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September 29, 2011

CDC Now Calling U.S. Households And Demanding Child Immunization Records.

Editor’s Note:
As a part of police state bullying tactics being ramped up in the Untied States on behalf of the pharmacological ‘special political interest’ under the camouflage of ‘public health’, the Rockefeller created CDC is being used to harass LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who want the freedom to choose what goes into their own and children’s bodies. DO NOT CAPITULATE TO THEM!! THEY ARE THUGS OUTSIDE OF LAW USING COLOR OF LAW TO BREAK OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS TO LIVE AS FREE HUMAN BEINGS. THIS ‘INQUISITION’ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PUBLIC HEALTH.
CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program
Natural News:
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NaturalNews) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by “NORC at the University of Chicago” and that households should “have your child’s immunization records handy when answering our questions.” (See copies of the letter, below.)

This NIS vaccine compliance program is revealed in a letter being sent to U.S. households by Edward J. Sondik, PhD, the director of the National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC. The CDC, you may recall, was instrumental in pushing the false swine flu pandemic scare and encouraging governments to order billions of dollars worth of vaccines from drug companies. Following this marketing fraud, the former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, went on to accept the lucrative job as the president of Merck’s global vaccine division (…). One of the CDC’s top researchers who worked under Gerberding, Dr. Poul Thorsen, was later indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly stealing grant money and using it to buy luxury cars and motorcycles (…).

Now the CDC is bullying parents across the USA to comply with child immunization surveillance programs by calling their home phones and asking them to produce child immunization records.

NaturalNews has acquired a copy of the letter being sent by the CDC, which you can view in these two images: (GO TO SOURCED LINKS TO ACTUAL ARTICLE LOCATED NEAR TOP OF THIS PAGE IN RED)……

Vaccine compliance tracking

“Your phone number was chosen randomly by computer,” explains the letter, which goes on to say that the CDC will use your information to generate a map of vaccine compliance — no doubt to later target low-compliance areas with increased vaccination propaganda or even court-ordered immunization mandates like the one we witnessed in Maryland (…).

“It is important for us to interview every household we call to get a complete picture of your area’s immunization rates,” the CDC letter explains. “Your answers to the NIS will provide information to help improve the nation’s health now and in the years ahead,” it continues. Which means, of course, that this information will be used to push more vaccines onto more infants by targeting areas with low vaccine compliance rates, such as African American neighborhoods which are rightly skeptical of government’s claims about vaccines.

Note that in this letter, the CDC admits it is using this information to track vaccine compliance at the local level. On top of that, the website openly admits this is all about public health surveillance, saying: “the NIS is one of the largest telephone surveys in the nation and its data are considered the gold standard for public health surveillance on immunization rates.”

Ever notice how these organizations are so aggressive at tracking vaccination rates but they care nothing about tracking rates of autism? Have you wondered why they aren’t calling U.S. households and asking parents whether their children became autistic after receiving vaccines? (Gee, maybe they don’t want to know the answer to that question…)

Public health surveillance = interrogations by phone

Once your private home phone is called as part of this vaccine surveillance and tracking program, you will be essentially interrogated over the phone about your vaccine immunization compliance:

“Respondents are asked a series of questions about the vaccinations received by selected children (including recommended seasonal flu vaccines),” says NORC. And after that, NORC will request permission to acquire your child’s immunization records from your doctor!

“Respondents are also asked for permission to contact the children’s health providers for the sole purpose of obtaining immunization records, providing an important supplement to the household report,” NORC explains. Yes, once you answer the interrogation questions on the phone, they will then go straight to your doctor to acquire vaccine records there in order to determine whether you were lying on the phone.

See our screen capture of the website which admits all this:…

The original source of this is:… (but they will no doubt change their page after this NaturalNews story goes live, which is why we posted a screen shot).

It’s all admittedly a way to increase vaccination rates of low-income children

“NORC then sends an Immunization History Questionnaire via mail to these health providers,” it says. And once the data are compiled: “These data are used by the CDC and state and local public health agencies to monitor the potential for disease outbreaks at the community level and to allocate resources for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program, which ensures that all children in the U.S. have access to vaccinations regardless of financial status.”

In other words, the CDC, working on behalf of the drug companies, wants to make sure that all children are vaccinated even if their parents can’t afford it. That’s government being “helpful” to its slaves, you see. “Public health” has been so perverted and distorted under the government / pharmaceutical collusion regime that instead of teaching people how to prevent disease with nutritious foods, vitamin D and low-cost natural cures, the government is all about injecting infants with vaccines, irradiating women’s breasts with mammograms, and outlawing dietary supplements while claiming to be working under the label of “public health.”

And now, thanks to the police state tactics being increasingly used by the federal government to enforce vaccines even at gunpoint (as we saw in Maryland), it appears we are about to enter a phase where it’s not just TSA reaching down your pants, but CDC running vaccine surveillance and compliance tracking in order to make sure no one goes unvaccinated in America.

Enhanced government surveillance for teen vaccination rates

This vaccine compliance tracking and surveillance program is also being used to target teens and to push for increased vaccination rates using flu vaccines. As NORC admits on its website: “In response to the need for improved surveillance on teen immunization rates, CDC expanded the use of the NIS sampling frame in 2008 to screen households for the presence of teens between 13-17 years of age.”

But flu vaccines are scientifically useless and simply don’t work on 99 out of 100 people who receive them (…). Besides, flu vaccines only contain DNA proteins from last year’s flu strains, meaning that even if you believe flu vaccines work, they would only be useful to time travelers who go back in time to the previous year’s flu season. And this is all in addition to the fact that flu vaccines actually weaken the immune system and make you more vulnerable to future flu infections. (…)

Flu vaccines also cause seizures (…), vomiting, fevers and other dangerous or even deadly side effects (…).

Ties to the military industrial complex

Under a heading called “Advances in Survey Research,” NORC adds something that should raise some red flags among privacy advocates, saying “In collaboration with CDC, NORC has spearheaded an ambitious research program to identify best practices for sampling landline and cell telephones and develop valid statistical approaches for weighting and estimation.”

Cell phones? Ambitious research programs? This only begins to make sense when you realize that the CDC awarded $5 billion grant money to computer surveillance and weapons contractors to develop aggressive public health (vaccine compliance) surveillance programs (…). Northrup Grumman is a weapons manufacturer that has been caught by the U.S. State Department selling technology secrets to the Russians and violating international arms trafficking laws by selling computer guidance systems to Israel and China, among other countries (…).

If this seems surprising, remember that the Institute of Medicine, another key propaganda mouthpiece for the vaccine industry, is funded in part by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. It also receives money from junk food companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an aggressive vaccine-pushing non-profit. This was all exposed in an exclusive NaturalNews article available here:…

What’s clear from all this is that today’s government-run “public health” fiasco is really all about the following:

Vaccines – Surveillance – Compliance – Tracking – Military – Weapons

This is all being conducted like a military operation, not a compassionate public health initiative that genuinely seeks to save the lives of children. If the CDC really wanted to save lives, it would aggressively promote vitamin D, which can prevent nearly all winter flu cases, cancer cases ( and even kidney disease or osteoporosis. But instead of recommending affordable solutions that really work, the CDC focuses its billions of dollars in taxpayer money on tracking household compliance with deadly vaccines.

This is public health? Get real.

