From Hell To Veins

April 8, 2012

Autism Redefinition Scam And The Denial Shell Game

As Autism (or chemical & heavy metal poisoning) exploded when vaccine schedules increased in the nineties the medical industrial complex went into panic mode and expanded the definition of Autism into a ‘spectrum of disorders’. Other names like Asperger’s was thrown into the definition to muddy the water leading the Autism epidemic trail BACK TO VACCINES.

Then the medical industrial complex cooked up the the genetics ‘theory’ that stated the Autism epidemic explosion was due to genetics. The pushers of this ‘theory’ even infiltrated autism organizations, filling the heads of people stupid enough to believe the idea that autism was “evolution” and that we should NOT stop or interfere with it. At least there is still enough people in the science community that couldn’t be bought off to push the genetic autism theory but, instead, shot it down in flames as being the scientifically absurd fraud it was.

Autism: The Epidemic The Medical Establishment ‘DARE NOT CALL AN EPIDEMIC’

It seems that the original wiseacring by the medical establishment to reclassify autism has come back to bite them in the ass. Now, it’s been reported by the same medical establishment that, being autistic has soured 56% in just five years!!! That is an epidemic beyond anything scene in America at the height of the American polio epidemic. However, the medical industrial complex REFUSES TO CALL THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC AN EPIDEMIC!!! Why is that? Simple, because by classifying autism as being an epidemic the medical establishment WILL BE FORCED TO ADMIT IT’S NOT JUST SOME ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL PHENOMENON’. THEY WILL ALSO BE FORCED TO ADMIT THAT AUTISM IS A ‘PHYSICAL’ NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER. BY THESE ADMISSIONS THEY WILL ALSO BE FORCED TO FIND THE CAUSE OF THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC. This is what the medical establishment can NOT afford because the house of cards that POISONOUS vaccines are built on will crumble AND THEY KNOW THAT.

The pharmacological industrial complex has to drive the number of autism cases down to NON epidemic proportions if this absurd game of vaccination and autism is to continue. I think Pandora and the genie have already left their box’s and bottles.

How about this idea.
That we the people, make doctors who are hell bent on giving out vaccines like halloween candy, personally responsible when that vaccine causes the laundry list of health issues covered ad nauseum at this blog. If they do NOT wish to be held responsible WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHY.


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