From Hell To Veins

April 18, 2012


Alright doctors. It’s time to put your VEINS where your mouth is.

This ‘doctor’s’ challenge goes out to the ‘militant’ doctors out there who are going on the internet and telling the world “HOW OFFENDED YOU ARE’ by people like myself and MANY, MANY others who refuse your poison called vaccines. This challenge ALSO goes out to the ‘militant’ doctors out there who verbally abuse their patients, calling the police / CPS on their patients who refuse your poison (THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING ANYONE TO TAKE VACCINES!!!! You need to sue the SOB’s who do this.) or, just plain refusing patients for not wanting to take your poison. It’s time to either put up or SHUT UP!!

No excuses!!!
If you truly believe vaccines are as safe as ‘mothers milk’, WHICH YOU ARE CONSTANTLY CLAIMING, then meeting these ‘challenges’ to YOUR CLIAMS should NOT be any problem what-so-ever. It will PROVE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT that you are sincere and NOT just parroting big pharma propaganda.

Challenge #1: The Legal Challenge
Write a LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT between yourself, your practice and ALL your patients whom you dole out vaccines to that simply states… YOU, your practice, are personally taking responsibility DIRECTLY for any injury OR death that may occur due to the vaccines you dole out.

Don’t let ANY doctor lie to you. THEY DO NOT HAVE SUCH CONTRACTS WITH PATIENTS.  Below is a ‘legal’ form for them to fill out.   Print this out and make your doctor fill it out and sign it!


Challenge #2: Doses Of Your Own Medicine.
You will agree to have a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT escort from the anti vaccine camp take you to a wallgreens, CVS or a Pediatricians office chosen totally at random to be inject with ALL 36 OFF THE SHELF vaccines you are recommending children to take including the h1n1 flu vaccine and ALL 3 Gardasil shots.

For the doctors recommending the HepB vaccine for the newly born up to 1 year olds.
The aluminum in the HepB vaccine IS 50 TIMES HIGHER THAN WHAT THE EPA SAY IS SAFE FOR ADULTS!! Therefor on top of the all the vaccines above, you must receive an ADDITIONAL 36 vaccines of HepB to equal the aluminum toxicity levels YOU are telling a new born / 6 month or 1 year old should take.

Challenge #3: Close Monitoring
After ALL the injections we want to closely monitor your health for at least 6 months.

I go online and listen to all you ‘militant’ pro vaccine doctors huffing and puffing threatening to blow the house down. Here, I giving you an honest open challenge to put your VEINS WHERE THE SCIENCE YOU SAY IS ON YOUR SIDE IS.


It didn’t take very long for stupidity and complete BS to find it way to my ‘Doctors Challenge’

God help us all if this person is an actual medical professional. This was the predictable BS I was expecting. This person’s response to my challenge went as follows. I will counter.

In response to No excuses!!!
“I have never, ever, heard a MD or DO claim that. Ever. Show me one. In medical training the risks and occaisional deaths due to vaccines are well known and vigorously discussed. When the mortality and morbidity connected with a vaccine outweigh its usefulness, it is DC’ed, just like small pox.”

From Hell To Veins Responds:
Show you ONE doctor that claim vaccines NEVER hurt anyone? WHAT!?!? Have you been living under a rock? Dr. Paul Offit said a baby could receive 10,000 vaccines at once. When REAL scientists / doctors challenged him on that he arrogantly stated a baby could receive 100,000 vaccines and the American Academy of Pediatrics supported his completely unprofessional and reckless claims!!!

Tune into the mainstream media. Just recently the Gardasil vaccine has been under fire for causing both death and paralysis to thousands of girls IN PROVABLE CASES world wide and doctors get on TV and radio ALL THE TIME and flat out lie and say “NO the vaccine WILL NOT HARM YOU”. I have read and, have had Gardasil victims write me personally where their doctor chased them down the hall with syringe in hand SCREAMING to them that the vaccine is safe. This, even after the first round almost paralyzed the same patient but, their so-called doctor would hear no part of it.

On Smallpox:
You’ve got to stop quoting Rockefeller school of medicine’s textbooks on smallpox and get your historical facts straight. One of the greatest medical minds of both the 19th and 20th century, Dr. Charles Creighton, called vaccines “the biggest medical disaster next to blood letting”. His comment was based off the smallpox vaccine disaster of the 19th century. Which was WELL DOCUMENTED in the American medical literature before the Rockefellers took over the ONCE INDEPENDENT U.S. medical schools.

Smallpox rarely even killed Europeans ‘until’ the mass European vaccine campaigns. By the height of the smallpox mass vaccine campaign (1870’s) millions across europe had died MOST OF THEM VACCINATED. That was until, people began to refuse the MANDATORY vaccines. Once the vaccine campaigns stopped, so to did the smallpox mass deaths. The USA did NOT participate in the same program and used sanitation and nutrition and stopped smallpox out breaks WITHOUT all the carnage the Europeans suffered through. However, both governments AND the pharmacological industry of that era made a literal ‘killing’ because those smallpox vaccines were NOT free.

Response to Challenge #1: The Legal Challenge

“I love the CAPITAL LETTERS THING. Freakin awesome. Really helps make you sound like far less of a crank.