Non-compliant households to be added to quarantine list?

What the CDC is also probably not telling you is that people who answer the survey and admit they have not given their children vaccines could in theory be added to a quarantine list to be arrested and thrown into FEMA camps during the next pandemic outbreak.

The recent “terror exercise” in Denver, called Operation Mountain Guardian featured government SWAT teams and armed military-style squads entering public schools and terrorizing children with simulated gunfire and explosions, then conducting secret mass-arrest exercises in a large sports stadium. As Alex Jones explains on, this is all practice for kidnapping children, taking them to stadiums, then calling parents to come pick them up at which point the parents are then arrested and taken away by law enforcement authorities (…) while the children are turned over to the state.

The children are essentially used as “bait” to arrest parents who happen to be on whatever government “lists” are considered offensive. If your name is on a list provided by the CDC, claiming that you are a “bad parent” because you refuse to vaccinate your children, you could have those children taken away by the state — at gunpoint!

This is similar to what happened recently with Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit, who was subjected to a 12-hour SWAT team standoff because she refused to medicate her teenage daughter with dangerous psychiatric drugs (…).

Of course, the CDC claims your privacy will be protected in all this (yeah, right). “Strict U.S. laws require that we protect your family’s information and keep it confidential,” the CDC’s letter says. Importantly, however, there is nothing in the CDC’s letter that says it will not violate those laws. So it’s really just clever lawyer-speak to say that “laws require we protect your information” without saying the CDC will abide by those laws.

After all, there are strict U.S. laws that prevent the ATF from running guns into Mexico, but it violated those laws anyway (…). There are strict U.S. laws that require the President to seek Congressional approval for acts of war, but those laws have been violated routinely for decades. There are strict U.S. laws that protect the due process of U.S. citizens, and yet the U.S. is steeped in illegal secret prisons and torture initiatives that were rolled out under Bush and yet have actually been expanded under the Obama administration. In fact, if there’s anything we’ve all learned about watching the federal government over the last decade, it’s that the government will openly and brazenly violate whatever laws it wants in order to get what it wants. This is especially true in health care, where the FDA, for its part, openly engaged in illegal international abductions of American citizens (…) in order to oppress herbal cancer cures that really work.

And the CDC, we all know, wants increased “vaccine compliance” so that vaccine makers earn more profits from selling these deadly injections to parents who have no idea those vaccines are making their children autistic (or even killing them).

The real agenda of this entire vaccine survey becomes crystal clear at the end of the CDC’s letter, which pushes a vaccine agenda with the question: “How do I find out more about immunizations and places to get them?” It then gives out a toll-free number to call to “get the phone number of a doctor of clinic near you.”

When the CDC calls your house, don’t answer

The message is quite clear in all this: We’re from the government, we’re going to be calling your private home phone number and asking you questions about your child’s immunization history. We want you to produce your child’s vaccination records. We will also acquire your doctor’s vaccine records to find out if you are lying. The information will be used to track vaccine compliance in your area. And if you want to get “compliant,” here’s a government phone number to call which will direct you to the nearest vaccine center.

If your receive one of these letters from the CDC, the safest thing to do in all this is screen all your phone calls and simply refuse to answer your phone. Just refuse to talk with them at all. After four or five attempts, they will figure you’re never home and probably stop calling. Do NOT speak to them and tell them you are opposed to vaccines, or you may suddenly find yourself being visited by Child Protective Services or government thugs wielding loaded firearms pointed at your head. (This is no longer just a theory. It’s factually true.)

The vaccine industry, remember, is running a kind of modern-day McCarthyism, where being intelligently opposed to vaccines is a lot like being accused of being a “Communist” back in the McCarthy era. The government is now admittedly using weapons technology companies, phone surveillance techniques, immunization tracking and statistical analysis to find out who is not being vaccinated. These are police state tactics now being used by the vaccine industry — in collusion with dangerous government mandates and rogue CPS agents — to attack your freedom of choice and your right to make parental decisions about the health of your child.

And it’s all being done under the false Orwellian mantra that “VACCINES ARE THE SOLUTION FOR PUBLIC HEALTH!” It’s all a complete lie, of course. Vaccines cause autism, live viral infections, seizures, comas and even deaths. That’s because they contain neurologically damaging adjuvants such as aluminum! They also contain “stealth viruses” that can cause cancer and autoimmune disorders. SANE Vax, Inc. recently found HPV vaccines to be contaminated with the rDNA of HPV viral strains (…), and vaccine manufacturers have been caught placing live viral strains directly into the vaccines! (

Perhaps even more shockingly, a top Merck vaccine scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, openly admitted that polio vaccines were contaminated with 40 unknown viral strains, including some strains that caused cancer. Read the incredible transcript of this secret recording at:…

What we are all suffering under today, friends, is a vaccine-pushing police state and its accompanying Ministry of Truth (the CDC and FDA). This is not about public health, it’s about injecting infants and maximizing the profits of the vaccine manufacturers, even if countless children and teens are permanently harmed as a result.

Learn more:

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Door to Door Vaccinations: Training the Public for Forced Inoculations


September 27, 2011

Door to Door Vaccinations: Training the Public for Forced Inoculations

It sure as hell ain’t Schindler’s list!

Isn’t it funny how this ‘official’ err, I mean, ‘PUBLIC SERVANT’ and the ‘presstitute’ news channel covering this ‘social engineering’ operation NEVER MENTION THE STATE EXEMPTION FORM.
Which, if we truly were the ‘home of the free. one would NOT need a ‘form’ to be considered exempt in the first place.

Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students

COMMENT: This outrageous video shows the intimidation tactics of the system being ramped up to once again trick parents into vaccine compliance with the hoax that vaccinations are required (when there is and has been a waiver, as well as a natural right, allowing parents to opt out). Now, by going door to door, the system is tip-toeing towards coercive vaccinations, while the media lapdog readily portrays these parents as negligent and the students as truant (when the student in this video was evidently enrolled in some form of independent study). Will CPS next travel in tandem with the school officer and the traveling doctor? Alex Jones will cover this and other aspects of this deceptive and harmful story in a special report tomorrow. Tune into the Infowars Nightly News for more.
Natalie Sentz
September 26, 2011
NATOMAS, CA – Natomas school officials are going door to door with a traveling nurse to give whooping cough shots to unvaccinated students.

Note the graph in the video that links high pediatric cancer rates with the countries with the highest vaccination rates. THIS IS VERY WELL KNOWN IN THE MEDICAL LITERATURE YET, DOCTORS DO NOT DEMAND INVESTIGATIONS OF THEIR BIG PAHRMA PIMP DADDIES!!


September 24, 2011

Pediatric Cancer. Another Gold Mine For Big Pharma

Only 30-35 years ago medical doctors would be flown in from all over the world to study ‘THE child’ with cancer because, up until that time frame it was easier to find a leprechaun with a couple of four leaf clovers in each hand than to find a child with cancer.

Unfortunately the main stream media does NOT discuss the FACT that pediatric cancer was rare in children 35 years ago and non existent 45 years ago and beyond. Why does the silence by the corporate media on the history of childhood cancer play a big part in our societies ability to PREVENT cancer from occurring in children today? This is the FIRST question that needs to be seriously asked. By asking this question, the answer is not pleasant. Specially for those who look to both the main stream media and their pediatrician for REAL ANSWERS about pediatric cancer.

