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March 9, 2012

Vaccine Fraud Exposed On Big Pharma Backed TV Show ‘ The Doctors’.

Dr. Travis Stork’s response to audience doctor / researcher was RECKLESS, UNPROFESSIONAL, CHILDLIKE and is absolute PROOF why HIS profession is failing the United States with a CAPITOL F.

In the video I posted below, Dr. Travis Stork’s BULL on vaccine safety was called out FOR NOT BEING ACCURATE and, the researcher in the audience, RIGHTLY TOLD HIM TO HIS FACE THAT… “THE REST OF US ARE GETTING SICK AND TIERED OF THESE SO CALLED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, READING OFF OF BIG PHARMA PROPAGANDA WITHOUT HAVING THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT”. Dr. Stork did NOT act like a professional and DEBATE THE FACTS PRESENTED TO HIM, he instead, carried on like a CHILD screaming “STOP PICKING ON ME”!!!

The U.S. citizen spends more money BY FAR, lining the pockets of doctors like Travis Stork and, depending on which figure is published by which international organization, America is ranked as low as 50th world wide for health and longevity!! All this BULL about how wonderful vaccines are by this TV show’s big pharma front doctors and yet, America ranks down there with Romania in infant mortality!! Please give me a frigg’n break!! They NEVER mentioned that to the audience.

This Doctor Stork DEMONSTRATES the reason WHY his profession is SO SCREWED UP. If he really cared about health, as he claims, he wouldn’t even be on the show because he would be challenging his big pharma pimp daddies who pay his coin and, we ALL know how long he would be on TV if he EVER did that.


In TRUE fairness to this profession, the public has to become more responsible and PROACTIVE as well. The public in fact has, to some degree, by READING THE INGREDIENTS IN VACCINES and now, even pro vaccine parents no longer want to inject this garbage into the veins of their kids. DUH!! WHY AREN’T DOCTORS LIKE STORK PICKING UP THE BALL AND CHALLENGING BIG PHARMA INSTEAD OF GETTING ALL SELF RIGHTEOUS? If you really DO care Dr. Stork, SHOW ME! Don’t cry me a river!

The video begins and ‘The Doctors’ pediatrician claims meningitis IS a “vaccine curable disease” when #1) meningitis is ONE of the ‘reclassifications’ of what USED TO BE CALLED polio. #2.) meningitis was virtually UNKNOWN on U.S. college campuses. NOW, since the college meningitis vaccine campaigns, meningitis is NOT ONLY NOT ‘CURED’ but, is NOW a nemesis on college campuses.

The show’s doctor CALIMS, with NO proof, that vaccines are responsible for wiping out disease. THIS IS PURE FICTION. In 1964 Walt Disney created the ‘Carousel of Progress’ for the world expo in NY city. NEVER WERE VACCINES EVEN MENTIONED TO HAVE “WIPED OUT DISEASE BECAUSE, IT WAS WELL KNOW IN THE SCIENCE COMMUNITY THEY DID NOT. Infrastructure such as clean water, trash / sewage removal and refrigeration along with better nutrition across the Untied States is what drove down disease long BEFORE the first vaccine programs were even introduced to the mass population. Deadly diseases like Scarlet fever, Yellow fever, Typhoid and Tuberculosis were were ALL wiped out this way with NO vaccine programs in the US.

Mass vaccine programs were FIRST SOLD as ‘precautionary measures’ THAT GAVE A ONE TIME SHOT LIFE TIME PROTECTION. Unlike today, where the same vaccine sales people (pushers) tell you that your child keeps needing booster shots until they are out of STATE / FEDERAL control, otherwise known as school.

Vaccines Didn’t Cure Polio After All?
(for all sourced links)

Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio … Unbeknownst to most doctors, the polio-vaccine history involves a massive public health service makeover during an era when a live, deadly strain of poliovirus infected the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed hundreds of children and their contacts. These were the vaccines that were supposedly responsible for the decline in polio from 1955 to 1961! But there is a more sinister reason for the “decline” in polio during those years; in 1955, a very creative re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the fact that many cases of “polio” paralysis had no poliovirus in their systems at all. While this protected the reputation of the Salk vaccine, it muddied the waters of history in a big way. Even during the peak epidemics, unifactorial poliovirus infection, resulting in long-term paralysis, was a low-incidence disease that was falsely represented as a rampant and violent crippler by Basil O’Connor’s “March Of Dimes” advertising campaigns. – Vaccination

Free-Market Analysis: This is a great article (excerpted above) about vaccines because it gets at issues that have always puzzled us. The main one is the claim the “naturopathy” community makes that vaccines did NOT (and do not) cause a downturn in various kinds of illnesses.

The video we’ve attached, which pertains to vaccines and autism (we’ve written about this a lot) is very interesting, too. There is no doubt that as the Internet (what we call the “Internet Reformation“) reveals more about what has really gone on to promote vaccines, people will get more and more skeptical – not just of vaccines as they relate to autism but about the medical industry itself.
The Western medical industry is increasingly being revealed as a conduit for pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. In the meantime, homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy are making big comebacks. The idea that one can treat a disease by disguising or attacking the symptoms is increasingly questionable, in our humble view.
Surely, as this very public debate winds on it becomes clear that the vaccine-cures-all meme is an evident and obvious dominant social theme. We’re used to discovering this sort of thing by now. Whenever we push hard at our belief system we discover another area where it seems promotions overwhelm science.

