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April 17, 2014

Voices For Vaccines: Task Force For Global Health’s Russian Doll.


Voices For Vaccines responded to this post and said that “I was being dishonest” because I can’t prove one way or the other that VFV has taken money from ‘The Task Force For Global Health’. They infer that I am just a ‘dummy’ that doesn’t understand how a “fiscal agent” works with organizations. Well, if I don’t, then does the general public that VFV lobby’s for support know either? What does ‘fiscal agent’ really even mean to the general public? It certainly could mean any number of things that VFV could either choose or not choose to disclose with the public.

I simply pointed out the fine print that is on Voices For Vaccines own website (at the very bottom of their ‘About’ page). The fine print says that Voices For Vaccines is an ‘ADMINISTRATIVE PROJECT BY The Task Force For Global Health’ (TFGH). There is NO mention in the disclaimer that the (TFGH) is a “fiscal agent” nor does it call VFV an organization. I think it’s safe to assume for legal purposes that the (TFGH) and VFV has to disclose to the public that VFV is a ‘project’ for and by the Task Force For Global Health itself.

Here in lies my distrust with both VFV and TFGH

So, taking their disclaimer on face value, I certainly have a right to believe that not only is Voices For Vaccines disingenuous with the public, so to is The Task Force For Global Heath. Neither party has disclosed to the general public (except for lip service) where does the so-called ‘organization’ begin and where does the ‘project’ end?

As just a guy out in the general public their own disclaimer says Voices For Vaccines IS THE TASK FORCE itself.

Universities have numerous projects that are EVEN FUNDED OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY however, those projects are STILL A PART OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM ITSELF.

Nether Voices For Vaccines nor The Task Force have given ANY documentation to the public that they both are NOT one in the same. From every way I look at it, VFV is nothing more than a Russian Doll of it’s bigger parent, the Task Force.

The Global Task Force For Health maybe legal to pop out a project (like a Russian doll) and that project ‘claim’ that it is ” independent from it’s parent” however, it certainly does NOT make it ethical. There is a difference.

Legal to do so or not, If Voices For Vaccines is acting as a silent agent for the Task Force and their donors, the public has the right to ‘legal disclosure’.

I’m spearheading a coalition to investigate Colorado Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver. in working behind closed doors with Sundari Kraft in creating the actual bill. As reported in the press. This is a gross violation of ethics and conflict of interest to the people of Colorado. Specially those who oppose this bill.

You see, Sundari Kraft spins off ‘parent organizations’ like Russians dolls popping out of the larger doll. It was reported that Sundari Kraft worked with Rep Pabon behind close doors (fronting as a concerned parent organization) drafting Colorado HB 14-1288. However, at the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee, session Kraft represented herself as the head organizer of ‘Vaccinate for Healthy Schools’. ( another PARENT organization) Here’s the big problem with all this ‘fronting’ by Kraft…

In reality, Sundari Kraft is a direct representative for ‘The Global Task Force For Health’ a fiscal agent for the ‘who’s who’ in the vaccine / pharmaceutical industries, CDC, foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation…

Essentially what the coalition wants to know is…
When Rep Pabon was working on Colorado HB 14-1288 with Kraft, did he or his staff know that by doing so, he was working with what is essentially a ‘quasi’ lobbying group / fiscal agent for ‘a number of’ vaccine industries, lobby’s and vaccine organizations, claiming he was simply working with a ‘parent organization’?

What we really want to know is if ANY of the The Global Task Force For Health’s members / representatives contributed to drafting ANY part of the legislation or if legislators received any donations OR future donations moneys from MEMBERS of the task force?

What we found out is that besides the Russian doll ‘parent organization’ ‘Vaccinate for Healthy Schools’ Sundari Kraft is also in charge of the ‘quasi’ parent organization ‘Voices For Vaccines’ in Colorado .

Voices For Vaccines distracts the public by claiming they don’t receive money from the fiscal agent HOWEVER, and this is a ‘big’ however, that’s only a smaller problem with VFV. The FACT is, that Voices For Vaccines IS The Global Task Force For Health itself.

So, does Lincoln / Mercury receive money from the Ford Motor company?

