From Hell To Veins

September 7, 2015

Ben Carson, Yet Another Big Pharma Corporate Fascist Sellout.

Mannatech DISTRACTION Update:

The corporate media has a golden rule… “NEVER ask the ‘right’ questions and the public will be none the wiser.”

The mainstream media is pulling out ALL the stops to get you distracted from THE REAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST ISSUE concerning ‘big pharma’ Ben Carson.

The ‘corporate’ media is flapping it’s collective gums over Ben Carson’s ‘endorsement’ of the supplement Mannatech. Big pharma pusher / promoter MSNBC brought up the Mannatech issue during their GOP debate. Neither MSNBC nor, any of the other ‘copy cat’ corporate media outlets want to disclose Ben Carson’s REAL connection to the vaccine industry via ‘Vaccinogen‘.

The corporate media beating this Mannatech drum admits that big pharma Ben Carson is not nor, ever was, on the Mannatech payroll. He simply takes the product and endorses it. If Carson wants to take that stuff that’s his business. HOWEVER, and it’s a BIG however. If big pharma Ben Carson wants to FORCE me / my children to take big pharma products that have more false claims and side effects than ANY supplement on the market, then Ben Carson is invading MY personal space, and he is getting into MY business. That’s the ‘news’ the corporate media seems to loose.

What should have been asked by MSNBC
Did you not say US citizen should be forced to take vaccines? Yes or No.

Is this statement of yours NOT a conflict of interest since you where the chairman of a vaccine manufacture, ‘Vaccinogen’?

Mr. Carson. Why is it that the cancer vaccine industry sees cancer vaccines as a “BOOMING FUTURE MARKET”? Isn’t the medical industrial complex SUPPOSED to be spending the billions of dollars on cancer ‘CURE’ research which is ‘supposed to actually’ lessening cancer? So tell us ‘why’ do vaccine manufactures see cancer as a “booming” business. (Please read ‘Vaccines Cause Cancer‘)

We heard NO such questions asked by the same corporate media that receives a great part of ‘THEIR’ income from the pharmaceutical industry.

All of these questions are explored in detail in this Ben Carson article

Update On Ben Carson’s Exposure

I would like to share with you some interesting developments on the ‘exposure’ doctor Carson has received over his conflict of interest between his ‘mandatory’ vaccine stance and his direct connection to the vaccine / biotech industry.

The exposure issue for ‘ANYONE’ serving or wanting to serve in a ‘public’ office is one of great importance to the vaccine / drug / pharma lobby machine.  The pharma lobby ‘fears’ this very REAL exposure between their ‘agents’ and public SERVANTS like a vampire fears the light of day.  It can NEVER be underestimated just how important exposing public servants link to the mega pharma lobby is in regards with shutting down their criminal takeover of our God given rights to choose what goes into our OWN body.

Conflict of interest is such a damning issue for the drug companies that I strongly believe that California’s draconian health violating law SB 277 could be overturned if, a PUBLIC investigation was conducted linking the very members who proposed and passed the SB 277 law to the pharma lobby.  Case in point… Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver. had been working behind closed doors with Sundari Kraft who has her very own pharma front groups posing as ‘grassroots’ vaccine organizations.  see… ‘Voices For Vaccines Task Force For Global Health’s Russian Doll‘ to better understand the blatant pharma lobby connection concerning Kraft.  After meeting behind closed doors with pharma rep Kraft, Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver introduced a big pharma friendly bill requiring anyone seeking a vaccine exemption, would have to ‘first’ be tied to a chair and lectured on vaccine lobby propaganda (by a doctor who already has a conflict of interest) with NO information on all the science / facts behind the dangers to the very vaccines they’re claiming as “safe”.  Just like in California, there also was a ‘corporate’ media blackout on this proposed legislation.   After ‘exposing’ the lobby connection and the bill itself, the colorado vaccine bill has gone dormant.  Exposure linking conflict of interest between legislation and vaccine policy pushers, is extremely important to our fight for health freedom no matter your stance on vaccines.

