From Hell To Veins

February 21, 2012

Actress With PhD In Neuroscience DOES NOT VACCINATE.

Editors Note:
When they can’t argue the facts (Actress with PhD in neuroscience rejects vaccines for her child) they try and take down the messenger. See comments below.

Just so you know,  this blog HAS BEEN hacked into (more than once) before, and content changed. … and, that IS a fact.

Because this post happens to be about an actress from a popular TV show, it got a tremendous amount of traffic.  This post got hacked, and the text was changed. Immediately the trolls came in and made an issue of the grammatical changes that were made.  The trolls wanted to make MY (alleged) grammar the ‘focus’ of attention to distract from the FACT that a woman with a PhD in neuroscience was NOT going to inject heavy metals, chemicals, stealth viruses… into her child.  Even if my grammar is the world’s worst, it has absolutely nothing to do with the facts being posted below.


Not that I want to bring this person’s personal life before the army of kooks who scream “HERESY!!!” I However, have to point out that the actress who does NOT vaccinate has a PhD in the same science ANOTHER PhD scientist who’s work and research I post ad nauseum on this blog, Dr. Blaylock the world renowned neural surgeon.

I also want to post that this person does NOT vaccinate because, I don’t think the same ‘lazy crazies’ who TRY and burn Jenny McCarthy to the stake (for heresy) will be able to do it ‘as easily’ without looking like the complete uninformed individuals that they are. As a matter of fact, this announcement came out in 2009 and the same kooks that go after Jenny McCarthy have kept quiet about this actress’s CHOICE not to vaccinate.These people who cry… “WITCH!! BURN HER TO THE STAKE!!!” …are so ill informed and, JUST PLAIN STUPID, that THEIR ‘BURNING STAKE’ is a totally contrived website ran by a PROVEN FRAUDSTER & ESTABLISHMENT HACK called ‘Jenny McCarthy’s Body Count’ A website which only appeals to the LOWEST common denominators in life. Do you suppose this person’s scientific credentials have kept the ‘witch burners’ at bay?

The old name calling and strawman games only work on the weak minded. God bless Mayim Bialik! I don’t know her BUT, I’m certain she can take on ANY fraudsters who try to defame her for her personal choice NOT to vaccinate.
Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy in The Big Bang Theory (a massively popular geeky sitcom from the makers of Two and a Half Men), like her character, also has a PhD in Neuroscience. The writers actually use her as a scientific consultant when writing lines for her character. She has two children who she homeschools and didn’t vaccinate:

Reader N.S. remembers reading about your contemplating whether or not to vaccinate the kids. What decision did you reach?

We are a non-vaccinating family, but I make no claims about people’s individual decisions. We based ours on research and discussions with our pediatrician, and we’ve been happy with that decision, but obviously there’s a lot of controversy about it.

She’s also a celebrity spokesperson for The Holistic Moms Network, an organization whose advisory board includes Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Barbara Loe Fischer.


  1. Claiming that because she is a scientist means she is correct is a flawed argument. Lots of scientists have claimed lots of crazy things.

    Comment by Moonpie Nobot (@MoonpieNobot) — March 16, 2012 @ 3:15 p03 | Reply

    • Your absolutely correct.

      For instance, “crazy” things such as, ‘claiming‘ that pumping heavy metals, chemicals like fluoride, formaldehyde… and genetically altered human DNA into someone’s veins is a “SAFE” thing to do. Safe, as long as they are putting in something called a ‘vaccine’, where the ‘good science fairies’ sprinkle pixy dust and make KNOWN toxic substances, ‘presto!’, good for you!


      Actually, I think a neural scientist could give you a healthy debate on WHY vaccines are really nothing more than neural toxins, much better than the guy working at the donut shop or the local yokal pediatrician for that matter.

      Updated Reply:

      I got to thinking about the statement above and had to chuckle. The statement above my reply is really NOT an argument what-so-ever. There’s NO useful information, it’s SIMPLY A ‘MARKETING’ BUZZ WORD that various ‘orthodoxies’ have ‘repeated’ over and over (like an ad on tv) forever and a day to PAINT A PICTURE, RATHER THAN TRULY INFORM.

      I could spend the entire day presenting a phonebook’s thickness of examples on the subject. However, I will pick two examples that are relative to the pharmacological medical industrial complex in general and, the vaccine industry in particular.

      Example 1
      At the turn of the LAST century, a doctor noticed that mid wives had a much lower infant mortality track record than their ‘doctor’ counterparts. Upon investigation he discovered many doctors who were delivering babies were NOT washing their hands after surgeries and, other doctorly putting of the hands in all kinds of medically oriented substances / surfaces.