The truth of the matter is that the corporate media that serves both the general public AND professional medical doctors, not only get huge subsidies in advertising by pharmaceutical companies that make even larger profits ‘TREATING’ cancer BUT, these same media SOURCES where both doctors and the general public get their medical information are HEAVLY INVESTED IN THE VERY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES MAKING RECORD PROFITS OFF THE ‘CANCER INDUSTRY’.

The above is NO secret. ANYONE can easily find that information out for themselves. Knowing this information, one has to then ask a fundamental question. If my sources for medical information came from the very groups that profit off cancer itself, why would I think for a second these groups have ANY intention to END cancer? Isn’t ENDING CANCER the end game in our society? Does the answer to the question of ending cancer begin by looking at when cancer in children started in our society?

The fact that MOST people haven’t been trained by their HDTV sets, newspapers, magazines to be PROACTIVE in finding WHAT’S CAUSING ALL THE CANCER IN THESE KIDS, they end up doing completely USELESS things like, a ‘run for a cure’ or, shaving their heads ‘for a cure’, raising money ONLY TO GIVE IT TO THE VERY BIG PHARMA ORGANIZATIONS THAT THRIVE OFF CHILDREN HAVING CANCER!! Medical doctors get a small, small fraction of information / training in cancer prevention and, lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of training on how to rake in the cash for big pharma in cancer TREATMENTS.

Imagine going to an auto mechanic that has almost no training on how to PREVENT your car’s engine from failing. So instead of maintaining the car’s engine properly, the mechanic tell’s you.. “we really don’t know what causes engines to cease after so many miles… if this occurs just tow in the car and we’ll simply give your car a new engine transplant.” The mechanic AND the auto manufactures make a whole lot more money when you don’t replace the engine oil in your car. This is where our medical institutions are at today.

The example above is the FIRST realization of HOW Cancer Inc works. As a person goes further down the rabbit hole it only gets worse for those who are unaware of what the ‘racket‘ is all about.

Most people working in the pharmacological / medical ‘industry’ are not ‘bad’ people. However, many do know what the hell is going on and refuse to join forces and speak up, that is, minus a few brave souls. So, the MAJORITY, turn their head and look the other way. Never the less, after one has the sense to realize something is NOT RIGHT with our current ‘western’ medical system / industry, along with the media that is fully in bed with them, the next step is to research why the major stock holders in this industry / system and the ‘founders’ of this system DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM GIVING CHILDREN CANCER. YES!! Giving a child Cancer! But how?

A global awakening, one that Zbigniew Brzezinsk spoke of is currently going on in the general public. If you don’t know who people like Zbigniew is you need to know more about these types of people., The evidence of ‘cancer by establishment‘ is irrefutable because, it comes from the powers that be behind TODAY’S pharma / medical and other industries (i.e. central banking) that these individuals who have the GREATEST control over these industries feel that there are too many of you and me. So, in the name of ‘saving lives’ they kill people. All to rid the planet of what they call ‘over-population’. According to their own text and written in stone at a Georgia SATE PARK ‘Georgia Guide Stones’ they want the population reduced to 500,000 people! YES, THEY FLAUNT THIS IN YOUR FACE!!

If you want to know HOW THEY THEMSELVES say they would do this, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, is quite easy. Basically, the method is to allow a toxic ‘subsystem’ to drive the population down by crippling both the mind and body of the general population (while making a massive cash crop doing it.) then after the population is to weak OR STUPID to resist the ‘hard-kill’ Nazi / Soviet mass population reduction style will mop up the rest of the population.

Bertrand Russell, a darling of AND, A SPOKES PERSON for this very medical / pharmacological industrial complex of today wrote in his 1953 book ‘The Impact of Science on Society’ that… “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

We certainly see this today. HOWEVER, America was a TRULY free society over one hundred years ago and our medical system prior to the Flexner Report was a shinning example of that. It was 100% free from big pharma control. The medical schools (those NOT run by the Rockefeller family) were 100% free from big pharma control. The general medical science was of environmental in nature and NOT rooted in petroleum based drugs. I have written much about the history of America’s medical system on this blog so, I will be brief in this instance.

Rockefeller interests had lobbied the U.S. government to issue the ‘Flexner Report’. This ‘report’ was a MONOPOLY report for when looking into medical safety in the U.S. It NEVER looked at the UNSAFE Rockefeller ‘industries’ of medical science and applications. The report was used as a witch hunt to go after ONLY the medical institutions that were a COMPETITION TO BIG PHARMA MEDICINE. Ever since that report was issued, the LOBBIED U.S. government has to date, gotten bigger by creating agencies such as the FDA. The FDA has very little to do with public safety BUT, has EVERYTHING to do with assuring big agriculture and it’s partner in crime, big pharma that they can operate without fear of law suites, while at the same time restrict their competition through heavy regulations. All in the name of protecting the public of course. Just as the Flexner Reports was said to the public to have done.

One of the first outspoken scientist / doctor’s the Rckefeller interests went after was Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer. It would do these people who have children with cancer AND, THOSE WHO DON’T a whole lot of good to tune out the mainstream media who’s have invested in the SICKNESS OF CHILDREN and read what big pharma and big media does NOT want you to know by reading Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer’s book ‘The Age of Treason Your health-Your sanity’.

People need to learn how to NOT put toxins into their bodies! This is why our family has chosen not to vaccinate our veins with cancer viruses, heavy metals, chemicals and genetically engineered animal / human RNA / DNA, just for starters. Until YOU do the research, you will NOT know how to fight back for your own health and the health of your child. By keeping the toxins out of you and your child’s body makes you and your child ‘ONE LESS’ victim to Cancer Inc.

You may NOT agree with Alex Jones BUT, I challenge you to research what he is talking about in the clip below concerning children and cancer.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is interviewed about the Gardasil vaccine and why vaccines are poisoning children. Part 1 of 2.

September 20, 2011

FDA Approved RFID Chips For School Children. The Vaccine Connection.

The so called ‘skeptics’ of the EVER GROWING anti-vaccine global sentiment have scoffed and laughed at the very REAL notion that those who control governments globally want the population tagged like cattle with some form of RFID chip. As a matter of fact the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent millions maybe even a billion on this RFID ‘VACCINE TRACKING’ endeavor.

Recently courts have RULED AGAINST THE ‘SOVEREIGNTY’ OF THE PARENT AND CHILD by allowing schools (mostly if NOT all ‘government’ schools) off the hook after FORCING vaccines into the veins of children with vaccine EXEMPTION STATUS. These types of actions by government, in this case the federal courts and the federal schools, are the very ‘bellwether’ of tyranny ALWAYS disguised as ‘THE GREATER GOOD’.

Below is a video interview by Mike Adams ‘The Health Ranger’ of Dr. Andrew Wakefield discussing this alarming trend of the ‘callus disregard’ for the liberties of the American citizen and parent. They also discuss the very blatant negative effects that occur after one takes the Gardisil vaccine.

HOW does this tie into the RFID tracking chip the Bill and Melinda Gates have invested so much money in?

Here is the FDA’s very own position on the RFID chip as it is applied to human beings.

