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April 16, 2020

COVID-19 Lessons From The Polio Vaccine Scam

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Just like in the late nineteen forties, where the large pharmaceutical companies were paying doctors $25 dollars per polio reported case,  even if the child simply fell off their bicycle and hobbled in, it seems that the private / public Pharma lobby is ‘paying’ for positive COVID test results that are NOT.

Even to my surprise, sources that are 100% on board with this COVID operation have reported that they went to get COVID tested, then left BEFORE actually getting tested, only to receive a positive test result in the mail from the test clinic / center!

It gets worse.  One source reported that the clinic would pay the individuals $800 to accept the totally FAKE positive test result!


This Corona-‘Behavior Operation’ is history repeating itself.

During the early 20th century USA, labs across the country could NOT isolate any wild polio virus [using an electron microscope] that was crippling the effected children. In order to get more funding for a vaccine, the same industry that could NOT find a polio virus, paid doctors to over report polio cases. A kid would fall off his / her bicycle and limped into the clinic, that child would be reported to have polio.

It’s been documented that a doctors would receive $25 [from big agro / Pharma?] for each report. Of course actual polio went through the roof once kids got injected with it [live polio] and the same industry immediately reversed its reporting to zero polio cases. That’s how the CON is played.

Its been absolutely confirmed that there is certainly over reporting and FALSE reporting of COVID to bolster case numbers. Corporate globalist media keeps pounding the idea that a vaccine is the ‘silver bullet’. Which is highly debatable. Of course, the public does NOT get a say in this vaccine silver bullet narrative. These vaccines are going to be far more deadly than the polio vaccine ever was, although the CON is the same.

These new vaccines use technology that literally ‘opens up’ your cells from the inside out. [If you read THEIR literature] If you start ‘opening up human cells,’ the person that has this going on will be opening themselves up to any number of chronic diseases. Vaccine recipients will be dropping like flies from everything ranging from a common cold to cancer that they otherwise would have NEVER died from. Its in this broad spectrum of death that the all knowing wise scientists can use THEIR controlled media to deny that THEIR vaccines had anything to do with the rise in death post vaccination.

An HONEST Physician Explains HOW COVID-19 Is Being Over / Falsely Reported.


  1. nwqfk~

    I found your website back in 2009 during the H1N1 ‘pandemic’, back when I was scared to death because I knew that the demons that control our world would use a pandemic to enforce their deadly kill-shot vaccines. Fauci came out with Pandemrix in a short 4 months, which blew up in his face when massive cases of narcolepsy, as well as the customary Guillane-Barre, manifested after the vaccines commenced. A close call for us. I have been scared so many times in the past over this issue, but they never seemed to be able to pull it off. This time is different. They’ve gone fully live, it’s global, and the most frightening part is the worldwide compliance to this agenda, even now when nearly everyone I talk to is aware of the falsification of the COVID numbers. I’ve also spoken to people that have watched the President of Ghana read the whistleblower notes that came out of Event 201, that detail exactly how they’re going to lock us down, and then hit us with a backup vaccine with a 30% mortality rate if we stop complying with their lockdown. Yet, everyone seems resigned to the plan, even though I suspect they won’t be in the near future. What I’m referring to is the economic collapse that’s coming our way (when we start turning into Venezuela), and the deaths that will occur as the vaccinations progress.

    My question is, is there any hope that we can push this back? And I don’t mean because people will wake up and push back, since it’s been obvious from Day 1 that they won’t, even if they know the full agenda. I was not raised in a religious household, but I do know that there is a war raging between evil and good, meaning Satan is trying to destroy everything that God has created, so I am praying in my own way for guidance and for forgiveness. I’m not sure I’m even doing it right, but I am sincere. What are your thoughts on this? I’m asking because your site is the most informed that I have found in over a decade, and I respect your insight. But as I see every globalist wet dream fall into place, from going cashless/digital to locking us down and breaking up our communities, I fear that the Deagel Report is correct in its estimation that the U.S. population will drop by over two-thirds by 2025. The stated reasons are suicide and ‘relocation’ (Hillary’s fun camps for adults?).

    Any guidance or insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am feeling quite hopeless right now.

    Comment by Karin — July 18, 2020 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

    • That economic shift [collapse] you speak of is being called ‘The Great Reset’ by the globalist controlled ‘World Economic Forum’. Who, by the way, was a major contributor to EVENT 201. Obviously depopulating the entire planet is a major component of this ‘Great Reset’ the globalists have planned. Only the ‘essential’ people will be ‘allowed’ life in the vaccine track and trace world order THEY are ushering in just as I said THEY [the globalists] were planning.

      Here is the sad reality. I’ve been warning people about this very day much longer than 2009 when I created this blog. I have been met mostly with apathy at minimum to flat-out denial. The local pediatrician have been killing and injuring peoples children now for decades, which has also been met with apathy and denial. The sad reality is many people will die of a decade of mandatory vaccination before even the thickest of heads realize the reality of their situation.

      There is going to be a major attack on ‘anyone’ who refuses a soft kill fast-track vaccine. Masks, which obviously do NOT and can NOT work in stopping viruses, [as every medical professional warned] was always the very thing THEY needed to introduce shaming the non compliers with. It should be pointed out to the spineless shamers that when you and I are called “selfish” for NOT wanting to be injected with a soft kill vaccine, that it was the vaccine manufactures themselves that total disregard for human life selfishly refused to make a vaccine unless governments gave them total legal immunity. It should be pointed out to the spineless public that the vaccines manufactures demanded immunity cover several years ACFTER the public has been inject from legal prosecution. I believe that this FACT is the biggest Achilles heal to this mass vaccination plan of theirs.

      I’ve started a thread at the link below called “Will We Say NO! Before It’s Too Late?”

      Comment by nwqfk — September 2, 2020 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

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