From Hell To Veins

December 10, 2013

New York City Secedes From Union

One of the bedrock foundations of a totalitarian state is when the individual loses the right of self-determination.  Without question, the most basic right of any human being is the right to determine what one puts into ones own body and what goes into the body of their child.

New York has over time, become one of the most authoritarian states in the world and just recently mayor Bloomberg has done his part to completely secede New York City from EVERYTHING this republic ONCE stood for.

Like so many despots before him, NYC mayor Bloomberg believes he alone (acting as the judge, jury and executioner of the state) can determine what is best for you and your children.  However,  even the mass killer communists and national socialists didn’t go  as far as Bloomberg by telling the people of NYC what they MUST put into their OWN veins.

New York state has degenerated so far down into the cesspit that these New York  pimp-daddy bureaucrats for their big pharma masters have taken away the individual right to reject vaccines based on SOUND logic such as avoiding all the heavy metals, stealth and cancer viruses that are well documented to be in vaccines. The inserts in many of the vaccines clearly states in black and white ‘MAY CAUSE DEATH!’.

The state of New York has taken away the ‘right’ to ‘object to vaccination for sound ‘conscientious’ reasoning. i.e. may cause death and, have on purpose, made vaccine exemption a ‘religious’ objection debate. They are such despots in New York that even religious objections have become nothing more than inquisitions by the state, plain and simple.

SEE VIDEOS BELOW (This is an out right inquisition by the state of New York nothing more nothing less.) This is NOT American.

This Bloomberg issuing laws that usurp the US constitution is NOT about vaccines. It’s a self determination issue. plain and simple.
Protest Planned Against Last-Minute Bloomberg Push for Mandatory Flu Vaccines.

Autism advocates are set to protest tomorrow against a quiet effort by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration to require annual flu vaccinations for all New York City schoolchildren under 5 years of age.

On Wednesday, with just three weeks to go until he leaves office, Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial Board of Health is set to vote on new rules that would force children as young as six months old to be immunized each year before December 31 if they attend licensed day care or pre-school programs.

“Young children have a high risk of developing severe complications from influenza. One-third of children under five in New York City do not receive an annual influenza vaccination, even though the vaccine safely and effectively protects them against influenza illness,” the Health Department said in a statement. “This mandate will help protect the health of young children, while reducing the spread of influenza in New York City.”

The Board’s members are all mayoral appointees and controversial initiatives–from smoking bans to regulations on soda cup sizes–have historically sailed through with little opposition, angering a small, but vocal group of advocates who claim the vaccinations are potentially dangerous.

“The Bloomberg administration is wildly exaggerating the benefit of the flu shot and we think they are wildly underestimating the risks involved with it,” said John Gilmore, the executive director of the Autism Action Network, speaking more broadly than the controversial claim that links vaccines to autism.

“There are risks associated with every medical procedure,” he said, citing allergic reactions, toxic mercury used as a preservative and questions as to whether the Board’s move is legal given state government jurisdictions.

Mr. Gilmore’s organization is helping organize tomorrow’s protest. And though he doesn’t expect the Board’s vote to go his way, he hopes the rally will get Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s attention, potentially opening the door for a reversal once he takes office in January.

“This is basically to put the mayor-elect [on alert], make him aware that this is an issue that he’s going to have to deal with it. It’s not going to go away,” said Mr. Gilmore said, criticizing the way the Bloomberg administration has pushed the rules through. “He is kind of doing this in a stealth fashion. He just proposed this about 6 weeks ago. I don’t think there was any announcement.”

According to a Board of Health notice made public in September, influenza results in 20,000 hospitalizations and 30 to 150 deaths in children under 5 nation-wide each year.

Under the proposed rule, which had a public hearing in October, the vaccinations would be required “unless the vaccine may be detrimental to the child’s health, as certified by a physician licensed to practice medicine in this state, or the parent, parents, or guardian of a child hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein required.”


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