VFV’s claims that they are two separate organizations is absurd. The fact they are one in the same is in black and white on VFV’s own website at the very bottom of their ‘about’ page! Voices For Vaccines is NOT even called an organization by the task force, they are called “a PROJECT of and by the task force”!

This fact should NOT be taken lightly.

I publicly denounced Voices For Vaccines as being knowingly deceitful and begged them to take me to court for liable & slander. I wanted the world to see what their relationship is with one another in the ‘discovery’ process and learn, how this relationship played a part in the drafting of the Colorado HB 14-1288 bill.

VFV reps quickly left this blog and never returned. My question to them was simply… ‘where does the task force end and where does the VFV ‘PROJECT’ begin?’. By reading their own website I can’t tell. Therefore, the ‘claim’ they are simply a “parent organization” separate from the task force IS deceptive. They NEVER had an answer to that very important question. At this point, a would NOT simply trust any answer they would give.

REAL concerned parents ACROSS THE COUNTRY need answers to these questions… Was Colorado HB 14-1288 a bill lobbied by big pharma special interest groups AND EVEN WRITTEN BY THEM while posing as ‘parent organizations’?

The answer to these questions may not only get this bill stopped / repealed, it also my stop this from happening in the remaining states that still have medical freedom of choice.

Original Post Voices For Vaccine responded to.

Voices For Vaccines is absolutely 100% disingenuous to the general public and, what is really scary, is that REAL concerned parents are up against a multi-billion dollar drug lobby whose end game is to FORCE medicate ALL children. (UPDATE: 8-9-15 At the time this blog post was written, these venomous serpents swore they were NOT up to force medicating the public with big pharma drugs fronting themselves as vaccines, please read California’s ‘forced’ vaccine legislation, California now has adults in the forced vaccine crosshairs.)

We now live in a day and age where the Internal Revenue ‘Service’ in the United States is doing a ‘disservice’ to the American people by demanding the names of people who financially contributed to Ron Paul’s non profit organization ‘Campaign For Liberty’.

The IRS has no legal grounds to do so and the IRS has NO reason to ask for the names of donors of Ron Paul’s not for profit.

If anyone should have the right to know about contributors to non for profits it’s the American people themselves. They sure as hell deserve to know more than the IRS, that’s for damn sure in cases where non for profits are really nothing more than giant corporate lobbies pushing their agendas by stealth and payoffs.

Americans should demand ‘The Task Force For Global Health’ disclose their FULL donor list so we can see EVERYONE and EVERY ORGANIZATION Voices for vaccines gets their funding from.

You see, ‘Voices For Vaccines’ peddles itself to the public as a ‘parent organization’. Their own disclaimer ‘PROVES’ they are totally, and 100% NOT what they say they are.

Go to Voices For Vaccines website. Then, go to their ‘About’ page. At the very bottom of the page they disclose who, or should I say, ‘WHAT it is they actually are. What they are NOT is a parent led organization. What they are is a PROJECT by big pharma, big genetics, and lots of big money via a non for profit called ‘Task Force For Global Health’.

AT the very bottom of Voices For Vaccines ‘About’ page is their disclaimer…

Voices for Vaccines is an administrative project of the Task Force for Global Health, an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Voices for Vaccines are tax-deductible.

They are a mega corporate lobby’s ‘PROJECT’ and NOT a parent led organization. Having parents work for the Task Force’s ‘project’ does not mean these parents are ‘leading’ Voices For Vaccines in ANY capacity. Voices for Vaccines are deceivers of the general public.

What else would you expect from anything that is coming out of a big pharma lobby ‘non for profit’?

The Task Force’s objectives through their ‘puppet project’ Voices for Vaccines is straight forward. Their objective (or ‘end game’) is to eliminate ANY ‘voices’ that demand ‘vaccine accountability’ and to force medicate all children, silencing ANY objection form concerned parents.

The mega drug lobby front group ‘Voices For Vaccines’ conspired with Colorado state reps in crafting the exemption legislation to ‘force’ schools into disclosing the number of children exercising their God given right of what goes into their bodies. This, so the drug lobby’s front group can, at some future time, mobilize their psychotic forces to harass and menace both the children and the schools with end game of taking away ones right to CHOOSE what goes into their body.