      True to form and, just like today, the ‘medical industrial complex’ of that era was NOT appreciative of this doctor’s findings. So, for what is known as ‘common sense today’, this doctor got the “CRAZY” label put on him. That label STUCK, via marketing of the word ‘crazy’ until the ‘Oracle’ that decides what no longer is ‘crazy’, was taught to ALL doctors. Obviously, ‘orthodox’ and NOT common sense seems to play a very large part in medical progress.

      Example #2 instead of accepting the obvious, as in the case of the first example, the ‘orthodoxy’ maintains a posture of DAMAGE CONTROL. Enter the polio vaccine.

      Dr. Bernice E. Eddy found that monkey kidney viruses that the Polio vaccines were being made from contained an agressive cancer causing virus. This discovery was made BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THE SALK POLIO VACCINE.

      Instead of thanking Dr. Bernice E. Eddy for discovering this BEFORE the release of the polio vaccine, the Pharmacological Medical industrial Complex not only put the “crazy” label on her, they essentially ‘Dr. Wakefielded‘ her work by claiming she defrauded her work. In this way the orthodox could run her out of town AND, GAVE OVER 200 MILLION people a very aggressive cancer virus known as SV 40, via the polio vaccine.

      Sure enough, Dr. Eddy HAS BEEN VINDICATED in the science community where, even the local pediatrician knows that the cancer virus WAS (some say still is) in the those polio vaccines. Also, cancer rates among the population that received those shots have seen off the charts skyrocketed cancer rates compared to the generations that NEVER got the shot before them. The science has ALSO HAS shown that particular virus is a gift that keeps on giving and, can be passed onto generation after generation.

      All though the SCIENCE / MEDICAL community is aware of ALL the above, the ‘orthodox’ has put out IN THE PUBLIC, all kinds of ‘spin DOCTORING’ to simply avoid having to deal with the EXPECTED RETRIBUTION.

      The crazy label is thrown around far too easily, just like the ‘hitler’ label which simply panders to the most simplest of minds and the lowest common denominator out in the public.

      Comment by nwqfk — March 16, 2012 @ 3:15 p03 | Reply

  2. Then let’s call her the REAL SCIENTIST. Some of us have certain filters through which we separate scientific chuff from wheat. One of my heroes is Dr. Russel Blaylock, whose book Excitotoxins saved my health. I recently learned that the actress Mayim Byalik is also a neuroscientist, but it is her wisdom that impresses me, not the title. Now that I know she supports attachment parenting and did not vaccinate her kids, my respect has only grown. This is about ‘scientists’ forgetting truth and running the errand for whichever industry that will employ them, and then expect other scholars to approve… if today being a true scientist means being a dissident, then real scientists will be found in a respectful minority. Go Mayim!

    Comment by SonjaS. — April 20, 2012 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

    • Great points!

      Thank you for sharing them.

      Comment by nwqfk — April 20, 2012 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

  3. *Did you know “Some doctors refuse to vaccinate their own children as well? According to Dr. Jerome Murphy, former head of Pediatric Neurology at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, “There is just overwhelming data that there’s an association [between the pertussis vaccine and seizures]. I know it has influenced many pediatric neurologists not to have their own children immunized with pertussis.”

    Comment by nwqfk — April 22, 2012 @ 3:15 p04 | Reply

    • The biggest mistake I ever made was going along with drs and vaccinating my kids. I stopped when my son was 5 and daughter was 2 but I wish I had been informed before that. I was young and just trusted drs foolishly. I believe they don’t vaccinate their own kids but just push for everyone else to for the so called herd protection. And besides, without sick kids and kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies they would not have a paycheck! Just saying.

      Comment by ksurawski — October 29, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

  4. I agree with you, but it hurts your credibility when you get sayings like “at the stake” wrong. It’s not “TO the steak”…”Steak” is a piece of meat. I thought that maybe it was just a typo, until the same mistake was repeated.

    Comment by Kelley — October 29, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

    • You may not believe this but some of those errors are ‘not’ by me. This blog has been hacked and text rewritten more than once.

      Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  5. Good article and I agree with you (but it’s stake not steak).

    Comment by Judith Williams — October 29, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

  6. I agree with your message, however, you would be ahead of the game if you would spell check your work. Burn at the stake (not steak). Also HERESEY should be HEARSAY. It gives a writer greater credibility if their spelling and grammar are correct. 🙂 You might want to point people in the direction of the very well done documentary film that can be found on You Tube: Silent Epidemic It is exceptionally well done and gives the research info that the public need to hear.