Note the heavy emphasis on this RFID technology being used for tracking records. The way these NEW ‘universal health care’ systems (both the U.S. and NOW the U.N.) ‘laws’ are written, make it clear that in order for you to get your ‘universal health care’ your medical ‘papers’ MUST be in order. This is the very reason why major vaccine investors such as Bill and Melinda Gates would fund this technology in the first place as this 2009 article below demonstrates that indeed they do fund.
RFID tracks infant pneumonia in Pakistan

On it’s own, the RFID chipping for medical purposes sounds reasonable but, when combined with Bill Gates lust to force everyone to be injected with HIS investments, investing in the very technology to track down those of use who say NO (see new universal health care laws) makes Bill Gates enthusiasm for this tracking technology seem whole lot more nefarious.

Read where in the U.S. health care bill this technology is addressed and implemented.

August 29, 2011

There Will Be No More Drugs ONLY Vaccines. WHY?

Why? Because they are protected by the criminal state like NO OTHER THING on this planet. Second, the criminal state will try and use those laws to MANDATE their use. Especially if a UN enforced UNIVERSAL heath care plan is implemented.

Let’s take a look at what DRUGS will become vaccines. MAKE NO MISTAKE. The pharmacological industrial complex will CLAIM these DRUGS are vaccines. THEY ARE NOT!!!!!! These ‘vaccines are still drugs!! … and they are NOT the ‘silver bullet’ promised!

overweight problem:

Heart disease:

The above is a big one because big pharma is constantly poisoning people and have to go to court for these drugs. A vaccine would sure help out with all that litigation.


High cholesterol:

Cancer vaccines:

Cancer DRUGS are another liability issue for big pharma where vaccine legislation could help here immensely.

Bladder Cancer
Brain Tumors
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Hodgkin Lymphoma
Kidney Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Lung Cancer
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Solid Tumors

Even Bad Breath:
Just because this is for cats and dogs they won’t push this on people.

Smoking Vaccine:

Alcoholism vaccine:

psychotropic vaccines:

Cocaine Vaccine:

Heroin vaccine:

Anti Drug Vaccines:
You’ve gotta love the irony in this one.

One needs to ask why is general psychiatry ‘treating’ a ‘physiological’ problem for substances in the body?

The Pharmacological industrial Complex OWNS the search term ‘paranoia’ + ‘Vaccines’ basically site after site, article after article NAME CALLING ANYONE who ‘exposes’ vaccines for the danger to society they truly are as ‘whack-o, whack jobs. Isn’t it rather fitting the same big phara has come out with brian eating vaccines

Brian Eating Vaccines:

A vaccine to ‘boost’ vaccines. (But I thought vaccines were ‘supposed’ to work all on ther own? )




Please leave a comment if you know of any others.

Drug Companies Shift Emphasis to Vaccines
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
February 16 2010 | 4,087 views


Vaccine court

Vaccine court is the popular term which refers to the Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims[/b][/color], which administers a
no-fault system for litigating vaccine injury claims.

These claims against vaccine manufacturers cannot normally be filed in state or federal civil courts, but instead must be heard in the Court of Claims, sitting without a jury. The program was established by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), passed by the United States Congress in response to a threat to the vaccine supply due to a 1980s scare over the DPT vaccine. Despite the belief of most public health officials that claims of side effects were unfounded, large jury awards had been given to some plaintiffs, most DPT vaccine makers had ceased production, and officials feared the loss of herd immunity.[1]

Some parents of children with autism spectrum disorders have attributed the disorders’ onset to vaccines, often citing the mercury-based preservative thiomersal as the cause, and have demanded compensation from vaccine makers. However, the mainstream medical and scientific communities have consistently found no link between routine childhood vaccines and autism.[2]

…Since 1988, the program has been funded by an excise tax of 75 cents on every purchased dose of covered vaccine.[/b][/color]


No-fault = meaning Pharma can produce a toxic vaccine, not test it, sell it to the government, who will turn around and mandate that you must be vaccinated, then – if you get sick – you sue via this taxpayer-funded “court” and if you’re lucky enough to get a judgment, the government (e.g., the taxpayers) will pay the claim.

Pharma doesn’t have to pay a dime.

Perfect fascist government/corporate model.

The extent to which the recession has cut into high-value research and development jobs in the pharmaceutical industry will be apparent soon as job losses in the industry climb to an additional 12,000.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the British drugs group, will announce plans for further restructuring with the loss of 4,000 jobs, nearly half in the research and development departments.

The job attrition reflects widespread unease among drug companies about the loss of revenues from a small number of blockbuster medicines.

For example, this year GSK will lose patent protection for Seretide, an asthma treatment worth $4 billion.

GSK started reshaping its business in 2007 by focusing on three areas: vaccines, over-the-counter medicines and non-medical products, and emerging markets. GSK diverted investment away from pure research and toward products that enabled the company to catch a greater share of the consumer dollar.

However, GSK is not the first drug company to announce job cutbacks and realignment of their target markets, with a path toward vaccines. Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, and Sanofi Pasteur are just a few of the Big Pharma members that have done this within the past two years.

And while the recession definitely played a part in this, the truth is, plans to switch to the vaccine market were already in place, long before the recession began.

Signs of this major change in Pharma’s business model can be seen in this thread:
Bilderberg Novartis Vasella Steps down as CEO – Mission complete

August 25, 2011

The U.S. Citizen VS Big Pharma / Big Government


I am working on an article called… ‘There will no longer be drugs, ONLY vaccines’.

In the future there will be no drugs only vaccines because of a.) the draconian laws protecting the most lethal vaccines known to mankind. b.) The tremendous physiological brain washing regarding vaccines by the mutli trillion dollar pharmacological / medical industrial complex.

Legislation and propaganda have historically been a lethal and deadly combination.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Health Liberty Revolution & Forced Vaccination
by Barbara Loe Fisher
In America today, there is an unprecedented assault on the human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk-taking. It is being led by one of the most powerful and wealthy corporate empires in the world: the global pharmaceutical industry.

What is at stake for Big Pharma is a one trillion dollar market for prescription drugs and vaccines. What is at stake for the American people is our health and our liberty.

Pharma’s Lucrative Monopoly on Health Care in U.S.
For more than a century, pharmaceutical corporations have created a lucrative monopoly on health care in America. They have done this by forging an alliance with a select group of medical doctors and scientists inside and outside of government, who develop and promote widespread drug and vaccine use. Doctors in private practice, who are encouraged to deliver drugs and vaccines to the people, have become – perhaps without even realizing it – de facto drug company sales reps.

Americans Consume 40 Percent of All Pharmaceuticals Sold
Americans, who represent about 5 percent of the world’s population, are the most highly vaccinated and drugged population on the planet. We consume nearly 40 percent of all pharmaceutical products sold. In 2009, doctors ordered 4 billion prescriptions for Americans, which is one big reason why annual health care costs are nearly $3 trillion dollars in the U.S.

Half of all Americans, including 25 percent of our children take one or more prescription drugs.

Today American Children Get 3 Times As Many Vaccinations
Today, our children are being given three times as many vaccinations as they got in the early 1980’s. Three times as many vaccinations means three times as much profit for drug companies and doctors selling vaccines.

The base cost for a child to get every government recommended vaccine in a private pediatrician’s office has increased from $80 per child in 1986 to a whopping $2200 per child in 2011, and that doesn’t include physician office administration fees. The federal government now spends nearly $4 billion dollars per year to purchase vaccines for public health clinics, where half of America’s children are vaccinated.