The power elite that evidently and obviously runs the world uses a number of fear-based promotions to frighten middle classes into giving up wealth and power to supra-national organizations. Vaccines are a great methodology for reinforcing the idea of authoritarian health care.
The idea is that only government science and government power can provide people with appropriate health care. But this is simply not true. Some vaccines, in fact, may be tolerable or perhaps necessary, but it is increasingly obvious that many of them have serious side effects for a percentage of the juvenile population. Here’s some more from the article:

Unbeknownst to most doctors, the polio-vaccine history involves a massive public health service makeover during an era when a live, deadly strain of poliovirus infected the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed hundreds of children and their contacts. These were the vaccines that were supposedly responsible for the decline in polio from 1955 to 1961! But there is a more sinister reason for the “decline” in polio during those years; in 1955, a very creative re-definition of poliovirus infections was invented, to “cover” the fact that many cases of “polio” paralysis had no poliovirus in their systems at all. While this protected the reputation of the Salk vaccine, it muddied the waters of history in a big way.

Even during the peak epidemics, unifactorial poliovirus infection, resulting in long-term paralysis, was a low-incidence disease[2] that was falsely represented as a rampant and violent crippler by Basil O’Connor’s “March Of Dimes” advertising campaigns. At the same time as Basil O’Connor was pulling in 45 million dollars a year to fund the Salk vaccine development, scientists started to realize that other viruses like Coxsackie, echo and enteroviruses, could also cause polio. They also discussed the fact that lead, arsenic, DDT, and other commonly-used neurotoxins, could identically mimic the lesions of polio. During the great epidemics in the United States, the pathology called polio was reversed by alternative medical doctors who attested to great success, using detoxification procedures available at the time – yet they were categorically ignored[3]. Now it is admitted in the medical literature that other viruses can cause polio, yet few people on the street have any idea.

March 6, 2012

Media Blackout On Bill AB 2109 Threatening Vaccine Rights

Even if you do NOT live in California they are ‘trial ballooning’ this crap law to FORCE vaccinate the people that don’t want these crap vaccines. Trial ballooning laws in California is how they force these laws down our throats across the country AND, BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE REFUSE TO PUT THIS CRAP INTO THEIR KIDS VEINS THE CORPORATE MEDIA IS MUM BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT WILL CAUSE A FIRESTORM. Not just in California BUT accross the country as well. HELP CALIFORNIANS STOP THIS LAW FROM GETTING PASSED!

On Feb. 23rd, 2012, an assembly bill (AB 2109) was submitted to the California Legislature by state assemblyman and pediatrician, Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), which will make it harder for parents to refuse to vaccinate their children. The bill is sponsored by the California Medical Association (CMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the California Immunization Coalition.

Right now in California if a child is enrolled in school their parents are legally required to have them vaccinated. However, exemptions may be obtained by parents who object for religious or philosophical reasons if they sign the portion of the immunization record that says immunizations are contrary to their beliefs and that they understand that in the case of an outbreak of a ‘vaccine-preventable’ disease the child may be temporarily excluded from attending school/child care institutions “for his/her protection.”

If Bill AB 2109 passes, by July 1st, 2013, parents who wish to opt out will be required to bring with them on the day of enrollment a written statement from a medical doctor or conventional “health care practitioner” that states they have been informed of the benefits and risks of vaccines and the communicable disease they are said to prevent. The parent would also be required to submit a written statement that indicates that he or she received the information from the health care practitioner.

As first reported by Dr. Tim O’ Shea in the Feb. 23rd Doctor Within Newsletter:

This bill, if passed, would require parents to obtain the signature of a “health care practitioner” for a personal beliefs/religious exemption. MDs, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants can sign. Naturopaths and chiropractors cannot. The signature will need to be obtained on a separate form provided by the Department of Public Health which states that the health care practitioner has provided risk and benefit information to the parent.
Thus far, there has been virtually no mainstream media coverage of Bill AB2109. This is a curious fact, considering that if it passes it will be illegal not to submit your children to a medical procedure without the explicit permission of the conventional medical system. Is this not the very antithesis of the meaning of health freedom, in a country that prides itself on its freedom-loving, Constitutionally underwritten principles? As Dr. Tim O’ Shea explains:

Let’s remove the word vaccination from the whole discussion for a minute here. Let’s pretend this whole issue isn’t about vaccines at all, but rather about any other medical procedure. Got that picture?
OK so then tell me, what kind of political system, or medical system anywhere on earth would presume to make it a law for you to obtain permission to opt out of any medical procedure, which decisions are completely your choice in the first place? Permission not to get medicine? See what I’m getting at here?
If Dr. Tim O’ Shea’s predictions are correct and California falls, like Washington state recently did with the loss of their philosophical exemptions, the rest of the domino states are likely to follow suit in the next 2 years.

In other words, this stealthily submitted and barely noticed bill is setting a dangerous precedent and may represent the beginning of the end for philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions in the United States — with mandatory vaccinations likely following close behind. Now that children, according to the CDC immunization guidelines, are required to have an increasingly suspect 60 vaccines by age 6 (with dozens of additional vaccines in the developmental pipeline) how can we stand by idly while their health and health rights, and those of all future generations, are being serious jeopardized and legislated away into oblivion?
Please help to spread the word about Bill AB 2109 now, before it is too late.


Dr. Tim O’ Shea’s Feb. 23rd Newsletter

March 1, 2012

Hep B Vaccine Damages The Liver It Is Supposed To Protect

Editors Note:

The Hep B vaccine is ANOTHER one of those EXTREMELY toxic vaccines floating around out there. I know PRO vaccine doctors who won’t even give this one to THEIR infants. I certainly could devote an entire blog just to this one dangerous vaccine.
Hep B Vaccine Damages The Liver It Is Supposed To Protect
For ALL sourced links:

According to Hippocratic tradition, the safety level of a preventive medicine must be very high, as it is aimed at protecting people against diseases that they may not contract.” ~ Marc Girard, Autoimmune hazards of hepatitis B vaccine.