Ben Carson Update:

The FACT of Ben Carson’s connection to the vaccine industry has been picking up traction, and this fact has even been making it’s way into the corporate media.  As a response to these revelations, Ben Carson first toned down his ‘mandatory’ vaccine rhetoric.  Momentum continued to grow over his blatant conflict of interest over the vaccine mandate issue that, it should be NO surprise,  Ben Carson needed to ‘deflect’ this growing awareness by getting himself tied up with the muslim issue.  Ben Carson’s muslim issue has taken attention away from the issue of his conflict of interest with big pharma.

How big of a deal is this conflict of interest with Ben Carson anyway?  Let me give you a ‘real life’ example of just how big a deal his (or any other politician’s) connection to the pharma lobby is…

I was emailed information that a caller to a corporate media LOCAL talk show, had brought up the facts of Ben Carson’s conflict of interest with regards to the vaccine issue.  The corporate media talk show host blew a gasket with the caller and the hour (out of three) which the caller presented these facts was OMITTED from the archives and rebroadcast.  You see, the corporate entities that owns your local ‘talk show’ (and the host I might add) gets a tremendous amount of revenue from the pharma corporations (they may own stock in them as well) and act as a ‘lobby’ for them.   To omit an entire hour of a show to keep the ‘conflict of interest’ issue censured is a VERY big deal.

A Reminder To Those In The Alternative Media…

Very good people in the ‘alternative’ (NOW ‘mainstream’) media, have been making an issue as to whether Ben Carson still sits on the board of Vaccinogen.  I want to strongly suggest that, while it is good to know his current status with the company, it must be explained to the public that, at this point, whether he is or is NOT on the board of Vaccinogen is moot.  We must never forget the lessons we have had to learn about the FDA / USDA and the revolving door with government players and big pharma corporations.  Once an individual leaves a pharma entity they are ALWAYS tied to that or those entities and can reconnect or receive payola at anytime in the future.


Original September 7, 2015 Article

There once was a day when doctors were extremely cautious about dolling out vaccines to their patients, specially children.  They knew better than to give pregnant women vaccines.  What on earth happened to that caution?  It all went out the window in America after 1986, once absurd laws were passed exempting them from the prosecution in front of juries of their peers in a court of law.

Ben Carson’s proclamation to make vaccines mandatory in the United States is so rife with conflict of interest and corporate fascism, it stinks to high heaven, and this is what this blog post is about.

Dr. Ben Carson.  Your medical resume is impressive to say the least however, your knowledge of history is pathetic.  Are you even aware why we in the United States of America, even have ‘medical exemptions’ to begin with?   In a word, ‘eugenics’.  In a couple of words, ‘Nazi Germany’ (A.KA fascism).   In three more words, ‘the Nuremberg trials’.

Please don’t give us your complete horse shit on the ‘greater good’ from your days as a socialist democrat.  You Ben Carson, are deeply tied to the investment end of the pharmaceutical industry spectrum, and you know full well that forcing your toxic products on ALL Americans will greatly line the pockets of you, and your investment cronies over at big pharma Inc.

Let’s start with your last job over at the vaccine biotech corporation ‘Vaccinogen‘ where you were the Chairman of the board of directors.  Here, you as chairman, somehow raised $80 million in new investments and was able to move the company to Baltimore to be plugged directly into Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine which was another employer of yours.

Just because you stepped down from the board over at Vaccinogen Ben, does NOT mean in any way you are independent of them or John’s Hopkins as a (for now) would-be US president.   We know all to well how the revolving door in Washington DC and big pharma work to undermine the ‘general welfare’ of the public’s best interests.

Biotech Stocks To Surge As State’s Abolish Human Right To Informed Consent.  

It’s a no brainer, that if Ben Carson get’s his way with mandatory vaccinations, that he and his corporate cronies in the biotech stock investment business will make huge profits.  We have already seen biotech / vaccine stocks rise due to the passing of California’s forced vaccine laws.

Ben Carson will argue… “but Vaccinogen has nothing to do with mandatory childhood vaccines.”  My rebuttal to Dr. Carson is.. “Au contraire”  Mandating childhood vaccines is only the first step to mandating vaccines for ALL people.  As California is already adopting mandatory adult vaccines in their draconian state.  

The U.S. judicial system is already ‘playing doctor’ by mandating Kemo for cancer patients and barring them from alternative treatments.  It’s not a stretch that cancer vaccines will ALSO be mandated if vaccines are ‘mandated’ by the state.