Pharma Growing $36 Billion Vaccine Market
It is no surprise that vaccine development is one of the fastest growing sectors in the pharmaceutical industry. By 2013, Pharma will enjoy a $36 billion dollar vaccine market.

In 1986, there were three major drug corporations selling vaccines in the U.S. (Merck, Lederle, Connaught) and now there are eight (Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, CSL Biotherapies, Emergent BioSolutions). That is because, in 1986, Pharma blackmailed Congress into giving them partial liability protection from vaccine injury lawsuits… to read more of this commentary with hyperlinks to 88 references and to watch the FORCED VACCINATION video.

To learn whether your state legislators are being lobbied to take away your vaccine choices and to volunteer to protect vaccine exemptions in your state and take action NOW, register for NVIC’s free Advocacy Portal.

If you have been threatened for trying to exercise voluntary, informed consent to vaccination of if you have been coerced into vaccinating yourself or your child against your will, you can share your experience with others on NVIC’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.

August 16, 2011

Correlation Between Vaccines and Infant Mortality

Editor’s Note:
Here’s a study that your pediatrician would rather not look at, let alone tell you about.
Infant deaths increase as vaccine dosage increases. Duh! Not like this wasn’t already known.

Mortality Graph
2009 Infant mortality rates and number of vaccine doses for 30 nations. Source: Miller & Goldman (2011)

New Study Finds Direct Link Between Vaccines and Infant Mortality

A shocking new study published in a prestigious medical journal has found a direct statistical link between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates in the developed world, suggesting that the increasing number of inoculations being forced upon children by medical authorities, particularly in the United States which administers the highest number of vaccines and also has the highest number of infant deaths, is in fact having a detrimental impact on health

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

The US childhood immunization schedule specifies 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year — the most in the world — yet 33 nations have lower IMRs. Using linear regression, the immunization schedules of these 34 nations were examined and a correlation … was found between IMRs and the number of vaccine doses routinely given to infants … Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rate … A closer inspection of correlations between vaccine doses, biochemical or synergistic toxicity, and IMRs is essential.


It all reminds me of an old song from the rock band ‘Steppenwolf’ called ‘Monster’

America where are you now?! Don’t you care about your son’s and daughters!? Don’t you know we need you now!? We can fight alone against the monster!

August 5, 2011

How Vaccines Dysregulate The Immune System

This should be 101 common sense to health professionals if only they would stop believing their Rockefeller medical school textbooks to be written by God himself and stopped for 2 seconds to think about this report.

Great article by PATRICIA JORDAN, which you can find on her own website:


  1. (biology) To cause a dysfunctional level of an activity or chemical in an organism by disrupting normal function of a regulatory mechanism.

“Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.” Patricia Jordan DVM, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology

How Vaccines Dysregulate The Immune System

Activation of Adaptive Immunity Innate immunity may trigger adaptive immune responses thru Antigen processing and presentation by macrophages and dendritic cells .The evolution of the immune system is a direct consequence of pathogen-exerted selection pressure. It is particularly those qualities like progressive development of humoral and cellular adoptive immunity, Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC), variable class I and class II genes, precise mechanisms of immune recognition and long-term immune memory that reflect the fundamental evolutionary advancement of the vertebrate immune system. In evolution the survival advantage imposed by an extremely reactive immune system is jeopardized if that system turns against the host and causes “self” destruction.

Vaccination is an abnormal pathogen presented in an abnormal route (injection) and influences the entire immune system in an unnatural way, leading to unnatural evolutionary selection where the results are dys regulation of the immune system, disruption of TH1 bias, atrophy of mucosal, increased inflammation, loss of specification and control. Vaccination dysregulates the immune system and genetically impacts the HLA (MHC) leading to an abnormal expression of disease susceptibility. The vaccine is no more a reflection of the actual environmental challenges faced by those vaccinated than the now dysregulated immune system is a reflection of intelligent design or natural selection.

Vaccines are genotoxic; corrupted genomes are leading to the loss of the organic self. Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.[list is not complete] Vaccine disease is the root of our dys regulated immune system and the dys regulated immune response.

The evolution of the immune system is a direct consequence of the pathogens the immune system was exposed to from the environment. The pathogens exert an evolutionary selection pressure which was in part responsible for the genotypes of the MHC (major histocompatibility complexes) that developed in tandem to handle the pathogens. The MHC determines the host’s immunopathology impact from the antigen and is responsible for the expression of clinical disease. The immune system is very complex and developed to handle an enormous variety of pathogens, the genetic ability to respond to a large number of pathogens was necessary in order to survive to live another day.

The MHC tissue markers are one of the major routes of tapping into the possible needs for survival via the immune response. Although not the only way, besides the MHC we have the major loci, minor loci and many other locations for gene expression to effect disease expression. We now see the complexity of immune system response pathways and still there are many factors that remain unknown. The MHC and the HLA and DLA (yes, dogs also have MHC sites like the humans) in fact all vertebrates have this important link of genetic expression of antigen reception and engagement. The groups of receptor sites not only engage with the pathogens, they are also responsible for a cascade of events that have evolved over time to express the organism’s impact with a pathogen, reflecting in dis ease susceptibility and genetic expression.

There is a great variability in how any one individual will react to any pathogen and it is the individual’s genetic variability that is the marvel of individual and species survival .Not everyone would respond the same way to each pathogenic impact. The immune system, like a virus has great reach with incredible mutation ability through gene expression and this brings an organism forward to survive another day.

Vaccines lead to genetic mutations. Genetic impact on MHC (HLA) is what dictates genetic expression of disease susceptibility. Vaccines rob the individual of natural evolutionary selection pressures based on natural antigen risks. Vaccines are altering gene sequences, inserting genes, affecting genome and destroying the organic immunologically determined susceptibility that evolved with natural selection. Determined susceptibility is genetically impacted ahead of disease expression by the antigens presented to or encountered by the individual. The immune system has evolved naturally to promote life and what is happening with unnatural antigen environment delivered in unnatural route to dysregulate the immune system is resulting in unnatural selection, immune system corruption and species distortion.

The genetic basis for susceptibility to disease is complex but well before man understood anything about the immune system and how it worked, he intruded on the evolved design with a hubris that is having collateral damage and unintended consequences of species de evolution.

A little immunology review;

The innate immune system was developed to provide the organism with an immediate response. The natural immune system is composed of three portions; the first line of defense is the mucosal immunity and works with the cell mediated immune system (Th1) to deal with the great majority of pathogens. Entry sites to the body via the skin, mucosal sites of the nasal/respiratory, oral/rectal, ocular, aural and urogenital is where the majority of trials for the immune system would have started. The mucosal immunity has antiseptic patches of secretory immunoglobulins (IgA) to respond first. If the mucosal surfaces were actually penetrated than the IgE immunoglobulins came forth for the defense.

The cell mediated responders have evolved to provide the acute inflammation response which is necessary in properly maturing the body’s immune system. Without the majority of pathogens entering from these sites, the immune system does not reach maturity and therefore is unable to respond competently. The childhood xanthamatic diseases fulfill this purpose of immune system maturation. Denied the ability to “mature” the immune system, the organism is left with a dysfunctional immune response and genetic disease expression is altered.