Startling new research published in the journal Apoptosisindicates that hepatitis B vaccine, which is designed to prevent Hepatitis B virus-induced damage to the liver, actually causes liver cell destruction.

In the study titled “Hepatitis B vaccine induces apoptotic death in Hepa1-6 cells,” researchers set out to “…establish an in vitro model system amenable to mechanistic investigations of cytotoxicity induced by hepatitis B vaccine, and to investigate the mechanisms of vaccine-induced cell death.”

They found the hepatitis B vaccine induced a “loss of mitochondrial integrity, apoptosis induction, and cell death” in liver cells exposed to a low dose of adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine. The adjuvant used was aluminum hydroxide, which is increasingly being identified as a contributing cause of autoimmune disease in immunized populations.

The discovery that the hepatitis B vaccine damages the liver (hepatotoxicity) confirms earlier findings (1999) that the vaccine increases the incidence of liver problems in U.S. children less than 6 years old by up to 294% versus unvaccinated controls.

Another study published in the journal Hepatogastroentology in 2002, observed that Hepatitis B vaccination was statistically associated with gastrointestinal reactions including: hepatitis, gastrointestinal disease and liver function test abnormalities in comparison to other vaccine control groups.


This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg…

In a revealing study published in June 2011 in the journal Molecular Biology Reports, researchers demonstrated that hepatitis B vaccine alters the expression of 144 genes in the mouse liver within 1 day of vaccination, 7 of which are related to inflammation and metabolism. The authors noted:

“Pharmaceutical companies usually perform safety testing of vaccines, but all requirements of the World Health Organization and drug pharmacopoeias depend on general toxicity testing, and the gene expression study of hepatitis B vaccine is not done routinely to test vaccine quality.”
Could the gene-expression altering affects of hepatitis B vaccine be one reason why there are over 60 serious detrimental health effects associated with the vaccine as documented in the peer-reviewed and published biomedical literature, including sudden infant death?

Other potential mechanisms of action behind hepatitis B vaccine’s dangerous side effects, are as follows…

Hepatitis B vaccines may contain Hepatitis B Virus polymerase as a contaminant, which may trigger an auto-immune process against the myelin (protective coating on the nerves) in some vaccinated subjects. SOURCES: PMID: 16176857, PMID: 15908138
Hepatitis B vaccine may induced autoimmune demyelinating disease through the molecular mimicry that exists between the vaccine antigen, Epstein-Barr virus and human myelin. SOURCES: PMID: 17630224 PMID: 16295528
Why Are They Vaccinating Infants For Hepatitis B Virus?

The real danger here is that universal vaccination against Hepatitis B virus may be causing far more harm than good. It is actually our youngest — infants — who are most at risk of being irreparably harmed, as the CDC’s vaccine schedule requires Hepatitis B vaccination at birth, 1-2 months, and then again at 3-6 months of age.

Universal hepatitis B vaccination was recommended for U.S. newborns in 1991, despite contradictory safety findings. Perhaps not coincidentally, the prevalence of autism today is 1500% higher than that occurring in the period immediately before their introduction. While there is no such thing as a “genetic epidemic,” in the traditional inheritable sense of the word “genetic,” there is such a thing as environmentally induced gene-expression changes, as described above. In other words, vaccine adjuvants (e.g. mercury and aluminum) and vaccine antigens are capable of profoundly affecting the stability of the genetic infrastructure upon which our health depends.

According to one review published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health in 2010, male newborns vaccinated with hepatitis B prior to 1999 had a 3-fold higher risk for parentally reported autism. Why before 1999? On 8/27/99 the CDC, in tacit acknowledgment of the profound neurotoxicity associated with the use of thimerosal (organomercury), approved the first thimerosal-free hepatitis B vaccine. Sadly, even after the removal of mercury (which was replaced by another neurotoxic agent aluminum hydroxide), autism prevalence is still several orders of magnitude higher than it was before the CDC’s increasingly overwhelming vaccine schedule (60+ by age 6) reached its present-day proportions.

Another glaring problem with Hep. B vaccine in infants is that Hepatitis B virus is only transmitted through blood or semen by those who are infected, which are two routes of exposure an infant — certainly not one born in a hospital — should ever be exposed to; unless, of course, the mother is a carrier, and therefore can transmit it vertically to her offspring. But hospitals can and should screen mothers for Hepatitis B preemptively, therefore making it unnecessary to vaccinate every infant blindly. In addition, there are no randomized controlled trials that have assessed the effects of hepatitis B vaccine during pregnancy for preventing infant infection, despite the fact that pregnant women are being given the vaccine for exactly this reason.1 There is also research indicating that immunization for Hepatitis B does not guarantee protection against becoming infected with it; i.e. it may not truly fall within the category of a vaccine-preventable disease.2

NOTE: For additional research on the under-reported, minimized and/or actively ignored adverse health effects associated with routine vaccination, visit the Vaccine Research Archive. For the research on Hepatitis Vaccine only, visit the Hepatitis B Vaccine page.

February 27, 2012

Vaccines Cause Cancer In Pets

It’s not uncommon to hear ill informed individuals repeat (thinking incorrectly it makes THEM sound smart) “WELL , I GOT VACCINATED AND I DIDN’T GET CANCER.” You mean, you have not gotten cancer YET.

