL IN VACCINES!!!!

When will a majority of people finally stand up and say enough is enough?. Kids are NOT inhaling, absorbing through their skin, or ingesting these neuro-toxins but, GETTING THEM INJECTED RIGHT INTO THEIR VEINS!!! All these neuro-toxins are bad enough by themselves but, combined and mixed together with viruses?!! Is it any wonder these kids (now adults) are literally losing or HAVE lost their minds, and or, central nervous system. Do we really need to shovel truckloads of money off some where looking for answers while scratching our heads wondering how this has ALL OF THE SUDDEN HAPPENED?

Why don’t we as a people do this. Stop these vaccines and see what happens when we are NOT injecting this poison into babies and children? I’d take my chances with measles before being lobotomized by toxic vaccine sludge any day!

I remember growing up with family and their friends who all worked with asbestos and that it effected different people differently. Some displayed severe symptoms of poisoning while others didn’t seem effected at all. I bring this up because the vaccine cult tries to imply a slick but, yet bogus and VERY DECEPTIVE claim that, if the neuro-toxic metals and chemicals used in vaccines caused the very neuro-degenerative effects to the human body THEY ARE KNOWN TO CAUSE, ‘ALL’ children would show the same side effects. Unfortunately for the vaccine cult, it does NOT work that way in the ‘real world’.

An independent film crew did a in-depth special on the first sea voyage to attempt to cross the Arctic Circle by ship. This documentary contains EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION in understanding autism as a side effect of neuro-toxic poisoning. In the documentary it was WELL RECORDED AND DOCUMENTED that the neuro-degenerative poisoning of the crew did NOT occur in a EQUAL AND EVEN ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ distribution. As a matter of fact, the scientists were ALL in agreement that when the first crew members became ill and died, had the expedition been halted at that time or just before. Some of the crew who ingested the same amount of lead toxicity WOULD HAVE SHOWN NO SIDE EFFECTS WHAT-SO-EVER while other members would have shown ‘A SPECTRUM’ of poisoning. From the dead at one end to, no apparent effect what-so-ever at the other end of the spectrum. This is exactly what you see in the case of autism. However, the crew of the ship at least didn’t have the lead injected into their veins. They simply ingested trace amounts, for their tin food cans and water storage were sealed with lead.

This is the very reason why the vaccine ‘schedule’ issue is a null and void useless issue until the toxins are removed from the vaccines. However, even with the metal and chemical toxins removed you still have the issue of stealth, lab and cancer viruses to have to deal with.

Below is a link where Dr. Blaylock debunks the crazy UNSCIENTIFIC claim of “acceptable exposure” to neuro-toxins.

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