From Hell To Veins

April 26, 2012

The Folly Of David Katz, M.D. Huffington Post

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This is a short response to David Katz MD’s blog post in ultra establishment Huff Post.

I would extend a big thank you doctor David for linking to my blog however, it only generated six hits. I get more traffic worldwide to the exponential power than what you sent me for a reason. People come to blogs like mine to VARIFY what my so-called ‘claims’ or, should I say, ‘what I am reporting’ AND, THEY KEEP COMING BACK. Why is that doctor?

Why do you suppose they come back to this blog as my traffic grows each day? Perhaps there is something called ‘substance’ here that you can’t get at Huff post?

Here is another reason they keep coming back.
Since my blog was the very first to be linked in your write up, you mentioned that the H1N1 pandemic / flu vaccine swindle was “NOT” for population control.

In the name of your profession getting reckless by pushing the H1N1 vaccine on pregnant women, how many miscarriages and stillborns were the result? Well, thousands documented. I personally knew a woman who’s doctor husband was stupid enough to talk her into getting that crud injected into her and, sure enough, little baby was stillborn. This one went undocumented. So how many deaths ‘really’ were the result of pregnant women taking the H1N1 vaccine? Can we agree on ‘A LOT’? Sounds like population control to me and my readers.

Of course we have doctors like you to use a form of lawyer speak transformed into ‘med speak’ to dance around such issues.

If you really wanted to talk about “hype and tirades”, why on earth did you NOT discuss one of the biggest hyped tirades in the ‘history’ of both your profession and big government? Why did you NOT discuss the day your profession, big government and big media ALL yelled FIRE!!!!! in the theater over the H1N1 non pandemic that never was nor, ever WOULD BE? Your profession tried to use ‘TERROR’, claiming hundreds of thousands if not millions more, were all going die unless they made both big government and big pharma a huge profit by injecting entire populations with a dangerous vaccine.

People come here because we WARN THEM about people like you. Read: ‘Swine 11′ Government Sponsored Terrorism.

They discover ALL the documentation on vaccines and population control, from the Rockefeller’s, Bertrand Russell, John Holdren (Obama’s Science Czar) all the way up to today’s super ZERO Bill Gates. No, you didn’t think we would read all the documentation but, we did. We see vaccine programs both here in the US and, across the world, sterilizing many, many people. (Can you say population control doctor?) That’s why big media like the Huff Post have people like you doctor David to, calmly (‘doctor up’) explain to the rest of us who are less sophisticated than your average Yale ‘Bonesman’ that… “Yes, vaccines cause sterility but, it’s all for the greater good.”

We may have hype and tirades over here but, what you have over at the mainstream media is ‘SMOKE & MIRRORS’. Which is giving your side ‘diminished returns’. lol.

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