Your Vaccinogen corporation is in the cancer vaccine business, is it not Ben?

Ben Carson Represents The Multibillion Dollar Global Cancer Vaccine Industry NOT The American People.

According to BCC Research…
Global Cancer Vaccine Market to Reach $4.3 Billion in 2019

According to the biotech industry itself, the United States where Ben Carson wants to become president is… “by far and away the largest regional segment, is anticipated to reach $2 billion in 2019”   That’s almost double the entire global market for cancer vaccines just in the USA!  How on earth will the USA become double the cancer vaccine global market?  Is this where a nation of mandatory vaccinations equates market share?

The same industry research group has India, Japan and China market for cancer vaccines in decline of 1billion dollars, and why is that?  “The suspension of the HPV Vaccine”  Why on earth have these countries suspended the HPV vaccine?  Oh yeah, because it’s causing harm in a great number of people.

Imagine Ben, living in a country where that country actually cares enough for it’s people to remove a dangerous vaccine.  What a novel concept!  Not in Ben’s country.  In the USA, the Ben Carson’s of this world have passed draconian laws making holding vaccine manufactures accountable, like his very own ‘Vaccinogen’, impossible when their vaccines harm or kill those people.  Ben Carson’s very near and dear ‘OncoVax’ seems to be more ‘drug’ than vaccine but it manages to get vaccine legal protection status.  Must be nice, right Ben?

Forced Vaccination.  A Great Revenue Stream In The Cancer Vaccine Business?  Think SV40 Ben.

The question must be asked again….

Why does the cancer vaccine industry see the United States as it’s biggest cash cow in the next few years?  Could future mandatory vaccine laws play a key roll in this?  If so, who stands to gain?  Obviously industry insiders like Ben Carson.

Vaccines And Cancer. A Boom For Cancer Vaccine Treatments?

It may come as a surprise to some, that the data clearly shows that the countries with the highest cancer rates also have the highest vaccination rates.  The new medical model is to make statements regarding such data as… correlation does NOT prove causation”. Now, that makes for great lawyer speak but, the truth is, that any criminal investigator who uses scientific methods to solve a crime would certainly use correlation data as the starting point to solve the crime or the ‘causation’ behind the crime.

People’s Exhibit A. The SV40 Cancer Virus In The Polio Vaccine. 

Right now as of 2015, there is so much scientific peer reviewed data on this polio vaccine cancer disaster dating back from the 1950’s to date, that this blog recommends the reader to research this topic and stay current on it, as it continues to unfold every year.  A gift that keeps on giving.

The one point I do want to make on the SV40 cancer virus that was in the oral polio vaccine is that, in 1950’s Time Magazine had published a story on cancer, and Time’s own report said that this ‘cancer discovery’ was so ground breaking that it… “would revolutionize the understanding of cancer and how to cure it”.  It was discovered and proven that the majority of cancers were ‘VIRAL’ in nature.  The two women who were feature in this story were not only up for Nobel prizes but, they had worked on the infamous polio vaccine.

The pharmacological industrial complex soon realized they had a massive problem on their hands with the revelation of the viral cancer discovery.  The problem was, that the polio vaccine was tainted with the SV40 cancer virus.  The fact is, that the industry absolutely knew cancer was in the shot because one of the scientists in the Time’s featured article on viral cancers (Bernice Eddy, Ph.D., of the National Institute of Health) warned the government NOT to administer the vaccine.

Today we have many related cancers due to this virus getting into the population.  It’s been discovered that people (particularly in the U.S.) have been passing this cancer viruses on to their children now grandchildren.

The ironic thing about the SV40 vaccine cancer virus is that it is ‘rumored’ to have been hatched out of the idea of developing a ‘CANCER VACCINE’.  Just like the vaccines Ben Carson has invested in.