Umm, Ya know that malpractice insurance that doctors and hospitals and various private practicioners of different types have to buy in order to operate? They get that because there is in fact a contract between patient and health care provider that is enforced by tort law. Health care providers can even go to jail for violating that contract, and they have. So much for your assertions.”

From Hell to Veins
I see the capitalization got your attention. It obviously works in emphasizing a point.

This time YOU show me ONE doctor who has ever been jailed, sued or even reprimanded when their patient, after receiving a vaccine, was flopping around like a fish out of water let alone killed by the damn shot.

Doctors are protected by the VERY system you call a ‘contract’ with the patient. They are protected first and foremost by the very medical boards who will pull a doctors license for curing a patient OUTSIDE the box of what big pharma DICTATES to the doctor on various treatments. As you pointed out, then there are the insurance companies then, there are the HMO’s. All onion layers protecting NOT enforcing ANYTHING on doctors. AS LONG AS THEY PLAY BY BIG PHARMA’S RULE BOOK.

My proposal is that doctors who say vaccines are safe for their patients REMOVE all those onion layers of protection from a possible suit and write a legal contract SIMPLY between ALL those he / she injects. No big pharma medical boards, insurance companies, health provider INTERFERENCE / ROAD BLOCKS. No, a doctor does NOT have a legal contract strictly between themselves and their patients. You are completely full of crap to suggest the system that protects them from prosecution is the very same thing as a direct patient / doctor contract. Or, do you just find most people are stupid enough to buy into that total line of bull?

Response to Challenge #2: Doses Of Your Own Medicine.
“I won’t be taking any gardisil because I was born without a cervix. That being said, have you seen my vac sheet? Not only am I a human pin cushion, but I got to take experimental vaccines. One was the dengue fever vaccine. Turns out it doesn’t work, but according to the developer, whom I met personally in the 90s, I am now quite protected from an infection of mouse neural tissue, so I don’t have to worry about that now.”

From Hell To Veins Response:
Au contraire!
Doctors are ‘demanding’ males take the Gardasil vaccine now. So, roll up your sleeve. ALL THREE TIMES!

Yeah, I like these ‘tough guys’ who pound on their keyboards all day with stuff like they are ‘human pin cushions” who even love “taking experimental vaccines”. Maybe they really are and the swelling of the brain that comes with vaccines has manifested itself for making such crap comments.

I’ve received many a letter form REAL human pin cushions that were in the military who have either died or are dying. They will beg to differ with your opinion. I was a human pin cushion as well and deeply regret that. I know that vaccines are loaded with cancer viruses. That information is verifiably easy to confirm. My humble appeal to REAL human pin cushions is to avoid radiation exposure AT ALL COSTS. Those cancer viruses in vaccines get real aggressive with repeated radiation exposure.

Response: For the doctors recommending the HepB vaccine for the newly born up to 1 year olds.
“Wellll, that Al level is per cc. A microscopic amount of poison is still a microscopic amount. You’ll get more Al in your system if you lick your finger after applying deoderant in the morning.”

From Hell To Veins Responds
Here is the area that if this person is a trained medical profession, GOD HELP US ALL!

They’re is a MONUMENTAL difference between licking aluminum (which I would not recommend) off an equally toxic deodorant stick and having 625mcg (just for starters) of this heavy metal inject directly into your veins. First off, your forgetting that the toxins ‘licked off’ a stick have to go through MANY immune barriers before they would ever get to the i.e. central nervous system as, where INJECTING these toxins directly into the veins, bypasses your NATURAL immune system and opens up a Pandora’s box of problems.

There is plenty of medical literature out there that supports these heavy metals and chemicals ADVERSELY affect the immune system at the ‘NANO particulate level’ when injected into the body. This is especially true for human beings who are in the developmental stages of their lives. This absurd argument that the doses OF HEAVY METALS AND TOXIC CHEMICALS are ‘too small’ to adversely effect people, especially infants and small children, HAVE been scientifically proven to be false.

Any doctor scientist that would like to challenge the above statement, the PUBLIC debate has been offered many, many times to you by medical professionals such as Dr. Blaylock who has cataloged the many years of data on the adverse effects of vaccines as both a scientist and doctor. For some strange reason you big mouths out there run and hide behind your keyboards name calling but, will NEVER put your money where your mouth is and actually debate these issues in public with other professionals.

Response to Challenge #3: Close Monitoring
“I already did what you are proposing, and I am as healthy as a human could hope for, and this after almost half a century of monitoring and revaccinations. Last week I was in a car accident. At the hospital my blood work was better than a teen aged kid. My calcium was low at 8.7, but that is due to my exercise regimen. I just can’t get enough calcium in.

Oh, and I got a tetanus shot at the ER when I went in to get checked. I feel pretty good so far. I’ll let you know if I keel over and die.”

Hell To Veins Responds
All I and, the rest of the world know, is that this is nothing more than a bunch of jaw flapping.

You sound very confident So, let’s put all that ‘tough guy talk’ to the test. Write to me. We’ll set it up to video tape the entire process.

HOWEVER, you MUST agree to the strict terms of taking ALL of the off-the-shelf vaccines and doses on camera, and you must be an ‘actual’ doctor.

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