Since Voices For Vaccines wants private school information to be disclosed for the sake of THEIR agenda, we the people of our communities should ask The Global Task, (Voices for Vaccines), to come clean on their donor lists. This donor list has to come from LEGAL DISCLOSURE because, we the people can NOT trust the mega lobby ‘Task Force’ to give us an ‘honest, just trust us’ account on who is paying their piper. We the people of our community need to know of ANY conflict of interest with state and local reps passing Voices For Vaccines crafted vaccine exemption legislation..

What I really want to know is, did ANY campaign contributions from ANY of ‘The Task Force’s donors’ go towards Colorado state rep’s campaign contributions who voted to chip away at Colorado’s precious vaccine exemption laws that The Task Force’s puppet project (Voices for Vaccines) lobbied Colorado state reps to do?


  1. […] Voices For Vaccines Should Have To Disclose Donor Lists. From Hell To Veins […]

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  2. Proof? Task Force for Global Health is a fiscal agent. Do you understand what a fiscal agent is? If you can provide proof of direct payments from Task Force for Global Health to Voices for Vaccines, then you are the one who is not only disingenuous, but libelous. Voices for Vaccines is so small that they can’t even afford to become a 501(c)3, so they need a fiscal agent to agree to process any donations. That’s where Task Force for Global Health comes in. Your lies are illustrative of your deep insecurity and your conspiracy-minded looniness.

    Comment by Lacy — April 18, 2014 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

    • Edited to say: if you CAN’T provide proof of direct payments outside of the processed donations individuals make to Voices for Vaccines through their fiscal agent, you are disingenuous.

      Comment by Lacy — April 18, 2014 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

      • One does not even need to so. (Track money) V4V’s own disclaimer on their website says they ARE ‘in fact’ the big pharma lobby consortium The Task Force For Global Health. The are one in the same. For some reason people like yourself seem to want us all not to pay attention to the 2000LB elephant behind the curtain.

        I must add that, ‘The Task Force For Global Health’ which ‘Voices for Vaccines’ was created by and for, is the polar opposite of a TRUE ‘grassroots’ organization. Voices For Vaccines is an insult to the general public, and dishonesty by every measurable definition of the word. Because Voices For Vaccines is the “PROJECT” for and by one of the largest pharma consortiums created by the entire pharmacological industry, it is nothing short of criminal that this covert big pharma lobby group can go into a state, meet behind close doors (as they did in Colorado) with state reps (can you say payoffs?) to sellout our right to ‘true’ informed consent on ‘any’ big pharma drug / vaccine.

        Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07

    • Call it by ANY name you want.

      The disclaimer at the very bottom of Voices for Vaccine own Website says it all. V fOR V is an “ADMINISTRATIVE PROJECT FOR AND BY” The Task Force For Global Health. Therefore, Voices for Vaccines ‘IS’ THE TASK FORCE FOR GLOBAL HEALTH. Period end of discussion.

      Take me to court for liable and slander and we’ll see what comes out during discovery with your ‘project’. THEN we’ll talk about ‘proof’.

      Your post actually begs a very important question. Why is a ‘fiscal agency’ creating ‘projects’ posing as ‘organizations’ to lobby my state reps in the first place? I would like that question asked to the Task Force in a court of law as well and a part of the public record.

      ‘REAL’ grassroots parents and the alternative press are going to expose the corporate whores you fakes are.

      Comment by nwqfk — April 18, 2014 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

    • Wait a minute! V For V can’t afford to keep the lights on at the office? Doesn’t that statement seem rather out of contrast with your ‘project’s claim that those of us who want vaccine accountability are in the minority and, the numbers favor your camp who want everyone to get jacked with a shot with no way out?

      If there is so much agreement with your ‘project’s’ cause, then you should NOT have ANY problem forming a 501(3)(C), Even modest support is enough for most ‘organizations’ to, at minimum, file for tax exempt status. Really?

      So, I suppose your claim of lack of funding proves that there is no support for your cause. Yet, oddly enough, your project has enough muscle behind it that the Colorado state reps voted your ‘project’s way with NO changes to the proposal (that I’m aware of). That is a hell of a feat!… even for well funded and public supported TRUE organizations.

      Your claims don’t pass the smell test.

      Comment by nwqfk — April 18, 2014 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

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