People’s Exhibit B FDA Report On Cancer In Vaccines…

I wish to share with you, how the FDA itself sees the roll of cancer stemming from vaccines.  Here is an excerpt…

3.1.1 Oncogenic Viruses

Viruses can be oncogenic in several ways. They can carry dominant oncogenes that directly induce a transformed phenotype in the infected cell or they can integrate into the host genome and cause the activation of cellular oncogenes or the inactivation of tumor- suppressor genes. For example, viruses such as papillomaviruses, adenoviruses, polyomaviruses, gamma herpesviruses (such as EBV), and replication-defective and replication-competent retroviruses, such as MC29 and RSV, respectively, have been shown to carry oncogenes. However, in most cases, expression of the viral oncoproteins alone is insufficient to result in cancer, and subsequent genetic and/or epigenetic changes are necessary to convert the initially transformed cell into a malignant cell.

Even though the FDA report states that the viruses in vaccines need a “epigenetic” trigger to turn them on or, make the’ ‘cancerous’, by mandating vaccines the FDA admits people who never even had these cancer viruses to begin with would NOW be potential customers for the ‘cancer vaccine treatment industry’.   This fact alone makes Dr. Ben Carson guilty as hell of conflict of interest by pushing for mass vaccination of the Untied States.

It should also be pointed out to the reader that, it is easy to research ‘stealth viruses’ and vaccines.  This is extremely important to this blog post because, vaccines are known to many, many of these ‘stealth viruses’.   If you add up all the shots in current U.S.A. vaccine schedule this would include 1000’s of these stealth viruses.  So, when the FDA speaks of ‘epigenetic’ triggers (cancer triggers) these triggers could certainly include the combination of certain stealth viruses within vaccines or even the cancer viruses being triggered by the adjuvants themselves.

At any rate it doesn’t take genius to figure out that mandating vaccines to people who would NOT normally be putting all this garbage in their veins will be lucrative to pharmacological industry on many, many levels.


  1. The minute that Ben Carson shoots up in the polls to be become the front runner (which I predict will happen) its time to run for the borders. They are ramping up a nationwide federal vaccination mandate for all human beings. The exception of course for those benefiting financially from these insane laws. They will use Ben Carson as the “expert” puppet regurgitating the “importance of vaccinations”.

    Comment by jonsyfer — September 8, 2015 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

    • If you read my BIO I wrote about this in 2009. I’ve been warning everyone I know since 1988 when I attended a symposium on vaccines and population control put on by the Club of Rome.

      Comment by nwqfk — September 8, 2015 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

  2. Well done! loved the Article! Carson needs to run along.. Any politician who even suggests mandatory vaccines needs to be recalled or impeached period!

    Comment by Kyndr — September 19, 2015 @ 3:15 p09 | Reply

  3. I really wish there were some references so i could share it

    Comment by haid gentin — October 21, 2015 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

    • Which ‘references’ are you speaking of?

      Ben Carson as ‘chairman of the board’ at the vaccine manufacture ‘Vaccinogen’? Well, here you go…

      Ben Carson raising 80 million dollars for the vaccine company he chaired? Well, here you go again.
      This is important because mandatory vaccines will increase vaccine corporate profits and Ben Carson is in the business of doing just that.

      All of the above is in the article. If you actually would read it.

      Cancer viruses in vaccines giving rise to the profit margins of cancer vaccines? As stated and LINKED TOI in the article… Marketing data shows a boom in cancer vaccine profits as the industry anticipates a major boom in the “North American market”.

      As stated in the article, all one has to do is search SV 40 cancer virus, vaccine ‘stealth viruses’, ‘Physicians Desk Reference’ that NO vaccine is ever tested for carcinogens, and it doesn’t take the lay person very much digging to realize that vaccines are cancerous by nature. It shouldn’t take any guess work that if the country is MANDATED to take cancerous vaccines, Ben Carson’s investments are going to shoot straight up.

      Comment by nwqfk — October 22, 2015 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

  4. Who is the author of this blog? Statements made within as factual should have full details accounting where such ‘facts’ originated from. The Time Magazine information about SV40 cancer virus does list a doctor’s name but you give no other details regarding when, who, what, where and how you gathered the information contained herein. Instead, you challenge readers to research the topics you talk about.

    I’m all for researching topics to discover truth of things you want to know. However, if you are going to make such bold claims and expect the reader to take them seriously, you have to provide full references and details outlining the origination of those facts. Otherwise, you are just blowing smoke.

    Comment by Tammy — January 30, 2016 @ 3:15 p01 | Reply

    • All links that are provided, substantiate Ben Carson’s ties to big Pharma connections and, in particular the vaccine industry,. Please read the entire article before making such a ridiculous comment.