Acute inflammation in the mature immune system can process and effectively clear the intruder. The hypothesis on how this takes place is via the dendritic cells instructions to TH1 polarity. Of course if the dendritic cells are damaged from the vaccine or the aluminum or the mercury in the vaccines, this is one way the vaccines dysregulate the polarity of the immune response. The body needs to be able to focus on the correct form of response as the body deals with the pathogen. Later, after the invasion by pathogen has been cleared, the body then engages the humoral immunity (Th2) to recognize the pathogen and produces antibody against it .This form of the immune system is the acquired immune response and is the arm for which vaccinations were meant to augment. The humoral immunity makes the specific recognizing antibody after the body is over the acute inflammation so as not to exhaust the individual and prevent recovery.

Humoral immunity (Th2) unskewed system is a much different system designed to deal with pathogens or agents that might penetrate the skin bypassing the mucosal immunity ex; venoms from snakebites, poisons or toxins from bites, stings or deep punctures and microbial injection into areas of low oxygenation .The humoral system is capable of handling toxin inactivation and antigen opsonization, dealing with intracellular pathogens and direction of recognition via antibody production. The natural immune system never evolved to see immune challenges enter the body like this. Rarely would a pathogen come into the immune system’s pristine internal environment of the blood. Humoral immunity was not designed to handle a myriad of pathogens this route, rather the humoral immunity is an internal deeper acting immune system for a lesser number of directly injected pathogens. Parental presentation of the pathogens via vaccination was not “good shepherding” practice and instead has been responsible for the improper wiring, signaling and biochemical pathway disruptions that make up many disorders today. Again, the wrench thrown into the dynamics of an evolutionarily successful system by manual manipulations not based on evolutionary pressure but by medical hubris. Although pleased with this intervention, man has remained incapable of understanding the chaos they have created.

The complex immune system with the spread of genetic variability has served us well through the beginning of time. Unfortunately, about 300 years ago an adulteration and violation of the natural workings of the immune system took place. This adulteration was the unnatural injection of unnatural pathogens that were not from the natural environment but rather a concoction of ingredients made artificially and mixed with toxic chemicals. Early on the recipe included embalming agents, later with heavy and light metals, and eventually with genetically engineered chimeras, man made monsters of unnatural origin. Many of the viruses being injected into the bodies are genetically engineered and certainly not organic. The vaccine has never been a natural pathogen of the natural environment and never a natural route of introduction and penetration of the host immune system. Why would we not foresee the dys regulation, dysfunction and the accompanied corresponding genetic compromises and hybridization that explain the growing number of health issues that have run parallel with the rise in vaccine number and use?

The many ways the vaccines dysregulate the immune system and de construct health. First imposition of the vaccine is to affect genetic expression of disease by affording the unnatural engagement of the MHC, the major HLA then minor loci; cytokine genes, CD-encoding genes, T cell receptor genes, growth hormone and immunoglobulin genes any of the polygenes that cascade down to the intricacies of our many possible gene responses.

Second imposition of the vaccine is to skew the immune system and remove the balance of Th1 and Th2 between cell mediated immunity and humoral immunity. Total dysregulation, shifting of the poles of immunity which will include a combination of mutations, gene expression, biochemical pathway alterations, enzyme disruptions, hijacking the system dys regulation by up regulation of the IgE expression and a down regulation of the IgA, disruption of the cytokine profile and many, many other routes depending on the nature of the pathogen and toxins in the vaccine and the variable gene response of the individual.

Expression of disease now, is a function of the unnatural exposure to unnatural pathogens and toxins and the expression of disease as varied as behavioral, Type I-IV Hypersensitivity; allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis, atopy, eczema, cancer, autoimmune, bacterial, viral, yeast, fungal, internal and external parasites and genetic diseases. The genetic expression of disease is predated by the link up of the pathogen and the individual’s gene which are pathogen impact impressionable. The unnatural selection pressure on the species by the use of vaccines is unnaturally evolving or de evolving the species through genotoxicity and genetic disease increase. The genetic damage or “genetic susceptibility” is transferable to the next generation. The next generation when vaccinated, expresses easily the adverse events that vaccines are selecting for.

The type of immune response that occurs after pathogen binding is determined by cytokine messengers that are triggered by certain elements of the pathogen. The vaccine contains a multiple number of ways to affect this: contamination with unknown viruses and microbial components, unnatural pathogens, chimeras and other genetically engineered products, unfiltered genetic pieces like virions, prions, viruses from other species, aluminum, mercury which can directly lead to abnormal cytokine messengers being produced via pathogen alterations/adulterations/mutations. Modified live viruses or “attenuated viruses” allow live cells to migrate to and replicate onto the host’s tissues. Another act of hubris has occurred because playing with viruses all of these last 300 years, it was only recently that science has now discovered that viruses are not dead, they are not live, they are packets of genetic material that when in the presence of a susceptible and permissive living cell that has the necessary receptor can replicate and infect .We have to remember, the virus affects the appearance of antigen recognition sites in our MHC system which evolved as a type of ANTIVIRUS SOFTWEAR SYSTEM.

Sometimes, virus contamination in a vaccine can activate viruses in the human body 30-40 years after inoculation. The presence of unknown viruses, the contamination of viruses, the recombination and reassortment of viral genes and the introduction of xenotropic viruses, infective DNA viruses have all again – due to the hubris of man – introduced disease and pathology into organisms receiving the jab. The process of injecting unnatural substances into the body started well before the identification of the fist virus! The contamination continues today with the filtering process not finding virions and prions and other smaller genetic impacting contaminants. [Rotavirus vaccine for children found to contain pig virus]. The viral and even microbial antigens are all players in the genetic expression of disease and disease susceptibility to every genome via the MHC and other still unidentified pathways.

Adjuvants additionally adulterate the intelligence of the innate immune response. Adjuvants “add” inflammation and pathogen distortion and therefore cell signaling adulterations, impingement upon the evolutionarily perfected system and result in a loss of order. In 1988, Dr. Ron Schultz spoke out in a roundtable discussion over his concerns of the random addition to anything into vaccines without understanding in the least the impact that the addition of for example interleukins into the vaccines. He framed the impact of the whole body or even just the immune system as a complete unknown yet the cavalier attitude from vaccine makers was that no caution was necessary.

We know now that including interleukin in the vaccines in the 1980’s has now produced children born to vaccinated populations with the genetic disease of missing interleukins! The “new” auto inflammatory syndrome DIRA deficiency of interleukin 1 receptor agonist where children display a constellation of serious and potentially fatal systemic symptoms from birth are inherited mutations in IL IRN – a gene that encodes a protein known as interleukin 1 receptor antagonist. The irony that Dr. Ian Tizzard would compare the ability to add ingredients like alum to vaccines used since 1926 and still in l988 not having any idea how it worked, is little comfort to the many parents of children suffering the highest rate of cancer, brain cancer. In 1999 theWHO through the IARC listed the aluminum in vaccines as a grade 3 out of 4 carcinogens. It doesn’t help either to understand now that aluminum will increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier and allow viruses (viruses that have an affinity for the central nervous system like measles) into the brain along with the mercury and aluminum – both metals that can act synergistically to mutate. Seriously, they still don’t see where the rise in childhood brain cancer is coming from?