    Comment by Robbie Lister — October 29, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

    • PLease look up the word HERESY it IS the correct word AND spelling.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 4, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

      • I did look up hearsay and this is how it is spelled. Sorry to upset you. I was only trying to help. I write as well and my editor is brutal about grammar and spelling.

        Comment by Roberta — November 4, 2013 @ 3:15 p11

      • Please look up the word HERESY. You didn’t upset me and if you actually look up the the HERESY you will soon realize the word is correct and the word HEARSAY IS NOT the correct word even though it’s spelled correctly.

        I do thank you for helping. Of all the articles I would have a misspell (STAKE not steak) it would have to be this one. Lucky me!

        Comment by nwqfk — November 5, 2013 @ 3:15 p11

    • Heresy, as in witchcraft etc etc, was the correct word and spelling to use.

      Comment by kat — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • This blog has been hacked and text has been altered.

      Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

    • Do you remember the ‘heresy’ of the church. You’ve got a PHD?

      Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  7. I do love reading your posts. However, on this particular one, I’m so distracted by the wording (spelling) I’m having trouble digesting the information. FYI….”STEAK” = piece of meat ….”STAKE” = piece of wood, as in “burned at the stake”. Thank you for indulging my neurosis.

    Comment by Meredith M. — October 29, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

    • I’m not as polished in the english language as I would like to be but MY GOD if someone not as astute in english as some of my detractors say I am you’d think they would have the brain power to put 1 + 1 together and NOT inject heavy metals and cancer viruses into their veins OR the viens of their children. I’m not directing this to you but the message here is in the form of a question. Why on earth would someone who understands neuroscience NOT want to give their kids a heavy metal lobotomy?

      Comment by nwqfk — November 4, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  8. Burned at the STEAK? Spelling was not your major I see. Stake is the word you’re looking for.

    Comment by Lynn Mansfield Lawson — October 30, 2013 @ 3:15 p10 | Reply

    • I just wasn’t born without flaw as you obviously were, but thank you anyway. Yes, you caught me.

      Let me ask you this…

      What do think about a person who has a PHD in neuroscience NOT wanting to inject their child with a shot full of heavy metals and stealth / cancer viruses?

      That’s the bigger issue here.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 4, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • This article was hacked into I did not write that.

      Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  9. I realize I used the wrong STEAK. I do make mi’stakes’. Absolutely.

    However I have had little mysteries ocurre where I had to rewrite some of my articles after some of the words that I KNOW were spelled correctly were, suddlenly spelled incorrectly. I find it odd that this has been posted for quite some time and read by many people yet, for some reason, NOW people caught it. Why October 29 and NO other date? Strange.

    Between my own imperfections and these little gremlins, it is what it is. By all means point, out spelling and grammar errors I will fix them.

    Thank you.

    Comment by nwqfk — November 4, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  10. *whose work (possessive, not “who is” work)

    I’m glad that Mayim is able to work in Hollywood and has not been blacklisted! Good for her for standing her ground.

    Comment by BESkala — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • This article was hacked and rewritten.

      Comment by nwqfk — July 5, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  11. Have you corrected/edited the word “stake”? It appears correct for me (for the record).

    I also thoroughly agree with your analysis.

    And for the person confused about heresy, which is in fact an actual word, and not being a misspelling of hearsay which is a completely different word with a different meaning, here are the definitions (copied and pasted for, to give credit where credit is due):

    [her-uh-see] Show IPA
    noun, plural her·e·sies.
    1. opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.
    2. the maintaining of such an opinion or doctrine.
    3. Roman Catholic Church . the willful and persistent rejection of any article of faith by a baptized member of the church.
    4. any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.

    [heer-sey] Show IPA
    1. unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one’s direct knowledge: I pay no attention to hearsay.
    2. an item of idle or unverified information or gossip; rumor: a malicious hearsay.
    3. of, pertaining to, or characterized by hearsay: hearsay knowledge; a hearsay report.

    Comment by Trish — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • I believe the word WAS originally correct. WordPress is NOT un-hackable.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

      • Well it’s back to being correct. 🙂

        I think the biggest hurdle for most people to overcome in accepting that vaccines are BAD is that they just don’t want to accept that their government doesn’t really have their best interests at heart.

        Hence the reason why so many people sacrifice themselves at the altar of chemotherapy and radiation.

        I try to ask people why Bill Gates, who is a huge proponent of eugenics, thinks that by doing a “good job on vaccines and health care”, it will actually help to stop population growth.

        If I close my eyes tight, and pretend everything around me is all perfume and roses, then maybe reality will go away.

