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August 14, 2012

Big Pharma Targets Free Speech And The Entire Anti Vaccine Safety Movement

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Big Pharma really hates the internet.

If the anti-vaccine / vaccine safety / websites information was incorrect, why then have more and more people made the SMART CHOICE  to not or, greatly curb the number of vaccines they are giving their children?

Since big pharma is losing in the court of public opinion,  they obviously feel they have to resort their usual medical mafia thug tactics by ‘going after’ somebody.  Which means simply, that no matter the billions big pharma spends on PR campaigns and paying pro vaccine hacks (skeptics) to post countless verbal rubbish on vaccine websites 24 / 7  they are STILL losing in the court of public opinion.

Which is a testament in of itself. Just who’s facts have stood the test and, who’s have failed with a capitol F? (Pun intended.)

With Dr. Wakefield’s lawsuit favoring Dr. Wakefield and NOT the machine that railroaded him, the vaccine illusion is evaporating at an even faster rate and big pharma is in desperation mode.

If the ‘Red Coats’ in Britain’s mega -pharma corporations get away with this one they will ‘invade’ the rest of the web until they shut down every counter opinion to their own.  Please stand up and voice your support for this website and fight side by side them as they take on Goliath known as big pharma.


Total assault on medical free speech as British authorities threaten vaccine-autism website over its content

(NaturalNews) A U.K. group devoted to helping parents customize appropriate vaccination schedules for their children has been targeted by British authorities for posting scientifically-backed warnings about the dangers of the combination measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, also known as MMR. BBC News reports that has been ordered by the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to pull information from its website that merely explains the known scientific links between MMR and autism.

Citing a 2002 study in which MMR could not be definitively ruled out as a cause of autism in children, BabyJabs had made claims on its website that MMR “could be causing autism in up to 10 percent of autistic children in the U.K.,” which is a more than reasonable claim. The group also made suggestions that most experts now agree that rates of autism in children are on the rise, and that this rise is not due solely to increased diagnosis.

BabyJabs also included information on its website explaining that the vaccine-strain measles virus has been found in the guts and brains of some autistic children, which is problematic. The U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM), after all, discovered back in 1994 that vaccine-strain measles virus is capable of causing serious infection, which in some people can lead to death. (

MMR has never been proven not to cause autism

Though there is more scientific evidence than not to suggest a link between MMR and autism in some children, BabyJabs did not even go so far as to make this claim. Rather, the group merely pointed out the fact that MMR has never been proven not to cause autism, an undeniable fact that many parents need to be aware of, particularly parents of children that are at higher risk of experiencing vaccine damage.

But once ASA got wind of the fact that someone, somewhere was not towing the official myth that MMR is completely safe and in no way linked to causing autism, this government body slammed down its iron fist and ordered BabyJabs to remove the information from its websiteBabyJabs also referenced Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s extensive research into MMR as having been “strongly rejected” by the government and medical establishment, rather declared to be false, a nuanced variation in wording that appears also to have upset the powers that be.

Because of its open and independent positions on the issue, BabyJabs has now had its free speech censored by officials in the world’s most tyrannical police state, the U.K. This so-called progressive nation is now actively censoring freedom of health speech as it pertains to vaccines — if you do not agree with the official vaccine dogma and choose to write about it online, in other words, you could very well be the ASA’s next target.

Numerous studies link MMR vaccine to horrific side effects, including autism

It is remarkable that any authority or government body dares make the audacious claim that MMR has never been linked to causing autism, which is what the ASA has done in this case. As far back as 1981, right around the time when the earliest versions of MMR were first released for public use, researchers were already identifying some very serious side effects associated with MMR.

The British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study, for instance, had identified a link between the measles vaccine and serious neurological disorders, which only appear to have been intensified once measles was packaged into the three-in-one MMR vaccine. There were also several other studies in subsequent years, including another out of the U.K. in 1995, that identified a link between measles vaccine and ulcerative colitis.

These, of course, were the same findings arrived at by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who had begun advocating that measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be given individually rather than combined — that is, until he became the target of the state-run medical industrial complex. Dr. Wakefield had observed that MMR causes gastrointestinal problems, including enterocolitis, in some children, while the same vaccines administered individually appear to have less risk.

You can watch a full interview between Dr. Wakefield and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in which Dr. Wakefield shares his side of the story concerning his study here:

If this is not enough, an IOM report released last year openly admits that MMR can cause vaccine-induced measles, febrile seizures, anaphylaxis, and transient arthralgia in women and children, which make it far from the safe vaccine that authorities claim it is. ( And an Italian court recently ruled that MMR indeed triggered autism in a young boy who developed severe bowel problems and various autism spectrum disorders, including the inability to speak, after receiving the MMR. (

Those who choose to ignore this pertinent information, and instead believe the official story that MMR is safe and does not cause autism, do so at their own risk. At the very least, the jury is still out on the issue as it cannot definitively be proven that MMR does not cause autism, which is a claim being widely proclaimed by many health authorities and government officials. Meanwhile, much of the independent science that has been conducted over the years shows that MMR is linked to causing autism and other permanent side effects, at least in some children.

With all this in mind, is allowing MMR to be injected into your child simply because the government insists it is harmless really a risk that you want to take?