Getting cancer from vaccines is a lot like in many ways, being a US soldier dying from the ‘occupation’ in Afghanistan in your own home, after being exposed to all the depleted uranium that was used.

When you have cancer viruses and cancer carcinogens INJECTED into your veins, these foreign substances act like ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ in your body, waiting for a number of possible things to trigger them.

Corporate Media Admits Vaccines Cause Cancer In Pets.

Jonathan Benson
February 27, 2012

Did you know that vaccinating your cat with the typical, recommended feline vaccination schedule may lead to your furry friend developing cancer? In a recent article published in The Ledger, Karri Miller, Central Florida’s only full-time board certified veterinary oncologist, admits that inflammation caused by vaccines can cause some cats to develop cancer years down the road — and yet she still recommends that people have their pets vaccinated.

A telling admission about the serious risks associated with vaccines, Miller’s report highlights the fact that at least one out of every 10,000 cats develops “vaccine-associated sarcomas” as a result of getting vaccinated. Whether it is the mandatory rabies vaccine, or the host of other viral and bacterial vaccines commonly administered to felines, vaccinated cats admittedly have an increased risk of developing cancer in response to the injections.

Vaccine task force says keep injecting cats with cancer-causing vaccines, but do so in spots that will be easy to remove tumors later

The issue has become so serious, in fact, that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) developed a “Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force” (VAFSTF) back in 1996 to keep track of the prevalence of the condition, and to investigate ways to help mitigate and prevent it. Besides simply not vaccinating cats at all, the only thing this task force has really come up with so far as a solution is to simply inject vaccines in different spots on cats’ bodies so that, should a tumor end up developing there, it will be easy to treat it with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation (

In other words, vaccines will continue to cause cancer in cats, so the best way, in these experts’ minds, to address the problem is to inject vaccines in areas that will be easier for surgeons to access in the event that they have to remove a tumor at the site. Never would these experts caution cat owners against getting the harmful vaccines in the first place, of course, or at the very least reduce the number of vaccines they choose to get for their cats.

In her article, for example, Miller actually suggests that cat owners continue to get their cats vaccinated with whatever vaccines their veterinarians recommend because “[t]he risk of developing a tumor from a vaccine may be much less than your cat catching a deadly virus that could have been prevented with a vaccine,” in her opinion. And if your cat does get cancer, Miller, of course, recommends surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy as appropriate treatment.

However, according to Dr. Don Hamilton, a veterinary homeopath in New Mexico, most pet vaccines are largely useless anyway because they cause “at least as much illness as they have ever prevented.” In many cases, he says, vaccines simply do not offer the protection their advocates claim they do, and they typically weaken pets’ immune systems and create more chronic illness than if those pets were allowed to simply develop their own natural immunity through proper nutrition (

Sources for this article include:

February 21, 2012

Actress With PhD In Neuroscience DOES NOT VACCINATE.

Editors Note:
When they can’t argue the facts (Actress with PhD in neuroscience rejects vaccines for her child) they try and take down the messenger. See comments below.

Just so you know,  this blog HAS BEEN hacked into (more than once) before, and content changed. … and, that IS a fact.

Because this post happens to be about an actress from a popular TV show, it got a tremendous amount of traffic.  This post got hacked, and the text was changed. Immediately the trolls came in and made an issue of the grammatical changes that were made.  The trolls wanted to make MY (alleged) grammar the ‘focus’ of attention to distract from the FACT that a woman with a PhD in neuroscience was NOT going to inject heavy metals, chemicals, stealth viruses… into her child.  Even if my grammar is the world’s worst, it has absolutely nothing to do with the facts being posted below.


Not that I want to bring this person’s personal life before the army of kooks who scream “HERESY!!!” I However, have to point out that the actress who does NOT vaccinate has a PhD in the same science ANOTHER PhD scientist who’s work and research I post ad nauseum on this blog, Dr. Blaylock the world renowned neural surgeon.

I also want to post that this person does NOT vaccinate because, I don’t think the same ‘lazy crazies’ who TRY and burn Jenny McCarthy to the stake (for heresy) will be able to do it ‘as easily’ without looking like the complete uninformed individuals that they are. As a matter of fact, this announcement came out in 2009 and the same kooks that go after Jenny McCarthy have kept quiet about this actress’s CHOICE not to vaccinate.These people who cry… “WITCH!! BURN HER TO THE STAKE!!!” …are so ill informed and, JUST PLAIN STUPID, that THEIR ‘BURNING STAKE’ is a totally contrived website ran by a PROVEN FRAUDSTER & ESTABLISHMENT HACK called ‘Jenny McCarthy’s Body Count’ A website which only appeals to the LOWEST common denominators in life. Do you suppose this person’s scientific credentials have kept the ‘witch burners’ at bay?

The old name calling and strawman games only work on the weak minded. God bless Mayim Bialik! I don’t know her BUT, I’m certain she can take on ANY fraudsters who try to defame her for her personal choice NOT to vaccinate.
Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy in The Big Bang Theory (a massively popular geeky sitcom from the makers of Two and a Half Men), like her character, also has a PhD in Neuroscience. The writers actually use her as a scientific consultant when writing lines for her character. She has two children who she homeschools and didn’t vaccinate:

Reader N.S. remembers reading about your contemplating whether or not to vaccinate the kids. What decision did you reach?

We are a non-vaccinating family, but I make no claims about people’s individual decisions. We based ours on research and discussions with our pediatrician, and we’ve been happy with that decision, but obviously there’s a lot of controversy about it.