        Comment by Trish — November 11, 2013 @ 3:15 p11

    • This article was hacked into more that once and trolls like you have been sent to do your crap work.

      Comment by nwqfk — July 2, 2015 @ 3:15 p07 | Reply

  12. Good grief people, shut the hell up about the damn grammar and spelling! You’re missing the point of the article! Damn judgemental assholes! Chill out.

    Comment by Ninja — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • Sometimes, I certainly do make mistakes. However on serval occasions I know certain articles we proofed and I would comeback to them to discover errors would mysteriously appear.

      I’ve gotten used to it. However, you’re on to something where you noticed it’s a great distraction from the point of the article.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • *judgmental

      I’m sorry; I just couldn’t resist. And it’s not about judging (for me, at least). It’s that it is hard for some of us to read an article with errors as it distracts from the actual topic. The flow is lost. Plus, when you want to share, your friends feel the need to correct the mistakes and miss the message.

      Carry on.

      Comment by BESkala — November 11, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  13. Well, there’s also that part “…have kept quite…”, when it seems you meant “…have kept quiet…” Now, I’m not a Grammer/Spelling Nazi usually, but these elementary spelling mistakes make the article read as if it were written by an uneducated person. It’s a problem here because many many people already have the notion that non-vaxers are ignorant. Please, it’s such a simple thing.. make sure you are helping this cause, not making it harder to defend.

    Comment by TRC — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • What the shame really is, is not the spelling.

      The shame is that it takes a tv ‘celebrity’ to get people off their asses to look into the garbage being put into things that get injected into you and your children’s bodies. If that’s not alarming all by it’s self I don’t know what is.

      I’ll take a spelling error over an error in just plain common sense.

      One last thing. If you really had a grip on the english language as you pat yourself on the back for, you would know ‘quite’ and quiet is a relatively EASY and COMMON typo to make because of the relation of the e to the t when typing and not as a big of deal as you made it out to be.

      Comment by nwqfk — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  14. Interesting. And good for her. I am only a BA in psychology, but I was taught statistics by one of the best statisticians in the world (and who teaches how to spot statistical manipulations, which fyi, is pretty much all big pharma does). A few years ago I was wondering why there were some very vocal critics of vaccines. “Isn’t this settled science?”, was my thinking. Well, that began a journey that hasn’t stopped. Just suffice it to say that once you stop being a blind follower and dig into the numbers personally you realize we have a faith system going on with vaccines. However, the evil is that the crooks at Merck, etc. are perfectly aware of what garbage they are producing, so they ‘cook the books’ to make vaccines appear safe and effective (neither of which has EVER been objectively demonstrated, from Jenner onward). Basically, I tell people to do their own homework (and not just CDC and AAP data, both known vaccine maker shills), and also to LISTEN to anecdotal reports. Modern science loves to dismiss anecdotal evidence immediately, but only a fool will ignore clear patterns regardless of how ‘scientific’ it is. When thousands of moms say “my child changed after the vaccine” we have real evidence as THAT many coincidences is statistically improbable to a staggeringly high degree. But as I said, we have a faith belief system going on here among doctors and pediatricians (and most of the general public) that truly believe vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ so they filter out what is becoming a mountain of damning evidence before their very eyes.

    Comment by Evan Eberhardt — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  15. Love the article – great to know. But I have to say that your reply to the first comment was the icing on the cake. I love it when one of us ‘crazy hippies’ makes a concise, clear and rational argument as to why they don’t vaccinate. Me, I get too emotional about it.
    Oh and all of you going on about spelling…C’mon, Go with the larger message of the article & quit nit-picking.

    Comment by Sarah — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

  16. Thank God for the sain folks out here that have caught onto the scam of vaccines. We don’t vaccinate either and I’m personally tired of seeing all these preventable illnesses, allergies, diseases among the brain dead lining up for their next shot. I have personally compared the vaccinated to my family, literally and see it. Won’t even state all the hours of research over the past 14 years. And I prefer scientific articles, govt documents, court rulings, and not health news sites.

    Comment by Jewels — November 10, 2013 @ 3:15 p11 | Reply

    • We took our NON vaccinated child to the pediatrician’s office. The child’s doctor was accompanied by a resident doctor. (an apprentice doctor) The regular doctor said… “well another visit with no illnesses to report ” and the resident spoke up very excited and said… “It’s amazing how all these unvaccineated children are never sick!” The regular doctor just glared at him. lol

      I think that statement from a professional in the trenched speaks volumes to ALL the research that shows all these vaccines wreck havoc on the immune system.

      Comment by nwqfk — December 28, 2013 @ 3:15 p12 | Reply

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