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  2. This whole controversy is criminally silly. It has been a century since measles and whooping cough were “killer” diseases: both have evolved to become much milder diseases, the way that all diseases do to further their own interests of widespread replication. The killer strains get buried in short order, while the milder ones flourish far and wide. I had measles as a child in the ’60s: at that time nearly all children did, they were expected to, and no one worried about it. It’s important to keep the patient in bed, darken the room, give absolutely no fever reducers like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, let the fever do its job, maybe give vitamin A to prevent complications, and the patient is nearly certain to make a complete recovery with permanent immunity, and women will have the ability to protect their babies in their first, most vulnerable year. Last year in Europe, 35,000 people had measles and only nine of them died (about fifteen more had possibly permanent damage resulting). All the others recovered without incident.

    Whooping cough is no longer a dangerous disease either, for all but babies under four months old and the immuno-compromised. The vaccine is remarkably ineffective, and 80-90% of the many coming down with the disease in the U.S. these days have been appropriately vaccinated, but get the disease anyway. My baby (the one who got encephalitis from the stupid hep-B vax at birth, and is waiting for the bus to take her to an autism class at school right now) got the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months. I didn’t know then that a study by Dr. Walker had proven that babies that young get zero protection from the vaccine. The theory of cocooning those around them with the vaccine to protect the newborn is another hoax. A district in Australia recently cancelled its free jab for adults to protect newborns because it said scientific studies had proven the vaccine to be largely ineffective. All this wouldn’t matter that much if it were only a matter of funneling big bucks to Big Pharma, but the vaccine is actively dangerous, in ways similar to those of its predecessor, the DPT, taken off the market in the U.S. because of all the cot death and brain damage it caused. The DTaP still causes asthma (see Manitoba study 1998, it more than doubles the child’s risk of asthma at seven if given at 2 and 4 months), allergies, seizure disorders, SIDS, and autism.

    My vaccinated daughter caught whooping cough at a La Leche League meeting when she was 8 months old, and gave it to me too. It was alarming, I had never imagined someone coughing ten times to a breath, and coughing up sheets of slippery mucus at the end of each coughing fit. But at 8 months her airways were developed enough that it was not dangerous, and although she coughed over a month and I for over two months, we eventually made a complete recovery with long-lasting immunity. See Wendy Lydall’s book Raising a Vaccine-Free Child for information on caring for children with different formerly routine childhood diseases.

    Newborns should be kept in quarantine at home, and the more adults who get the natural disease and recover with long-lasting immunity, the more adults will be incapable of infecting newborns. Newborns who get the disease anyway must be held up on the shoulder all night during the severe coughing phase (which can last many weeks). Dr. Suzanne Humphries says that vitamin C is effective to treat the disease.

    Every vaccine has a long track record of death or permanent disability caused by it. With one in nine children with asthma, one in six with a learning disability, one in ten with ADHD, one in ten with some kind of allergy, and one in fifty with autism, it absolutely cannot be said that severe reactions are only a one in a million occurrence. All these conditions were extremely rare to nonexistent before vaccines, but vaccines skew the immune response to a Th-2 autoimmune response rather than a jusually more appropriate Th-1 response.

    Comment by ciaparker — August 16, 2012 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

    • This is a truly golden post you had written.

      We as a society have been ‘MARKETED’ to on vaccines. Historic and REAL scientific data have no place in a society of ‘folklore science’ otherwise known as ‘marketing’. PR by any other name.

      Even my own father who was born in 1921 (still alive BTW) got it wrong on polio being ‘cured’ when he said “the vaccine eliminated it”. I had to point out to him that polio is still around today. They just don’t call it polio any longer.

      Because of vaccines in general and, the polio vaccine in particular there are now several forms of polio floating around, some are bio-weapon super viruses like the one Bill and Melinda have given India just recently.

      Talking with my father on the polio is cured myth, I used my adopted sister as the example. She and eight other medical professionals were threatened job ‘termination’ if they did not capitulate and take a Hep B vaccine. That vaccine gave each one of those medical professionals MS.

      POP QUIZ DAD! What did they use to call MS BEFORE the so-called polio cure? The popular name for MS BEFORE the so-called cure of polio was ‘creeping paralysis’. Who was the most famous person for having ‘creeping paralysis’ during the PRE polio vaccine era? Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who was the poster ‘father figure’ for the entire POLIO vaccine race propaganda machine in the 1940’s & 50’s? You guessed it, Franklin Delano Roosevelt! There’s enough literature on FDR and “his bout with polio” to fill an entire Barnes and Noble super stor on the subject. If you don’t believe it, just look at the google search for FDR and ‘his’ case of polio.…0.0…1c.UET7Qc8B8xU&oq=franklin+roosevelt+polio

      So, with this EASY to research information, one can just as easily conclude that, had FDR been born post the polio vaccine era and president today he NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD POLIO. HIS ‘CREEPING PARALYSIS’ WOULD HAVE BEEN CLASSIFIED AS MS TODAY.

      Thank God for the polio vaccine because had FDR got in a time machine and arrived today he still wouldn’t be able to walk but, at least he would not have polio!

      Comment by nwqfk — August 16, 2012 @ 3:15 p08 | Reply

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