She’s also a celebrity spokesperson for The Holistic Moms Network, an organization whose advisory board includes Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Barbara Loe Fischer.

February 10, 2012

Death Toll Linked to Gardasil Vaccine Rises

Editors Note:

Doesn’t the Department of Fatherland hem, hem I mean, Homeland Security pound into our heads over and over… “SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING”? I Guess the DHS is more concerned about my next door neighbor’s PRIVATE affairs than they are concerned about REAL DANGEROUS CRIMINALS / TERRORISTS. Put that thought in the back of your head when you read this article.

The FDA has been REPEATEDLY caught over and over ‘green lighting’ extremely dangerous drugs AND vaccines that have a DOCUMENTED DEATH TOLL in the hundreds of thousands, AT LEAST, considering even with that staggering figure NOT ALL DEATHS CAUSED BY THESE DRUGS AND VACCINES ARE EVEN COUNTED! This is a REAL life and death situation that mushrooms death caused by terrorism EXPONENTIALLY. You have a better chance of dying from a champagne bottle cork than you do dying from terrorism. (You don’t believe that? Prove me wrong! LOOK IT UP.)

Yet countless TV shows and movies are NEVER made showing these group of killers in the pharmacological industry and, at the FDA, by the same media that totally exploits something you will most likely NEVER die as a result of.

Documents have surfaced that, ONCE AGAIN, PROOVE that the FDA approved a vaccine THEY FULLY KNEW would kill people. I don’t see the governments best and brightest raiding this organization with S.W.A.T. teams behind good looking ‘agents’ that say all the right lines.

I have consistently ranted and raved that the FDA IS A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION PLAYING THE PART OF A GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION. Which is a criminal offense all into itself. Yet, NO ONE gets in any trouble. So, what do YOU think will happen when murders get away with murder?

This should ALSO clue you into why the ‘corporate government’ wants to censor the internet because that bubbly, perky moron talking head on your HDTV set WILL NOT fill you in!
Death toll linked to Gardasil vaccine rises. Complications include shock, ‘foaming at mouth,’ convulsions, coma

“Anaphylactic shock,” “foaming at mouth,” “grand mal convulsion,” “coma” and “now paralyzed” are a few of the startling descriptions included in a new federal report describing the complications from Merck & Co.’s Gardasil medication for sexually transmitted human papillomavirus – which has been proposed as mandatory for all schoolgirls.

The document was obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by Judicial Watch, a Washington group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, and it has details of 10 deaths just since September.

“Given all the questions about Gardasil, the best public health policy would be to re-evaluate its safety and to prohibit its distribution to minors. In the least, governments should rethink any efforts to mandate or promote this vaccine for children,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The organization’s work uncovered reports of about one death each month since last fall, bringing the total death toll from the drug to at least 18 and as many as 20. There also were 140 “serious” reports of complications including about three dozen classified as life-threatening, 10 spontaneous abortions and half a dozen cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

The document reveals the case of an 18-year-old woman who got the Gardasil vaccine, was found unconscious that evening, and died. Another woman, age 19, got the drug and the next morning was found dead in her bed.

The new documents also reveal a total of 8,864 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System records, up from a total of 3,461 that had been reported in a document just last fall.

WND previously has reported how Merck was lobbying state lawmakers to require the vaccination, but said it would quit the campaign after its activities were unveiled.

WND also reported when a key researcher into human papillomavirus, which is targeted by Gardasil, reported it needed more testing, and how even the Centers for Disease Control suggested the vaccine should not be mandatory.

That, however, has not diverted the building campaign to have legislatures adopt mandatory vaccination plans.

Judicial Watch said one of the reports, VAERS ID: 310262-1 (D), had this to say:

“Information has been received…concerning a 20-year-old female with no medical history reported, who on 01-APR-2008 was vaccinated with a dose of Gardasil….The patient died four days after…patient sought unspecified medical attention. An autopsy was performed which ruled out suicide and anything suspicious.”

Another report said, “Information has been received from a physician concerning a female patient who on an unknown date was vaccinated with a dose of Gardasil. Subsequently, the patient experienced a coma and is now paralyzed. At the time of this report, the patient’s outcome was unknown. VAERS ID: 303188-1”

The target of the vaccine is cervical cancer, since studies show that those who have HPV have a higher chance of later developing cervical cancer. However, opponents note that such cancers develop most often in older women, while the plan is to require girls as young as 11 or 12 years old to be inoculated. They cite the lack of evidence that the vaccine would have an impact later in life.

A Judicial Watch report said, “Even though Gardasil will not be fully tested for safety until 2009, physicians are already pushing it as a routine, harmless vaccine. Merck’s aggressive advertisement campaign tells young girls that their lives could be ‘one less’ affected by cervical cancer and that, ‘It’s your turn to help guard against cervical cancer.'”

The report also estimated it will cost as much as $2 billion to buy vaccinations for the nation’s poorest girls.

“This vaccine will be more expensive than all other childhood vaccines put together,” concluded John Schiller, a National Cancer Institute investigator.

Judicial Watch earlier uncovered reports such as this:

“Initial and follow-up information has been received from a physician concerning an ‘otherwise healthy’ 13 year old female who was vaccinated with her first and second doses of Gardasil. Subsequently, the patient experienced … paralysis from the chest down, lesions of the optic nerve…At the time of the report, the patient had not recovered.”

Officials with the Abstinence Clearinghouse noted in a position paper that groups including the Texas Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have come out publicly against mandatory vaccination.