Aluminum in the vaccines is also up regulating the IgE and compromising the IgA, therefore the presence of aluminum in the vaccines is a much involved gene impactor which causes vaccines to result in allergies, atopy, anaphylaxis, asthma and eczema expression. The natural immune system has a variety of defense tools to use in the protection of the organism however these systems are dys regulated when damaged pathways result from damaged pathogens or genetically engineered pathogens are artificially introduced.

The effects of alum were never known even though the toxin has enjoyed a hierarchical rise in use and success. The amount used in vaccines is not a “safe” amount, it is only the amount they found necessary to exert its inflammatory effect as an adjuvant! The lack of safety studies, lack of teratogenicity or carcinogenic studies or any long term effects signaling genetic defects from vaccines were never done. For any agency from the HHS, CDC, FDA, USDA,WHO, UN, UNICEF, and GAVI to endorse or project vaccines as safe is criminal and investigations should be called for.

Liability waivers put in force for the drug companies to escape prosecutorial litigation will not be upheld in the face of gross criminal action for failure to perform due diligence in the safety study or even of the efficacy studies that are lacking for vaccine use in the first place. The question as to what exactly was known as FDA-licensed products are unleashed upon the public gives rise to another question: why is it that the drug companies that makes vaccines and promotes their use, are the same drug companies that make the drug for the VACCINE DISEASE that follows the vaccine use? What exactly are the revelations that are bound behind “proprietary confidentiality clauses” and is this the way drug companies are pleading the Fifth Amendment for protection from self incrimination? Would this be the reason the governments remove vaccine liability from the manufacturers of the experimental guise under which health care is purported?

The highly polymorphic HLA/DLA antigen systems which are involved in antigen presentation clearly affects responses to vaccination and therefore this impact is unknown in any organism receiving the jab. This lack of knowing makes every vaccination: “experimentation under the guise of health care delivery.” Effects of vaccines on any individual are variable and therefore any expected result incalculable, the risk to any organism is therefore unknown.

Administering a jab is not synonymous with conveying immunity. Antibody production is not equated to immunity and vaccination does not mean immunization. Damage from vaccines are cumulative, cell mediated immune suppression increases significantly with every jab. Multivalent vaccines are particularly damaging and immune disrupting.

Only vaccinated individuals were found to develop auto antibodies in a landmark study done at Perdue University. Auto antibodies are made with the vaccines from the viruses, from the microbial antigens, from the aluminum and mercury and other ingredients that would mutate or disrupt the pathogen. The increase of molecular mimicry increases with vaccines and these examples of pathways to increase the number of auto antibodies formed the trigger necessary to promote genetic expression of autoimmune disease. Certainly, autoimmune disease expression is one step closer to genetic disease and that handicap will transfer vertically to the next generation in many instances. The important understanding is that the adulteration of the genome came in via the injection of vaccine.

Since not even a very heavy book could contain all the pathways to disease expression from genetic effects of the vaccine (the great immune adulterant), let us at least end this with the following understanding; vaccines have no environmental epidemiological studies to support the benefits over risks of vaccine administration, they are not safe nor innocuous and have not even been proven effective in conveying immunity which is the only reason one would consider their use in the first place. Vaccination use fits the definition of “a medical assumption” and according to Dr. Stephen Blake is certainly the biggest medical assumption ever made in the history of mankind and is directly responsible for more disease, death and disability than any other medical procedure or act.

Not surprisingly, with the safety of vaccination questioned and autism, autoimmune diseases and cancer linked in hospitals to vaccinations, only now is the NIH announcing research grants for the purpose of addressing vaccine safety. The Research to Advance Vaccine Safety (R21) is just now in 2010 being initiated to research vaccines:

“research that will contribute to the overall understanding of vaccine safety such as physiological and immunological responses to vaccines and vaccine components, how genetic variations affect immune/physiological responses that may impact vaccine safety and identification of risk factors and biological markers that may be used to access whether there is a relationship between certain diseases or disorders and licensed vaccines and the application of genomic/molecular technologies to improve knowledge of vaccine safety”

The problem is that this “scientific study is too late”. For three centuries genotoxicity, immune dysregulation and immune dysfunctioning – even to immune deficiency and annihilation – has been de evolving the genomes of man and animals.

Dr. Harris Coulter would consider the vaccination as medical hubris and the many diseases spawned from its use the “unintended consequences and collateral damage”. The National Childhood Vaccination Program is a program in which any parent should have the right to protect their child. The mandatory vaccine programs are genetic assaults and project a form of invalid federal medicine which is tyranny. The promotion of the vaccine programs are fraudulent and criminal acts which no taxpayer should be made to support as the effect in many cases, cases rising with the rise in vaccine use, are genetic and constitute genotoxicity.

This attempt to violate the natural laws of evolution is impacting the species in a de-evolutionary format leading to increased genetic expression of disease and forcing those jabbed into a cycle of chronic disease management if not death first. Of course the same drug companies that make vaccines are usually the same ones that sell the medications to palliate and suppress said disease expression. This system of making disease and then making the medications to suppress and palliate the disease puts into the hands of the drug companies all the federal funds that sponsored the vaccines and then the money from the manipulated health care system treating the disease. Soon the allocation of funds for the drug companies will shift the power from the democratic state to the hands of the drug companies that have full impunity from liability, this benefit legislated for them by the members of the democratic legislature elected to represent those being vaccinated into disease and harmed in the first place!

Dr. Harris Coulter stated that” medicine” had a lot more to do with “politics” than it did with “science”. Dr. Patricia Jordan noted that it took a Doctor of Political Science to point out to the medical profession what they did not seem capable of recognizing right in front of their face, that medicine is politics and politics is about money, no science necessary.

Any NIH research done under the Research to Advance Vaccine Safety (R21) must have independent, nonconflict oversight with participation of those harmed by vaccines to ensure that the real measure of vaccine damage is properly addressed. That is, unless the disease, disability and deaths from vaccines were to be immediately stopped in accordance with the Precautionary Principle.

The precautionary principle is a moral and political principle which states that if an action or policy might cause severe or irreversible harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of a scientific consensus that harm would not ensue, the burden of proof falls on those who would advocate taking the action. The principle aims to provide guidance for protecting public health and the environment in the face of uncertain risks, stating that the absence of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason to postpone measures where there is a risk of serious or irreversible harm to public health or the environment.

It is obvious that the unnatural vaccine has unnaturally selected for genes that do not reflect a natural exposure from the real environment and thusly resulted in unnatural selection of genes that have dys regulated the immune system and disrupted the inflammatory pathway and distorted the populations genetically.

Unnatural gene selection is then leading to resistance and susceptibility to disease which is unnatural and not the real picture of the antigen state within our external environment for which an immune system is geared to provide survivability against encounter. Vaccination is resulting in abnormal disease expression and the making of disease previously not encountered. Although it is popular to blame our external environment, this is not the main environment our immune system is being pressured by. In the madness, the species are being distorted and genomes are being corrupted. The rise of genetic susceptibility and genetic disease is a reflection of this distortion. Most of what we see today is Vaccine Disease, in that the dysregulation of the immune system by vaccines have altered the genetic susceptibility and expression of disease and is not evolving a better immune system and health but deconstructing the immune system and the genome towards doom.

July 28, 2011

Genetic Genocide: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

The video above ONLY touches the very tip of the ‘genetic genocide’ iceberg when it relates to genetic tinkering of vaccines. Yes, vaccines can alter YOU or your CHILD’s DNA.