      Comment by nwqfk — February 12, 2016 @ 3:15 p02 | Reply

  5. The writer of this blog is so misinformed about Dr, Carson and Vaccinogen that I doubt this persons credibility on anything written here. If the author had done their homework, they would know that Vaccinogen is not even comparable to the other vaccines cited. Vaccinogen does not make a vaccine that claims to prevent cancer. It is a treatment for people diagnosed with Stage 1 or 2 colon cancer where the patients tumor DNA is treated to create a sterile personalized vaccine that has proven to reduce the risk of re-occurrence (usually a death sentence) by better than 50% by using the patients unique own immune system. It was working on research to use this same methodology on other cancers. I know because I was an early investor to the tune of 7 digits. It definitely did not fit the category of big pharma. Dr. Carson did not help raise 80 million dollars or it would still be in business and he no conection with VGEN when I invested. Big pharma ignored Vaccinogen. Dr. Carson joined VGEN because he believed in the science. VGEN had no connection to Hopkins either. It would have saved lives. As I recall there was little or no compensation. As to Mannatech, I learned that he took their vitamins, just like me, at a Christmas party. I don’t know how that makes him big bad guy.

    Fifteen years before I was introduced to Vaccinogen by a financial advisor, Dr. Carson was my 2 month old daughters neurosurgeon. He saw her every year to monitor her for fourteen years before it was her time for the intensive spinal surgery we knew she would need and he along with two other doctors saved her mobility. She is now a fully independent vibrant 24 year old beautiful young person with a career in marketing. We have had the pleasure and honor to get to know this great surgeon and human being as well as his family. If you did any research on him it would not take much for you to learn that the Carson Foundation he and his wife created raised and donated millions of dollars to create math and science libraries in schools all over the country and provided hundreds of scholarships to children who would not otherwise have had the ability to go to college.

    To sum it up, you have an agenda and you have used flimsy or no real information to promote your agenda. That makes you a phony BS artist. You should be embarrassed and ashamed.

    Comment by PV — November 13, 2017 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • It’s good to hear what Dr. Carson did for your daughter.

      I’m not embarrassed or ashamed as defenders of the out of control pharma lobby and their snake oil ‘investors’ should be. Hem, Hem.

      This blog post is well sourced and nothing was taken out of context. I never ‘made up claims’ already made by both Vaccinogen and the entire cancer vaccine industry.

      As reported in the Baltimore Sun…
      “Cancer vaccines must address complex interactions between cancer cells and the immune system, which often doesn’t recognize the cancer cells as pathogens. Cancer cells can sometimes adapt so they stop giving off signals that the immune system recognizes, and can even give off chemicals that prevent the body from mounting a response, according to the National Cancer Institute.”

      Even the Baltimore Sun is reporting cancer vaccine manufacture’s ‘desire’ that their cancer ‘drugs’ be classified as ‘VACCINES’. So stop trying to act as if the readers here are too stupid to see past your flim flam mudding of the waters by stating that Vaccinogen’s very own OncoVAX is somehow NOT seeking FDA approval ‘AS A VACCINE’. Gee, maybe this is the reason why the company calls itself ‘VACCINOGEN’ and it’s product ‘OncoVAX’? Ya, think? If you had ‘any’ integrity as a biostock investor you would tell the readers exactly why Vaccinogen wants its cancer drugs to be classified as ‘vaccines’ and NOT simply the drug classification you are ‘inferring’ they really are. Maybe, you are too ashamed to tell the readers that not only do vaccines enjoy 100% legal ‘immunity’ from lawsuits when they harm people, but they could also be ‘mandated’, and in this case, ‘mandated’ for ‘treatment’.

      There is no misunderstanding on this author’s part that Dr. Carson sat on the board of Vaccinogen (as sourced), a (wanna be) cancer VACCINE manufacture, while using his political position to lobby for ‘mandated vaccines’. Enough already with your utter nonsense and false accusations.

      At least my ‘agenda’ is all about people making their own medical choices and not allowing a bunch of big pharma opportunists to make those choices for them.

      The readers here get a ‘loud and clear’ message which ‘agenda’ you and Dr Carson stand with.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 22, 2017 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

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