“The reasoning of these medical associations is clear. They are not opposed to medical progress, and certainly support all efforts to combat life-threatening diseases. The problem, as these organizations see it, lies in the fact that the drug only went through three and a half years of testing, leaving the medical community somewhat in the dark as to what serious adverse effects might result in the long term,” the group said at the time.

“Along with the potential of serious adverse effects is the question of efficacy. There is evidence that after approximately four years, the vaccine’s potency significantly declines. The long-term value of the vaccine has yet to be determined; if it wears off within six years, will girls and women need to repeat the battery of injections they originally received?” the organization wondered.

Michigan was the first state to introduce a plan to require the vaccine to be given to young girls, but the proposal failed. Ohio also considered a failed plan in 2006.

In 2007 Merck’s aggressive lobbying campaign and contributions to Women in Government resulted in proposals in at least 39 states to institutionalize such vaccinations.

February 9, 2012

Big Pharma, Big Media Uses FEAR & The Super Bowl To Push Dangerous Vaccines.




Isn’t the definition of TERRORISM USING FEAR AND INTIMIDATION TO GET WHAT A TERRORIST WANTS? Keep that in mind when reading this.

You know times are getting tough for the vaccine pushers when they’ve got to stoop to this level of BS. I guess they figure the public is stupid enough to fall for it.

The first report to come out of Indiana was that a person “with worst possible viral strain of measles” was on the loose at the Super Bowl village. So, the corporate media with financial ties to these very vaccine pushers, launch an ‘armageddon’ headline “100’S OF THOUSANDS MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO SUPER MEASLES VIRUS AT THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Upon further review, it was later reported that this SO-CALLED infected individual never was at the Super Bowl Village. Which puts question marks into the ENTIRE STORY. However, they still used this absurd media fear factor extravaganza to PUSH DANGEROUS VACCINES.

One lie leads to more lies. The article above goes on to say that there are NO adverse reactions from the MMR vaccine WHEN THE INSERT THAT COMES WITH THE VACCINE ITSELF SAYS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! Also, if you believe the article when it tells you that, in NO WAY is autism caused by these vaccines. I strongly suggest you LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS IN THIS MMR AND OTHER VACCINES. You’ll see that they, in fact, contain heavy metals and chemicals that you can then look up what these heavy metals do to you at the EPA’s own website. What these heavy metals and chemicals can do to you mimics exactly what occurs when someone is suffering from Autism!! This, WHEN SIMPLY COMING IN CONTACT WITH IT. WHAT DOES IT DO WHEN IT’S INJECTED INTO YOUR VEINS AND MIXED WITH THE OTHER TOXIC INGREDIENTS!!!?

One other question to the so-called ‘health AUTHORITIES’ (I thought that they were public ‘SERVANTS’) who are behind this fear based medicine show, is that, if this was a rare “super virus” does the MMR vaccine even work for such a ‘super’ virus in the first place?

The good news is, if you come in contact with someone with a measles virus YOU DO NOT NEED A VACCINE TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THIS NON LETHAL (IN ALMOST ALL CASES) DISEASE.

Learn About The Triangle Of Disease And How To Fight / Prevent it!
Listen to ‘NUTRITIONAL’ Pharmacist Ben Fuchs audio archives on the triangle of disease.
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January 30, 2012

Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years

If you ever wondered why I named this blog ‘FROM HELL TO VEINS’…

Brittney gives an emotionally charged overview of what her life has been like for the past two years. She struggles daily with the fact her life has been forever changed. A doctor frightened her into taking the Gardasil vaccine by telling her she could get an HPV through a “possible” lab accident at college – where her blood could mingle with someone elses who had an HPV. She was never told HPV’s are sexually transmitted deseases. and having no other information, she allowed herself to be given a vaccine she never needed. Now she wishes the TRUTH to be told – more testing of this vaccine is warranted before another young woman is injured..

Editors Note:
You know, there are tons of these videos on YouTube. Brittney is going through complete and total hell and, she’s more LUCKY then some of the other girls who were “SCARED” into taking this poison.

What’s is even more disgusting then to see this carnage unfold in front of our very eyes, is to read ARROGANT DAMAGE CONTROL comments from vaccine insiders. Things like… “Oh I don’t make any money telling you NOT TO LISTEN TO THIS VICTIM because SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT and the vaccine is pure as mother’s milk.”… or “I work in a lab and know more than you… this vaccine can in NO WAY cause cancer!”

Yeah, well you better get a refund at whatever college you attended because the VERY INSERT that came with the Gardasil vaccine clearly states in BALCK and WHITE.. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PAPILLOMA VIRUS YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING CERVICAL CANCER WILL INCREASE BY 40+ % AFTER TAKING THE VACCINE.

This is the absolute contempt these slime balls have for you. These outrageous comments CLEARLY shows who it is you are dealing with and, WHY we have SO MANY videos like the one above. The good news is, after reading ALL the comments, the general public see these vipers for WHO and WHAT they are AND, ARE NO LONGER TOLERATING THEIR ARROGANT NONSENSE.

Of course, leave it to Brittney’s so-called doctor to concoct a completely COCKAMAMIE STORY about “a lab accident at school” in order to apply the pressure, to get her to take this poison. These types of shenanigans shows that a.) there are certainly undisclosed incentives to push this poison and b.) the medical profession has LOST ALL PROFESSIONALISM and, is nothing more than a wild west medicine show.

Bill Gates, Food Sterilants, Private Mercenaries and Forced Vaccinations

Timing is everything for a guy like Bill Gates. Just as the genetically ALTERED giant agro-corporation Monsanto buys the largest mercenary company on the planet Xe Services (the bad guys formerly known as Blackwater) , so to does the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently buy into 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock.