For All sourced DOCUMENTS click on link below.
Genetic Genocide: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
July 27, 2011
Pandora’s Box has surely been opened. A dangerous genetic experiment has come out of the shadows, and the human-animal hybrids, chimeras and other transgenic clones it has yielded now threaten to endanger and irrevocably alter life as we know it.
The controllers of elite-funded science and R&D have wantonly tampered with the genetic code of the planet, ignoring the rather obvious dangers posed by cross-species experimentation and flagrantly jeopardizing the earth’s delicately-balanced biodiversity.
In a special video, Alex Jones addresses the profound risks posed by genetically-modified hybrids now featuring prominently in the field of biotechnology.

Fresh revelations about a “secret lab” program in the UK admittedly ongoing ‘for the last three years’ that developed such bestial-hybrids only serves to reinforce our available data concerning the fact that genetically-modified laboratory creations are fast spinning out of control. Now the biotech industry has unleashed these Franken-breeds into the world under the auspices of monopolizing some of the most important and dangerous developments in Agra, Pharma and Medical research for the 21st Century. Their GM “solutions” to life’s challenges promise lucrative returns, as we reported earlier today, due royalties on their patented gene-expressions.
Transgenic clones, created by deleting-and-replacing DNA sequences to create a cross-species hybrid (xenotransplantation) that is then grown in a host egg, are fast becoming a pet-project of corporate science that offers to fulfill “Pharming’s” promise of replacement organs for ailing humans, industrial and pharmaceutical applications of artificial-protein production, and the hope of successful outlets for artificial fertilization & human cloning in an age of increasing sterility and infertility. However, it is these man-made creations that pose the greatest risks– including contamination, proven links to sterility in offspring and risks of cancer. Many clones, including the world’s famous first-cloned sheep, Dolly, have had conspicuously short lives and bad health. Arthritis, breathing problems and more have plagued their existence, while hundreds of embryos fail in cultivation for each successful clone. Still others die in the womb after only days, yet these entities are trusted to fulfill humanity’s betterment.
In particular, mixing the human genome with that of various ‘useful’ animals crosses the extremely risky bridge formerly separating many beast-borne diseases from those that typically affect humans, or plant species for that matter. The contagion of mixing unrelated species like mammals and jellyfish genes gives the opportunity for unforeseen consequences and uncontrollable mutations. Further, many genes which scientists have previously believed to be equivalent have proven to behave differently when transplanted into foreign DNA sequences. Additionally, lack of recognition or compensation for pleiotropic genes (where a single gene gives expression for multiple traits) makes some of the consequences unforeseeable, yet predictably dangerous.

Grotesque experimentation, iconically portrayed for more than a century in globalist H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, has now come to life– growing human ears on the backs of mice, harvesting human-marked organs from cows, pigs and other host-species, synthesizing strategic proteins in host-milk production and other seemingly-sci-fi applications– paving the way to future biotechnology. Creations like spider-goats are raised in contradiction to nature’s laws, all in the name of reaching industrial production of a stronger-than-steel protein from spider-silk that can create fibers for items like bullet-proof vests, sold directly to the military-prison-industrial complex, further feeding the total domination of mankind.
GMO species have become absolutely invasive, and their Doctors Frankenstein have unleashed them intentionally to wreck and destroy the native competing species. Crop contamination of non-GMO plants, combined with the genocidal effects of Terminator seeds is devastating to ordinary farmers. Consumption of GMO crops have proven ties in mice studies to sterility (shown to be delayed until the second or third generation) as well as cancer and other issues.
Powerful globalists have declared themselves God, and seek to limit the complex expression of life with cheap carbon-copy clones that threaten to displace the genuine flora, fauna and other life on this planet. Not long ago, the world’s most prestigious scientists considered some 96% of DNA to be throwaway ‘junk’ with no genetic value. Now, in greater arrogance, they will make far greater mistakes as they pretend to understand the path to ‘transhumanism‘ where man supposedly ascends to godhood through life extension. Humanity must stand up and say no before it is too late.

July 26, 2011

TV Networks Report Meningitis Mania, A One Sided Story.

After watching the local network snooze, I’m not sure if flesh eating meningitis is the ‘new polio’ or, is it the blob about to devour the movie theater downtown?

Yesterday the local network snooze was doing their typical playing ball for big pharma by promoting FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. The networks were showing grotesque images of babies whose flesh had been eaten by the blob called meningitis. Which strain of meningitis is flesh eating? Well, Your guess is as good as mine? The local snooze was reluctant to give out that information.

Yes, flesh eating meningitis is serious but, so is getting struck by lightning. As usual, the local networks gave a one sided story IGNORING obvious questions and facts about flesh eating meningitis but, thank God there is a silver bullet that will kill that mean old nasty blob in it’s tracks. Of course they then cut to ‘concerned parents’ getting their kids shot up with yet another vaccine. This means nine more shots to the ever growing vaccine schedule. With mandates for it waiting in the wings.


I just want to first mention that the local news acted as if no meningitis vaccines ever existed up until the release of the new vaccine when in fact the ‘OTHER’ meningitis vaccine was released in 1999.

Back then, similar promises were made about silver bullet protection against ALL strains of meningitis when the manufactures and doctors knew the vaccine was only for one strain.

Dr. KING PHD has worked in the vaccine industry and has testified before the meaningless FDA. Here are some excerpts from his report…

… the annual number of case is, as of 2009, down to less than 1,000 a year.

…In addition, having testified to the FDA just before Sanofi’s Menactra was approved, this vaccine is not very effective (<85% based on the company’s choice of antibody titer with no proof that titer translates into protection)
OH? The local snooze called it a ‘silver bullet’!!

…Further, please read the package insert for Novartis’ MenVeo and ask yourself what are the undisclosed components in this 2-part, lyophilized vaccine and why does the FDA allow Novartis to conceal the nature of the other components in the vaccine besides the 4 antigens and a trace of formaldehyde?

…In addition, N. Meningitidis is able, and has been shown, to change strains (by altering the polysaccharide on its surface).
It’s no wonder why the local snooze chose to ignore this fact.

The report goes on and on with subjects like… How the FDA approved the vaccine when they a.) threw out the stats on those injured by it and b.) where there was NO PROOF that antibody strains actually worked against the strain in the first place!

One other point needs to be made here.
In reading some of the recent deaths of youth by meningococcal meningitis bacteria it has been reported that family members were furious with the emergency care given at the hospitals that these youth ‘admitted themselves’ into, stating that had they been given ‘proper and immediate care’ their children would not have had to die. Here’s what the vaccine pusher’s (e.g. mainstream corporate TV…) don’t want people to get clued into. These family members are correct. These various bacteria that turn deadly for a few unfortunate individuals CAN BE TREATED BEFORE THEY TURN DEADLY. That is 100% correct.

I am not giving any medical advise here. I’m just going to relay to you what COMPETENT medical professionals say to do if you happen to show signs of sever meningitis. The symptoms are obvious to detect and once you have the symptoms you are on the clock. Yes! This IS an emergency. God help you if you go to a US hospital in this day and age. You’re going to have to talk some sense into someone at the ER to quickly admit you so you can get the proper ANTIBIOTICS as quickly as possible. If you can do that you will live. Same with an infant. You can detect the symptoms with them as well.

The problem is these hospitals are so lethargic their red tape will kill you before the meningitis will.

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