The timely marriage between the snake himself, Bill Gates and the killing machines of Xe and Monsanto is a marriage straight out of the bowels of hell itself. It’s as perfect a marriage if there ever was one.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is invested heavy into environmental crimes like, how to screw up the genetic make up of this planet. Yeah, forget about a gas that plants breath. Between Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s genetic laboratories and Monsanto’s cross species contamination that’s on going globally, Bill Gates may yet get credited for single handedly trashing the planet YOU and I live on and , WE sure as hell NEVER got a say in it.

Old Bill is ALSO into population control. Yet another issue WE don’t get a say in. Bill the snake, wants to play god. We already know that genetically ALTERED food (you know, food that in NO WAY could be created in nature so, some jackass, had to use a gene gun to f’ it all up) causes sterilization. If you did NOT know that here are some links for you…

… and NOT ONLY do the finding go on and, on and, on with sterility and GMO food BUT, GMO foods are linked to tumors and legions in vital organs. Do you even know if YOU are eating this worse than garbage crap? DON’T EAT IT!!

Even with piles of research confirming all the above, SNAKES like Bill Gates, pays for his own advertising in the form of a ‘news piece’ where, he is being interviewed in a FAKE interview to look like a ‘hardcore’ news story. So, people watch this FAKE so-called news story and there’s old Bill looking real mean and nasty calling the REST OF THE WORLD a pack of liars because (QUE THE VIOLINS!) HIS products (GMO food / vaccines) are mother’s milk. What a joke!

After taking part in a complete fake interview ‘made-for-TV’ CON JOB, he then goes up on stage at a TED conference in front of a bunch of like minded losers and giggles and snickers with the audience that HIS vaccines (his money is tied up in that as well) are for POPULATION CONTROL. That conference where he says all of that is not only posted on this blog but it ALL OVER THE INTERNET. The guy is his own worst enemy. I don’t think ANYONE (with a brain) trusts him anymore than you could trust a snake with a bellyache.

Now, old Bill the snake, wants vaccines pushed on ANYONE who doesn’t what HIS products into their veins and, NOW, he has huge stocks in a mercenary force to back up his WILD VACCINE AMBITIONS WITH FORCE.

Must Listen!
Coast to Coast Pod Cast of Jeffery Smith on Monsanto / Bill Gates


Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates

Silvia Ribeiro
La Jornada

A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (Blackwater’s Black Ops, 9/15/2010) revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.

Many military and former CIA officers work for Blackwater or related companies created to divert attention from their bad reputation and make more profit selling their nefarious services-ranging from information and intelligence to infiltration, political lobbying and paramilitary training – for other governments, banks and multinational corporations. According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center. These officers and directors share Blackwater.

One of them, Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directors of the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 as director of Total Intelligence, entering into the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.

Contacted by Scahill, the Monsanto executive Kevin Wilson declined to comment, but later confirmed to The Nation that they had hired Total Intelligence in 2008 and 2009, according to Monsanto only to keep track of “public disclosure” of its opponents. He also said that Total Intelligence was a “totally separate entity from Blackwater.”

However, Scahill has copies of emails from Cofer Black after the meeting with Wilson for Monsanto, where he explains to other former CIA agents, using their Blackwater e-mails, that the discussion with Wilson was that Total Intelligence had become “Monsanto’s intelligence arm,” spying on activists and other actions, including “our people to legally integrate these groups.” Total Intelligence Monsanto paid $ 127,000 in 2008 and $ 105,000 in 2009.

No wonder that a company engaged in the “science of death” as Monsanto, which has been dedicated from the outset to produce toxic poisons spilling from Agent Orange to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls),

pesticides, hormones and genetically modified seeds, is associated with another company of thugs.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of this article in The Nation, the Via Campesina reported the purchase of 500,000 shares of Monsanto, for more than $23 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with this action completed the outing of the mask of “philanthropy.” Another association that is not surprising.

It is a marriage between the two most brutal monopolies in the history of industrialism: Bill Gates controls more than 90 percent of the market share of proprietary computing and Monsanto about 90 percent of the global transgenic seed market and most global commercial seed. There does not exist in any other industrial sector monopolies so vast, whose very existence is a negation of the vaunted principle of “market competition” of capitalism. Both Gates and Monsanto are very aggressive in defending their ill-gotten monopolies.

Although Bill Gates might try to say that the Foundation is not linked to his business, all it proves is the opposite: most of their donations end up favoring the commercial investments of the tycoon, not really “donating” anything, but instead of paying taxes to the state coffers, he invests his profits in where it is favorable to him economically, including propaganda from their supposed good intentions. On the contrary, their “donations” finance projects as destructive as geoengineering or replacement of natural community medicines for high-tech patented medicines in the poorest areas of the world. What a coincidence, former Secretary of Health Julio Frenk and Ernesto Zedillo are advisers of the Foundation.

Like Monsanto, Gates is also engaged in trying to destroy rural farming worldwide, mainly through the “Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa” (AGRA). It works as a Trojan horse to deprive poor African farmers of their traditional seeds, replacing them with the seeds of their companies first, finally by genetically modified (GM). To this end, the Foundation hired Robert Horsch in 2006, the director of Monsanto. Now Gates, airing major profits, went straight to the source.

Blackwater, Monsanto and Gates are three sides of the same figure: the war machine on the planet and most people who inhabit it, are peasants, indigenous communities, people who want to share information and knowledge or any other who does not want to be in the aegis of profit and the destructiveness of capitalism.

* The author is a researcher at ETC Group

January 27, 2012

Big Pharma is a Major Player Behind ACTA. What is ACTA? Worse Than SOPA.

How do you like being ruled by an unelected body of decision makers who are accountable to NOBODY EXCEPT THE WORLDS ELITE LEADERS? Welcome to world government that puts YOUR BEST INTERESTS down the toilet.

Below is an article that breaks down ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), the ‘globalist’ world wide version of SOPA that launched protest world wide. But first, I want to expose the fact that big Pharmaceutical is one of the driving lobbying force behind yet another ‘law’ being pushed down the throat of the public WITH NO PUBLIC INPUT WHAT-SO-EVER.

From Merck:

“Merck supports increased enforcement of existing anti-counterfeiting laws and the adoption of new public policies to strengthen existing laws and enforcement programs, including increased criminal and civil penalties for counterfeiters.

Read Full Report:
We advocate for such change in a number of ways:

GlaxoSmithKline’s Position (They’ll Cry You A River)
“Adequate and effective protection of IPRs are pivotal factors in encouraging pharmaceutical companies
to invest in research. Without IP laws, GSK would not be able to fund new R&D and to provide new
innovative products which save the lives and improve the lifestyle of countless people. Nor would we
be able to easily prevent third parties from counterfeiting GSK products.”

Read Full Report:
GSK’s Position on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

Eli LiLLY & CO (Cry You A River Act II)
“Lilly recognizes the importance of international efforts that seek to improve and harmonize intellectual property protection throughout the world. We continue to support international trade agreements that facilitate the implementation of effective patent protection for pharmaceutical products in important markets that formerly provided inadequate protection. Lilly also recognizes the significant contributions that U.S. trade laws and the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules have made in the area of intellectual property protection. We support their continued use to encourage developing countries to provide effective patent protection for pharmaceutical products. Adherence to WTO standards of intellectual property protection stimulates economic growth (through increased investment and retention of local talent) and ensures the availability of innovative medicines.”

Read More:
Positions on Key Issues

Bayer AG Pharmaceutical

Phillip Barengolts Who has represented Bayre AG Co-Authored ACTA

From my research Bayer AG has been actively engaging in ACTA (In Reverse / Stealing Trademarks) before it was ever signed.
Bayer Asked to Disclose R&D Cost Data for Anticancer Drug

Funny that a warning pops up on my browser when clicking this link. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! The website will NOT hurt or infect your computer. If this happen to you just continue on.
Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA

White House bypasses Senate to ink agreement that could allow Chinese companies to demand ISPs remove web content in US with no legal oversight
Paul Joseph Watson (FOR ALL LINKS and, there are many)
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Months before the debate about Internet censorship raged as SOPA and PIPA dominated the concerns of web users, President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was signed by Obama on October 1 2011, yet is currently the subject of a White House petition demanding Senators be forced to ratify the treaty. The White House has circumvented the necessity to have the treaty confirmed by lawmakers by presenting it an as “executive agreement,” although legal scholars have highlighted the dubious nature of this characterization.

The hacktivist group Anonymous attacked and took offline the Federal Trade Commission’s website yesterday in protest against the treaty, which was also the subject of demonstrations across major cities in Poland, a country set to sign the agreement today.

Under the provisions of ACTA, copyright holders will be granted sweeping direct powers to demand ISPs remove material from the Internet on a whim. Whereas ISPs normally are only forced to remove content after a court order, all legal oversight will be abolished, a precedent that will apply globally, rendering the treaty worse in its potential scope for abuse than SOPA or PIPA.

A country known for its enforcement of harsh Internet censorship policies like China could demand under the treaty that an ISP in the United States remove content or terminate a website on its server altogether. As we have seen from the enforcement of similar copyright policies in the US, websites are sometimes targeted for no justifiable reason.

The groups pushing the treaty also want to empower copyright holders with the ability to demand that users who violate intellectual property rights (with no legal process) have their Internet connections terminated, a punishment that could only ever be properly enforced by the creation of an individual Internet ID card for every web user, a system that is already in the works.

“The same industry rightsholder groups that support the creation of ACTA have also called for mandatory network-level filtering by Internet Service Providers and for Internet Service Providers to terminate citizens’ Internet connection on repeat allegation of copyright infringement (the “Three Strikes” /Graduated Response) so there is reason to believe that ACTA will seek to increase intermediary liability and require these things of Internet Service Providers,” reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The treaty will also mandate that ISPs disclose personal user information to the copyright holder, while providing authorities across the globe with broader powers to search laptops and Internet-capable devices at border checkpoints.

In presenting ACTA as an “international agreement” rather than a treaty, the Obama administration managed to circumvent the legislative process and avoid having to get Senate approval, a method questioned by Senator Wyden.

“That said, even if Obama has declared ACTA an executive agreement (while those in Europe insist that it’s a binding treaty), there is a very real Constitutional question here: can it actually be an executive agreement?” asks TechDirt. “The law is clear that the only things that can be covered by executive agreements are things that involve items that are solely under the President’s mandate. That is, you can’t sign an executive agreement that impacts the things Congress has control over. But here’s the thing: intellectual property, in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, is an issue given to Congress, not the President. Thus, there’s a pretty strong argument that the president legally cannot sign any intellectual property agreements as an executive agreement and, instead, must submit them to the Senate.”.

26 European Union member states along with the EU itself are set to sign the treaty at a ceremony today in Tokyo. Other countries wishing to sign the agreement have until May 2013 to do so.

Critics are urging those concerned about Obama’s decision to sign the document with no legislative oversight to demand the Senate be forced to ratify the treaty.

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